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Mail Prep Entry Focus Group,Packages Track,February 18 2015. Packages Track,Action Items from Last Meeting,Open Discussion. Action Items,Action Items from Last Meeting, Define and formalize process for communicating Presort. Reference Data PRD issues and sharing resolutions,Webinar 2 5. Utilize webinar forum to highlight resolved issues. escalate open issues and share measurements and,improvements Webinar 2 5.
Label list Change document published in csv or excel for. easier manipulation Webinar 2 5, John Medeiros to provide file on issue with L606 mis. shipped records at a SCF that s within the scheme, sortation to mine and determine root cause analysis. John Medeiros,Action Items,Action Items from Last Meeting. VP Delivery and Customer Service Randy Stines and, Aaron Lawson or delegate to participate in MP E Focus. Group session for Packages Members invited, Mailer Service Impacts website review and update Action.
Constantly being addressed and reviewed Most recent. storm was successful, Follow up with VP Mail Entry Payment Technology s group. regarding DNDC Full Service exceptions entered at DSCF. Capacity issue case by case basis,Open Discussion,Mail Prep Entry Focus Group. First Class Track,February 18 2015,First Class Track. Action Items from Last Meeting,CSA Project Update,Self adhesive Tray Labels. Open Discussion,Action Items,Action Items from Last Meeting.
Explore procedures to determine if quality controls are in. place at Plants or PO to replace tray labels Labels. Pockets reinforce SOP, Invite HQ USPS Engineering and label suppliers to next. meeting and report out on adhesive tray,labels Presentation demonstration 2 18 15. After consolidation there will be a need to revalidate 5D. scheme lists Top Down Sort Programs Presented,on webinar 2 5 15. Customer Supplier Agreement CSA,Process Lead Time Reduction. LSS Project Update,Project Leads Nadya Ramel Barnes Isabel Navarro.
Team Cyndi Muldoon Mury Salls Steven Krejick Sebastian. Aguiari Sharon Harrison Ken Penland Kelly Lorchick Kevin. Bray Lance Bell Joe Eagle Prat Shah,Project Champion Lauren Zalewski. February 2015,CSA Project Structure,Estimated Completion. Estimated Completion CSA Process July 2015,March 2015. Strategic A3,Increase of,CSA Content,Pieces in Service. Standardization,Measurement,Tactical One A3 Tactical Three A3.
In Initiation,Estimated Completion July 2015,Communication. Pending results of Tactical One A3,Structure Estimated Completion July 2015. Tactical Two A3,CSA Operational,Execution at Pending results of Tactical Two A3. Mailer Estimated Completion August 2015,Tactical Four A3. Potential Future State,POTENTIAL FUTURE STATE PROCESS.
HQ CSA DESIGN REDUCED APPROVERS,HYPOTHESIS FPY WILL INCREASE TO 95 AND APPROVAL. PROCESS LEAD TIME WILL REDUCE TO 30 DAYS,Pros Customizable RACI Approach. Cons Managed locally Potentially degrades system,and increases overall handling cost. Requires system enhancements,IMPROVEMENTS IN PROCESS. Pilot Results,reduction from 8 to,Description Results 2 approvers.
Pilot short term Median Approval Time Sept Dec 14 from 56 to 2 days. solution of Pilot Areas 2 Days 12 samples PILOT AREAS MEDIAN 2 DAYS. reduced FAST Approved 42 total but only 12 were,approvers created after Sept 2014. Area HQ only Other Areas 27 Days 11 samples,Establish mail Improved communication and. point of contact reduction on approval cycle time,with Mailer Area. Transportation, Initiate Tactical A3 Establish standard business rules. ONE Improve for CSA creation,CSA design,standardization OTHER AREAS MEDIAN 27 DAYS.
Next Steps, Collect more cycle time data and expand pilot by March 2015 13. Tactical A3 ONE CSA Separation Design,Standardization. Project Lead Isabel Navarro,Zips 001 699,Black Belt Coach Ramel Barnes. Mailer sends,Letters arrived,arrived mixed,mixed Letters sorted pallets to USPS. zip codes 060,codes 060 210,750 into trays by 3 Zips 700 900.
Project Background digit destination,Trays put on pallet per. separation indicated on CSA,CSAs separation structures are. design at the local level no,consistency among the 322. CSAs 32 of CSAs with,Destinating Separations sort CSAs with. CSA separations are not kept to an STC,Separations.
current to align with our network are,Content design of some CSAs. do not maximize the benefit of,the work share agreement. locally optimized Unknown proportion of,incorrect separations because. they require manual validation,Standard Business Rules established by the. To Do items to implement pilot,IMPROVEMENT Pilot Task.
PLAN Pilot to test 1,Finalize LLCSA through,appropraite Dest STC. the robustness of Vet LLCSA with local team,the business 2 compare current CSA with. Proposal add transportation,rules Enter LLCSA into FAST with. Pilot plan effective date January 11 2015,4 Approve LLCSA in FAST. presented to HQ,Manager of Team will be tracking metrics to.
quantify impact of pilot,FMEA conducted by team to help mitigate. pilot risks two w highest RPN,Processing R,Potential Risks from LL. Operations and Metrics for Pilot,CSA variance special cause why. Business Rules,Potential Failure Effects,Will go outside CSA LL. Current Process Controls P,Convincing the USPS plants process.
approved Commercial Service Score USPS scores,segregated by service standard trends. to participate,standardizing the business,Refuse to participate. Effects relationship,Include IPS PM on team to help. design business rules,rules between mailer and,Late Trips local plants. Two pilot sites Workhours local plant perception of. Change of rules to make one,common process,impact Standardize palletization process.
selected PSI,Label List is confusing and,Mail separated within label list structure and. no one can explain,Before after separatations 5,palletization rationale. incorrectly get rid of unecessary label lists 640,Non CSA mailers vendor software change. Quality control for accuracy of separations decision logic. Los Angeles CA,1 year horizon,Vendor change,Benefit to large mailers. MTAC Mail Prep amp Entry Focus Group Packages Impacts website review and update 06 2014 11 19 2014 12 02 2014 12 13 2014 12 26 2014 01 08 2015 01 21 2015

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