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modern poets on viking poetry,an anthology of responses to skaldic poetry. Debbie Potts, Poems Copyright April 2013 Individual contributors. Editorial Copyright April 2013 Modern Poets on Viking Poetry. Cover image inn from the 18th century manuscript S M 66. Introduction 1,The Waking of Angant r,how the earth increases Rebecca Perry 3. THE WAKING OF ANGANT R Sarah Hesketh 5,Hear My Heart Adam Kirton 9. Korm kr s lausav sur on sex and slander, Kormak and Steingerd a conversation Anna Robinson 13.
Korm kr in Love Emma Harding 15,Translation Okey Nzelu 16. Korm ks Sonnet Tony Harris 17,G sli s lausav sur on dreams. Six Dream Verses Dorothy Lehane 18,Dream of Blood Peter Daniels 21. Garage Door Verses David McKelvie 23,Egill s Sonatorrek. Lingua Franca Rachel Piercey 28,The Lost Boy John Glenday 30.
The Bear of the Moon Chrissy Williams 33,Egill s lausav sur on booze. Mans ngr Kate Wise 37,Xenia Kate Wise 38,kunna r runna Andrew McMillan 39. Pub Colette Sensier 40,My Poison Annette Volfing 42. Grin Ryan Whatley 42,Egill s lausav sur on old age. verses on old age Emma Hammond 43,Einarr sk laglamm s Vellekla.
The Kept Sea Jane Monson 45,Sigvatr s lausav sur on mourning and melancholia. The Sorrow of Sigvatr John Grant 48, 6 lausav sur on the death of Saint l fr Andrew Smardon 50. Looser Verses Polly Atkin 52,Sigvatr s v sur on travels to the west. Journey to the West Oz Hardwick 55,Spin Oz Hardwick 56. Blade Oz Hardwick 57,Earth s Snake Gabrielle Watts 58.
j lfr Arn rsson s Sexstefja,Til Konungs John Canfield 61. battle owa turf Jen Campbell 62,Coda Laura Webb 63. The Aftermath of the Battle from the Perspective of 65. Corvids Alex Clements,j lfr Arn rsson s lausav sa on argument. The Ring of Brodgar Lucy Hamilton 66,Sneglu Halli s lausav sur on pigs etc. Halli s quickfire poem on the King s dwarf dressed in an 68. enormous mailcoat Andrew Smardon, King Harald tries to call time on dinner service Andrew 68.
King Harald challenges Halli to compose an impromptu 68. poem about a roast pig or forfeit his life Andrew,Pl citusdr pa. Christ as a stag the cross caught in his antlers John Clegg 69. Returning from the river George Maude 71,Oddi inn litli s lausav sur on art. Untitled Andrew Bailey 78,Tapestry Kate Olley 78,In the dyes Lavinia Singer 79. Fragments from the Third Grammatical Treatise,Plough of the Sea Beverley Nadin 80. Quench Beverley Nadin 80,Sun Beverley Nadin 80,Number 38 Pen Kease 81.
The battle glad Ingolfr travelled abroad Pen Kease 81. Skaldic Fragments Richard Scott 82,Einarr Gilsson s Gu mundarkv i. UMBRELLA Joseph Turrent 83,The Snake Swallower Meghan Purvis 86. Woman with snake inside Nia Davies 87,Acknowledgements 88. Introduction, In Old Norse mythology poetry is a slippery substance Poetry is translated. through various states enacting a liquid metamorphosis from spit to blood. to mead then vomit and excrement Poetry is extracted and brewed. consumed and regurgitated It emerges from the skaldic bard s mouth to be. re consumed by the gaping ear mouths of his audience When this. mythological moment is re imagined in skaldic verse poetry becomes a fierce. mead sea a storm in a wine cup compulsively stirred up by the poet s. tongue cascading over the bank of his lips,the wave of the primal sea of the song stirrer.
rushes over the rocks of sung spells,Einarr sk laglamm from Vellekla. This anthology stems from Modern Poets on Viking Poetry MPVP a. cultural translation project run by the Department of Anglo Saxon Norse. and Celtic University of Cambridge from February 2013 to April 2013 The. poems collected here comprise of contemporary poets responses to skaldic. verse drawing the ebb and flow of poetry s fluid transformations into an. intoxicating blend of Viking tradition and modern poetic sensibility. Skaldic poetry encompasses verse composed in Old Norse medieval. Scandinavian between the early ninth and late fourteenth century The. classic skaldic style is generally characterised by its elaborate metrical. structures complex syntactical arrangements and the liberal application of. riddle like circumlocutions known as kennings for readers wishing to furnish. themselves with a deeper understanding of skaldic verse A Short Introduction to. Skaldic Poetry can be accessed on the MPVP website This much neglected. genre has a great deal to offer in terms of the intricate acoustic spaces. harnessed in its metrical forms and the richly surreal imagery propagated in. Part of MPVP s objective was to imbue modern poets writing in English with. an understanding and appreciation of a culturally specific literary medium. to extend the aesthetics of skaldic verse into the contemporary poetic. consciousness It also sought to cultivate a dialogue between academic. research and poetic practice where participating poets were encouraged to. creatively engage with commentaries and basic translations of skaldic texts. provided by Old Norse scholars And lastly the project aimed to nurture a. wider public interest in Viking poetry and the cultural context surrounding its. production It is hoped that the poetry showcased in this anthology will. contribute a great deal towards this latter intention. Participating poets were offered complete creative freedom in their approach. to the skaldic material and this is born out in the wonderfully diverse set of. poems to emerge from MPVP One unifying factor is the obvious. enthusiasm of these poets when it comes to engaging with the poetics of an. unfamiliar cultural mindset Their poems are regurgitations of inn s mead. in the very best sense mixing the themes and aesthetics of skaldic verse into. a brew which will no doubt prove more than palatable to the discerning tastes. of a modern audience,after The Waking of Angant r,how the earth increases. she is awake and thinking about,how the whole world is never all. awake at the same time and how in,that case a moment can never truly be. global and how things are rarely,interesting for more than two or three.
people at a time Really our inability,to be an assemblage She imagined a gong. with the power to wake the world,everybody a gong of unimaginable. everything She hates how the mouths of,the sleeping fall open like the mouths. of the dead She thinks of her friend,with keys to the garden in Soho. next to her on the grass the bright orange,from the streetlight across his face She.
thinks of the heart as a mind enclosure,visualises a silver cage around it She feels. anger that the signs of small businesses are,always Someone Son She thinks of. aubergines as the horses of the,vegetable kingdom She thinks of ships. as horses of the sea Seahorses That awful,video in biology of the male giving birth. The word spasm Tomorrow the tent,of the sun will be pitched somewhere.
in the sky as always ready to be rained on,Her teacher once suggested that the. girls should pay attention to how,the boys conduct themselves How they. don t fuss You think of yourself as just a,human being until something happens. Rebecca Perry,THE WAKING OF ANGANT R,EXT THE MOUND NIGHT. HERV R approaches the mound slowly She wears DARK ARMOUR. and her thick hair is bound in TERRIBLE BRAIDS We hear a. low GROAN that might be from the wind BLUE SMOKE licks. the ground The GRAVE FIRES are awake,in a ringing voice.
Angant r awake Herv r your only daughter commands you. Come Give up from your grave that sword forged for. Svafrlami by the dwarves Hervar r Hj rvar r Hrani,Angant r Hear me all of you writhing in the roots. with thin blades and iron mail with helmets and the. stuff of war with this blood scarred spear You sons of. Arngr mr were once terrible men but now your bodies are. mouldy in the earth Will not one of the sons of Eyfura. speak with me here at Munarv gr Hervar r Hj rva r, Hrani Angant r May ants eat out the cages of your ribs. if you don t give me the sword that Dvalinn wrought. Precious weapons don t belong with draugs,The mound RUMBLES and SHAKES GREAT FLAMES are. everywhere Then a VOICE, Herv r daughter why do you disturb us Bursting with. curses why hurl all these mad words Hysterical, unhinged is your reason hiding somewhere Why make this.
headache for the sleeping dead I was not buried by a. father nor by family They kept Tyrfingr the two who. lived though later it belonged to one alone, Don t spin riddles from your lips May god spit you whole. from the ground right now if Tyrfingr doesn t hide with. you Would you deny your daughter this fiercest of gifts. The mound OPENS The FIRES burn all around TERRIBLE. SOUNDS are heard Herv r flinches but stands her ground. Hel grinds open The mounds have loosened their jaws See. how the island is edged with fire and terror has begun to. stalk Go while you still have time girl Quick hurry. back to your ships,draws herself tall brandishes her SPEAR. No fire in the night will ever frighten me My breast. stands firm as metal even when ghosts appear in grave. I tell you Herv r sweet daughter of a prince listen to. all the horrors before you Tyrfingr will make a banquet. of your family Hei rekr the son you bear will hold. that sword and know its force And he will become the. most powerful man to ever stand in the hall of the sun. Herv r throws her spear down before her,roaring impatient. I swear to you you ruins of men that you will find no. rest that you will blister in the pit unless you give. me the terrible sword I want the slayer of Hj lmarr I. want that brilliant edge I want that famous butcherer of. How unnatural you are you little girl walking amongst. the mounds at night Arriving at the hall with your. bitten spear this helmet and your cruel chains made up. in the metal of the Goths, Before tonight I thought myself quite human before I. resolved to seek your hall Give me from the mound that. hater of mailshirts all that magic forgecraft of,dwarves It will not help you to hide it.
The wind rushes The fires FLARE,above the noise, Hj lmarr s assassin lies deep beneath my shoulders Its. borders all are etched by fire I know of no girl, anywhere on earth who would dare to take this sword in. Herv r is furious She makes to RUSH through the fire. I will take that sword and own it with my nerve I do not. fear the burning fires See I command this blaze with my. A great roar from Angant r Herv r pauses and looks up. The FLAMES SUBSIDE somewhat to smoke, You are foolish Herv r but you show great courage I. would rather give you the sword from the mound than see. you rush into the fire with your eyes open I will no. longer refuse you, Then the SWORD is in Herv r s hands She draws a breath. Grasps it to her breast She looks back to the MOUND. triumphant, You do the right thing beautiful warrior to give up.
this sword from the ground Much better my lord to hold. this now than to cradle all of Norway, You do not know what you ve been given you wretched. woman Remember my words you little girl Tyrfingr will. destroy all your family,relaxed half to herself half to the sword. I will return to the sea horses now This prince s girl. is in good spirits I don t care you son of kings how. my children will fritter their blood,This power lies with you now But keep the killer. covered Don t touch the edges dark poison twists,through them far worse than any fever or disease. Farewell to you my daughter If only I could gift you the. life of twelve men You would carry all the strength and. goodness that passed through the sons of Arngr mr,Now beginning to back away.
A safe sleep to all of you long buried in the mound How. I long to make my escape from here Here where the edges. of the world caught against me where I felt the anger of. This anthology stems from Modern Poets on Viking Poetry MPVP a cultural translation project run by the Department of Anglo Saxon Norse and Celtic University of Cambridge from February 2013 to April 2013 The poems collected here comprise of contemporary poets responses to skaldic

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