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MIGHTY WARRIORS,SOLID FOUNDATIONS,Mighty Warrior s Name. Warrior Brother s Contact Information,Date Started. Date Completed,As iron sharpens iron,so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27 17,Mighty Warriors Solid Foundations,Copyright 2005 by Dean Ridings. Additional copy and development LegacyRoad Group,Cover design Steve Learned.
Unless otherwise noted Scripture taken from the Holy Bible New International Version Copyright. 1973 1978 1984 International Bible Society Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. All rights reserved,The Lord Is With You Mighty Warriors 5. Warrior Brothers in the Spiritual Battle 8,Foundation 1 Path Light 11. Mightily pursuing God s Word,Foundation 2 God Is in Control 15. Mightily trusting moment by moment,Foundation 3 Let Us Pray 19. Mightily engaging with God,Foundation 4 Fearfully and Wonderfully Made 23.
Mightily tending God s temple,Foundation 5 The Spirit Empowered Life 27. Mightily obeying God s Spirit,Foundation 6 The Greatest Commandment 31. Mightily loving God,Foundation 7 The Second Greatest Commandment 35. Mightily loving others,Foundation 8 The Devil Is Real 39. Mightily battling evil forces,Foundation 9 Saints Who Sometimes Sin 43.
Mightily depending on God s grace,Foundation 10 The Greatest Story Ever Seen 47. Mightily advancing God s kingdom,Foundation 11 Better Together 51. Mightily building community,Foundation 12 Forgive and Live 55. Mightily forgiving others,Foundation 13 Grace Awakening 59. Mightily extending amazing grace,Foundation 14 It s Hard to Be Humble 63.
Mightily killing the pride,Foundation 15 One Life to Give 67. Mightily giving it all,Foundation 16 It s Your Serve 71. Mightily serving like Jesus,Foundation 17 Why Can t We All Get Along 75. Mightily pursuing peacemaking,Foundation 18 In Times of Trouble 79. Mightily enduring tough times,Foundation 19 Run for the Prize 83.
Mightily fulfilling life s mission,Foundation 20 Heaven on My Mind 87. Mightily living eternal values,The Death Defying Adventure Continues 91. Appendix Bible Bottom Line Verses 92,The Lord Is With You. Mighty Warriors, Remember when God by His great power and might led His people. out of Egypt and into the promised land What vibrant lives filled with. meaning and purpose He had for them if only they would love and live. Oh and for a time they did But before long they tossed aside. almighty God for dead idols and self pleasure, These were the days of Old Testament judges when everyone did.
what was right in their own eyes And their enemies were having a field. In the midst of all this the angel of the Lord came to a seemingly. ordinary man named Gideon and greeted him with strange words that. rocked his world The Lord is with you mighty warrior see Judges 6. Gideon felt like anything but a Mighty Warrior threshing wheat in a. winepress to keep it from the enemy Turn to the book of Judges in your. Bible read how God took such unlikely men as Gideon and turned them. into the Mighty Warriors they didn t see themselves as but He knew. them to be, Fast forward not too many years to the life and times of David a. shepherd boy when he killed a lion and a bear to protect his sheep and. not much older when he took down Goliath in defense of the sheep of. God s pasture His people, Filled with the Holy Spirit desperately dependent upon God David. proved himself to be a Mighty Warrior and a whole group of Mighty. Men flocked to him see 1 Chronicles 11 12 Imagine what a force to be. reckoned with these warriors were from their description in Scripture. they were armed with bows and were able to shoot arrows or to sling. stones right handed or left handed 1 Chronicles 12 2a. The exploits of true Mighty Warriors permeate God s Word both Old. and New Testaments But make no mistake They didn t achieve such sta. tus in their own might or power No it was by God s Spirit well reflected. in the words of God through the prophet Zechariah 4 6 This is the. word of the Lord to Zerubbabel Not by might nor by power but by my. Spirit says the Lord Almighty, Now fast forward to the present day Here in the 21st century times. have changed but the hearts of men remain the same so many of them. still doing what s right in their own eyes And God s enemy and ours the. devil is having a field day, The Evil One came to steal and kill and destroy and the success of. his 24 7 efforts is all over the daily news Sadly even Christians fall prey. to his wiles and shrink back giving ground rather than taking territory. in the name of the King and for His kingdom, It s all too easy to lose sight of the truth that Jesus came into the.
world that we may have life and have it to the full John 10 10 We. get preoccupied with day to day life in the work a day world We forget. that we re at war there s a spiritual battle raging for the souls of men. women and children The enemy is taking his toll in our personal lives. homes communities school grounds workplaces even churches. God is looking for Mighty Warriors to stand in the gap. Right now He is assembling an army to engage the enemy He is rais. ing up Mighty Warriors to enter the fray equipping them with spiritual. weapons and armor for the spiritual battle and sending them out with. a Great Commission Therefore go and make disciples of all nations. baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy. Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always to the very end of the age Matthew. That s what it s all about That s real life on purpose life power. ful life as Mighty Warriors wholeheartedly submit to the Master and. Commander and move forward in His might to take back occupied ter. ritory from the enemy We start in our families and circles of influence. and God uses us to make a difference even to the ends of the earth. Yet God does not call us to go it alone like an unbridled Samson. destined to crash and burn God tells us in the Bible that two are bet. ter than one and as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. see Ecclesiastes 4 9 12 Proverbs 27 17 He gives us examples of Mighty. Warriors who succeed in their life missions because they didn t go it. alone among them Moses and Joshua David and Jonathan the two by. two disciples Jesus sent out and the apostle Paul and his traveling com. That s where Mighty Warriors Solid Foundations comes in This Bible. study is designed for Warrior Brothers to walk alongside one another and. help each other become the Mighty Warriors God sees them as and cre. ated them to be Holy Spirit empowered and led men who advance God s. kingdom in their generation, It s a Side by Side Bible study written for men who regularly meet. together for mutual growth support and encouragement and account. ability Warrior Brothers committed to helping each other contend for. the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints in this generation. see Jude 3, Warrior Brother matches may be traditional mentoring or discipleship. relationships between mature and their prot g young disciples such. as Elijah and Elisha or Paul and Timothy Or they may be mutual dis. cipleship or peer co mentoring relationships between any two believers. no matter where they are in their faith such as David and Jonathan or. Paul and Barnabas, God s Word paints a powerful picture of what happens when two men. meet as Warrior Brothers After Jesus crucifixion but before His follow. ers grasped that He had risen from the dead two down in the dumps. disciples walked together on the road to Emmaus see Luke 24 13 36. Though they didn t recognize Him at first suddenly walking right along. side them was their Master Jesus the one who had promised them the. Holy Spirit and said their works would even exceed His see Acts 1 8. John 14 12, They talked of the day s sad events and examined them in light of the. Scriptures Jesus traveling with them and everything changed Their. hearts burned within them as Jesus opened their eyes to the truth of His. Word and to Himself Like Mighty Warrior Gideon they would never be. When you and your Warrior Brother meet the next section will help. you maximize that time know that Jesus will be in your midst For. where two or three come together in my name there am I with them. He promises Matthew 18 20 He will use you in your Warrior Brother s. life and him in yours, And as the three of you journey together through Mighty Warriors.
Solid Foundations along the way Jesus will grow the two of you toward. greater godliness see Romans 8 28 29 Philippians 1 6 2 Corinthians. May God use this Bible study to help you and your Warrior Brother. become strong and courageous men of faith for without faith no one will. see God Hebrews 11 6 and that you help others do the same. The Lord is with you Mighty Warriors,Warrior Brothers. in the Spiritual Battle, Life for the Christian man in the 21st century is a spiritual battle and. an adventure to be lived out in relationship with God and one another. Warrior Brothers trek together through life s battlefields They help. one another remain courageous and confident Christ followers They. set an example for each other in speech in life in love in faith and in. purity 1 Timothy 4 12, Before you and your Warrior Brother begin this Bible study here is. a quick look at what happens when men walk Side by Side This Bible. study includes 20 foundational lessons thus Solid Foundations to give. you a firm footing upon which to stand 1 Corinthians 3 11 and enable. you to live an energetic exhilarating life of faith John 10 10. Warrior Brothers commit to,v Meet weekly or regularly. v Prepare for meetings by completing each lesson,v Be honest with and accountable to each other.
v Pray for and encourage one another,v Repeat the process with other men as God leads. What you and your Warrior Brother can expect between and during. your meetings,Between meetings, v Complete the lesson and memorize the Bible Bottom Line por. tion verse or passage see below,v Continue to pray for one another. v Give a call drop a note or e mail or stop by simply to check in. During meetings, v Touch base Ask for example What are the best and worst. things that happened to you since we last got together. v Pray and ask God to bless your meeting, v Go through the lesson You and your Warrior Brother may opt to.
take turns reading and answering questions or you may simply. move from question to question discussing your answers. v In an environment of grace and trust watch for application and life. evaluation in light of Scripture, v Hold one another accountable to mutually agreed upon goals that. emerge from your conversations mightily committing to God and. each other to make head knowledge heart knowledge, v Close in prayer Entrust to God commitments you ve made along. the way and prayer needs you ve shared,Each lesson includes the following segments. Readiness Review Touch base and jot down a few notes about each oth. er s joys and struggles Watch one another s progress in life s adventures. and encourage each other in the midst of life s skirmishes. Death Defying Challenge Take a big picture view of a solid foundation. of the faith to set the stage for examining and applying what God says in. His Word Notice that you have the option of selecting one of three ques. tions Pick the one that best meets you where you re at Take a different. path when you walk alongside your next Warrior Brother. Spiritual Reality Check Wrestle with the solid foundation as Jesus the. ultimate Mighty Warrior is in your midst and prepares to light a fire. within you, Mission Direction Now get into and interact with God s Word. Marching Orders Process the lesson and ponder the personal implica. tions Here s where Warrior Brothers ask and answer What is the Spirit. of God saying to my spirit, Bible Bottom Line This is your verse passage or nugget to commit to.
memory which will help you more readily remember what God s Spirit. has impressed upon your spirit, Warrior Brother Accountability Here s where iron sharpens iron. Proverbs 27 17 as Warrior Brothers apply God s truth and hold one. another accountable to convictions and goals that emerge from each les. Power Source Tap into the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. living in and enabling you to stand on a firm foundation through life s. adventures and skirmishes, Pray for One Another Pray in light of the solid foundation you exam. ined and the goals each of you made along the way Also how might you. pray for one another until you meet again, For Further Investigation Journey even deeper into the Mission. Manual and discover what God says about the topic in additional verses. and passages, This is what it means to walk Side by Side as Mighty Warriors Now. that you know what you re committing to it s time for you and your. Warrior Brother to turn to Foundation 1 and begin living out your God. given adventure of a lifetime with Mighty Warrior Jesus leading the. F O U N D AT I O N 1,Path Light,Mightily Pursuing God s Word.
It ain t those parts of the Bible,that I can t understand that bother me. it s the parts that I do understand,Mark Twain,Readiness Review. Mighty Warriors Battle Side by Side You re in a battle for eternal souls Men who go it alone are easy prey for the enemy You need a brother in the battle You need a Warrior Brother and to be one Mighty Warriors is a fresh ministry approach that connects Christian men in a Side by Side relationship for mutual growth sup port and accountability This Bible study is especially

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