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APPENDIX B PRODUCTION SUMMARY,APPENDIX C IRIS 6 DIGITAL FORMAT. APPENDIX D THEORETICAL BASIS AND SURVEY PROCEDURES. APPENDIX F INSTRUMENT SPECIFICATIONS,APPENDIX E LIST OF MAPS. LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES, Figure 1 Grid Location on the Iron Mask Property 5. Figure 2 Gradient Schematic Array Layout 8,Figure 3 Pole Dipole Schematic Array Layout 8. Table I Gradient Survey Coverage reconnaissance 9,Table II Pole Dipole Survey Coverage 9.
Table III Recommended Targets for Follow up at Iron Mask Grid 17. QS 209 November 2007 ii, Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd Champion Bear Resources Ltd. IP Resistivity Survey Iron Mask Property,1 INTRODUCTION. MGT Project QS 209,Project Name Iron Mask,Survey Period October 25TH to November 18TH 2007. Survey Type Induced Polarization and Resistivity,Client Champion Bear Resources Ltd. Representative Watts Griffis and McOuat,Client Address Suite 400 8 King Street East.
Toronto ON M5C 1B5,Objectives, 1 Document the physical properties of the major lithologic units and alteration. patterns for compilation with the exploration database. 2 Generate a geological model using the Time Domain Induced Polarization. Resistivity data, 3 Increase the exploration program efficiency by better directing the future. exploration works and to assist in mapping of general geology locating. structural and alteration features that may favor the precious and base. metals presence in the surveyed areas, The Gradient array was designed to investigate up to 250 meters depth range and. was chosen for its high resolution and deep penetration capabilities The Pole. Dipole arrays are used as detailing tool and were designed to investigate in the. 30 150 meters depth range,Report Type Assessment Report. QS 209 November 2007 3, Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd Champion Bear Resources Ltd.
IP Resistivity Survey Iron Mask Property,2 GENERAL SURVEY DETAILS. Province Ontario,Country Canada,Nearest Settlement Cartier Twp. Claim Numbers 1197723 1210839 1197718 1163246,1197716 1249905 1229444. UTM Coordinates UTM Coordinates 83 Zone 17N,451 000E 5 166 000N. Latitude Longitude 46 42 N 81 38 W,QS 209 November 2007 4.
Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd Champion Bear Resources Ltd. IP Resistivity Survey Iron Mask Property,IRON MASK PROPERTY. Figure 1 General Property Location of the Iron Mask Property. QS 209 November 2007 5, Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd Champion Bear Resources Ltd. IP Resistivity Survey Iron Mask Property,Base of Operations Cartier Township Ontario. Grid Location The Iron Mask Grid is located 75 km NW of. the Sudbury town, Mode of Access The surveyed grid area is accessible by truck. SURVEY GRID,Coordinate Reference System UTM Map Datum NAD83.
Established Prior the survey execution,Line Separation 100 meters. Station Interval 25 metres,Method of Chaining Metric chained. Datum NAD 1983 1, GPS measured coordinates are based on the WGS84 Ellipsoid from gravity survey Coordinates have been converted to the. NAD 1983 datum,QS 209 November 2007 6, Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd Champion Bear Resources Ltd. IP Resistivity Survey Iron Mask Property,3 SURVEY WORK UNDERTAKEN.
GENERALITIES,Surveyed By Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd. Survey Dates October 25TH to November 18TH 2007,Mob Demob Days 2 days. Standby 4 days,Survey Coverage approx 8 0 km,FIELD CREW. Project Manager Ludvig Kapllani Toronto ON,David Eastcott Belleville ON. Field Assistants Gregory Stevenson Sudbury ON,Court Howers Sudbury ON.
Brad Schmitz Sudbury ON,SPECIFICATIONS,Arrays 1 Gradient see Fig 2. 2 Pole Dipole see Fig 3, Transmitting dipole spacing Gradient C1 C2 1700 meters. Pole Dipole C1 C2 1 2 km minimum,Array Parameters Gradient MN 25 m. Pole Dipole n 2a a 25m dipole 1 to 6,Sampling Interval 25 metres. Total Gradient AB Blocks 2 blocks,Total Pole Dipole Lines 2 lines.
Areal Coverage approx 0 6 km2,QS 209 November 2007 7. Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd Champion Bear Resources Ltd. IP Resistivity Survey Iron Mask Property,GRADIENT ARRAY AB length C1 C2. MN length P1 P2,6 x P1 P2 Spread,GRADIENT ARRAY COVERAGE AREA. Figure 2 Gradient Schematic Array Layout,DIPOLE POLE ROLL ALONG ARRAY. A 50m N 1 6,COVERAGE 6 POINTS PER SPREAD,NEXT PREVIOUS.
SPREAD CURRENT SPREAD SPREAD,Figure 3 Pole Dipole Schematic Array Layout. QS 209 November 2007 8, Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd Champion Bear Resources Ltd. IP Resistivity Survey Iron Mask Property,SURVEY COVERAGE. 1 Reconnaissance Gradient 7 900 m see Table I,2 Pole Dipole Array 1525 m see Table II. LINE START END TOTAL m,L1 00N 725W 300W 400,1425W 825W 575.
L0 00N 650W 275W 350,1425W 675W 725,L1 00S 600W 125W 450. 725W 675W 25,L2 00S 575W 125W 425,725W 675W 25,L3 00S 600W 100W 475. 725W 650W 50,L4 00S 575W 100W 450,725W 625W 75,L5 00S 525W 25W 475. 700W 600W 75,L6 00S 650W 0 625,L7 00S 725W 300W 400. L8 00S 700W 275W 400,L9 00S 725W 300W 400,L10 00S 725W 325W 375.
L11 00S 725W 400W 300,L12 00S 750W 300W 425,L13 00S 725W 300W 400. TOTAL 7900,Table I Gradient Survey Coverage reconnaissance. LINE MIN EXTENT MAX EXTENT TOTAL m,L0 625W 125W 500. L5 00S 525W 0 525,L12 00S 800W 300W 500,TOTAL 1525. Table II Pole Dipole Survey Coverage,INSTRUMENTATION.
Receiver IRIS IP 6 time domain 10 channels,Transmitter IPT1 B Transmitter max output 12 KVA. Power Supply MG 1 Honda 6 5 KW Generator,QS 209 November 2007 9. Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd Champion Bear Resources Ltd. IP Resistivity Survey Iron Mask Property,PARAMETERS. Input Waveform 0 0625 Hz square wave at 50 duty cycle. 16 seconds On Off,Receiver Sampling Parameters Customized windows. Measured Parameters, 1 Chargeability in millivolts Volt 10 time slices total area under decay curve.
2 Primary Voltage in millivolts and Input Current in amperes for Resistivity. calculation according to the pole dipole and gradient arrays geometry factor2. MEASUREMENT ACCURACY AND REPEATABILITY,Chargeability generally 0 5 mV V. Resistivity less than 5 cumulative error from Primary voltage and. Input current measurements,DATA PRESENTATION, Reconnaissance Plan Maps Posted contoured Total Chargeability and Apparent. Resistivity at 1 5000 scale, Pole Dipole Pseudosections Posted contoured pseudo depth section maps of. combined Total Chargeability and Apparent Resistivity. interpreted at 1 2500 scale non terrain corrected, Quantitative Sections Interpreted IP Resistivity results represented as. conceptual geological model or geoelectric sections at. 1 2500 scale, Interpretation Plan Map Outlining anomalies interpreted zones of thickened.
mineralization resistivity zones at 1 5000 scale 1 plan. TDIP Raw data Iris IP 6 format see Appendix B,Gradient Processed data. Geosoft GDB files using the following format,Column 1 Line Northings in meters. Column 2 Station Eastings in meters,Column 3 Total Chargeability in mV V. Column 4 Apparent Resistivity in m,Pole Dipole Processed data. Geosoft GDB files using the following format,Column 1 Line Northings in meters.
See BRGM IRIS IP6 receiver operating manual and Appendix C. QS 209 November 2007 10, Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd Champion Bear Resources Ltd. IP Resistivity Survey Iron Mask Property,Column 2 Station Eastings in meters. Column 3 Estimated Depth in Pseudosection in meters. Column 4 to 10 Time Windows of Total Chargeability in mV V. Column 11 Total Chargeability in mV V,Column 12 Reading Dipole Number. Column 13 Transmitting Dipole Electrode Position in meters. Column 14 and 15 Receiving Dipole Electrode Position in meters. Column 16 Primary Voltage in mV,Column 17 Induced Current in Amps. Column 18 Self Potential,Column 19 Flag Channel using the Quality Control.
Column 20 Type of reading 0 single reading 1 average reading. Column 21 Contact Resistivity in kohmm,Column 22 Apparent Resistivity in ohmm. Column 23 Total Chargeability in mV V,Column 24 Reading Error. Column 25 Number of Reading Cycles,QS 209 November 2007 11. Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd Champion Bear Resources Ltd. IP Resistivity Survey Iron Mask Property,4 RESULTS AND SUMMARY INTERPRETATION. PROPERTY GEOLOGY, The IRON MASK PROPERTY is underlain by rocks of the Superior Province including Early Precambrian.
metavolcanics metasediments felsic plutonic migmatic and mafic intrusive rocks as well as Middle. Precambrian Huronian Supergroup metasedimets and mafic intrusions the Nippising Diabase and late. mafic dykes and intrusives related to the Sudbury Igneous Complex SIC. The property lies in a zone of Sudbury Breccia consisting of mineral and rock fragments derived. predominantly from wallrocks supported by a fine grained matrix and the intrusion of offset dykes. Two major varieties of these dykes have been recognized radial and concentric. The IRON MASK PROPERTY show apparent similarity to the general geological environment of Olympic. Dam Cu U Au LREE deposit There is also potential on the property for radial and concentric dyke. hosted Ni Cu PGE related to the SIC Offset dyke deposit in the Sudbury area consists of disseminated. to massive sulphides predominantly pyrrhotite chalcopyrite and pentlandite within the dykes The. massive sulphide bodies are often rimmed by a halo of disseminated material and are found along the. contacts of the dyke,INTRODUCTION TO GRADIENT PDP SURVEYS. The gradient array survey results are relied upon as a bulk conductivity chargeability mapping tool and. large transmit dipoles employed provide significant depth of investigation in the central region of the grid. and the relatively narrow receiver dipoles also offer significant lateral resolution but are none the less. subject to significant volume averaging, Based on the array geometry chosen gradient investigation depth approaching 600 meters were. obtained with the deepest penetration in the middle third of the array and shallower depths of. investigation progressively closer to the transmit electrodes The gradient apparent resistivity and. chargeability data therefore represent a bulk average from surface to depth when observed in plan. view Additionally the gradient array anomaly patterns are essentially sub vertical i e without complex. asymmetric pant leg shapes as in pdp and dpdp and can be visualized in plan in the same manner as. magnetic or gravity data However in the presence of moderate to shallow dips the gradient array. anomalies tend to be shifted down dip relative to shallower arrays such as pole dipole greater. discrepancies can also occur with dipole dipole owing to the asymmetric array geometry which tends to. bias anomalies towards the infinity pole, The interpretation plan map presents the interpreted resistivity structures overlaying the interpreted. increased induced polarization zones called zones of geophysical interest ZGI In addition the. direction and approximate length of most prominent IP is represented with arrowed lines. Finally fault structures have also been interpreted based on evidence from the TDIP results generally. represented by lower resistivity and lower chargeability. QS 209 November 2007 12, Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd Champion Bear Resources Ltd. IP Resistivity Survey Iron Mask Property, INTRODUCTION TO QUANTITATIVE SECTIONTM METHODOLOGY3.
Structures or ore bodies are a product of their geological environment and traditionally we make poor. use of our exploration data in constructing interpretative geological models that will give exploration. decisions The connection between ground geophysics and a geological model is done through prior. experience physical mathematical IP Resistivity modeling and expensive DDH programs To date. geologic geophysical models developed from Induced Polarization Apparent Resistivity obtained from. geoelectric methods are created by qualitative estimations and verified by physical and mathematical. modeling These models are always limited to final qualitative estimation of geoelectric and geometric. parameters, QUANTITATIVE SECTIONTM METHODOLOGY provides much better understanding of the relationship between. resistivity parameter and chargeability parameter favoring the resistivity parameter as direct indicator of. structures which is undervalued in the interpretation of geoelectric data The contrast in specific. resistivity the most representative resistivity of a layer unit or group layers units and layers. boundaries are derived from interpretation of resistivity data regardless of geoelectric array used Thi. MGT MGT MGT MGT MGT MATRIX GEOTECHNOLOGIES LTD Assessment Report Regarding the IPRESISTIVITY SURVEYS at the IRON MASK PROPERTY Cartier Ontario

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