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District 12 NHAA Summer Outing,July 25 2009 8am 6pm. Pawtuckaway State Park Nottingham NH Other Upcoming District 12 Functions. www nhstateparks org No Pets Save the Dates, Friends Family of AA Welcome D12 Service Conference September 12 2009 Grace. BBQ Swimming Hiking Biking Fishing and more Episcopal Church Manchester NH. D12 Old Timer s Fall Dinner Dance October 3 2009, Visit www aadistrict12 org under Activities for Assumption Greek Church Manchester NH. details or call Karen L 603 361 2084 D12 Halloween Bash October 31 2009 Helping Hands. Advanced Purchase Tickets 15 Center Manchester NH, Tickets Purchased Day of Event 20 Details and Flyers Will be Published Soon. Kids 12 Under are FREE For more information please call Jeannie B 603 627 6801 or. George B 603 361 3283,For Tickets Call,Scott 603 261 0987 or Tammy 603 289 8919.
Something special was in the air on a late rescue in Cast Away or the day Dorothy finally woke up in her. February Saturday morning in Manchester NH At first it bed at the end of the Wizard of Oz It was the moment I was. seemed like every other day that I attend my home group the waiting for The Definition of God s Will if it is Honest. best group in AA 365 days a year at 6 30 am I had no way of Unselfish Loving and Pure And if I should find that one of. knowing that morning that my life would forever be changed by those pieces is missing then it is my will I realized then and. a wonderful woman from Peterborough NH there that I had been waiting for that answer to that prayer that. I love my group They sustain me But I find it moment on that day in that chair from that woman It clicked. especially joyous when out of towners come in to share people It was a miracle I understood so much and it was like I was. I ve never encountered before and this woman one of the transported to a beautiful new place A Fourth Dimension I. sweetest kindest most lovely women I ve ever come into suspect. contact with besides my sponsor and Mother would prove to be Knowing this formula has helped me every single day. a special messenger from God Placed right there on the west and has changed my life in so many ways that I can t possibly. side of Manchester like a beautiful Christmas gift just for me tell you in this story Another time perhaps Another. No one had to tell me I knew God orchestrated this but how did component to this story is what happened last Friday night at. I know I just did My heart was full another meeting I shared about this moment of learning what. I was immediately drawn to her She spoke of her God s Will is and a fellow from the floor told me that on the. experience strength and hope as a gift she wished to share and flower pot next to Bill Wilson s grave the inscription reads. that she was obligated to share That it was about truth That it Honest Unselfish Loving Pure Come to find out these are. was about healing She knew how to do it and she was going to called the Four Absolutes created by the Oxford Group It is. tell me how It seemed that I was alone in the audience and it an amazing thing to have this kind of history come to life in my. was just the three of us the magnificent woman God and an little corner of it I m driven to learn more about all of this and. oddly curious me visit Bill W s grave again soon These beautiful gifts have. You may be wondering who this woman is what is her brought enthusiasm to my life A dear friend has told me that. name I could have asked our bookie or anyone else who enthusiasm means God inspired What a miracle to have. clearly knew her since that day weeks ago after all she was a enthusiasm today. well known woman to the old timers in our group But I have If you are let down by these personal revelations of. not yet asked There must be a reason My sponsor always tells mine please don t be disappointed I can promise you that if. me I m not driving the bus so I figure I ll eventually be driven you are as sick as I was do what I did and just keep coming. to a place where I ll ask the question or see her once more I Something as amazing as this was to me will definitely happen. don t have a huge need to ask anything right now I ll stay in the to you It s a promise I can t tell you how long it will take It s. back seat and keep paying attention God s promise Just please believe me And if you can t do that. So my personal messenger is recalling her childhood just believe that I believe What can it hurt. conveying her drunkalogue and beaming about early recovery I am not sure why I have not yet taken a ride to a. She then begins walking me through the steps I m mesmerized meeting in Peterborough to find this most inspiring woman to. All of a sudden I m more than riveted I m on the edge of my thank her again But you can be sure that God knows why It s. seat and she is glowing She is telling me what my problem has okay too I just haven t reached my bus stop yet But I m on my. been for a long long time She explains God s will to me as it way Keep coming until all of the miracles have happened It s a. relates to Step 3 I did Step 3 a few times I figured I was all set blast. I was cool with God What was happening here I knew I must P S No matter what just don t drink. listen carefully I knew that it was coming like that long awaited Anonymous. NHAA District 12 vol 0609 issue, Hello young man it s a pleasure to meet communicating that made one feel like they were the only one. in the room Eye contact was directly into my heart and. you touched me deeply This was a truly decent human being. He had a stocky build and sparkling eyes topped with It saddened me to hear of Father Martin s recent. snow white hair His large reddish cheeks were starkly passing He left behind decades of work helping those who. contrasted by the black suit black shirt and white collar His were lost and seeking to find their way He was a true. wide open demeanor and strong handshake instilled a Shepherd in every sense of the word. confidence of purpose and sense of being at one with all. around him This was my face to face introduction to Father. The following piece is from Farther Martin s,Joseph Martin Web Site. The date was May 15th 1985 and I had just On June 15 1958 Father Martin entered Guest. celebrated my first year sober anniversary It had been a year House in Lake Orion Michigan a treatment facility for the. full of life education It was my good fortune to have worked clergy There with the help and guidance of Austin Ripley. at the Sobriety Maintenance Center s Crisis Site for many and Dr Walter Green he began his own journey to recovery. months and I was now going to school and working as a night After his experience at Guest House Father s life changed. dorm supervisor at the Tirrell House on Brook Street in dramatically He has gone on to touch the lives of millions of. Manchester recovering alcoholics and addicts through his unique ability to. Kay Boisvert was the director at this man s halfway educate on the disease. house and my mentor She was a truly inspirational person in These paragraphs are from Father s obituary. her own right One afternoon Kay asked if I was going to see. Father Martin when he came to town I replied that I could not in the Baltimore Sun. afford the tickets and Kay just gave me that look anyone who I drank from the age of 24 to 34 he told The. knew her can explain what that was like When I arrived at Sun in a 1992 profile I was afraid to go near the altar to. Tirrell the next day two tickets were waiting in an envelope say Mass six days a week I did go on Sunday but. with my name on it shaking all the while After his troublesome behavior. I borrowed a suit that almost fit and asked my friend came to the attention of superiors Father Martin was. Marise to join me at the event We enjoyed the walk from her confined to a psychiatric ward in California in 1956 and. home on the West side over to the Holiday Inn on Elm Street. after his release returned to drinking double martinis. We talked along the way about the impact Father Martin s. work had on so many lives Mindful walking and discussions and shots of vodka from hidden bottles in his bathroom. about sober living issues played a huge role in my early It never occurred to me that perhaps there was. sobriety something odd about a priest walking toward a garbage. Startled by the number of people crowded into the dump in the middle of the afternoon carrying two. conference room my thoughts centered on how many sober suitcases of clanking bottles he told The Sun in an. drunks there were in Manchester The buzzing amongst those interview last year. in attendance subsided as Father Martin stood to speak A Finally the Archdiocese of Baltimore sent Father Martin. positive energy captivated the room and his personal sharing to Guest House a Michigan treatment center for the. had us going from laughter to tears and back again clergy to get sober By the time he left Guest House he. We were sitting directly in front of Father and, had regained his sobriety and found what would become. hanging on his every word After all this was the man who. created Chalk Talks on Alcoholism the tapes I had listened his life s work. to so intently during my staff at CMC s detox unit The seeds He converted his notes based on Bill Wilson s. he planted with these tapes remain with me to this day Alcoholics Anonymous famous 12 step program into a. blackboard talk which was done on an actual blackboard. An alcoholic is someone who s drinking with chalk During the 1960s he began presenting it at. AA meetings rehab centers and private businesses,causes life problems it is just that simple. In 1972 his Chalk Talk lecture was filmed by, the Navy and later was picked up by the other armed.
When drinking an alcoholic s emotions take forces where it was used as mandatory addiction training. over their intellect E I for service personnel Father Martin and his blackboard. lecture were in demand all over the world which gave. If you think you are a garbage can you are rise to his crack Have chalk Will travel. Father Martin who liked to say Give me a,going to treat yourself that way You will. blackboard a piece of chalk and a bunch of drunks, dump anything into yourself and I m at home always greeted new arrivals with a. As the night was drawing to a close Father Martin hopeful welcome. walked off the stage and over to our table He had a way of The nightmare is over It is just that simple ALK. NHAA District 12 vol 0609 issue, On May 16th of this year I celebrated my 29th my life I needed to do what I most despised join. anniversary of continuous sobriety in Alcoholics and participate in a support group. Anonymous The term celebrated seems inappropriate I needed to undertake a personal recovery. because the event would not have appeared to be a, celebration of any conventional sort to most people I. process as outlined in the twelve steps of AA My, went about my day as I do most days beginning the day approach to life had not worked I needed a new.
in prayer spending the first hour drinking coffee and approach one that was proven to work for. discussing all things with my spouse applying myself to alcoholics. my job going to a meeting watching a little TV and I would need to begin doing business with a. going to bed by 10PM The kind of day that I used to higher power Not having a higher power equals. consider the height of boredom but that I have come to playing God and I had played God poorly for too. cherish in AA What differentiated this day of my, anniversary was what went on in my head I spent much. Having applied sometimes the wisdom of,of the day reflecting gratefully on what had. AA to my life in the form of action for some time I. transpired over the past 29 years and considering,am astounded and humbled by the results The. how the grace of God and the support of fellow,alcoholics had enriched my life beyond my wildest. rewards appear to be disproportionate to the, dreams effort expended I find myself being comfortable in.
I thought about how the people of the fellowship my own skin capable of dealing with all life. had taken me in and encouraged me even when I situations aware of my limitations grateful for my. thought I was smarter and better than them or when I life such as it is at any point in time and aware of. was certain that their program was too boy scout for God s unlimited healing power. one as enlightened as me They asked for nothing and I believe that I am in a constant battle with. seemed to genuinely care about me getting better I was my disease for my life My disease continues to. immediately struck by the honest way they shared their want me back and is tenacious in its pursuit of my. experience strength and hope soul Therefore it is critical that I have as much. I once heard a catholic priest state that knowledge of my adversary as possible Below is. prophets are not old people with beards that lived some of what I have learned about my disease and. long ago but they are people who tell the truth and its tactics. they are all around us I think prophet is an apt title My disease. for many of the people I have met in AA They are Is not impressed with the quality of my. the many in AA who hold firmly to the principles sobriety. and calmly speak the truth a truth that most of the. Wants me to be impressed with the quality of,world does not want to hear The truth that I. my sobriety,initially heard in AA was not welcome news to me. Mental poison is just as dangerous as whiskey and I even shun arguments that begin to show the sl as resentment and self pity AA related Alconym 2 Resentment is the number one offender It destroys more alcoholics than anything else From it stem all forms of spiritual disease for we have been not only mentally and physically ill we have been spiritually sick When the

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