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Module 02 Introduction to Active Directory Domain Services 1h 24m. Lesson 1 Overview of AD DS,Overview of AD DS,What Are AD DS Domains. What Are OUs,What Is an AD DS Forest,What Is the AD DS Schema. Demo Examining Active Directory Components, What is New for Windows Server 2012 Active Directory. What Is New for Windows Server 2012 R2 Active Directory. Lesson 2 Overview of Domain Controllers,What Is a Domain Controller. What Is the Global Catalog,The AD DS Sign in Process.
Demo Viewing the SRV Records in DNS,What Are Operations Masters. Lesson 3 Installing a Domain Controller, Installing a Domain Controller from Server Manager. Installing a Domain Controller on a Server Core Installation of Windows Server 2012. Upgrading a Domain Controller, Installing a Domain Controller by Using Install from Media. Demo Installing a Domain Controller,What Is Windows Azure Active Directory. Deploying Domain Controllers in Windows Azure,Module 02 Review.
Module 03 Managing Active Directory Domain Services Objects 1h 46m. Lesson 1 Managing User Accounts,AD DS Administration Tools. Creating User Accounts,Configuring User Account Attributes. Creating User Profiles,Demo Managing User Accounts. Demo Using Templates to Manage User Accounts,Lesson 2 Managing Groups. Group Types,Group Scopes,Implementing Group Management.
Default Groups,Special Identities,Demo Managing Groups. Lesson 3 Managing Computer Accounts,What Is the Computers Container. Specifying the Location of Computer Accounts, Controlling Permissions to Create Computer Accounts. Performing an Offline Domain Join,Computer Accounts and Secure Channels. Resetting the Secure Channel,Bring Your Own Device.
Lesson 4 Delegating Administration,Considerations for Using Organizational Units. AD DS Permissions,Effective AD DS Permissions,Demo Delegating Administrative Permissions. Module 03 Review, Module 04 Automating Active Directory Domain Services Administration 59m. Lesson 1 Using Command Line Tools for AD DS Administration. Benefits of Using Command Line Tools for AD DS Administration. What Is Csvde,What Is Ldifde,What Are DS Commands, Lesson 2 Using Windows PowerShell for AD DS Administration. Using Windows PowerShell Cmdlets to Manage User Accounts. Using Windows PowerShell Cmdlets to Manage Groups, Using Windows PowerShell Cmdlets to Manage Computer Accounts.
Using Windows PowerShell Cmdlets to Manage OUs, Lesson 3 Performing Bulk Operations with Windows PowerShell. What Are Bulk Operations, Demo Using Graphical Tools to Perform Bulk Operations. Querying Objects with Windows PowerShell,Modifying Objects with Windows PowerShell. Working with CSV Files, Demo Performing Bulk Operations with Windows PowerShell. Module 04 Review,Module 05 Implementing IPv4 1h 40m.
Lesson 1 Overview of TCP IP,The TCP IP Protocol Suite. Protocols in the TCP IP Suite,TCP IP Applications,What Is a Socket. Lesson 2 Understanding IPv4 Addressing,IPv4 Addressing. Public and Private IPv4 Addresses, How Dotted Decimal Notation Relates to Binary Numbers. Simple IPv4 Implementations,More Complex IPv4 Implementations.
Lesson 3 Subnetting and Supernetting, How Bits Are Used in a Subnet Mask or Prefix Length. The Benefits of Using Subnetting,Calculating Subnet Addresses. Calculating Host Addresses, Discussion Creating a Subnetting Scheme for a New Office. What Is Supernetting,Lesson 4 Configuring and Troubleshooting IPv4. Configuring IPv4 Manually,Demo Configuring IPv4 Addresses.
Configuring IPv4 Automatically, Using Windows PowerShell Cmdlets to Troubleshoot IPv4. IPv4 Troubleshooting Tools,Demo Using TCP IP Troubleshooting Tools. The IPv4 Troubleshooting Process,What Is Microsoft Message Analyzer. Demo How to Capture and Analyze Network Traffic by Using Microsoft Message Analyzer. Module 05 Review, Module 06 Implementing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 1h 18m. Lesson 1 Overview of the DHCP Server Role,Benefits of Using DHCP.
How DHCP Allocates IP Addresses,How DHCP Lease Generation Works. How DHCP Lease Renewal Works,Demo Installing the DHCP Server Role. How DHCP Interacts with DNS,What Is a DHCP Relay Agent. DHCP Server Authorization,Lesson 2 Configuring DHCP Scopes. What Are DHCP Scopes,What Is a DHCP Reservation,What Are DHCP Options.
How DHCP Applies Options,Demo Creating and Configuring a DHCP Scope. Lesson 3 Managing a DHCP Database,What Is a DHCP Database. Backing Up and Restoring a DHCP Database,Reconciling a DHCP Database. Moving a DHCP Database,Demo Performing DHCP Maintenance. Lesson 4 Securing and Monitoring DHCP, Preventing an Unauthorized Computer from Obtaining a Lease.
Restricting Unauthorized NonMicrosoft DHCP Servers from Leasing IP Addresses. Delegating DHCP Administration,What Are DHCP Statistics. What Is DHCP Audit Logging,Discussion Common DHCP Issues. Demo Monitoring DHCP,Module 06 Review,Module 07 Implementing DNS 1h 30m. Lesson 1 Name Resolution for Windows Clients and Servers. What Are the Computer Names Assigned to Computers,What Is DNS. DNS Zones and Records,How Internet DNS Names Are Resolved.
What Is Split DNS,What Is Link local Multicast Name Resolution. How a Client Resolves a Name,Troubleshooting Name Resolution. Demo Troubleshooting Name Resolution,Lesson 2 Installing a DNS Server. What Are DNS Queries,What Are Root Hints,What Is Forwarding. How DNS Server Caching Works,How to Install the DNS Server Role.
Demo Installing the DNS Server Role,Lesson 3 Managing DNS Zones. What Are DNS Zone Types,What Are Dynamic Updates,What Are Active Directory Integrated Zones. Demo Creating an Active Directory Integrated Zone,Module 07 Review. Module 08 Implementing IPv6 1h 2m,Lesson 1 Overview of IPv6. Benefits of IPv6,Differences Between IPv4 and IPv6.
IPv6 Address Format,Lesson 2 IPv6 Addressing,IPv6 Address Structure. Global Unicast Addresses,Unique Local Unicast Addresses. Link Local Unicast Addresses,Autoconfiguring IPv6 Addresses. Demo Configuring IPv6 Client Settings,Lesson 3 Coexistence with IPv4. What Are Node Types,IPv4 and IPv6 Coexistence,Demo Configuring DNS to Support IPv6.
What Is IPv6 Over IPv4 Tunneling,Lesson 4 IPv6 Transition Technologies. What Is ISATAP,What Is 6to4,What Is Teredo,What Is PortProxy. Process for Transitioning to IPv6,Module 08 Review. Module 09 Implementing Local Storage 1h 27m,Lesson 1 Overview of Storage. Disk Types and Performance,What Is Direct Attached Storage.
What Is Network Attached Storage,What Is a SAN,What Is RAID. RAID Levels, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Feature. Lesson 2 Managing Disks and Volumes,Selecting a Partition Table Format. Selecting a Disk Type,Selecting a File System,What Is ReFS. What Are Mount Points and Links,Demo Creating Mount Points and Links.
Extending and Shrinking Volumes,Managing Virtual Hard Disks. Demo Managing Virtual Hard Disks,Lesson 3 Implementing Storage Spaces. What Is the Storage Spaces Feature,Virtual Disk Configuration Options. Advanced Management Options for Storage Spaces,Demo Configuring Storage Spaces. Discussion Comparing Storage Spaces with Other Storage Solutions. Module 09 Review, Module 10 Implementing File and Print Services 1h 29m.
Lesson 1 Securing Files and Folders,What Are File Permissions. What Are Shared Folders,Permissions Inheritance,Effective Permissions. What Is Access Based Enumeration,What Is the Offline Files Feature. Demo Creating and Configuring a Shared Folder, Lesson 2 Protecting Shared Files and Folders by Using Shadow Copies. What Are Shadow Copies,Considerations for Scheduling Shadow Copies.
Restoring Data from a Shadow Copy,Demo Restoring Data from a Shadow Copy. Lesson 3 Configuring Work Folders,What Is the Work Folders Role Service. Benefits and Limitations of Work Folders,Components of Work Folders. Configuring Work Folders,Demo How to Configure Work Folders. Lesson 4 Configuring Network Printing,Benefits of Network Printing.
What Is Enhanced Point and Print,Security Options for Network Printing. Demo Creating Multiple Configurations for a Print Device. What Is Printer Pooling,What Is Branch Office Direct Printing. Deploying Printers to Clients,Module 10 Review,Module 11 Implementing Group Policy 1h 38m. Lesson 1 Overview of Group Policy,Components of Group Policy. Storage of Domain GPOs,What Are Group Policy Preferences.
What Are Starter GPOs,Delegating Management of GPOs. Demo Creating and Managing GPOs,Lesson 2 Group Policy Processing. Applying GPOs,Group Policy Processing Order,What Are Multiple Local GPOs. What Are the Default GPOs,GPO Security Filtering,Discussion Identifying Group Policy Application. Demo Applying Group Policy,Demo Using Group Policy Diagnostic Tools.
Lesson 3 Implementing a Central Store for Administrative Templates. What Is the Central Store,What Are Administrative Templates. How Administrative Templates Work,Managed and Unmanaged Policy Settings. Demo Creating a Central Store for Administrative Templates. Module 11 Review, Module 12 Securing Windows Servers Using Group Policy Objects 1h 52m. Lesson 1 Security Overview for Windows Operating Systems. Discussion Identifying Security Risks and Costs,Applying Defense In Depth to Increase Security. Best Practices for Increasing Security,Lesson 2 Configuring Security Settings.
Configuring Security Templates,Configuring User Rights. Configuring Security Options,Configuring User Account Control. Configuring Security Auditing,Configuring Restricted Groups. Configuring Account Policy Settings, Demo Configuring Security Settings Using Group Policy. What Is Security Compliance Manager,Lesson 3 Restricting Software.
What Are Software Restriction Policies,What Is AppLocker. AppLocker Rules,Demo Creating AppLocker Rules, Lesson 4 Configuring Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. What Is Windows Firewall with Advanced Security,Discussion Why Is a Host Based Firewall Important. Firewall Profiles,Connection Security Rules,Deploying Firewall Rules. Demo Configuring Windows Firewall with Group Policy. Demo Implementing Secured Network Traffic with Windows Firewall. Module 12 Review, Module 13 Implementing Server Virtualization with Hyper V 1h 26m.
Lesson 1 Overview of Virtualization Technologies,Server Virtualization. What Is Windows Azure,Desktop Virtualization,Presentation Virtualization. What Is Microsoft Application Virtualization,Lesson 2 Implementing Hyper V. What Is Hyper V,Hardware Requirements for Hyper V,Virtual Machine Hardware. Generation 2 Virtual Machines,What Is Dynamic Memory.
Configuring Virtual Machine Integration Services, Configuring Virtual Machine Start and Stop Actions. Hyper V Resource Metering,Demo Configuring Virtual Machine Settings. What s New with Hyper V in Windows Server 2012 R2,Lesson 3 Managing Virtual Machine Storage. What Is a Virtual Hard Disk,Creating Virtual Disk Types. Managing Virtual Hard Disks, Reducing Storage Needs with Differencing Virtual Hard Disks.
Using Checkpoints,Lesson 4 Managing Virtual Networks. What Is a Virtual Switch,What Are Virtual Local Area Networks. Virtual Switch Extensions,Managing Virtual Machine MAC Addresses. Configuring Virtual Network Adapters,Network Adapter Advanced Features. What Is NIC Teaming,Demo Creating and Managing Virtual Networks.
Module 13 Review,Course Closure,Total Duration 19hrs 24m. MOC 20410D Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 Course Overview This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to implement a core

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