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IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS, To prevent fire or shock hazard do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. ATTENTION RISQUE DE CHOC ELECTRIC NE PAS OUVRIR, The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert. the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the product s enclosure. that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the. presence of important operating and maintenance servicing instructions in the literature. accompanying the appliance, For your protection please read these safety instructions completely before operating the appliance and keep this manual for future reference. Carefully observe all warnings precautions and instructions on the appliance described in the operating instruction supplied with the appliance. INSTALLATION USE SERVICE, Water and Moisture Do not install the appliance near water for Power Source Connect the appliance to a power supply only of the Unplug the appliance from the wall outlet and consult qualified. example near a bathtub washbowl kitchen sink laundry tub in a wet type described in the operating instructions or as marked on the service personnel when. basement or near a swimming pool appliance the power cord or the plug has been damaged. Heat Do not install the appliance near sources of heat such as Power Cord Protection Route the power cord so that it is not like a solid object or liquid has fallen into the cabinet. radiators heat registers stoves or other appliances that produce heat ly to be walked on or pinched by having objects placed on it paying the appliance has been exposed to rain or moisture. Ventilation Situate the product so its location or position does not particular attention to the plugs receptacles and the point where the the appliance does not appear to operate normally or exhibits a. interfere with its proper ventilation For example you should not cord exits from the appliance marked change in performance. place the product on a bed sofa rug or similar surface that might Grounding or Polarization Do not defeat the grounding or the appliance has been dropped or the enclosure damaged. block the vent openings or placed in a built in installation such as a polarization feature of the AC power cord If your AC receptacle will. bookcase or cabinet that might impede the flow of air through the not accept the power cord plug contact your electrician to install a Do not attempt to service the appliance beyond that described in the. ventilation openings proper AC receptacle operating instructions For all other servicing refer to qualified. Wall or Ceiling Mounting If your appliance can be mounted to a When not in use Unplug the power cord of the appliance from the service personnel only. wall or ceiling mount it only as recommended outlet when left unused for a long period of time To disconnect the. cord pull it out by grasping the plug Never pull the plug out by the. AC Receptacle Check to make sure that the AC receptacle holds. the power cord plug firmly and securely If the power cord plug is. loose contact your electrician to replace the defective and unsafe AC. Foreign Objects Be careful that foreign objects and liquids do not. enter the enclosure through openings,i BBE 262 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.
TABLE OF CONTENTS The following features will make the BBE 262 attractive to. Precaution i sound engineers players and listeners. Product Description 2 1 Independent PROCESS and LO CONTOUR control for each. Controls Connections 3 channel to accommodate mono or stereo configurations. General Operation Applications 5 2 A FUNCTION switch to allow for the comparison of the BBE. Service Warranty Information 14 processed signal to the unprocessed signal. Test Procedures 16 3 A FOOTSWITCH input mono jack for easy connection to any. Specifications 17 mono shorting footswitch, Schematic Diagrams 18 4 Quarter inch PHONE jacks to allow for easy unbalanced. configuration into any sound system, Congratulations on your purchase of the BBE 262 Sonic. Maximizer an extremely versatile two channel signal processor IMPORTANT. that will benefit any sound reproduction system Program Before you begin please check the contents within this box to. material will have sparkle and unmistakable clarity Lower insure that included are. frequencies such as a bass guitar will be more evident in the 1 The BBE 262 Sonic Maximizer. mix Voices will be crystal clear Guitar and keyboard notes 2 12 volt AC adaptor. will have greater integrity and be more distinct from each other 3 Four 4 Rubber Feet for Table Mount applications. If classical music is your forte listen to your favorite symphony 4 The BBE 262 User s Manual. and feel as though you are the conductor Rap music will take. on new dimensions with a thunderous yet tight thump which If any of these items are found to be damaged or missing. cannot be achieved with any other sound processor The BBE immediately contact the BBE dealer from whom the unit. 262 s flexible design will allow it to be configured into any was purchased Before you begin please read this manual It will. system Whether live sound reproduction or in recording help you use the BBE 262 more effectively and answer most of the. studios the BBE 262 will be a welcome addition common questions that our service department receives But if you. still have questions please call our service department. at 714 897 6766,BBE 262 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. BBE 262 SONIC MAXIMIZER possible to identify the characteristics of an ideal speaker and to distill. the corrections necessary to return the fundamental and harmonic. The BBE Process What It Is frequency structures to their correct order While there are differences. Loudspeakers have difficulty dealing with the electronic signals among various speaker designs in the. supplied by an amplifier These difficulties cause such major phase and magnitude of their correction the overall pattern of correction needed is. amplitude distortion that the sound reproduced by a speaker differs remarkably consistent. significantly from the sound produced by the original source The BBE process is so unique that 42 patents have been awarded by. In the past these problems proved unsolvable and were thus the U S Patent Office. delegated to a position of secondary importance in audio system design. However phase and amplitude integrity is essential to accurate sound. reproduction Research shows that the information which the listener. The BBE Process How It Works, translates into the recognizable characteristics of a live performance are The BBE Process imparts a pre determined phase correction to the. intimately tied into complex time and amplitude relationships between high frequencies where most harmonic information exists This is done. the fundamental and harmonic components of a given musical note or by breaking the signal into three sub bands or groups a LOs 20Hz. sound These relationships define a sound s sound 150Hz b MIDs 150Hz 1200Hz and c HIGHs 1200Hz 20kHz. When these complex relationships pass through a speaker the proper The low group is delayed about 2 5 ms milliseconds via a delay. order is lost The higher frequencies are delayed A lower frequency within the passive low pass filter The front panel LO. may reach the listener s ear first or perhaps simultaneously with that of CONTOUR control allows for either a flat response or a boost at 50Hz. a higher frequency In some cases the components may be so The mid range group is delayed only about 0 5ms and passes. time shifted that they reach the listener s ear ahead of some or all of through an active band pass filter while the high frequency group. the harmonic components is passed through a VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier The high. This change in the phase and amplitude relationship on the harmonic group is used as a point of reference to make dynamic amplitude. and fundamental frequencies is technically called envelope distortion corrections to the high frequencies. The listener perceives this loss of sound integrity in the reproduced The RMS average loudness detectors continuously monitor both the. sound as muddy and smeared In the extreme it can become diffi mid range and high frequencies to compare the relative. cult to tell the difference between musical instruments for example an harmonic content levels of the two bands and apply the appropriate. oboe and a clarinet amount of control voltage to the VCA thereby determining the amount. BBE Sound Inc conducted extensive studies of numerous speaker of high frequency harmonic content present at the final output of the. systems over a ten year period With this knowledge it became BBE processor. 2 BBE 262 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS,FRONT PANEL CONTROLS.
1 CHANNEL A LO CONTOUR CONTROL Each channel is equipped with a LO CONTOUR control This control is a low. frequency adjustment for the BBE 262 It provides a boost of 10dBu when turned to its maximum position clockwise at 50Hz. When turned to its minimum position counter clockwise the low frequency is flat. 2 CHANNEL A PROCESS CONTROL Each channel is equipped with a BBE PROCESS control The BBE Process gives the. user a more detailed perception of tonality added bite and an increase in clarity The low frequency range of the program material. will be tightened while the high end will be crystal clear without adding or creating any additional noise or harmonic distortion. When the knob is in its minimum position completely counter clockwise no process is taking effect Turning the knob clockwise. will introduce the BBE Process Adjust the knob to mix the desired amount of BBE Process to suit your taste The BBE Process. also has its own in out switch for comparison of the processed to unprocessed signal located on the front panel Experiment with the. process Use the BBE Process as an extension of the tone controls The BBE Process is not an effect but a sonic improvement To. start set the BBE PROCESS knob to its 12 o clock position then adjust accordingly. 3 CHANNEL B LO CONTOUR CONTROL Same as Channel A Lo Contour Control. 4 CHANNEL B PROCESS CONTROL Same as Channel A Process Control. 5 BBE FUNCTION This switch engages the BBE Process When depressed the IN position the indicator LED will illuminate. Green indicating that the BBE Process has been engaged When in the OUT position the indicator LED will illuminate RED. indicating that the BBE Process has been disengaged. BBE 262 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 3,REAR PANEL CONNECTIONS. 6 A C INLET This jack is for connecting the 12 VAC power source. 7 POWER SWITCH This push button switch applies AC power to the BBE 262 Sonic Maximizer and is used for turning the unit. on and off, 8 FOOTSWITCH INPUT This mono jack is for connecting any mono shorting footswitch Using the remote switching jack. defeats the front panel function switch and allows the selection of process on off via footswitch. 9 11 UNBALANCED OUTPUTS Each channel is equipped with a 1 4 phone jack Each output sends a low impedance line. level signal The recommended single load impedance is at least 10k Ohms The load is determined by the input impedance of the. next subsequent component in the signal chain The maximum output is rated at 17dBu The output impedance of the BBE 262 is. 1k ohm NOTE Actual output level will vary due to the selected position of the BBE Process and the actual input signal level. 10 12 UNBALANCED INPUTS Each channel is equipped with a 1 4 phone jack Input range can be any level from 45dBu to. 6dBu The input impedance of the BBE 262 is 50k ohms. 4 BBE 262 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS,GENERAL OPERATION. THE BBE 262 IS A LINE LEVEL SIGNAL PROCESSOR AND IS TO BE CONNECTED PRIOR TO THE POWER AMP. IN ANY AUDIO SYSTEM SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE MAY BE INFLICTED TO THE BBE 262 OR ANY SUBSEQUENT. COMPONENT IN THE SYSTEM IN THE EVENT THE OUTPUT OF A POWER AMP IS CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO. THE BBE 262, In order to reduce the risk of damage to any equipment properly connect all cables and power cables before turning on any. components in the system Most important of all ALWAYS TURN ON THE POWER AMPLIFIER LAST TO AVOID. DAMAGING THE SPEAKERS OR THE AMP, The BBE 262 may be utilized in a number of different environments and its results may vary accordingly Because both channels are.
completely independent from each other only one channel of the BBE 262 may be used or each channel processing a different. signal source The effects loop is the ideal placement in the signal chain of a guitar application In a pre amp keyboard or P A. application the BBE 262 works best as the last component in the signal chain just before the crossover or power amp Important. In a P A application never connect the BBE 262 into the effects loop The inherent phase shift of the BBE Process will cause. phase cancellation resulting in a partial loss of signal. BBE 262 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 5,BBE AND EQUALIZATION. The most common question asked of the BBE Sound Inc service department is Where does the BBE Processor connect in the. signal chain before or after the equalizer Many people find that the same amount of equalization is no longer needed if at all. when a BBE processor is used Additionally the amount of equalization used will help determine the BBE 262 s proper location in. the signal chain If the EQ is being set to give the room a flat response as determined by a spectrum analyzer the BBE 262 will. work properly before or after the EQ Placing the BBE 262 after the EQ is recommended If the EQ is being used for drastic tone. The BBE 262 Sonic Maximizer 2 12 volt AC adaptor 3 Four 4 Rubber Feet for Table Mount applications 4 The BBE 262 User s Manual If any of these items are found to be damaged or missing immediately contact the BBE dealer from whom the unit was purchased Before you begin please read this manual It will help you use the BBE 262 more effectively and answer most of the common

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