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MOCK EXAMINATION 1,Examination Preparation, All rights reserved no part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system. or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording. or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publishers. Published by telc gGmbH Frankfurt am Main Germany,All rights reserved. 2019 by telc gGmbH Frankfurt am Main,Printed in Germany. ISBN Booklet 978 3 937254 30 2,Audio CD 978 3 937254 41 8. Order Number Booklet 5127 B00 010202,Audio CD 5127 CD0 010201.
Information,To t h e r e a d e r s o f t h i s b o o k l e t. As an internationally recognised test provider telc offers a range of tests to suit your needs Whether you. are a student wishing to take a test or a course instructor preparing a class this mock exam will help you. gain a firm understanding of the exam requirements and get the best results. What we offer, telc gGmbH is a not for profit educational institution based in Frankfurt am Main Germany As an. internationally oriented organisation telc works in close cooperation with 1 500 licenced partners in. Germany and another 1 500 in Europe and beyond to provide a standardised certification of language. competence under the brand name telc language tests As telc Training we offer seminars and courses. for the continuing professional development of teachers as well as examiner training Our teaching and. learning materials including digital learning and testing services complete our portfolio. The telc English B2 examination is part of telc s portfolio of examinations designed for learners interested. in proving their language skills Our general and vocationally oriented examinations are a contribution. towards multilingualism and language diversity in Europe They take the needs of language learners. throughout the world into account and certify language competency for everyday life study and. occupational purposes, telc gGmbH is a subsidiary of the German Adult Education Association Deutscher Volkshochschulverband. e V and is dedicated to lifelong learning We are committed to facilitating language learning and. integration as well as mobility in Germany and across Europe telc certificates are recognized by. corporations schools universities and government agencies We offer a unique system that combines. tried and trusted test formats and flexible test dates to match our customers needs with objective and. transparent examination conditions,Our network, telc s strength comes from its cooperation with many and diverse partners over five decades This. cooperation challenges us and motivates us to consistently offer high quality needs oriented services. A lot has changed since the first telc certificates were awarded in the 1960s telc language tests have. always kept up with the times We take up new academic and practical impulses and transfer them into. task oriented valid test formats As a full member of ALTE Association of Language Testers in Europe. and as a member of EQUALS our tests are developed in accordance with European stipulations. telc gGmbH is certified according to the international DIN standard DIN EN ISO 9001 2015 You will find. an overview of our programme at www telc net,J rgen Keicher.
Managing Director telc gGmbH,English B2 Mock Examination 1. The Structure of the Examination 5,Reading Comprehension 6. Language Elements 13,Listening Comprehension 15,Written Expression 18. Oral Expression 21,Answer Sheet S30 25,Information. How is the test conducted 31,Answer Sheet M10 39,Marking Criteria for Oral Expression 40.
Marking Criteria for Written Expression 42,Points and Grades 45. Answer Key 47,Transcripts 48,The Structure of the Examination. telc English B2,Sub Test Aim Type of Test minutes,1 Reading Comprehension. Part 1 Reading for Gist 5 matching items,Part 2 Reading for Detail 5 multiple choice items. Part 3 Selective Reading 10 matching items,2 Language Elements.
Written Examination,Part 1 Grammar 10 multiple choice items. Part 2 Lexis 10 matching items,3 Listening Comprehension. Part 1 Listening for Gist 5 true false items approx. Part 2 Listening for Detail 10 true false items,Part 3 Selective Listening 5 true false items. 4 Written Expression,Writing a semi formal email,Choice of two tasks. Preparation 20,Oral Examination,5 Oral Expression, Part 1 Describing experiences two or three test takers.
Part 2 Discussion approx,Part 3 Planning something together. 9 0 Minu tes Reading Comprehension L anguage Element s. Reading Comprehension Part 1, First read the ten headlines a j Then read the five texts 1 5 and decide which text goes best with each. Reading Comprehension,Mark your answers on the answer sheet. Accident fatal for 19 year old,Dangerous pets banned under new legislation. Important decision Head for bed,Life on earth at risk.
New regulations on problematic pets,Research shows mice fear sleep. Snake leaves home,Unknown bee disease identified, telc gGmbH Frankfurt a M ENGLISH B2 Mock Examination 1 2019. Unusual message for local authorities,Years of silence finally end. English B2 Mock Examination 1, 9 0 Minu tes Reading Comprehension L anguage Element s. A man who has been in a coma for 19 years Terry now 39 was driving home 19 years ago. after a car crash woke up and started talking to when his car left the road and plunged into. Reading Comprehension, his mother who was sitting at his bedside Terry a stream He was found the next day under a.
Wallis began his return to consciousness slowly bridge and was in a coma Terry s daughter. with just a few nouns but gradually a flood of Amber who was born shortly before the crash is. phrases came pouring out He started out with thrilled to now be able to build up a relationship. mum and then it was milk and tree said the with her father According to Terry s father his. director of the Arkansas rehabilitation centre son talks almost non stop now It s so peculiar. where Wallis was being cared for it s going to take some getting used to. In an attempt to combat the rise in ownership an estimated eight million dogs in Britain and. of dangerous animals the government has four breeds are currently banned under the. announced plans to introduce an addition to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 Critics of the plan. law stating that all dogs must now be fitted with say that it will do nothing to tackle problems. a microchip Voluntary chipping of animals is with these banned breeds since people who. already a common practice and involves a small already own such dogs are likely to ignore the. electronic device being implanted under the new legislation as they fear to lose their animals. animal s skin Each chip has a unique number However owners who can prove that their dogs. that can be read by a scanner Vets the police are not dangerous will be given a Certificate of. or an animal welfare organisation can quickly Exemption. and easily trace the animal s owner There are, Faced with a tough problem the traditional place to generate fear of that particular location. advice is to sleep on it And according to new One group of mice was then allowed to sleep. research sleeping on it may be exactly the right while the other group was kept awake Twenty. thing to do a good night s sleep really does help four hours later the two groups were tested to. the brain get to grips with information and to act see if they froze when put in this same area. on it the following day Those who slept were four times more likely to. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania show fear than those kept awake Researchers. studied how well mice absorbed or consolidated concluded that sleeping during the five. new information and remembered it the next hours after learning was crucial for memory. day Scientists gave two groups of mice a small consolidation. electric shock when they were put in a specific, After flourishing for millions of years the last became extinct human society would follow. sixty years has seen a huge decline in the within a few years This statement was based on. country s bee population Some species have the fact that in our interconnected ecosystem the. already disappeared completely from the British production of food is almost entirely dependent. countryside and others are now considered on these useful workers and yet many of us take. endangered Experts believe that the reduction the work they do for granted While collecting. telc gGmbH Frankfurt a M ENGLISH B2 Mock Examination 1 2019. in bee numbers is due to changing weather nectar for themselves bees transfer pollen from. patterns the increased use of insecticides in one plant to another ensuring that for example. farming and gardening and the loss of habitat fruit grows Currently bee keepers scientists. as our cities expand and conservation organisations are working hard. Albert Einstein the physicist said that if all bees to save our bee population. A woman deliberately left her four metre long of Cruelty to Animals RSPCA which sent two. python behind when moving home and explained inspectors to collect the 25 kilo snake which. this to the council as she was dropping off they found curled up in the living room The. the keys The unnamed tenant of a council flat snake is now being cared for at a reptile centre. near Birmingham said to the council worker on in Birmingham while the RSPCA tries to trace. duty I m catching a train to Norfolk and I m not its former owner A spokesman for the district. coming back I ve just fed my Burmese python council said Our housing department has heard. and I m leaving her in the flat Housing officers some strange things from our tenants over the. quickly rang the Royal Society for the Prevention years but this has to be the strangest. English B2 Mock Examination 1, 9 0 Minu tes Reading Comprehension L anguage Element s. Reading Comprehension Part 2, Read the following text then choose the answers to questions 6 10. Reading Comprehension,Fatherhood Today, MODERN men see fatherhood as their child rearing has changed dramatically over.
biggest life changing experience and the past 50 years and more men would. desperately want to be hands on during consider leaving work to raise their child A. their partner s pregnancy and the upbringing third of the men surveyed say they would be. of their child The days of fatherhood being prepared to be a full time stay at home dad. limited to discipline and breadwinning look another third would like to work part time. to be long gone as a third of today s dads while the rest wish to continue with work. say they would even consider leaving work,Dr Maureen Marks a specialist psychiatrist. to take on the role of full time father But,on fathers and their changing roles does not. despite being anxious about the birth of their,believe the survey sample is wide enough. child men are more worried about money,But she agrees that men s parental roles. than losing their freedom,have changed dramatically Dr Marks a.
The results of Pregnancy Births magazine s senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry. annual fatherhood survey reveal the respect King s College London said Generally. with which many men now regard the role of speaking men are more able to be involved. fatherhood More than 2 000 couples across As women are working more they are. the UK who were expecting their first child not totally dependent on their husbands. were asked about their feelings According for money so the roles are less rigid. to 98 of the fathers to be they believe She believes that although the roles have. fatherhood will make them happy and 90 been modified biological differences are. say it is their biggest life changing event important Women are the ones who carry. ever It seems that men are taking child the child and many breast feed In those early. rearing seriously wanting to be hands on days however involved the father is they. both before and after the birth Nine out of miss that connection she said However. ten dads to be attend scans and check ups men make up for this when the child is old. only 2 of the men surveyed would not be enough to be played with Men are much. at the birth because they could not face it more active when playing with their children. Eight out of 10 women say their partner is and encourage their sociability but when. more caring during the pregnancy and 83 children need comforting or soothing they telc gGmbH Frankfurt a M ENGLISH B2 Mock Examination 1 2019. of men would rather stay in with their partner tend to go to their mother. than go out with friends 72 of men say they,Tom Beardshaw from the charity Fathers. will take two weeks leave A further 77 say,Direct believes these results confirm. they wish they could have more time off to,society s changing views on fatherhood He. bond with their baby,said this confirms the equal opportunities. However more than half of the men research which shocked a lot of people. questioned still think that the mother should by how much fathers want to get involved. take time off work if the child is ill but 39 There are historical changes such as women. said they would share it Modern fathers to working more and also positive male role. be are also more likely to do chores compared models such as George Clooney who show. always kept up with the times We take up new academic and practical impulses and transfer them into task oriented valid test formats As a full member of ALTE Association of Language Testers in Europe and as a member of EQUALS our tests are developed in accordance with European stipulations

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