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111 1072 A 20 12 06 17 06 Page 1 2,MAIN FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS. Main Features,1 Spark Plug Lead 8,2 Fuel Filler Cap. 3 Oil Filler Cap and Dipstick 7,4 Handlebar Securing Knob. 5 Rope Guide,6 Engine Start Grip 6,7 Engine Stop lever 5. 8 Handlebar,9 Ground Drive Clutch Lever,Auto drive only 4.
10 Rear Deflector 10,11 Grassbag Assembly 2,12 Serial Number Decal 3. 13 Height of Cut Adjuster,14 Throttle Control 1,Specifications. Engine Honda GCV 135 Codes 432 433 434 GCV 160 435. Engine type GCV135EA2G7 432 433 434 GCV160EA2G7 435. Engine Cutterbar speed 2900 rpm 432 435 2700rpm 433 434. Fuel type Unleaded petrol, Fuel capacity 0 9 litres 432 433 434 1 1 litres 435. Oil type SAE 10w 30 engine oil,Oil sump capacity 0 55 litres. Cutting width 410mm 432 480mm 433 434 530mm 435,Cutting height 25 55mm.
Overall dimensions 1 010 x 490 x 1 395mm 432 985 x 530 x 1 415mm 433 434. 975 x 570 x 1 500mm 435,Dry Weight 31Kg 432 31 8Kg 433 34Kg 434 36Kg 435. 111 1072 A 20 12 06 17 06 Page 1 3,1ST Year 12 months 1ST Year 12 months. Owner s Name,We certify that this service has been. carried out by an Authorised Hayter Serial Number,Service Dealer. Note for dealer Please retain this voucher for your records. 2nd Year 24 months 2nd Year 24 months,Owner s Name.
We certify that this service has been,carried out by an Authorised Hayter Serial Number. Service Dealer, Note for dealer Please retain this voucher for your records. 111 1072 A 20 12 06 17 06 Page 1 4,111 1072 A 20 12 06 17 06 Page 1 5. 1 2 Main Features Specifications 1 20 Maintenance Schedule. 1 20 Daily,1 5 Contents 1 20 25 Hrs or Every Season. 1 20 50 Hrs or Every Season,1 6 Introduction 1 20 100 Hrs or Every Season.
1 7 Warranty 1 21 1 27 Mower Maintenance,1 21 Engine. 1 8 1 10 Safety Precautions 1 21 Carburettor Adjustments. 1 8 Training 1 22 Oil Service,1 8 1 9 Preperation 1 22 Air Cleaner Service. 1 9 1 10 Operation 1 23 Spark Plug Service,1 10 Maintencae Storage 1 23 Keeping Engine Clean. 1 11 Safety Symbols 1 23 Grassbag,1 11 Control Symbols 1 24 Deck Housing. 1 24 Securing Nuts and Bolts, 1 12 Assembling the Mower 1 24 Clutch Cable Adjustment.
1 12 Delivery Checklist 1 25 Lubrication,1 12 Handlebar 1 25 Cutterblade Removal. 1 12 Grassbag Attachment 1 26 Cutterblade Assembly. 1 26 Cutterblade Sharpening,1 13 Before Starting the Mower 1 27 Storage. 1 13 Prevent Engine Damage,1 13 Oil Type,1 13 Check Oil Level 1 28 1 29 Trouble Shooting. 1 13 Fuel Type,1 30 1 32 Parts List,1 14 1 17 Operating The Mower. 1 14 Controls 1 33 Parts list Diagrams,1 14 Starting Step 1.
1 14 Step 2 1 34 Customer Information Notes,1 14 Forward Travel. 1 15 Turning,1 15 Stopping,1 15 Slopes,1 15 Height of Cut. 1 16 Before Mowing,1 16 Grassbag,1 16 Without Grass Collection. 1 16 Heavy Growth,1 17 Non Grassed Areas,1 18 1 19 Lawn Care Calendar Guide Only. 111 1072 A 20 12 06 17 06 Page 1 6,INTRODUCTION, Thank you for purchasing a Hayter mower The following pages are designed to help you gain.
safe and efficient service from your machine, IMPORTANT This Owners Handbook should be regarded as part of the mower as it gives. essential information regarding mower safety operation maintenance and specifications Read. and understand this handbook prior to operating your mower for the first time Make sure you. are familiar with all the controls and points of regular maintenance If you have any doubts. consult your local Hayter authorised dealer who will be pleased to give you assistance. IMPORTANT This mower is designed solely for use in a domestic grass cutting. environment Use in any other way is considered as contrary to the intended use Compliance. with and strict adherence to the conditions of operation service and repair as specified in this. handbook also constitute essential elements of the intended use. This mower should be operated serviced and repaired only by persons who are familiar with. its particular characteristics and who are acquainted with the relevant safety procedures. The safety precautions listed in this handbook and all other generally recognised regulations on. safety must be observed at all times, Any arbitrary modifications carried out to this machine may relieve Hayter Limited of. liability for any resulting damage or injury, Hayter mowers are robustly constructed and designed for efficient economical. performance under normal mowing conditions Correct operation and maintenance will ensure. a long and satisfactory service life Prior to despatch from our factory every effort is made to. ensure that your mower is delivered in perfect condition. Throughout this handbook all references to left and right are as viewed from behind the han. dlebar in the direction of forward travel, This handbook is based on information available at the time of publication. HAYTER LIMITED reserve the right to amend product specifications without prior notification. 111 1072 A 20 12 06 17 06 Page 1 7,LIMITED WARRANTY.
Hayter Limited warrants to the original user purchaser that this unit shall be free from defects. in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of three years from the. date of purchase The manufacturer of major proprietry components ie engines gearbox. transaxle where applicable furnish their own warranty and services are provided through their. authorised network To qualify for the full benefit of the warranty the warranty registration card. must be returned within 14 days of purchase Subject to the conditions and exclusions noted in. this limited warranty we shall at our option repair or replace any warranted part during the. applicable period If you are in doubt or experience any difficulty please consult a Hayter. Authorised Service Dealer for clarification, To qualify for the extended warranty second and third year of the three year limited warranty. the machine must have annual services carried out by an Authorised Hayter Service Dealer. These chargeable services should be carried out within 12 and 24 months of the date of purchase. Excluded from the extended warranty period are those items which are subject to normal wear. and tear e g tyres wheels cutterblades belts cables grassbags sweeper brushes batteries and. other consumable wearing parts, All consumer machines which are fitted with a genuine Hayter friction disc as original. equipment before use are covered by a Lifetime Warranty against the engine crankshaft. bending Note friction washers blade brake clutch B B C units and other such devices are not. applicable Only machines fitted with a genuine Hayter friction disc which are used in. accordance with the recommended operating and maintenance procedures are covered. This warranty does not apply to any unit that has been tampered with altered misused abused or. used for hire and will become invalid if non genuine Hayter parts are fitted This warranty does. not cover minor mechanical adjustments unless they are due to defective material or. workmanship Consult the Owner s Handbook or a Hayter Authorised Service Dealer for. assistance when making these adjustments, A warranty period of 90 days applies to machines used for commercial purposes. To make a warranty claim return the unit to a Hayter authorised dealer along with proof of. purchase stating the machine serial number and date of purchase The service receipt s or this. Owners Handbook with the 1st 2nd year service boxes fully completed must be produced as. proof of entitlement to the extended warranty period Subject to the conditions and exclusions in. this limited warranty the authorised dealer will at our option repair or replace any warranted. part within the duration of the warranty period, This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights and is in addition to any statutory rights to. which you may be entitled and your statutory rights are not affected by this warranty If you need. Issue 05 09 03, additional information concerning this written warranty or assistance in obtaining services.
please write to HAYTER LIMITED Service Department Spellbrook Bishop s Stortford. Hertfordshire CM23 4BU, UK ONLY Details of your local Hayter authorised dealer are contained in Yellow Pages and. the Hayter website www hayter co uk or contact contact Freephone 0800 616298. 111 1072 A 20 12 06 17 06 Page 1 8,SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. Safety Alert Symbol, This safety alert symbol indicates important safety messages When. you see this symbol be alert to the possibility of injury Carefully read. the following and inform others, Your mower is perfectly safe if used correctly Failure to observe the. following precautions may result in serious injury. Before using the mower read the owners handbook carefully Pay par. ticular attention to the safety precautions Ensure that you are familiar. with the controls and the proper use of the equipment Learn how to. stop the mower quickly in an emergency, Never allow children or people unfamiliar with these instructions to.
use the mower, Never mow while people especially children or pets are nearby. Keep in mind that the user is responsible for accidents or hazards. occurring to other people or their property,Preparation. While mowing always wear substantial footwear and long trousers. Do not operate the equipment when barefoot or wearing sandals. Thoroughly inspect the area where the mower is to be used and remove. all objects which may be thrown by the machine,WARNING Petrol is highly flammable. Store fuel in containers specifically designed for this purpose. Refuel outdoors only and do not smoke while refuelling. Add fuel before starting the engine Never remove the cap from the fuel. tank or add petrol while the engine is running or when the engine is hot. Allow the engine to cool for at least two minutes before refuelling. Do not attempt to start the engine if petrol is spilled or a smell of petrol. is present Move the mower away from the area of spillage and avoid. creating any source of ignition until petrol vapours have dissipated. 111 1072 A 20 12 06 17 06 Page 1 9,SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. Preparation, Always use fresh fuel Stale fuel can block the carburettor and cause.
Replace fuel tank and oil tank caps securely,Replace faulty silencer. A damaged cutterblade or loose fixing bolt are major hazards Before. use always visually inspect the cutting mechanism to ensure that it is. in good condition A damaged cutterblade must be replaced immedi. ately with a genuine Hayter replacement part, Do not operate the engine in a confined space where exhaust fumes. carbon monoxide can collect, Always pull the starter cord slowly until resistance is felt Then pull. the cord rapidly to avoid kickback and prevent hand or arm injury. Mow only in daylight or good artificial light,Avoid using the mower on wet grass where feasible. Always be sure of your footing on slopes,Walk never run.
Mow across the face of slopes never up and down, Exercise extreme caution when changing direction on slopes. Do not mow excessively steep slopes of more than 20 degrees. Use extreme caution when reversing or pulling the mower towards you. Stop the engine before moving the mower across areas other than grass. Never operate the mower unless all guards are securely in position and. in good condition, Do not change the engine governor settings or overspeed the engine. Disengage the ground drive clutch lever before starting the engine. Autodrive only, Start the engine carefully with feet well away from the cutterblade. This machine contains spring loaded assemblies which could cause a. hazard when dis assembled and re assembled this maintenance should. only be carried out by a Hayter authorised dealer,111 1072 A 20 12 06 17 06 Page 1 10. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS,Do not tilt the mower when starting the engine.
Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts. Never pick up or carry the mower while the engine is running. Never lift the rear deflector while the engine is running. Never touch the exhaust exhaust guard or cooling fins when the engine is hot. Stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug lead. Before clearing blockages or unclogging the discharge chute. Before cleaning checking or working on the mower, After striking a foreign object Inspect the mower for damage and. ensure necessary repairs are made before re starting. If the mower starts to vibrate abnormally check immediately. Stop the engine,Whenever you leave the mower,Before refuelling. Reduce throttle control setting during engine shutdown and turn fuel. valve off at the conclusion of mowing,Maintenance Storage. Keep all nuts bolts and screws tight to ensure that the equipment is in safe. operating condition, Frequently check fuel lines and fittings for cracks or leaks and replace if. Never check for a spark when the spark plug is removed Use approved tester. Inspect the exhaust periodically and replace if worn or leaking. Never crank the engine with the spark plug removed. Never start the engine with the air cleaner or air cleaner cover removed. Never store the mower with petrol in the tank within an enclosed area. where fumes may reach an open flame or spark, Allow the engine to cool before storing in any enclosure To reduce the fire.
hazard keep the engine and the surrounding deck area free of grass leaves or. Motif CODES 432E 433E 434E 435E Push Auto Drive 111 1072 A 20 12 06 17 06 Page 1 1 Engine Honda GCV 135 Codes 432 433 434 GCV 160 435 Engine type GCV135EA2G7 432 433 434 GCV160EA2G7 435 Engine Cutterbar speed 2900 rpm 432 435 2700rpm 433 434 Fuel type Unleaded petrol Fuel capacity 0 9 litres 432 433 434 1 1 litres 435 Oil type SAE 10w 30 engine oil Oil sump capacity

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