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MMC 6402 Perspectives syllabus fall 2014 revised July 28 Page 2. Course Objectives,The course is intended to enable you to . 1 Think conceptually , 2 Write cogent papers exploring the philosophy of science and the development of mass. communication theory that can help you prepare for qualifying exams . 3 Write a final explication paper worthy of acceptance at an academic conference . 4 Evaluate mass communication theory and the role it plays in academic research . 5 Become socialized in the world of academic research . Required Textbooks, Baran S J Davis D K 2015 Mass communication theory Foundations ferment and future 7th. ed Boston MA Wadsworth Cengage Learning ISBN 978 1 285 05207 6 . Godfrey Smith P 2003 Theory and reality An introduction to the philosophy of science Chicago IL . University of Chicago press ISBN 0 226 30063 3 , Kuhn Thomas S 2012 The structure of scientific revolutions 50th anniversary edition Chicago IL . University of Chicago press ISBN 978 0 226 45812 0 . Shoemaker P J Tankard J W Jr Lasorsa D L 2004 How to build social science theories . Thousand Oaks CA Sage Publications ISBN 0 7619 2667 4 . Stylebook, Purchase either the APA or Chicago style manual and use it APA is more common in the social.
sciences though either is acceptable for this course If you are a legal student Bluebook is OK . Writing Guide, Quality academic journals reject poorly written manuscripts no matter how good the research may. have been Therefore doctoral students must be excellent writers with a solid command of syntax. and grammar for written English , If your writing skills could stand improvement both the APA and Chicago style manuals offer. helpful grammar and writing advice You may also wish to consider buying a writing guide such as. Strunk White s Elements of style or Diania Hacker s Writer s reference Some students may also. benefit from hiring a proofreader ,Other Readings, Journal articles and other assigned readings are available through the course website on the. University of Florida e learning system These readings are identified with a PDF in the class. readings schedule later in this syllabus , MMC 6402 Perspectives syllabus fall 2014 revised July 28 Page 3. Statistics Resources, This is not a methods or statistics course However new doctoral students sometimes wish they had.
a better grounding in the language of research I recommend these books listed in order of. usefulness only if you wish to get a head start on your understanding of quantitative research . None of these books is expected in any way for this class . SPSS Survival Manual by Julie Pallant very helpful primer on stats and how to use SPSS . Statistics in Plain English by Timothy C Urdan rooted in education easy to follow . What is a P Value Anyway by Andrew Vickers biostatistics but exceptionally cogent . Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan popular press for a general audience . Keeping Up With Readings, Doc students learn to acquire information efficiently under an intensive reading load Some tips . Plan ahead Budget your time over the semester according to due dates . Find topic sentences and key arguments , Sift what you can skim from what needs more attention . Summarizing the author s main points in your own words speeds your learning Write brief. summaries or simple outlines Scribble summaries at the top of chapter headings or journal. articles You haven t really learned the material until you can restate it in your own words . Class Participation, Part of becoming a scholar is learning how to engage others to challenge assertions Thus class. participation is critical Don t let shyness or lack of confidence keep you from contributing to. discussion for it is when we engage each other that we learn the most Also I call on people at. random in class to ensure everyone participates , Class participation depends on each student having read the material ahead of class Therefore . you are expected to have read or skimmed as the schedule denotes the material for each class . Each student gets one free pass from having done the readings for that class to accommodate. unexpected circumstances If you wish to claim that pass e mail me ahead of class so I won t think. you re trying to avoid participating and so I won t call on you But do come to class . Attendance is expected unless covered by the UF graduate school attendance policy . Electronic Devices in Class, Please restrict the use of electronic devices to reading articles or taking brief notes Put away your.
cellphone and ignore Facebook while in class ,Assignment Weighting. Science paper 20 , Theory paper 20 , Explication paper introduction 5 . Explication paper 55 , MMC 6402 Perspectives syllabus fall 2014 revised July 28 Page 4. Grading Scale, A 100 to 90, B 89 to 87, B 86 to 83. B 82 to 80, Grades are based on results not effort Details can be found in rubrics in this syllabus Consult the.
UF graduate school catalog for details about the grading policy . Academic Integrity, UF students live by an honor code that prohibits academic dishonesty such as but not limited to . cheating plagiarism fabrication engaging in unauthorized collaboration reusing your master s. thesis or a paper from another class writing a similar paper for two classes drawing too heavily on. another s work for your own and having someone else write your paper . Be aware of the UF graduate school academic honesty policy as well the one in the college s. Doctoral Handbook Students have an affirmative obligation to know what is in the handbook. and to abide by it The handbook includes a detailed description of plagiarism copies of which are. available in Chinese Korean Mandarin Portuguese and Spanish If you are unsure of citation. rules or what requires attribution ask me before turning in a paper Ignorance is not an excuse . My default practice for an academic integrity violation is a failing grade for the course and to. recommend the student be removed from the graduate program . Students with Disabilities, If you would benefit from disability related accommodations contact the Disability Resource. Center as early in the semester as possible The center will provide documentation so appropriate. accommodations can be made The center is in Reid Hall 392 8565 . Help with Coping, The UF Counseling and Wellness Center is a terrific free resource for any student who could use. help managing stress or coping with life The center at 3190 Radio Road on campus is open for. appointments and emergency walk ins from 8 a m to 5 p m Monday through Friday To make an. appointment or receive after hours assistance call 352 392 1575 . The UF Police can be reached at 392 1111 or in an emergency by dialing 911 . Course Evaluations, Students are expected to provide feedback on the quality of instruction in this course by. completing online evaluations You will be notified by email when the evaluations are open near. the end of the semester Summary results are available to you and the general public . MMC 6402 Perspectives syllabus fall 2014 revised July 28 Page 5. COURSE PAPERS, What makes this course 4 credit hours instead of the usual 3 is the range of material and the three.
required papers Two of those are shorter 8 to 10 pages papers on assigned topics The third is. the major paper for the course an explication paper of 20 to 25 pages of sufficient quality to be. accepted by a regional academic conference All three are explained below . Why Two Topical Papers , You will write two overview summation papers each on a core element of the course the. philosophy of science and mass communication theory These papers are designed to help you. prepare for potential qualifying exam questions Your exact question of course will depend on. your dissertation prospectus as well as your adviser and committee members Here are some. examples of actual exam questions that drew from material covered in this course . Philosophy of science, Although rarely acknowledged all social science research faces limitations in epistemology. and ontology Describe those limitations from a philosophical standpoint and how. knowing them can inform and improve your dissertation . Drawing from Steven Chaffee s book on the topic discuss the process of explication. beginning with the focal concept and describe the steps you will need to take to delineate. your study s epistemological and ontological assumptions . Theory, Identify the benefits and limitations of theory in mass communication research in general . and for your dissertation in particular , What does theory mean in mass communication scholarship What criteria determine. whether a mass communication theory is good , Thus the purpose of these two topical papers is that two years from now you can pull these.
papers from your files and use them to help you prepare for a related qualifying exam question . About the Topical Papers, 1 These are summary papers not original research studies . 2 Each topical paper must be no less than 8 double spaced pages but should not be much. more than about 10 pages excluding endnotes references . 3 These are not full blown papers so no title page or abstract is needed Neither are section. headings , 4 For these two topic papers you re probably not going to be able to focus on your field of. study advertising public relations etc These are overview papers about science and. theory in the social sciences They are not discipline specific . 5 Most of these papers will summarize what you have learned from the readings and class. discussion so you won t have many sources Six is sufficient You may consult other. sources beyond those assigned but you are not required to do so . MMC 6402 Perspectives syllabus fall 2014 revised July 28 Page 6. 6 Every academic paper has to advance an argument Plan to spend your final 2 pages. detailing the argument you wish to make This will serve as your conclusion . 7 Secondary sources such as attributing to Godfrey Smith a summary of Rene Descartes s. writing are OK for these topical papers They are not OK for the final explication paper . See the Technical Details section the Academic Writing Tips section and the rubrics for more. details ,Topical Paper 1 Science, This paper will have a title such as What Makes the Social Sciences Scientific The paper should. summarize the key topics covered by the readings and class discussion while sustaining an. argument that supports a conclusion , The paper should address at least six of these issues . 1 Science as a way of knowing and how it differs from other ways of knowing . 2 The ontological epistemological and axiological parameters of science . 3 How empiricism differs from rationalism and why that matters . 4 How deduction differs from induction and why that matters . 5 How Kuhn and Popper differed in their definitions of science . 6 Whether the social sciences can or should imitate the physical sciences . 7 Whether truth is relative or independent of our observations . As you address those issues you ll want to focus on a single idea the title of your paper so that. you can seamlessly connect these different concepts with smooth transitions . Upload the science paper to the class website by noon Monday September 22 . Topical Paper 2 Theory, This paper will have a title such as The Evolution of Mass Communication Theories or The.
Ongoing Dichotomy Between Critical and Effects Theories or How Mass Communication. Theory Should Evolve in a Pro sumer Era ,Generally the first two pages look like this . A short introductory paragraph of perhaps three sentences gets right to the conclusion of. your paper Unlike the science paper you won t have a single idea driving the paper . which means the conclusion otherwise wouldn t be evident until the end of the paper . The second paragraph explicates the meaning of the word theory You can discuss. various definitions we ll explore in class and then conclude with your preferred definition . The third paragraph details what makes good theory You can draw from a variety of. sources but synthesize rather than merely summarize In other words don t just list the. seven attributes identified by Chaffee and Berger . MMC 6402 Perspectives syllabus fall 2014 revised July 28 Page 7. Next is the core of the paper about 4 pages Here you will trace the arc of mass communication. theory over the four trends defined by Baran Davis Because much of the paper will draw from. that single source you are likely to have several paragraphs that will have only one citation for. Baran Davis If so the citation goes at the end of the paragraph . What I m looking for here is synthesis that you can show how world events and advancements in. fields such as psychology and sociology shaped the development of mass communication theory . The end is your argument conclusion about 2 pages Some examples . Does the Internet era require new theory , Could mass communication theory exist without sociology and psychology . Have we resolved the debate over whether media are powerful or have limited effects . In our field has theory driven method or method driven theory . Upload the theory paper to the class website by noon Monday October 20 . About the Explication Paper, Because this is an advance level course the main work product is a paper of sufficient quality to be. 2 Write cogent papers exploring the philosophy of science and the development of mass communication theory that can help you prepare for qualifying exams 3 Write a final explication paper worthy of acceptance at an academic conference 4 Evaluate mass communication theory and the role it plays in academic research 5 Become socialized in

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