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F69A MULTI PURPOSE CNC MACHINING CENTER,Instant Internet Support. Rottler offers cutting edge internet,Windows Operating System. support direct from your machine to the Rottler uses Windows Touch Screen. factory Skype and a webcam are Technology through 15 381mm touch. installed for video conferencing and panel The Windows software has many. internet support This feature gives advantages such as a common user. you instant direct contact with Rottler interface that the whole world is familiar with. right on the machine without even,making a phone call The standard. webcam comes pre installed so that,Rottler Technicians can see exactly. what you are seeing this saves a tremendous amount of time when trying to. answer questions Shop busy or too noisy for talking The pre installed Skype. application gives you instant messaging capabilities with Rottler Technicians. Touch Screen Control,INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE,Spindle Two Operating Systems.
Super hard finish resists wear for years of operation 1 Rottler System for simple fast and easy programming of common. 0 4000 RPM Spindle Rotation with CAT40 Taper jobs such as boring surfacing and line boring anyone can learn in a. Vertical Box Ways 2 Rottler CAM System for advanced CNC programming for making. Precision ground hardened box way slideways are parts engraving names and much more. 28 700mm wide for increased rigidity and years of heavy. duty high production machining,T Slot Table, Allows operator to clamp or fixture any job quickly and easily. Manual Hand Wheel, Ball Screws Offers operator infinite control of machine. Large diameter 40mm 1 58 precision ground direct drive ball movement in all axes for quick and easy setup. screws for rapid feed rates accurate positioning and repeatability. Turcite Box Ways, Turcite coated bedways for reduced friction longer. life and better accuracy,AC Brushless,Automatic Lubrication Servo Motors. For years of trouble free life and with BISS,reduced wear Encoders.
The F69A has the,latest technology AC,servo motors with BISS. When we learned of the Rottler F69A s capabilities we knew right away encoders offering 100. this was going to be a major component to take our production to the next times finer resolution. level The addition of the F69A will significantly improve our through put compared to previous. in the shop by cutting down set up times eliminating the need for multiple models These new. machines and the need for us to send blocks to our other facilities for AC servo motors. separate operations In addition to the time savings the versatility will give maximum torque. allow us to move between different block types quickly allowing us to meet and performance. the varying needs of our customers while providing consistent quality throughout the RPM. range for improved,Jon Giles General Manager accuracy and. Roush Yates Performance Engine Group increased productivity. www rottlermfg com 2 3 US 800 452 0534 l INTL 1 253 872 7050. ROTTLER EXCLUSIVE TOUCH SCREEN PROGRAMMINGR,Versitility Simplicity. Fully Programmable Cycles,Simple 4 axis CNC control PC based with. Windows operating system,Dimensions input through touch screen.
Bore Centers Exact Depth Speed Feed etc,Bores complete bank in Automatic Cycle. Lower Bore Relief off center boring for Honing Clearance. Surfacing Multiple Pass programmable for roughing, and finishing can remove any amount of material in one. automatic cycle, Lifter Bore Machining bore housings and bushes to exact. final size,Mode Screen Blueprint Thrust Cutting, Allows operator to select operation Automatic line bore cycle completes all main bearing housings Allows operator to easily program for thrust. Type locations from blueprint into machine to within 0002. to perform cutting on main cap,Face main line thrust bearing faces square to.
crankshaft centerline, Machine a radius for stroker crank connecting rod and. bolt clearance, Rottler CAM CNC program allows G code programming and. file transfer with CAD CAM programs,Set Zeroes Indicate Crank Clearance. Simply set zeroes to begin set up of block Stroker Crank Rod Clearancing of blocks. Older blocks that may not clean up by,blueprinting Center bore and touch set button. Vertical Stops Probe Lifter Bore,Allows operator to set machine to begin stop.
Machine will probe all eight bores and set Rottler Cam Operator can easily program lifter bore. boring Also allows operator to offset bore at Rottler Cam software offers even more versatility for dimension by blueprinting indicating or probing. bottom of cylinder to clearance main web for dimensions for boring Once finished touch. Start Auto Cycle to begin boring machining parts combustion chambers on cylinder heads etc. cylinder honing, www rottlermfg com 4 5 US 800 452 0534 l INTL 1 253 872 7050. Automatic 4th Axis Block 360 Dual Axis Level Table Pivot Table Fixture. Roll Over Fixture, Rottler s patented dual axis leveling table and Cam tunnel modifications and roller bearing. Rottler s Universal Quick Load Unload universal quick clamping system for surfacing milling conversions Some blocks allow main and cam line. Automatic Rotate 4th Axis Fixture and Software heads blocks and manifolds with CBN and PCD to be bored in one set up with extended slim line right. allows the control to rotate the block or cylinder tooling The Rottler Dual Axis Leveling Table allows angle drive. head during the automatic machining cycle clamping of the head to be complete first then the. Large V blocks can be rotated 360 degrees to Rottler s new pivot table allows quick set up for line. level adjusted in both directions simply by rotating. allow special machining jobs such as stroker boring Complete with Universal Work Hold System. the two hand wheels Combined with Rottler s Dual, clearancing in same set up as boring surfacing for small in line and 90 degree V blocks Used for. Axis Level any job can be clamped and leveled in, and lifter bore machining The tail stock is main line boring and stroker crank clearance. seconds This process results in minimum stock, pneumatically operated allowing easy and fast removal when surfacing Part 650 3 56.
loading and unloading of heavy blocks,Part 7209M,Part 690 3 59. CONNECTING ROD FIXTURES,Rottler s patented Connecting Rod Fixtures allow. large connecting rods to be surfaced and bored,on the F69A machines The Rottler boring fixtures. allow both big end and small end to be bored,in one set up resulting in perfect parallelism. between big end and small end All the rods in,a set can be accurately bored for equal center.
to center distance a must for today s high,compression diesel engines Special heavy duty. fixtures available for boring very large heavy,connecting rods found in natural gas compressors. and workboat marine engines are available Connecting Rod Fixtures. Rottler s patented Connecting Rod Fixtures allow large. connecting rods to be surfaced and bored on the F69A. machines The Rottler boring fixtures allow both big end. and small end to be bored in one set up resulting in perfect. Performance Fixture parallelism between big end and small end All the rods in. a set can be accurately bored for equal center to center. Precision Performance Fixture references from the centerlines of crankshaft and camshaft for. distance a must for today s high compression diesel engines. machining operations precise bore locations and square block deck height Bore and surface. Special heavy duty fixtures available for boring very large. a V8 block in less than 30 minutes Lifter bore angles are accurately set with gage blocks in the. heavy connecting rods found in natural gas compressors and. Performance Fixture Complete a lifter bushing job in less than one hour. workboat marine engines are available,Part 650 3 1. www rottlermfg com 6 7 US 800 452 0534 l INTL 1 253 872 7050. TOOLING CUTTERHEADS,Spindle Adapters, Surfacing Fixture The CAT40 worldwide standard Spindle Taper allows a wide selection. of spindle adapters which allows the use of a wide variety of industrial tooling. Heavy Duty ISO 40 R8 Morse Taper 5 and 1 25 4mm are available Rottler also. surfacing fixture to has a blank spindle adapter to allow customers to machine and adapt special. prepare Natural Gas requirements,Compressor Rods,for boring Milling Cutter Holders.
Collet Chuck Kits with CAT40 taper allow milling tools such as end mills slot drills. and reamers to be used,Flycutters and Milling Heads. Leveling Table Surfacing with the F69A machine can be done during the same. Rottler s Dual Axis set up as boring 10 250mm and 14 360mm flycutters can. Leveling Table with be used with CBN inserts for high speed dry surfacing giving. two piece vice used for excellent surface finish results The deck of a large block such as. surfacing Connecting a V12 can be surfaced in less than 10 minutes Multi Teeth Milling. Rod Caps and Main Heads can be used for milling welded and spray built up surfaces. Bearing Housings in Small diameter milling heads are ideal for facing main bearing. preparation for main housing contact surfaces in preparation for line boring to standard. line boring diameter Special Surfacing Software allows very wide surfaces. Boring Cutterheads, Rottler manufactures a complete range of CAT40 quick change. boring cutterheads for boring and sleeving operations The air. Overhead assisted CAT40 quick change retention system minimizes down time. between tooling changes Cutterheads can be changed in seconds. Cam Fixture,Overhead Cam Block,Fixture for V blocks on. 4th Axis Fixture CUTTING INSERTS,Part 650 3 84, Rottler s tag line is The Cutting Edge and we take. pride in offering many different grades of cutting. inserts for dry high speed cutting a wide variety of. Wireless Probe materials Decades of experience machining engines. worldwide allows Rottler machines to dry cut a wide. Renishaw Wireless Probe for automatic variety of parts CBN inserts give exceptional long. centering of cylinder and lifter bores life for surfacing gasket faces as well as produce fine. and deck height measurement surface finishes for reliable sealing of metal gaskets Dry CBN surfacing eliminates the need for wet grinding and at the. same time gives flatter surfaces as cutting pressure is substantially reduced compared to surface grinding PCD inserts. allow soft metals such as Aluminum to be surfaced at high speed without coolant. Rottler offers several different grades of indexable carbide inserts for cylinder boring sleeving and main cam line. boring Special Black coated carbide inserts are capable of standard to heavy sleeve cuts up to 1000rpm Triangle. inserts work well where cutting a bore to a square shoulder is needed such as sleeves and counterbores Finishing. Inserts provide a sharper edge which results in a smoother surface finish on the cutting surface ideal for finishing. counterbores Carbide inserts are available with 1 64 0 4mm and 1 32 0 8mm corner radius Specially custom. Dual Axis Level sharpened tools are available for operations such as chamfering O ring grooving undercutting and blind hole boring. Displays both axes simultaneously, allowing quick leveling eliminating Lifter Tooling Octagonal Cutting Inserts PCD Tipped Insert for.
any need for shimming and resulting Single point Lifter Tooling fixture for boring facing and New Octagonal 16 Cutting Corner Boring Aluminum. in minimum metal removal when finishing lifter bores and bushings Surfacing Inserts have increased PCD cutting corner allows. surfacing heads, corner radius to allow faster feed aluminum to be bored at high. Part 7152A rates and finer surface finish speed without any coolant. www rottlermfg com 8 9 US 800 452 0534 l INTL 1 253 872 7050. ROCK AND ROLL CYLINDER HEAD FIXTURE PRECISION LINE BORING THRUST FACING. This system comes complete with Rottler Cylinder Head. Digitizing Programming and Porting Software for fast. easy digitizing and porting of cylinder heads directly on the. machine Includes the same great ability to manipulate port. profiles and balance cross section areas as our P69 Porting. Machine Programming can be done directly on the machine. not necessary for any stand alone computers or third party. software Factory and on site operator training is included in. the package Cylinder head fixture plates and porting tools. to suit cylinder heads to be digitized and ported must be. ordered separately,Thrust Facing Line Bore Pivot Table. Rottler s unique circular interpolation software and The Rottler Line Bore Pivot Table is a fast and. thrust facing tooling allow thrust faces to be machining easy system to set up blocks and heads for line. perfectly square to bearing centerline using the same boring The table has five T slots which allow set. right angle drive that is used for line boring Single point up of locating devices such as V cradles The. cutting allows build up to be removed without chatter pivot table is preloaded which allows machining. resulting in fine surface finish without clamping,This fixture is used for main and camshaft line. boring It can also be used for jobs such as,roller bearing conversions stroker. crankshaft clearancing and,machining registers for new main.
caps and four bolt conversions,Rottler s slim line extended right. angle drive can line bore both main,and cam tunnel in one set up. Multi Purpose Machining Center The F69A takes us to the highest levels of technology in block machining Doug Yates Roush Yates Performance Engine Group F69A MULTI PURPOSE CNC MACHINING CENTER www rottlermfg com 2 3 US 800 452 0534 l INTL 1 253 872 7050 Spindle Super hard finish resists wear for years of operation 0 4000 RPM Spindle Rotation with CAT40 Taper Vertical Box Ways

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