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The Coordination Committee formed by GR No Abhyas 2116 Pra Kra 43 16 SD 4. Dated 25 4 2016 has given approval to prescribe this textbook in its meeting held on 29 12 2017. from the Academic Year 2018 19,MY ENGLISH BOOK EIGHT. STANDARD EIGHT, Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and. Curriculum Research Pune, The digital textbook can be obtained through DIKSHA App on a. smartphone by using the Q R Code given on title page of the. textbook and useful audio visual teaching learning material of the. relevant lesson will be available through the Q R Code given in. each lesson of this textbook, MEB 8th Prelim Pages final 1 4 18 3 Apr NEW indd 1 5 4 2018 6 47 41 PM. MEB 8th Prelim Pages final 1 4 18 3 Apr NEW indd 3 5 4 2018 6 47 42 PM. MEB 8th Prelim Pages final 1 4 18 3 Apr NEW indd 4 5 4 2018 6 47 42 PM. Dear Students, A most hearty welcome to Std VIII We are happy to place this textbook.
My English Book Eight in your hands, English has been a part of your studies since Std I So far you have learnt. many English songs and poems You can read and understand the English. seen and heard in your surroundings You can use English to communicate. precisely in everyday situations in spoken written or ecommunication modes. You have enjoyed some interesting stories and passages in the previous. textbooks and working out activities based on what you have learnt Now. that you are in Std VIII you will do all this and also learn to use English. both spoken and written with a better understanding of the language and the. way it should be used You will also get to enjoy reading works of some. well known writers, Our main aim is to help you use English with confidence We want you. to be able to ask questions gain knowledge and new skills be creative and. to spend your free time joyfully That is why we would like you to take part. in all the activities and exercises in the Warm up and English Workshop. sections without any fear Talk to your teacher freely about the problems and. difficulties you face while studying this textbook Many of the activities are. designed to show you ways of thinking learning on your own and to sharpen. your skill in creative writing so that you can write on your own meaningful. systematically in different types of formats The more you use the activities. the better you will learn, Useful audio video teaching learning material given in each relevant lesson. will be available through the Q R Code and through the medium of App for. additional information It will be definitely useful for your study. We will be happy if you share your feelings about the contents of this. book with us We hope you enjoy studying it throughout the year. Wish you all the best in your studies,Pune Dr Sunil Magar. Date 18 April 2018 Director, Akshayya Trutiya Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook.
Indian Solar Year Production and Curriculum Research Pune. Chaitra 28 1940, MEB 8th Prelim Pages final 1 4 18 3 Apr NEW indd 5 5 4 2018 6 47 42 PM. Compulsory English Learning Outcomes Standard VIII. Suggested Pedagogical Processes Learning Outcomes,The learner. The learner may be provided opportunities in pairs groups. Listens attentively to a variety of programmes,individually and encouraged to. Responds to instructions and announcements in school. participate in classroom activities school programmes. and public places such as railway stations market bus. such as Morning Assembly extempore debate etc by being. stands air port cinema hall malls and acts accordingly. exposed to input rich environment, Evaluates whether something presented orally is true. speak about objects events in the class school or false relevant irrelevant logical illogical etc. environment and outside surroundings Forms his her own opinion about what is presented. participate in grammar games and kinesthetic activities for acceptable enjoyable effective. language learning Narrates a joke story incident makes an announcement. use English news newspaper TV Radio as a resource to Communicates one s feelings emotions appropriately in. develop his her listening and reading comprehension note four or five lines. taking summarizing etc Presents one s thoughts arguments in a logical. watch listen to English movies serials educational organized manner. channels with sub titles audio video multi media Speaks in English about events in the school environment. and outside in the surroundings,materials for understanding and comprehension.
Participates in different events such as role play poetry. interview people from various professions such as doctors. recitation skit drama debate speech elocution quiz. writers actors teachers cobblers newspaper boy,organized by school and other such organizations. household helps rickshaw pullers drivers and so on. Uses idiomatic expressions appropriately with ease and. use formulaic expressions instructions such as Could confidence. I give you Shall we have a cup of tea to develop Engages in conversations in English with people from. communication skills different professions using appropriate vocabulary. participate in individual activities such as introducing Introduces guests in English interviews people by. personalities guests during school programmes asking questions based on their professions. learn vocabulary associated with various professions and Reads excerpts dialogues poems commentaries of. use them in different situations sports and games speeches news debates on TV radio. and expresses opinions about them, read stories plays from different books newspapers. Understands empathises with the points of view of the. in education NIE children s section in magazines in. other people,English and narrate them,Learns new words expressions and enriches his her. locate main idea sequence of events and co relate ideas vocabulary through reading. themes and issues in a variety of texts in English and other. Identifies details characters main idea and sequence of. languages ideas and events while reading, use various sources from English and other languages Fills forms correctly. to facilitate comprehension co relation and critical Prepares posters on various themes. understanding of issues, Describes a process the working of a device correctly.
interpret quotations sayings and proverbs Understands how reference materials such as different. interpret photographs sketches tables charts diagrams dictionaries encyclopedias and thesaurus are organized. and maps and incorporate in writing and uses them effectively. think critically compare and contrast characters events Writes a coherent and meaningful paragraph through. the process of drafting revising editing and finalizing. MEB 8th Prelim Pages final 1 4 18 3 Apr NEW indd 6 5 4 2018 6 47 43 PM. Suggested Pedagogical Processes Learning Outcomes, ideas themes and relate them to life and try to give. Prepares questionnaires to interview people to take a. opinions about issues,survey as part of a project, refer sources such as dictionary thesaurus and When required uses mother tongue words and expressions. encyclopedia for meaning in context and understanding without distortion while speaking writing English. texts Uses digital dictionaries standard dictionaries available. use grammar in context such as active and passive voice on the internet. reported speech tenses parts of speech etc Prepares graphics word art graphs pictograms etc on. notice punctuation marks in a variety of texts and the computer. appropriately use in editing his her own writing, Knows how to compile edit use the information or details. available on the internet and not just copy paste them. understand the context for various types of writing. Takes care not to use copyright material without proper. messages notice letter report biography travelogue. permission and or acknowledgment,diary entry etc, Prepares a presentation with the help of a computer. take dictation of a passage with specific attention to Participates in language games and activities for. words pronounced punctuation and spelling language learning. attempt various types of writing notice letter report etc as. well as personal biographical experiences and extrapolative. writings Language Study,use ICT Net mobile website Youtube TED talks etc.
Be aware of the following concepts to understand how. to browse for information for projects PPT discussion language is used. debate class seminar etc The Alphabet, attempt creative writing like stories poems dialogues. Alphabetical order, skits dialogues from a story and story from dialogues. Phonetic symbols,visit a language laboratory Parts of Speech. read write a book review,Main auxilliary modal verbs. Progressive and Perfect,Learning Outcomes,Degrees of Comparison.
Sentence Structure,Writes an essay,Phrase and Clause. Attempts creative writing in different forms stories. Simple compound and complex sentences,poems skits dialogues cartoons jokes playlets etc. Coordination and subordination,Writes a book review. Joining sentences, Uses and interprets quotations idiomatic expressions. Reported Speech, sayings proverbs etc appropriately in writing Vocabulary and Word building.
Attempts using different techniques to make his her. Prefix and Suffix,writing more effective,Compound Words. Prepares a write up after seeking information in print. Changing word class,online notice board newspapers etc. Punctuation,Frames emails messages notice formal letters. Capitalization and quotes, descriptions narratives personal diary report short. personal biographical experiences etc, Remembers and recalls necessary information and the.
Figures of Speech, way it is organized with the help of personal notes. Simile metaphor personification hyperbole, MEB 8th Prelim Pages final 1 4 18 3 Apr NEW indd 7 5 4 2018 6 47 43 PM. Unit One Unit Three,1 1 Be the Best 2 3 1 Why 55, 1 2 Androcles and the Lion 6 3 2 The Song of Songs 59. 1 3 Trees are the Kindest Things 3 3 Truth 65,I Know 12 3 4 The Two Gentlemen of Verona 69. 1 4 Miss Slippery 17,Unit Two Unit Four,2 1 Try Again 27 4 1 The Vet 76.
2 2 The House builder 30 4 2 P V Sindhu An Icon of. 2 3 The Little River 35 Success 80,2 4 Excuses A Skit 40 4 3 Golden Chain 85. 2 5 A Heroine of the Sea 45 4 4 The Unsinkable Ship 90. 4 5 Festivals of North East India 96,For the Teacher. Different types of comprehension questions and conventions of usage to the students. and exercises have been included in the Use a bilingual approach while dealing with. book though each text carries only a few thought provoking activities Students may use. comprehension questions with it Note and their mother tongue in the course of discussions. use these different types when you design But make sure that you recapitulate the gist of. your own questions the activities in English at the end and get the. Questions given in the margin are meant for oral students to do the same. work accompanying the reading of the text to In the Live English activities students can. ensure understanding of the contents Please do not experience the joy of using English in lifelike. use them for written evaluation situations Ensure that all students get a chance. The preparatory activities aim to develop fluency to participate in these. of students in thinking as well as speaking in Encourage the students to read poems and some. English These activitites are related to the text simple passages on their own individually in. as also to the world outside the classroom They silence or in turns in a group aloud Ask questions. acquaint the students with ways of understanding of your own to ascertain they understand the unit. informative pieces and appreciating the literary taught. ones Also encourage students to find out new concepts. Grammar terms given in the book should NOT be on their own by use of dictionary thesaurus etc. used for evaluation but for explaining the rules, MEB 8th Prelim Pages final 1 4 18 3 Apr NEW indd 8 5 4 2018 6 47 43 PM. Introductory Activities, l In spoken English we often use contracted forms as. Full form Contracted form,I am busy I m busy,They are tired They re tired.
He is not coming He isn t coming OR,He s not coming. You will like it You ll like it,She will not like it She won t like it. We had been for a trip We d been for a trip,It must not happen again It mustn t happen again. That would be fine That d be fine,Do you not like it Don t you like it. l Fill up the gaps in the table below,Contracted form Full form.
English 8th LL 20 12 2017 3 Apr 18 NEW indd 1 5 4 2018 6 46 15 PM. 1 1 Be The Best,One WARMING UP,1 Have you got a prize in any competition. 2 How did you feel at that time,3 Have you ever failed in your efforts. 4 Do you think we should accept success as well as failure. 5 What will be your reaction if you are not selected in a team. 1 A Read aloud the following sets of words,a river stream sea ocean. b hill stone mountain rock,c plant sapling tree seed. d child adult baby youth, B Rearrange each of the above sets of words according to the.
increasing order of their size growth, 2 In your pre primary classes you must have learnt the story of The Lion. and the Mouse Read it in English and fill in the gaps using words given. You have enjoyed some interesting stories and passages in the previous textbooks and working out activities based on what you have learnt Now that you are in Std VIII you will do all this and also learn to use English both spoken and written with a better understanding of the language and the way it should be used You will also get to enjoy

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