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Check In Volunteer Appreciation Lori Mensh,Blessings in a Backpack Food Drive Shannon Houck. Club Business Lou King,Constitution Update,Club Operations. Blessings in a Backpack Raffle Luanne Houck,Running Film Javier Montenegro. Social Hour,Business Session,Called to Order,Constitution Update. Proposed Constitution Updates,updated mission statement.
terminology updates,delegates Board of Directors member. Executive Board vs Board of Directors, removed lifetime members text per new Free Membership Policy. snail mail vs email clarification,membership quorum 10 members 30 members. quorum definition for Executive Board was missing of Officers plus. of Board of Directors, majority of Executive Board present in meeting carries vote. conflict of interest statement now refers to Conflict of Interest. vacancies now require timely nomination,Proposed Constitution Updates.
virtual board meetings are now specifically allowed. clarified Executive Board Officers and Board of Directors. removed outdated specifics on financial policy instead. referencing new Financial Policies and Procedures document. removed requirement to check out in equipment from. storage locker, clarified that only Officers or delegates can sign legal. documents for the club, removed unnecessary verbiage defining what a website is. allow process to continue with membership approval if letter. of constitution not met, describe how amendments can be made to the constitution. Constitution Vote,The Steeplechasers,runs like a well oiled. Some Highlights, We ended the year with 779 We have 828 members and.
members counting, Three signature races We added a new signature race. 1267 registrants the Summer Solstice Twilight 8K, raised over 28 000 for charity Four signature races. We had 475 sign ups for 4 1544 registrants,training programs raised over 48 000 for charity. We provided race support to 41 We had 481 sign ups for 3. races training programs, We had 178 members volunteer We are providing race support to. 40 races and counting,We had 209 members volunteer.
48 Gold Volunteers,49 Silver Volunteers,Executive Board. President Lou King,Vice President Javier Montenegro. Treasurer Harriet Langlois,Secretary Sage Norton,Brent Ayer. Pam Geernaert,Mark Lawrence,Tim O Keefe,John Stuart. Communications,The Communications Committee is responsible for.
communication of club information to the membership. The Steeplechasers Facebook group posts are monitored for. relevance and periodically reminders are posted on how to. join the club etc, Periodic emails are sent to the membership including news. and reminders about upcoming events which are also. announced on the Steeplechasers web site,Community Service. The community service activities which are organized by. Steeplechaser volunteers include,the mile 19 aid station for the JFK 50 Miler. providing course marshals for Frederick Half Marathon. Blessings in a Backpack food drive, The Lincoln Elementary School Panther Running Club the. beneficiary of the Frederick Market Street Mile proceeds is one of. the community services the club is most proud of, managed and coached jointly by Steeplechaser and Rotary Club of.
Carroll Creek volunteers,Competition, While FSRC membership is comprised of runners of all. abilities many of the runners do like a little friendly. competition, The Competition Committee coordinates three race series. and gives awards at the annual banquet, To foster participation in the Grand Prix and Decathlon series. by runners of all abilities participation awards are also given. to any member who completes a certain number of races. Finance Committee, Annual budget development and maintenance including asynchronous budget. General bookkeeping through online accounting system. Collect incoming mail from PO Box, Monthly quarterly annual special purpose reports and account reconciliation.
Taxes and other Maryland state filing requirements. Insurance Dues and other RRCA requirements, Financial management of race services business scheduling contracts invoicing. Membership, The Membership Committee is responsible for the content of the. welcome email sent to new and renewing members and answering. questions which might come in response, Responsible for the content of the Membership section of the web site. Organizes the FSRC table at the Frederick Running Festival expo. Manages the Frederick Steeplechasers Facebook group. Answers membership questions which come in during the year at annual. Dwight Milkus Jolene Miller Javier Montenegro Liz Montenegro MaryKay Morgan Timothy Morgan Dee Nelson Michele Newton Mark Norton Sage Norton Heidi Novak Leslie Nuse Mike O Grady Tim O Keefe Ray Oberg Karen Ochs Katelin Peropat Carla Piorkowski Carl Pritichard Alexander Querioz Andrew Quong Jordan Renn Rachael Ridgeway Josh Roane Syble Roane

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