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Mobile Education in,the United Kingdom 2, For the Education sector mobile connectivity provides an opportunity to offer new ways Erik Brenneis. Head of Vodafone Global M2M, of teaching and learning that ultimately will improve performance and results whilst VODAFONE. at the same time open up new markets for mobile operators across the world Mobile. will increase access to up to date materials will enable collaboration and strengthen. learner engagement In response to this opportunity the GSMA s Mobile Education. initiative aims to accelerate the adoption of Mobile Education solutions in particular the Vodafone is looking forward to working with the. use of mobile enabled portable devices such as e Readers and tablets in mainstream GSMA on the Mobile Education initiative which. aims to help shape how mobile technology will be,education settings used in the classroom. We are encouraged by the advanced use of ICT, This document is part of a series of country specific reports which consider the demand by many educational institutions in the UK and. for Mobile Education from the formal education sector perspective in each country anticipate that many will be receptive to Mobile. In each we describe the delivery models in place for the main types of education along Education solutions in the near to medium term. with examples of activities already underway To date country specific reports have been In the future students could be interacting with. teachers reviewing lessons and completing, developed for the United States United Kingdom Spain Japan and France assignments all from a mobile device which will have.
myriad benefits for all, The GSMA Mobile Education Landscape Report describes the market for Mobile We believe the telecoms industry has a significant. Education from a global perspective focusing on the supply side It describes trends role to play and only by working together will the. key players and current initiatives in the emerging Mobile Education and related Mobile and Education sectors be able to tackle some. e Textbook publishing markets An accompanying background document Education of the wider challenges We are excited about the. possibilities and opportunities this will generate for. Systems A Brief Introduction gives background on how education segments and Vodafone as an organisation and the wider benefits. systems function and describes flows of funding for students and society. We encourage you to get involved whichever part of the ecosystem you belong to. please contact mobileeducation gsm org to learn how. Mobile Education in,the United Kingdom 3,Foreword 2. 6 Higher Education 22 27,1 Introduction 4 5 6 1 Technology. 6 2 Mobile Education,2 Key Takeaways 6 7 6 3 Case Studies. ALPS Mobile Technology Project,3 Education System 8.
Oxford University,Mobile Oxford M Ox,4 Schools 9 16. University of Wolverhampton,4 1 Technology Mobile Enhancing Learning. 4 2 Mobile Education and Support,4 3 Owner of Mobile Devices Mobile Moodle. 4 4 Case Studies,7 Market for Mobile Education 28 29. Cedars School of Excellence iPads,7 1 Mobile Education Ecosystem.
Learning2go,7 2 Market Potential,Yewlands Technology. College Interactive Learning,Technologies Project 8 Appendix 30. 8 1 Exchange Rates,5 Technology and Vocational,Education and Training 17 21. 5 1 Technology,5 2 Mobile Education,5 3 Ownership of Mobile Devices. 5 4 Case Studies,Lewisham College Wireless Blended.
Learning for Workplace Learners,Mobile Education in. the United Kingdom 4,1 Introduction,1 Introduction Background Target Audience. 2 Key Takeaways This report on Mobile Education in the UK is one of a series of reports The target audience for this report is managers from. 3 Education System which collectively describe the emerging market for Mobile Education Mobile ecosystem organisations responsible for consumer devices. 4 Schools At a country level as well as this report on UK there are reports on the institutional customers or M2M services. 5 Technical and Vocational United States Japan Spain and France These country specific reports Education content organisations looking to expand in to Mobile. Education and Training focus primarily on the demand side of Mobile Education The Mobile Education. Education Landscape Report considers the development of Mobile. 6 Higher Education, Education from a global perspective focusing more on the supply side. System and software developers with an interest in developing. 7 Market For Mobile Education, An accompanying primer on education systems gives background on Mobile Education solutions. 8 Appendix, how education segments and systems function and describes flows of Government departments or education institutions wishing to.
funding understand more about the landscape of Mobile Education in the UK. Objective Definitions, The key objective of this report is to examine the current take up and uses The main focus of this report is Mobile Education which is interpreted as. of Mobile Education technologies across different education segments in. the UK and explore possibilities for their expected growth Use of individual portable devices e g e Readers tablets Personal. Digital Assistants PDAs and smartphones which make use of the. Structure mobile network i e are SIM enabled, The report opens with a summary of the key takeaways including the Used in mainstream education settings e g primary secondary. specific barriers facing Mobile Education in the UK This is followed by college workplace distance learning professional qualifications. a high level overview of the education system therefore aligning with curriculum objectives or used for high stakes. assessment and will cover both learning e g interactive learning. The report then describes three different education segments schools content e g textbooks and administration e g school records. technical and vocational education and training TVET and higher attendance communications. education For each segment we describe the education system and give. context on use of technology We then look at the development of Mobile. Education describing what is already in place in terms of a Mobile. Education ecosystem identifying and describing selected initiatives and. drawing out lessons learned,Mobile Education in,the United Kingdom 5. For the country reports we describe the use of Mobile Education across. the three main education segments which can be defined as. Schools learning is delivered only in formal education settings in. specific institutions with clear flows of funding, Technical and Vocational Education and Training TVET learning is. delivered in a wide variety of settings including formal education. institutions the work place via distance learning and in casual. or self directed settings the latter are informal learning settings. Activities can include learning for qualifications training for specific. tasks or skills training for softer management skills leadership. development skills certifications professional training etc Mostly. 1 Introduction formal settings are described in this report. 2 Key Takeaways Higher Education HE also referred to as Tertiary Education learning. 3 Education System is delivered mostly in formal education settings in specific institutions. 4 Schools with clear flows of funding but can also be delivered as distance. 5 Technical and Vocational,Education and Training, 6 Higher Education The school and higher education systems are generally clear and.
straightforward to describe but the systems for TVET can be more. 7 Market For Mobile Education, complicated In part this is because they typically overlap with the school. 8 Appendix, and higher education sectors but also the policy focus can be quite. Finally responsibility for education policy in the UK is devolved to the. four constituent countries resulting in some differences across England. Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland In this report we mainly describe. the system in England,Mobile Education in,the United Kingdom 6. 2 Key Takeaways, 1 Introduction The main points about education and Mobile Education in the UK are Schools are managing to preserve their ICT budgets but are. 2 Key Takeaways In general education institutions enjoy autonomy and decision frequently tied to existing systems making the leap to Mobile. 3 Education System making powers This is especially true for decisions about technology Education difficult Initiatives in this sector are innovative exciting. 4 Schools adoption There are also a wide range of stakeholders playing a but largely one off and isolated However the growth of Academies. significant role stimulating and supporting innovation and adoption may offer a platform for innovation perhaps via sponsorship or. 5 Technical and Vocational, Education and Training of new technologies including Mobile Education partnership with commercial providers.
6 Higher Education UK education institutions are well equipped with ICT following Learning in the TVET segment lends itself well to Mobile Education. 7 Market For Mobile Education a decade of policy support and investment by the previous and there are examples of interesting initiatives and successful. Government As a result the use of e Education and digital resources implementations A key factor has been the Mobile Learning Network. 8 Appendix, is well established However there remains a disconnect when it MoLeNET programme one of the largest scale mobile learning. comes to high stakes examinations where students are still examined initiatives in the world The programme has now closed but a great. by traditional methods deal of effective innovation has been embraced and there are now 8. pioneering MoLeNET academies in place to drive best practice across. As is the case in many countries the goal of 1 1 ratios for devices. the sector, mostly laptops and sometimes games consoles or tablets for. students is becoming increasingly articulated and in a few instances For universities which are increasingly expected to compete for. realised However when this concept becomes linked with students the use of ICT and potentially Mobile Education to support. mobile devices many remain wary of having phones in classrooms students may emerge as a differentiator There is an increasing. Questions are emerging around the use of learners own devices expectation for universities to provide access to their central learning. which seems increasingly possible from technical point of view but systems via students own mobile devices as a minimum but it seems. there are still issues of the digital divide yet to be embraced However this is a sector facing a great deal of. change so ICT and Mobile Education may not currently be top of. A growing number of Mobile Education projects trials and initiatives. the agenda, have highlighted the challenges of implementation and adoption. They are led by a variety of stakeholders including teachers Mobile Education as a market has yet to fully take shape. institutions large collaborative research Most initiatives generate Leading companies are developing native mobile platforms that are. interest from a research perspective but few go on to be fully increasingly being adopted smaller innovators are making inroads. implemented and many disappear once external funding ceases and there is at least one example of a device targeting the education. sector There are many signs that there is significant potential in. the market,Mobile Education in,the United Kingdom 7. The specific challenges for the development of Mobile Education in. the UK are, bolition of BECTA which was the Government s agency for.
promoting technology in education and hands off Government. policy mean lack of strategic leadership and central guidance or. ight funding regime in place with little money for investment in. new equipment, chools and Local Authorities tied into Regional Broadband. Consortium contracts for internet access and a broader range of. resources and services, 1 Introduction Poor bandwidth in secondary schools. 2 Key Takeaways, Reluctance of teachers to have mobile phones in the classroom. 3 Education System,Concerns over e Safety and child protection. oncerns over digital divide if learners are to ultimately use their. 5 Technical and Vocational,Education and Training own devices.
6 Higher Education A, warding bodies yet to embrace Mobile Education particularly. 7 Market For Mobile Education, e Assessment on any sort of scale need their buy in for any high. stakes qualifications,8 Appendix,Mobile Education in. the United Kingdom 8,3 Education System, Public provision of education is the norm in the UK only 7 of school are expanding Decisions about IT strategy and spending are therefore. pupils are enrolled in private schools and there are only two private also mostly made in schools colleges and universities although the. universities Full time education is compulsory from age 5 to 16 and in Local Authorities do also make some purchasing decisions in services for. the UK this is predominately delivered in public primary and secondary schools in their areas Until recently centrally led and funded IT policy. schools 1 Total education spend in the UK in 2009 10 was 87 6 billion has been a significant driver but this currently looks more uncertain. 1 Introduction 166 6 billion which is 6 2 of GDP Some 55 6 b. assignments all from a mobile device which will have We believe the telecoms industry has a significant role to play and only by working together will the Mobile and Education sectors be able to tackle some of the wider challenges We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities this will generate for Vodafone as an organisation and the wider benefits for students and society Erik

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