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MENTAL ABILITY TEST, Questions 1 10 5 The product of 12 of an integer and 20. DIRECTION Read the questions carefully and of the next integer is 61 2 The integer is. give answer by filling the circle of the letter a 50. denoting your selected answer on the O M R b 51,Answer Sheet. f G1r 1V 1 m lJ c,I f 3 IlJ l5fBf m m d both a and b. 1 If x a is a factor of f x x ax 6 A cone and a hemisphere have equal bases. 2x a 4 then a is and equal volumes The ratio of their height is. a 3 a 12 1,7 The unit s digit in the expansion of,2 In a family the average age of 5 children is. 2317 159is, 9 years The average age of those five children and.
their parents is 20 years If the age of their mother a 7. is 5 years less than that of their father then the age b 9. of their mother is,a 40 years,b 50 years,c 35 years. d 45 years 8 A number is first reduced by 10 and then. it is again increased by 10 Then the number is,3 If a2 b2 c2 ab be ca then the value changed by. b a 2 increase,b 0 b 10 decrease,c 1 c 10 increase. d 1 d 1 decrease,4 At the end of the year 2002 Arghya was. half old as his randfather The sum ofthe years in,9 How many solution does a linear equation.
which they were born is 3854 Age of Arghya at,in two variables have. the end of year 2003 is,a 49 years,b 50 years b two. c 51 years c three,d 52 years d infinite, 10 A sum of money becomes double at 15 2 9 30 93 849. certain compound rate of interest in n years In a 182. how many years it will become four times at the,same compound rate of interest. a 2n2 years,b 2n years,c n2 years,d 4n years 16 0 6 24 60 120 210.
Questions 11 20 a 240,DIRECTION In each questions 11 to 20 below b 290. there is a number series with one term missing c 336. shown by The term is given as one of the,alternatives among four numbers given below it. Find the term and indicate your answer by filling, the circle of the corresponding letter of alternatives 17 1 4 27 16 36 343. in the O M R Answer Sheet,f tc t IC5t R I,M wO I c 121. 9ft Jfi t I,11 1 2 6 15 31,18 7 10 15 17 23 24 31,12 11 23 48 99 409.
a 2PO d 35,c 201 19 2 7 24 77 723,d 205 a 100,13 8 24 12 36 18 54 b 238. a 27 c 250,b 68 d 235,20 134 245 356 467,14 2 10 6 50 82 a 579. a 110 b 568,c 120 c 578,d 122 d 479,Questions 21 30 29 a Celsius. DIRECTION In each of the questions 21 to 30 b Calorie. there are four items three of which are alike by c Farenheit. some means or other while one is out of the class d Kelvin. Find out the odd item and indicate your answer by,30 a Wheat. filling the circle of the corresponding letter on the. O M R Answer Sheet,21C 30 9fl f d Mustard,on C I ill SlC.
I l Questions 31 40,m I DIRECTION In each question below there are. 21 a Methane two words separated by in the upper row Below. b Ethylene that there are some words on each side of the. c Acetylene symbol Find the relation between two upper. d Benzene words and select one word from the right side of. below which have the same relation as above, 22 a Thyroxine Fill the circle of the letter denoting your selected. b Adrenalin,answer on the O M R Answer Sheet,d Insulin f rok 31 40 m 9fm. 23 a Leprosy I 9fm,b Influenza,c Typhoid a b c d orem m. d Dysentry 9f mf,24 a Ladder,b Staircase 31 Scribble Write.
c Bridge Stammer,d Escalator a Walk,25 a Tarapur,c Kalpakkam. d Paradeep,26 a Sodium chloride 32 Errate Books,b Magnesium chloride Flaws. c Hydrogen chloride a Speech,d Pottasium chloride b Vocabulary. 27 a Granite,b Lignite d Manuscript,c Peal 33 Funk Vitamins. d Bituminous Curie,28 a Lymphocytes a Radium,b Pepsinogen b Proton.
c Fibrinogen c Photography,d Haemoglobin d Uranium. 34 Darwin Evolution 40 Compass Direction,Archimedes Altimeter. a Friction a Sound,b Lubrication,c Eyesight,d Buoyancy. 35 Giant Dwarf,Genius Questions 41 50,DIRECTION In questions 41 50 numbers are. b Gentle placed in figures on the basis of some rules One. c Idiot place in the figure is indicated by the interrogation. d Tiny sign Find out the correct alternative to,replace the question mark and indicate your.
36 Pesticide Crop answer by filling the circle of the corresponding. Antiseptic letter of alternatives in the O M R Answer Sheet. a Wound f rok 41 c 50 m,b Clotting m I l t lJ C l,c Bandage m I m m. d Bleeding t rr ro l 8 m t I,37 Taxonomy Classification 41 0. a Nature L 126 24 6,d Mountain a 22,38 Pigeon Peace c 26. White flag d 28,a Surrender,c Victory 42,39 Millionaire Wealth. a Capability,b Smartness b 64,c Awareness c 65,d Intelligence d 66.
qi1 p 5 21 48,I b 129 a 60,a 115 b 188,GOVERNMENT OF WEST BENGAL. DIRECTORATE OF SCHOOL EDUCATION,NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION 2016. STATE LEVEL,FOR STUDENTS STUDYING IN CLASS X,Scholastic Aptitude Test. State Code Year Code Centre Code Serial No,Full Marks 100. ITlITl l JJ 9J rpy g 00, Time 90 minutes 1 30 PM to 3 00 PM s o fitf fi oUr C 00 Ur.
Instructions to Candidates MCif411 ij,Read the instructions carefully before you start. answering the questions Answers are to be given on a. m Of 8 Nul 9 i 1,OMR Answer Sheet provided S Q m 1. 1 In this Paper you are to answer 100 questions I Q oom m I. Each question carries 1 one mark You are to answer all Q P I m 1. the questions, 2 Before you proceed to mark in the OMRAnswer I U m a b c Q f. Sheet find out the correct answer from the our alternatives d C m S Q m. a b c and d against each question in the Question, Booklet Darken the circle with a Black Ball Point Pen. 1 S Q m 18 ro, to the corresponding correct answer for the item in the C9J I.
OMR Answer Sheet,Example G 0 Q b ml,Here b is the correct answer. 3 If more than one circle is encoded or darken I 1 Q Pffl Q rOO n l t. against a particular answer it will be treated as a wrong m 1. 4 There will be no penalty marks or negative 81 I,marking for a wrong answer. 5 You are to start recording answers with the 1 9j l lC 5I1f. start instruction from the Officer in Charge of your. roomlhall Q Q 18 fl l,6 You are to write your Name and Roll No in. the space provided with for this purpose on the OMR. Answer Sheet You must encode your roll no in f rof ct ep11C I R 1. OMR Answer Sheet,7 The OMR Answer Sheet should be handed over. to the Invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall. 1 9j l l i f9j lC l S Q m, You may take away the used Question Booklet pfter f1 S 1 m m 9fBr 1.
completion of the examination,Mathematics, 1 Iff 2x k x2 4 2 1 x se 0 the value 1 f 2x 1 x2 1 x se 0. a 4X2 a 4X2,b i 2x k 2 b i 2x ky,c 1 X2 c 1 X2,d 4 2x ky d 4 2x ky. 2 If x 2 vx 3 then the value of x is 2 x 2 3 x,3 The value of 5 2 16is 3 5 2 16. a f3 i a f3 i,b s b f3 i,c i f3 c i f3,d All of the above d. 4 If x ay y bx the value of a 1 1 1 1 b 4 x ay y bx 1. 5 The least value of 2X2 4x 3y2 18y 31 5 2X2 4x 3y2 18y 31. 6 If 2r h r2 h2 the value of r h is 6 2r h r2 h2 r h r h to 0. b 3 4 b 3 4,c 1 2 c 1 2,d 2 1 d 2 1, 7 If x cy bz Y ex az z bx ay the 7 x cy bz y ex az z bx ay.
value of a2 b2 c2 1 is a2 b2 c2 1 Q,a abc a abc,b abc b abc. c 2abc c 2abc,d 2abc d 2abc,8 Ifx x 1 0 then 8 X x3 1 0. a x 0 a x 0,b 0 x 1 b 0 x 1,c x 1 c x 1,d None of the above d orn. 9 Among the numbers 2250 3200 4150and 5100 9 2250 3200 4150 l r. 5100 m 1 3 m,the greatest is,a 2250 a 2250,b 3200 b 3200. c 4150 c 4150,d 5100 d 5100, 10 If a b a b ab the value of 4 5 10 a b a b ab 4 5 5 6 Q.
5 6 is a 20, 11 When the rate of interest being increased 11 1O C C9frn12. from 10 to 12 the yearly income of a person l r 1 250 C9fa1I W W 1 i1. increases by Rs 1 250 The principal amount was a 50 000. a Rs 50 000 b 5 000,b Rs 5 000 c 15 000,c Rs 15 000 d 37 500. d Rs 37 500, 12 A man sells two articles each at Rs 198 12 l r ufu 198 m 1. He makes a profit of 10 on one article and a loss 10 l r N mG 10 1. of 10 on the other Net profit or loss of the person rt. a 2 profit,c 1 profit c 1,d 1 loss d 1, 13 The price of a house is Rs 6 76 000 If the 13 I l t 6 76 000 m t I. price increases every year by 4 before two years l ffl ll 4 9 m 2 t f l ffl ll. back the price of the house was,a Rs 6 00 000 a 6 00 000 m t.
b Rs 6 25 000 b 6 25 000 m t,c Rs 6 50 000 c 6 50 000 m t. d Rs 5 75 000 d 5 75 000 m t, 14 0 is any point inside the rectangle PQRS 14 PQRS l b i ll 6l J j1 0 1. a Op2 OR2 0Q2 OS2 a Op2 OR2 0Q2 OS2,b OP2 OQ2 OR2 OS2 b OP2 OQ2 OR2 OS2. c Op2 OS2 OQ2 OR2 c Op2 OS2 OQ2 OR2,d None of the above d orn. 15 The vertical angles of two isosceles 15 JOt N I Qt iS1 11 i1. triangles are equal If the ratio of the areas is 9 16 Qt IS1 C IIC I t CG1 11I ifOl 9 16 Qt IS1 C II. the ratio of the heights of the triangle is bb bl lll ifol. a 9 16 a 9 16,b 16 9 b 16 9,c 3 4 c 3 4,d 4 3 d 4 3.
16 If the edge of a regular tetrahedron is 1 em,then its volume is. 17 The length breadth and height of a solid 17 I l t ft t 0r 1J. rectangular parallelopiped made of copper are 8 T 11 em 9 cm e 6 em 11 l. 11 em 9 em and 6 em respectively How many 1 5 Wft 8 0 25 c f. coins of radius 1 5 ern having thickness 0 25 ern,can be produced by melting it a 168. c 336 c 336,d 340 d 340, 18 If sirr A sin A 1 the value of tan2A 18 sin A sin A 1 tarr A tan4A uj 1. tarr A is a 1,F J a 1 b 1,The least va Iue 0 f 22sm x 2cos. 9 x IS 19 2sm x 2COS x uj 1,17 I a 4 a 4,b 212 b 2Y2.
20 If ABCD is a cyclic quadrilateral the value 20 ABCD 1 I Pfij tan tan f. of tan tan tan tan Iis tan tan uj 1, 21 The linear momentum p of a body having 21 m i E. mass Om and kinetic energy E is c f if p,a p l2rnE a p V2rnE. b P VE 2m b P VE 2m,c p V2mIE c p V2mIE,d p VmE d p vrnE. 22 In the adjacent V T diagram what is the 22 V T ot9f PI f P2. relation between pressures PI and P2,V VOLUME P2,T TEMPERATURE T. a P2 PI a P2 PI,b P2 PI b P2 PI,c P2 PI c P2 PI,d Cannot be predicted d rn.
23 A musical instrument has tones of 23 c 256Hz 502Hz. frequencies 256Hz 502Hz 1020Hz and 1280Hz 1020Hz f 128QHz I a. The frequencies of the fundamental and its,harmonic are given by a r 256Hz f 502Hz. a 256Hz and 502Hz respectively b r 256Hz f 1020Hz, b 256Hz and 1020Hz respectively c r 502Hz f 1020Hz. c 502Hz and 1020Hz respectively d r 256Hz f 1280Hz. d 256Hz and 1280Hz respectively, 24 The total energy of a particle executing 24 0Wf frnmrn A. Simple Harmonic Motion of amplitude N is 0Ifij C l f. proportional to a A2,a A2 b A 2, 25 Refractive index of a medium with respect 25 ffiL IN J j Iq 2. to air is V2 find the critical angle between the c m Bf. two medium a 30, 26 What will be the colour of the sky as seen 26 a IfiT 1f.
from the earth if there is no atmosphere,c Orange c C tfa1t9it. d Red d a 1a, 27 A convex lens of glass has power P in air 27 liID I l p l l. If it is immersed in water its power willl be M I l 1. a more than P a P,b less than P b P, d more than P for some colours and less d iSM P cml I l f f m. than P for others P,28 Two electrodes are maintained at a 28 100V 9ft. potential difference of 100V An electron moving I I l l Cii1 P i ISJtt C 6 JIC c. from cathode to anode gains kinetic energy,a 160 x 10 Erg a 160 x 10 19 if.
b 100 Joule b lOO,c 160 x 10 Joule c 160 X 10 19,d l00Erg d l00 l. 29 In a transformer the number of turns in the 29 I l i14j C 5 coSft 1. primary and the secondary are 140 and 280 140 I l f 280 II t l14A. respectively If current in the primary is 4A then coSft 1 II I It. the current in the secondary is a 4A,c 6A d lOA, 30 What is the equivalent resistance between 30 t IC cm R m I l fJ CIST. any two vertex of a triangle if the sides of the I fJ lSTffl. triangle are of equal resistance cm,d 2R13 d 2R13,Fill in the gap 1 f g ilt. Mg25 HI Na22 Mg25 Hl 11Na22 uti n,12 1 11 12 1,a IHI a IHI. b 2He4 b 2He4,c IH3 c IH3,d lW d IH2,32 Gamma ray is highly energetic 32 It I bb.
a Electron a CG1 flM,b Proton b C,c Electromagnetic wave c l DIi l1 l. d Neutron d, 33 The radius of the nucleus of an atom of 33 A MI llC 1. mass number A is proportional to,i t a A3 4 a A3 4. vt b A2I3 b A2I3 noq,c AlI3 olt,d A d A5 3, 34 The number of atoms in 0 1 mole of a 34 0 1 OIM I I. triatomic gas is,a 6 026 x 1022 a 6 026 X 1022,b 1 806 x 1023 b 1 806 x 1023.
c 3 6 x 1023 c 3 6 x 1023 I,d 1 8 x 1022 d 1 8 x 1022 b. 35 An ion with mass number 56 contains 3 units 35 56 I I 3 1 ff. of positive charge and 30 4 more neutrons than I 1 t C 1 ij. electrons Atomic number of the element is,30 4 16nG1t 1. 36 Which of the following orders ofionic radii is 36 IWTt m. correctly represented a H H H,a H H H b Na F 02,b Na F 02 c F Na 02. r c P Na 02 d H H H J,0 t d H H H, 37 In the structure ofN apthalene the difference 37 ut9fW c m i f f 9fC lI s. between the number of sigma bonds and the number 9fl. of pi bonds is, 38 x mole of oxygen gas is kept in a container of 38 I I M l c TK x OIM.
definite volume at a pressure ofP atmosphere at TK cer P JfG i rnm9f I f I. At the same temperature another y mole of oxygen Y OIM cer 9f. government of west bengal directorate of school education national talent search examination 2016 state level for students studying in class x

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