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1 Drizzle about 1 3 CMC goop to 2 3 glass powder size 2 Working in reverse place in 6 mm glass on. 08 into the squirt bottle and mix with a stir rod Wrap your drawing that has been flipped over Squeeze. a piece of paper towel around the bottle neck and with and touch the liquid glass to the clear sheet lift up. draw the rod This keeps the liquid glass in the squirt in and let the glass line drop into place It should. bottle Some people premix in a jar and then put it into flow easily but not expand sideways If this occurs. the bottle or a small pastry bag You will have to restir add more glass powder and restir The clear glass. occasionally as the powder will separate with time is in 6 mm thick to prevent the huge bubbles. discussed in the volume control section,The Decorating Bag Alternative. When I originally developed the liquid glass, technique in 1993 I tried using an oil cloth pastry. bag and the goop and powdered glass got all over,my hands table clothes and everything so I. gave up I found that the squirt bottle worked,great and with less mess When I wrote my books. in 2006 and 2009 I was using the squirt bottle,which could lay down a stiff line that stood on.
the glass like a piece of wet spaghetti This was, what I wanted so that I could fill the areas in with. powdered glass,In 2011 when I was teaching a workshop in. Austin Texas one of the participants had arthri, tis and it was very hard to squeeze the bottle It 3 Here is a Wilton plastic decorating bag plastic. was suggested that I try a Wilton Decorating Bag coupling and metal tip You can find these at hobby. and when I was shown the new type of plastic supply and cooking stores I use a 2 tip and some. bag I readily adopted it This device is much times the slightly larger 3 tip. easier to squeeze and load If I need a stiffer line. I reluctantly go back to the bottle I hope that this. makes things easier for you too, 4 Push the threaded part of the plastic coupler at 5 Mix the powdered glass I use 08 size Bullseye. the tapered end of the inside of the bag Trim the Glass frit with the goop in a plastic container. plastic bag with a razor blade leaving the threads I describe how to make the CMC goop on the first. inside the bag Put the metal tip over the plastic page Wear a dust mask NIOSH 90 that can handle. coupler and screw the ring over the plastic part of the silica dust. bag and onto the threads, 6 I place the decorating bag with the tip down into a 7 You need to put a decent amount of mixture into.
wide mouth quart jar and fold the bag over the edge I the bag to get it to work properly Here I fold over. then easily spoon the glass goop mixture into the bag the end a few times. 8 After the end has been folded a few times then I 9 You just barely need to squeeze the bag to get it. also fold over the edges and put a large binder clip onto to flow out If it is too thin and the line spreads out. the end to hold it You can keep the mixture in the bag on the glass then you need to squeeze the mix. for a couple of weeks just put a push pin into the tip ture back into the mixing bowl and add more glass. to plug the hole If the goop separates from the glass powder It it is too stiff add more goop If you line. powder you might me able to massage it in the bag and spreads you can also quickly set it with a hair dryer. get it to work or put it back into the bowl mix and the Clean the tip with water and a metal wire if it plugs. reload or put into a new bag up, 10 I mix 50 50 size 01 fine frit with 08 powder 11 I clean up the spillover with a vacuum pen I. which makes a mixture that flows easily from the describe how to make this in the equipment section. tapper I take a folded piece of postcard about 1,in 4 cm high x 4 in 10 cm long and tape one end. closed I place the frit mix into it with a spoon and. tap with my finger allowing a controlled and steady. flow of glass powder Wear a dust mask NIOSH 90,that can handle silica dust. 12 I tap the frit down with the back of a spoon You 13 I cover all of the previously applied frit with a. must apply at least in 3 mm of frit as it is about 50 50 mix size 01 08 of white frit for a wall piece. 50 air and fluffed up so that after it full fuses it or clear for a bowl This layer keeps all the different. is about 1 16 in 1 5 mm thick Crushed glass frit is colors from pulling up and leaving exposed areas as I. much less dense in color than glass enamels and it discussed in the section about volume control Tap it. takes more volume to cover an area Place the light all down flat with the back of a spoon I fuse the frit. and transparent colors last so it sticks to the glass but does not full fuse about. 1310 F to 1380 F depending on your kiln, 14 After the first firing I take the piece out of the kiln 15 The finished tile after firing to a full fuse Firing. flip it over and clean the surface with glass cleaner and schedules are located in the back of the book There. a rag In the past I sandblasted this surface but now will probably be a clear line around the tile because. I just apply a very thin layer of Spray A with a foam the volume is a bit thicker than the magic in 6. brush which takes care of any extraneous junk picked mm This can be prevented by placing a dam made. from the first firing The Spray A should be applied from a sawed mullite kiln shelf around the tile and. thin enough to see through Put the piece back into the then grinding and polishing the edge. In 1993 I developed this technique in order to create an outline that could be filled in with colored frit Many years later I realized that this is similar to the wire and enamel technique used for cloisonn Make the Liquid Glass Goop To get started go to a ceramic supply place such as Seattle Pottery Supply and purchase a one pound bag of CMC carboxy methyl cellulose This product is

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