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We have used all possible care to ensure the accuracy of. the information contained in this book However Heart. land assumes no liability for any errors omissions or any. defects whatsoever in the diagrams and or repair proce. dures or for any damage or injury resulting from utiliza. tion of said diagrams and or repair procedures, Safety Information Electric and Gas Ranges are complex. electromechanical devices Any attempt to repair a range. may if improperly performed result in personal injury or. property damage Heartland Appliances cannot be re, sponsible for the interpretation of this manual nor can it. assume any liability in connection with its use For addi. tional safety information see page 5 of this manual. Repair Manual for Heartland Appliances Inc,Metro Legacy Ranges. 2003 September 3 Heartland Appliances Inc,1050 Fountain St N. Cambridge Ontario N3H 4R7, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in.
any form or by any means without written permission from Heartland. Part 0910 1 MLSM2003 09 03,Section 1 Safety Information 4. Section 2 Parts and Warranty 5,Section 3 Technical Specifications 7. Section 4 Problem Diagnosis Chart 8,Please Refer to Main Service Manual. MLSM010601,Amendment is intended to illustrate,changes made to the location of the relay. board and the new clock,Section 5 Repair Procedures 9.
A Terminal Block 9,B Timer Replacement 10,C Timer Programming 11. D Broil Element 12,E Self Clean Latch Mechanism 13. F Timer Relay Board 14,G Timer Coaxial Cable 15,H Cooling Fan Thermodisk 16. I Spark Module 17,J Regulator Replacement 18,K Gas Conversion 19. L Burner Caps 21,M Electrodes 22,N Burner Valves 23.
O Back Panel Access 24,P Stove Top Prop Up 25,Section 6 Wiring Diagrams 26. Models 3530 3535 26,Models 3630 3635 27,Section 7 Exploded Views and Parts List 28. NOTE FOR FULL SERVICE NOTES PLEASE REFER,TO SERVICE MANUAL 0910. 3 MLSM2003 09 03,Safety Information, Important Safety Notice During any such check and external to. ensure no other conductive the product are, Heartland Appliances Service parts panels or yourself correctly and.
Manuals are intended for use by come into contact with any securely. individuals possessing exposed current carrying connected and. electrical gas and mechanical parts e all access panels. experience Therefore and covers are, Heartland Appliances cannot be 3 If a replacement part is properly and. responsible for the interpretation required ensure it meets securely. of its Service Manuals by those factory specifications assembled. not having a background of 4 Never by pass or interfere following the. electrical gas and mechanical with the proper operation of servicing and. experience nor can it assume any feature part or device prior to operating. any liability in connection with engineered into the product the product. their use 5 Prior to reconnecting,electrical power service to. the product ensure that 6 On gas appliances do not. Safe Servicing Practices disturb gas carrying,a all electrical components or connections. To preclude the possibility of connections until gas service to it is shut. resultant personal injury and or within the product off and do not use a flame. property damage it is imperative are correctly and to test for gas leaks. that safe servicing practices be securely Following repair work. observed The following are connected ensure all gas connections. examples but without limitation b all electrical are properly secured by. of such safe practices harness leads testing for gas leaks with a. are properly bubble soap solution, 1 Before servicing always dressed and 7 Do not attempt a repair if you. disconnect the product from secured away have any doubts as to your. its source of electrical power from sharp ability to complete it in a safe. by removing the product s edges high and satisfactory manner. electrical plug from the wall temperature,receptacle or tripping the components.
circuit breaker to OFF or heaters etc,removing the fuse in the and moving. branch circuit servicing the parts,product c any un insulated. current carrying,Note If a specific diagnostic metal parts are. check requires electrical secured and,power to be applied such as spaced. for voltage or amperage adequately from,measurements reconnect all non current.
electrical power only for time carrying metal,required for specific check parts. and disconnect power d all electrical,immediately thereafter grounds internal. 4 MLSM2003 09 03,Parts Warranty, How To Obtain Parts How To Set Up Warranty Service Warranty Claim forms to in. clude but not limited to the, Contact an authorized Contact one of the following information. Heartland dealer or Heartland manufacturer s service. Appliances direct technicians to obtain a CSF Customer Name Address and. When ordering replacement reference number CSF Phone Number. parts warranty or not always number will serve as authoriza Serial Number. provide the following tion to proceed with warranty Model Number. information work and will be referenced for Date of Service. any future warranty work Work Performed, Serial Number Contact Heartland Appliances Full Description of Work.
Model Number Service Department at Performed,Component Description CSF Reference number see. Part number Heartland Appliances Inc How To Set Up Warranty. 1050 Fountain St N Service section above for, Commonly replaced parts are Cambridge Ontario details. listed in Section 7 at the end of N3H 4R7,this book and at the back of the ph 877 650 5775. owner s manual fx 800 327 5609 How to Return Merchandise. To obtain replacement parts Service Department, directly from Heartland contact Extensions 2241 2264 Contact Heartland Appliances. the following departments Service Department to obtain. CSF number to be referenced authorization for any, Heartland Appliances Inc in all warranty claims merchandise returns at.
1050 Fountain St N Contacting Heartland, Cambridge Ontario Appliances prior to performing Heartland Appliances Inc. N3H 4R7 service work will assist in the 1050 Fountain St N. ph 877 650 5775 diagnosis of the problem this Cambridge Ontario N3H. fx 800 327 5609 should result in having to go to 4R7. the customer s home only ph 877 650 5775,once fx 800 327 5609. Warranty Non Warranty Service Department,Replacement Parts Extensions 2241 2264. Service Dept Ext 2241 2264 How To Submit Warranty Claims. Depending on the nature of the, Note Please contact Heartland For prompt warranty claim merchandise to be returned an. Appliances Service Department processing submit your RGA number Return Goods. prior to performing service work in standard service form i e Authorization may be issued. order to assist in the diagnosis of Narda style completely filled A comprehensive RGA Kit. the problem this should result in out to package will be expedited with. having to go to the customer s instructions and back up. home only once Heartland Appliances Inc paperwork for the prompt and. Service Department safe return of the goods,1050 Fountain St N.
Cambridge Ontario,fx 800 327 5609,MLSM2003 09 03,Parts Warranty. Serial Number Location in,Metro Legacy ranges have. the serial number located at the,back of the range and on the. kick plate,To view serial number plate,open door and look at. kickplate s right top corner,view shown with door removed.
MLSM2003 09 03,Technical Specifications, Dual Fuel Ranges Electric Oven Electrical Requirements. Standard 240V 60 Hz,receptacle properly polarized, 30 Models 3530 3535 36 Models with Grill on its own dedicated line must. 3630B 3635B be used, 240V 60Hz 4 1 Kw 3 prong or Ranges are provided with a. 4 prong 240V 60Hz 5 6 Kw 3 prong or molded plug cap power cord. Bake Element 3400 W 4 prong rated at 120 240 Volts. Broil Ribbon Element 4000 W Bake Element 5000 W Ranges must be electrically. Conv ring element 2400 W Broil Ribbon Element 5000 W grounded in compliance with. Natural Gas 6 w c Conv ring element 4800 W local codes In absence of. Propane 11 w c Natural Gas 6 w c local codes the installation. NPT 5 8 flex line Propane 11 w c must conform with the National. Surface Burners 4 15 500 Btu NPT 5 8 flex line Electrical Code. Note Service Amperage to be Surface Burners 4 15 500 Btu. calculated by a qualified Grill Burners 2 7 500 Btu. electrician Gas Requirements,Note Service Amperage to be. calculated by a qualified,During any pressure testing of.
electrician, 36 Models 3630 3635 the gas supply piping system at. test pressures equal to or less, 240V 60Hz 5 6 Kw 3 prong or than 2 5 kps the appliance. 4 prong must be isolated from the gas,Bake Element 5000 W supply system by closing its. Broil Ribbon Element 5000 W individual manual shut off valve. Conv ring element 4800 W The maximum propane natural. Natural Gas 6 w c gas supply inlet pressure must,Propane 11 w c not exceed 14 of water column. NPT 5 8 flex line Gas ranges must be installed in, Surface Burners 6 15 500 Btu compliance with local gas.
codes In absence of local, Note Service Amperage to be codes the installation must. calculated by a qualified conform with the National Gas. electrician Code,MLSM2003 09 03,Problem Diagnosis Charts Section 4. Models 3530 3535 3630 3635 3630B 3635B,Problem Possible Cause Repair Test Procedure. PLEASE REFER TO,SERVICE MANUAL 0910,FOR FULL TROUBLE. SHOOTING GUIDE,THIS AMENDMENT IS,INTENTED TO,ILLUSTRATE CHANGES.
MADE TO THE LOCATION,OF THE RELAY BOARD,CLOCK MOUNTING AND. ASSOCIATED,COMPONENTS, F2 code Door not locked during self clean Stuck Door Latch Procedure E. Check Wire from Door lock to Clock,Procedure E, F3 code High Limit Tripped in clock Faulty Clock Procedure B. 8 MLSM010601,Procedure A Terminal Block, Step 1 Disconnect power supply to Step 4 Mark and disconnect all. range Pull range away from wall wires attached to the terminal block. and remove backguard held by 3 including wire to ground stud for 4. screws and washers prong power cords, Step 2 Prop Top Up See Proce Step 5 Terminal block can be.
dure P Inspect top terminal block removed from range by removing the. for burnt terminal connections If two center screws. damaged replace If no power to top, terminal check terminal block at Step 6 Install new terminal block. power cord connection See below attach all red white and black wires. as originally marked,Step 7 Attach power cord back on. terminal block Be sure all wires are,secure 3 prong power cords have. jumper cable from center neutral,side of terminal block to stud 4. prong power cords have copper,wire from cord directly attached to.
ground stud,Step 8 To replace top of stove, Step 3 To replace back of stove terminal block disconnect wires to. terminal block remove power cord terminal block and repeat steps 3. by unscrewing the three screws that through 7,retain the ends of the cord to the. terminal block,9 MLSM2003 09 03,Procedure B Timer Replacement. Step 1 For oven to operate time of Step 5 Disconnect two molex. day must be set in timer See Timer plugs from clock Please note that. Programming Procedure C for clock has specific markings for. details each molex plug a solenoid door,lock has a smooth grey wire and. Step 2 Disconnect power supply to is attached to the left side of the. range Pull range away from wall clock and b oven probe with high. and remove backguard See Proce temperature shield is connected to. dure A Step 1 the right side of the clock, Step 3 Prop Top Up See Proce Note If these wires a reversed.
dure P code F1 will be display as soon as,any cooking function is selected. Step 3 Remove 4 screws holding,timer to control panel and transfer. wires to new clock,Step 6 Transfer all wires to the. new timer in the exact same loca,Step 4 Disconnect coaxial power. supply cable by lifting both locking Note When re attaching the coaxial. tabs computer cable please ensure it is,fully inserted and that both locking.
tabs are securely engaged,MLSM2003 09 03,Procedure C Timer Programming. Broil Indicator Start Time Indicator Element ON,Convection Broil. Indicator Indicator,Convection Bake Indicator,Bake Indicator Stop Time Indicator. minute minder stop time oven light broil,clock decrease increase bake. cook time start cancel convection,self clean, Step 1 For oven to operate time Step 5 To set cooking press Self Clean Programming all.
of day must be set in timer desired function bake cookware racks and rack supports. to be removed from oven during, convection bake or broil self clean cycle to prevent them. Step 2 Press clock symbol from becoming dull and blue gray. Note automatically sets to 325F for Step 8 Press self clean. Step 3 Press increase or bake and convection bake and to symbol automatically set for 3 hrs. decrease symbols to select 550F for broil,time Step 9 Press decrease. Step 6 Press increase or,Step 4 Press start symbol to cleaning time. decrease symbols to select,set time Step 10 Press start symbol. Step 7 Press start symbol to to begin self clean,Note Pressing twice the clock.
symbol toggles time of day start Note A thermostatically controlled. between 0 12 hrs and 0 24 cooling fan will start shortly. METRO LEGACY SERIES II SERVICE MANUAL Model 3530 30 Legacy Model 3535 30 Metro Model 3630 36 Legacy Model 3635 36 Metro Diagnosis Charts Service Procedures Component Data Heartland Appliances Inc Manual No MLSM2003 09 03 0910 1 Part 0910 1 2 MLSM2003 09 03 Repair Manual for Heartland Appliances Inc Metro amp Legacy Ranges 2003 September 3 Heartland Appliances Inc 1050 Fountain

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