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Microsoft Azure Handbook, This guide has been developed for Microsoft Azure customers who are developing applications and services on the Azure Cloud platform The content has been driven. by frequently asked questions from customers and partners. This document was last updated on March 12th 2015 and will be updated on a monthly basis. 1 Microsoft Azure Overview 3,2 Getting Started with Microsoft Azure 10. 3 Initial Education Training Assistance 13,4 Microsoft Azure Technical Documentation 15. 5 Microsoft Azure for Test Development 32,6 Microsoft Azure Pricing 35. 7 Microsoft Azure Support 40, 8 Microsoft Azure Security Privacy and Compliance 43.
9 Microsoft Azure Marketing Support for ISVs 47, 10 Microsoft Partner Network MPN and BizSpark for Azure ISVs 49. 11 India Cloud Geo and Cloud Accelerator Program 52. 12 Microsoft Azure vs Amazon Web Services 54,13 Microsoft Azure India Case Studies 56. 14 Microsoft Azure ISV App wins 58,15 Frequently Asked Questions 67. Appendix 1 Useful Tools and Third Party Tools and Enablers 69. Appendix 2 Third Party Solutions 71,Appendix 3 Moving to the Cloud 73. 13 03 2015 2,1 Microsoft Azure Overview, Azure is Microsoft s cloud platform a growing collection of integrated services compute storage data networking and app that help you move faster do more and.
save money But that s just scratching the surface Here s what else Azure is. http azure microsoft com en in overview what is azure. WHAT IS AZURE, A cloud platform with choice Microsoft Azure is the only major cloud platform that offers Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service and is Hybrid ready to suit the needs. of you and your customers, Always up Always on Microsoft Azure delivers a 99 95 monthly SLA and enables you to build and run highly available applications without focusing on the infrastructure. Service Level Agreement,Managing availability of Virtual Machine. Open Microsoft Azure enables you to use any language framework or tool to build applications Features and services are exposed using open REST protocols. Unlimited servers Unlimited storage Microsoft Azure enables you to easily scale your applications to any size It is a fully automated self service platform that allows you to. provision resources within minutes, Market Leading solution With better price for performance than Amazon EC2 better interoperability with Microsoft Apps and end to end support for Oracle it s no surprise over. 57 of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure. Powerful Capabilities Microsoft Azure delivers a flexible cloud platform that can satisfy any application need. See it in Action,WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH IT, Develop modern applications Build and deploy a wide variety of modern applications for Android iOS and Windows that take full advantage of the cloud including web.
mobile media and line of business solutions Automatically scale up and down to meet any need. Build Infrastructure Provision Windows and Linux Virtual Machines and applications in minutes Use the same virtual machines and management tools in Azure that you use on. Gain Insights from data Azure provides managed SQL and NoSQL data services and built in support for gaining insights from your data Leverage the full power of SQL Server in. the cloud and use HDInsight to build Hadoop clusters to analyze data. Manage Identity and Access Manage user accounts synchronize with existing on premises directories and get single sign on across Azure Office 365 and hundreds of popular. software as a service applications including Salesforce DocuSign Google Apps Box Dropbox and more. Build Hybrid Applications Azure s enterprise proven hybrid cloud solutions give you the best of both your datacenter and the public cloud expanding your IT options without. added complexity With Azure data storage backup and recovery become more efficient and economical It is also easier to build applications that span both on premises and the. 13 03 2015 3,HOW DO WE COMPARE WITH OUR COMPETITORS. Azure is the only major cloud platform ranked by Gartner as an industry leader for both infrastructure as a service IaaS and platform as a service PaaS This powerful combination. of managed and unmanaged services lets you build deploy and manage applications any way you like for unmatched productivity. Why are customers picking Azure vs Amazon, Magic Quadrant for Infrastructure as a Service IaaS Gartner. Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Platform as a Service PaaS Gartner. Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Operational Data Management Systems Gartner. Who is protecting your Data from Government Requests Electronic Frontier Foundation. A Comparative Analysis of 5 Large Cloud IaaS Providers Cloud Spectator Study. Forrester names Microsoft as a Leader in Agile Business Intelligence. Microsoft By Numbers,13 03 2015 4,WHAT ARE THE CORE SERVICES ON AZURE. http azure microsoft com en in services,Microsoft Azure.
Virtual Machines IaaS provisionWindows and Linux VMs. Cloud Services PaaS create highly available infinite scalable cloud applications and APIs. Compute Scheduler invoke schedule actions jobs such as calling HTTP S endpoints or posting a message to storage queues. Batch Run large scale parallel and batch compute jobs. RemoteApp Deploy Windows client apps in the cloud run on any device. Web Sites develop deployment scale web apps, Mobile Services scalable secure backend for your mobile apps. Notification Hubs easily route cross platform personalized push notification messages to millions of users simultaneously and scale. automatically without needing to rearchitect your app. API Management Publish APIs to developers partners and employees securely and at scale. Storage Blobs Tables Queues Files Storage store large amounts of unstructured text binary data such as video image audio. SQL Database For applications that need a full featured relational database as a service. DocumentDB fully managed NoSQL document database that offers query and transactions over schema free data. Cache High throughput low latency data access for your application to build fast scalable cloud applications. Azure Redis Cache Based on the popular open source Redis Cache this gives you access to a secure dedicated Redis cache for your Azure. applications, Azure Search Search as a Service for web and mobile applications without the typical complexities of full text search. HDInsight Microsoft s Hadoop based service for gaining insight from any data size or location. Machine Learning Powerful cloud based predictive analytics. Analytics Stream Analytics Real time stream processing in the cloud. Data Factory orchestrate and manage data transformation and movement. Event Hubs Ingest persist and process millions of events telemetry per second from websites apps and devices. Storage Blobs Tables Queues Files Storage store large amounts of unstructured text binary data such as video image audio. Storage Backup Automated server backups stored securely in the cloud. Back up Site Recovery Orchestrate the protection and recovery of your applications for simplified disaster recovery. StorSimple A unique hybrid cloud storage solution that lowers costs and improves data protection. Networking Virtual Networks provision private networks a logically isolated section in Azure and securely connect it to your on premises resources. 13 03 2015 5, ExpressRoute Experience fast dedicated private connections. Traffic Manager Traffic Manager allows you to load balance incoming traffic across multiple hosted Microsoft Azure services. Media Media Services Create end to end media workflows with flexible and highly scalable encoding packaging and distribution services. CDN CDN delivering content to end users through a robust network of global data centres. BizTalk Services Integrate the Enterprise and the Cloud. Hybrid Service Bus provides the messaging channel for connecting your cloud apps to your on premises apps. Integration Backup Automated server backups stored securely in the cloud. Site Recovery Orchestrate the protection and recovery of your applications for simplified disaster recovery. Active Directory Secure enterprise ready identity and access management for the cloud Synchronise on premise directories and enable single. Multi Factor Authentication safeguards data application access while addressing demand for a simple sign in process. Developer Visual Studio Online Host code plan and track projects and collaborate with team members to ship better software. Services Application Insights Detect issues solve problems and continuously improve your web applications. Autoscale configure applications to automatically scale up or down to accommodate current demand and use auto scaling rules to minimize. costs Virtual Machines Cloud Services Web Sites and Mobile Services. Operations Automation automate the manual long running error prone and frequently repeated tasks that are commonly performed in a cloud. environment From the System centre team, Management Key Vault Safeguard cryptographic keys and other secrets used by cloud apps and services. Event Hubs Cloud scale telemetry ingestion from web sites apps and devices. Operational Insights an operations management and intelligence service that integrates across System Center with the power of Azure and. HDInsight to analyze machine data across environments enabling actionable insights and better decisions. Microsoft Azure Marketplace Search and deploy thousands of solutions to simplify the development and management of applications on. Marketplace,Microsoft Azure Roadmap Keep up to date.
Read the Microsoft Azure Blog,Sign up for the Microsoft Azure Newsletter. Read the Scott Guthrie s Blog,Read the Cloud Enterprise Blog. Stay in touch with ALL Azure service updates, Provide direct feedback for new features Microsoft Azure feedback. Request to be part of the Microsoft Azure Advisory Council. 13 03 2015 6,AZURE DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS, Microsoft provides you with a choice of deployments PaaS more managed IaaS less managed and Hybrid deployments. These are discussed in detail in section 4 But in Summary. On Premise Infrastructure Platform,as a Service as a Service.
YOU Applications YOU scale Applications YOU Applications. scale make Manage,Data Data Data,make resilient,resilient Runtime manage Runtime MICROS Runtime. Middleware Middleware Middleware,manage Scale,O S O S resilienc O S. Virtualization MICROSOF Virtualization e and Virtualization. Servers Servers Servers,Storage by vendor Storage vendor Storage. Networking Networking Networking,13 03 2015 7,AZURE DATACENTRES Powering the Microsoft Cloud. Global Foundation Services GFS delivers the core infrastructure for Microsoft s online businesses and manages monitors and administers Bing Hotmail MSN Office 365 Xbox. Live and Azure serving 1bn customers 20m businesses in 76 markets. http www globalfoundationservices com, For Microsoft Azure there are 19 Datacentres across 3 continents growing significantly in 2014 see table below which all comply with key industry standards such as ISO IEC.
27001 2005 for security and reliability,Take a tour of the Datacentres. To find out your closest Data centre use the following tool. http azurespeedtest azurewebsites net,Microsoft Data Centre IP Ranges. http www microsoft com en in download details aspx id 41653. A list of the Microsoft Datacentres are below,Microsoft Datacentres by Region. Microsoft India Datacentres announcement,Services available by Data centre. North Europe Dublin,West Europe Amsterdam,South East Asia Singapore.
East Asia Hong Kong,India 2015,North Central US Illinois Chicago. South Central US San Antonio Texas,United States,West US California Limited DC s Compute Storage. East Virginia Limited DC s Compute Storage,Japan Japan East Tokyo. Japan West Kansai, China Beijing via 21Vianet REQUIRES Local enrolment. Oceania Sydney New South Wales REQUIRES Local enrolment. Late 2014 Melbourne Victoria REQUIRES Local enrolment. South Brazil South,13 03 2015 8,AZURE IS OPEN, Microsoft Azure enables you to use any language framework or tool to build applications.
Features and services are exposed using open REST protocols. MS Integrated Ecosystem Provided, Languages Dev Tools App Docker Visual Studio Online net php python node js Ruby Jenkins BYO. Containers Java Azul, CMS Apps WordPress Drupal Joomla Dozens of net PHP CMS and web applications. Devices Android Windows Apple Xamarin Apache Cordova. Databases SQL Server Hadoop Redis ClearDB MySQL MongoDB DocDB DataStax. Management Chef Puppet Ansible Saltstack, Operating Systems Windows Linux Ubuntu SUSE OpenSUSE OpenLogic VMDepot FreeBSD byo. CentOS based Oracle Linux CoreOS,13 03 2015 9,2 Getting Started with Microsoft Azure. FREE Trial of Microsoft Azure,http azure microsoft com en in pricing free trial.
This provides 1 month free subscription limited to 12 100. Key portals for Getting started on Microsoft Azure. Track your usage manage your subscription https account windowsazure. Account Centre,click on Account section com,Use the management portal to configure and. control deploy and host your Microsoft Azure https manage windowsazure. Management Portal,services and applications click the Manage com. The first of its kind Microsoft Azure Preview, portal is bringing together cross platform tools

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