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Exactly how a tractor should be, 370 horsepower of pure torque and rugged capability Built to last it can tackle the. toughest terrain and farm the largest areas of land for longer with low running costs and. superb reliability The MF 8600 Series is an accumulation of power strength superior. HQJLQHHULQJ XS WR WKH PLQXWH HUJRQRPLFV DQG FOHDQHU PRUH IXHO HI FLHQW HQJLQHV. This is possibly the hardest working tractor you ll ever own it s exactly and precisely how. a tractor should be,The high horsepower, The MF 8600 Series has evolved Now at the forefront of machine. technology the MF 8600 Series is constantly evolving to meet the. needs of today s customer This ground breaking line up continues. to astound with its award winning capabilities, The most important objective Through insight and innovation we Protecting your investment is. during the development of the build machinery that meets the a new cast front axle support. MF 8600 Series tractor was needs of modern farming so you can heavier duty front axle with optional. to produce a machine with ORRN WR WKH IXWXUH ZLWK FRQ GHQFH QuadLink front suspension and a. uncompromised power and a Through listening to the tough new chassis rail structure. multitude of innovative features expectations of the customer. creating a totally new operator and collaborating with them There are many new and. experience GXULQJ HOG WHVWV ZH KDYH innovative characteristics that. been able to test and develop set the MF 8600 apart from the. Farming in today s climate has D PDFKLQH WKDW GH QHV WKH competition all of which guarantee. many obstacles which we have to spirit of Massey Ferguson the highest productivity and. face With the world s population producing a tractor with optimum performance. rising a greater demand for food unprecedented capabilities. and land and with changeable and, volatile weather conditions you The MF 8600 Series has seriously. need machinery you can rely on modern dynamic looks which. offset its immense structure At the, We understand the challenges heart of the machine is a muscular.
that farmers and contractors are six cylinder AGCO SISU POWER. encountering and so our new e3 SCR engine and award winning. UDQJH RI DJVKLS WUDFWRUV KDV EHHQ Dyna VT transmission. designed and built by the people,who truly understand the nature of. your business,The MF 8600 range,Model Engine Capacity Rated hp1 Max hp2. MF 8650 6 cyl turbo intercooled e SCR 8 4 litre 240 270. MF 8660 6 cyl turbo intercooled e SCR 8 4 litre 265 295. MF 8670 6 cyl turbo intercooled e SCR 8 4 litre 290 320. MF 8680 6 cyl turbo intercooled e SCR 8 4 litre 320 350. MF 8690 6 cyl turbo intercooled e3 SCR 8 4 litre 340 370. 1 ISO TR14396 2100 rev min 2 ISO TR14396 1950 2000 rev min. 01 Latest 2nd generation AGCO SISU POWER,e3 SCR stage 3B compliant 8 4 litre 6 cylinder. common rail engines low running costs low noise,levels and uncompromised power and torque. 02 NEW 7KH 0 6HULHV ZDV WKH UVW WUDFWRU 14,range in the world to feature SCR technology Now.
the next generation presents a Diesel Oxidation,Catalyser DOC and new exhaust catalyser See page. 16 for more information,03 NEW Larger fuel and Adblue tanks which allow. you to work for longer periods without refuelling 02. 04 The Panorama cab 28 more room means, there s more space to work freely and comfortably for. 05 NEW The upgraded cab controls are located on, the user friendly arm rest to the right of the operator s 11. seat Switches are clear and more convenient to,06 OptiRide Plus 4 point cab suspension Active 07.
Cab Suspension, 07 Powerful rear linkage with 12 000 kg lift capacity. 08 Integrated Front Linkage System IFLS with a 10,massive 5 000 kg lift capacity. 09 NEW standard and optional front axle Same, design but now with improved larger castings and 03. epicyclics providing greater strength and durability. Designed to cope perfectly with dual wheel applications. The heavy duty front axle is available with QuadLink. as standard,10 Dyna VT transmission comes with Dynamic. Tractor Management DTM one of the many 12, enhanced features that this ultimate transmission has.
11 New longer more robust fender extensions,12 NEW Cab footsteps Right hand side integrated. steps and left hand side adjustable steps,13 NEW Control Centre Display CCD software. hydraulic management upgrade is just one of the,new features on CCD that conveniently allows the. operator to select spool valves which are normally. operated by the joysick,14 NEW DFWRU WWHG 6 VWHP XWRJXLGDQFH IRU. uncompromised precise farming Optional,6HH VSHFL FDWLRQV IRU GHWDLOV.
New engines,Power performance and,6SHFL F IXHO FRQVXPSWLRQ VIF. Cleaner more productive and economic 2nd generation AGCO 220 Optimum fuel economy. SISU POWER engines are at the heart of every MF 8600 Series 210. tractor guaranteeing precise power and high performance. Engine rev min, Compared to previous generation engines MF s electronic. A recent PROFI test proved that,AGCO SISU POWER has developed. the most economical tractor engine, engine management system broadens the operating range. ZLWKLQ ZKLFK WKH WUDFWRU LV RSHUDWLQJ DW RSWLPXP IXHO HI FLHQF. ever tested,In PROFI magazine 2 2010 big high 1400.
power rated tractors were tested and,the MF 8690 with AGCO SISU POWER 1300. 8 4 litre e3 SCR engine consumed up,to 16 less fuel per hour than others 1200. 7KH qELJ UHGr ZDV WKH UVW WUDFWRU, to receive a very good in the fuel 1100 Torque reserve. economy department, The 4 valve common rail EEM also enables a range of Improved fuel economy. AGCO SISU POWER Stage advanced engine control functions The Electronic Engine Management. 3b compliant engine provides including Engine Speed Control system constantly monitors a 800. the ultimate in optimum power which is standard on all wide range of parameters and. 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 2100. GHOLYHU ZLWK WKH EHQH W RI D MF 8600 Series tractors makes continual and incredibly. turbocharged intercooler QH DGMXVWPHQWV WR IXHO LQMHFWLRQ Engine rev min. MF 8600 Series tractors now have Extra power Combined with high pressure. This curve clearly shows how maximum torque is, a new rated engine speed of 2 100 The extra power feature provides common rail fuel injection and maintained between 1200 and 1500 rev min with steep.
rev min which reduces noise more power at 1950 2000 the 4 valve cylinder head design torque rise as engine revs fall between 2100 and. without effecting power or torque rev min than at 2100 rev min This WKLV KDV JLYHQ IXUWKHU VLJQL FDQW 1500 rev min. is consistent with PTO speed so improvements not only in emissions. With exceptional constant power that maximum power is available but also in fuel economy. and torque backup the engine for all PTO applications. keeps all of its productivity and The cooling system. strength but with the added Engine speed control KLJKO HI FLHQW FRROLQJ V VWHP. advantages of lower emissions and Switches mounted conveniently in ensures that the engine itself. improved fuel economy the armrest enable engine speed works to its fullest capacity Constant. to be pre set and memorised regardless of the application Power. Intelligent engine management The fully vented bonnet allows. All AGCO SISU POWER engines The ability to return quickly and the engine to breathe even in. feature the latest technology easily to precise engine speeds will dusty dirty conditions A large air. The Electronic Engine boost productivity improve work OWHU PDLQWDLQV FOHDQOLQHVV ZLWKLQ. Management EEM enables quality and simplify operation in the engine allowing for higher. continuous adjustment of the almost all of your daily tasks productivity and savings on fuel. amount and timing of fuel injected consumption,in relation to engine speed 2200. and load The results are lower Engine rev min, emissions more power and superb This curve clearly shows high power with constant. fuel economy power is maintained down to 1570 rev min. It is the tractor s fuel Positive progress All information contained QGHSHQGHQW WHVW FDUULHG RXW E 3UR QWHUQDWLRQDO 7KH 3RZHUPL JXUH LV VKRZQ DW WKH ERWWRP. consumption that attracts 7KH UVW 0 6HULHV on these pages was carried MF 8690 and SCR left and is arrived at by averaging the seven. particular praise On the test impressed customers Europe wide RXW LQGHSHQGHQWO E 3UR individual tests recorded over 36 different test. with its proven performance and PDJD LQH 7KH LQGLYLGXDO PDUNV runs The table shows average results for the. bench at rated speed the 20 10 0 10 20, excellent fuel savings Now on its of any test results are extracts categories draft work PTO work and mixed. MF 8690 managed to sip 2nd generation of AGCO SISU from their assessments and Draft work Average consumption 255g kWh and 9 59l ha work measuring fuel consumption in grams per. 227g kWh while at maximum POWER e3 SCR engine do not necessarily result in a Plough kilowatt hour and in litres per hectare The yellow. 1 Heavy work, PTO output this dropped Massey Ferguson s superior mathematically conclusive 100 load line marks an average of all results obtained. Cultivator, down to the best result we MF 8600 Series will continue to overall mark from previous Powermix tests The length of.
2 Medium Plough, have recorded so far at just follow in its predecessors tracks 60 load the bars indicates the degree to which tractor. Cultivator, 209g kWh Moreover fuel demonstrating low fuel costs and SHUIRUPDQFH LQ WKLV VSHFL F W SH RI ZRUN ZDV. PTO work Average consumption 249g kWh and 3 62l ha. consumption was so good high output better green or fell short red the average result. 3 Heavy Power harrow of all Powermix candidates to date The average. throughout typical performance 100 load, Independent testing carried out Mower Powermix result obtained from 45 tractors. rates as well as the Powermix, E 3UR QWHUQDWLRQDO PDJD LQH 4 Medium Power harrow tested to date currently stands at 303g kWh. rates that the big red was the in 2009 proved that the MF 8690 70 load Mower All Powermix results for the Massey Ferguson. UVW WR UHFHLYH D oYHU JRRGp LQ with e3 SCR technology is truly 8690 are better than the average results In fact. 5 Light Power harrow, the fuel economy department leading the way in terms of fuel the overall fuel consumption result is 16 6.
40 load Mower, Even if you compare the HI FLHQF DQG ORZHU HPLVVLRQV lower than the average obtained from previous. Mixed work Average consumption 260g kWh and 3 72l ha. 8690 s stats to the most Powermix tests,6 Manure spreader. HI FLHQW 6WDJH D WUDFWRU ZH, have measured the Massey 7 Baler The transport cycle is not yet available. LV VWLOO PRUH HI FLHQW DQG WKLV 8 Transport1,statement continues to hold Powermix 253g kWh. true after the additional cost,of the liquid urea has been.
Ability The chart opposite shows an,0 H WUDFW IURP WKH JHQHUDO 3UR WHVW. Basic standards results where engine transmission,chassis linkage hydraulics and. Average standards,cab all scored between and,High standards. Grading system,Field work,Grassland work Good,Transport work Poor. Loader work Below average,Fuel economy at typical performance.
Working areas Output Speed g kWh l hr,Standard speed PTO 540 rpm 100 2 030 217 61 9. Economy speed PTO 540E rpm 100 1 600 210 57 8,Standard speed PTO 1 000 rpm 100 2 030 217 61 9. Economy PTO 1 000E rpm 100,Engine in top speed range 80 Max 231 48 6. High output 80 90 218 46 0,Transport work 40 90 247 26 0. Low output 1 2 speed 40 60 227 24 0,High output 1 2 speed 40 60 217 34 2.
Performance without,compromise, Cleaner more sophisticated technology outstanding fuel economy. low emissions and exceptionally high performance without. compromising your business or the environment Put less in and. get more out, Second generation technology FRQRPLF I FLHQW FRORJLFDO H3. Thanks to continuous research and,development Massey Ferguson The facts. LV WKH UVW WUDFWRU PDQXIDFWXUHU,to provide a new solution to. the increasing demand to lower, exhaust emissions and fuel costs The AGCO SISU POWER e3 SCR system is the most.
1RW RQO ZHUH ZH WKH UVW WR DGRSW HI FLHQW LQ LWV FODVV FXWWLQJ IXHO FRVWV E DQ WKLQJ XS WR. Selective Catalytic Reduction 16 The AdBlue solution works in harmony with the SCR. SCR technology but we have system and can be easily obtained from your. already implemented the second Massey Ferguson dealer. generation of SCR engine Our,experience and understanding of. SCR technology has meant that AGCO SISU POWER e3 engines with Selective Catalytic. we have been able to create a 5HGXFWLRQ UXQ DW RSWLPXP HI FLHQF ZLWKRXW FRPSURPLVLQJ. KLJKO HI FLHQW economical and engine performance There is no need for additional service. ecological off road diesel engine tools or expensive diagnostic interfaces in the vehicle. which is less harmful to you the,environment and most certainly. your fuel costs By 2014 a 80 reduction in Nitrous Oxide gases is required. as part of Europe wide legislations on emissions levels By. KLOH VWLOO EHLQJ FRVW HI FLHQW DQG using the e3 SCR system we are meeting these regulations. performance perfect the AGCO in time to make a real difference to the environment and to. SISU POWER e3 engine in the our health The technology offers big savings in costs and. MF 8600 range is fully compliant helps protect our environment at the same time. spirit of Massey Ferguson producing a tractor with unprecedented capabilities The MF 8600 Series has seriously modern dynamic looks which offset its immense structure At the heart of the machine is a muscular six cylinder AGCO SISU POWER e3 SCR engine and award winning Dyna VT transmission The MF 8600 Series has evolved Now at the forefront of machine technology the MF 8600 Series is

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