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Meditation forSuper PerformanceYour Private Action Guidewith Emily FletcherWelcome toYour Private Action Guide8 Tips to Get the Most out of This Masterclass1. Print out this guide before the Masterclass starts to make the most out of yourexperience. You can also download it and type directly in the guide to save paper.2. Set aside private time so you can immerse yourself and receive the full benefits ofthe session.3. Review the Pre-Masterclass exercise so you can best set the space and intention toexperience this class.4. Have a glance at the Masterclass Summary, so you know what to listen for.5. During the Masterclass, write down resonating quotes, thoughts, ideas, andinspirations while listening, so you get all information most relevant to you.6. Consider how quickly you can implement the secrets revealed in this session.7. Refer to this guide after the class is over to fill in anything you may have missed orto work on any exercise you’d like to explore deeper.8. Use the space to be creative, expressive, and honest.“I have so much to do today that I will meditate two hours instead of one.”- Mahatma GandhiMeditation for Super Performance|Emily FletcherPreparation Tips for This Masterclass• This Masterclass is best experienced in a quiet place without distractions.• Be in a comfortable position so you can fully take part in the guided meditation thatis part of the class.• Before starting, take a deep breath. Deep breathing slows the heart rate and relaxesthe muscles. Allowing for a more comfortable experience during your meditation.• Be open to the experience and to the learnings you are about to receive.Pre-Masterclass Exercise: Start with IntentionWhat was your intention for attending this Masterclass? What do you hope to leavewith and for what reasons? Set your positive intentions here.“A good intention clothes itself with sudden power.”- Ralph Waldo EmersonMeditation for Super Performance|Emily FletcherMASTERCLASS SUMMARYPART I: The Busyness ParadoxPART II: The Difference Between Mindfulnessand MeditationPART III: Getting Better At LifePART IV: Self ReflectionMeditation for Super Performance|Emily FletcherPART I: The Busyness Paradox1. What are some of the benefits of meditation?2. As Emily mentions, "If Oprah has time to meditate, .”3. People think they’re too busy for meditation, because they are…4. According to Emily, meditation has nothing to do with .5. We don't meditate to get good at . We meditate to get good at .6. What do brain scans show in the different styles of meditation?7. What is the corpus callosum? Why is it important to strengthen this part of thebrain?Meditation for Super Performance|Emily FletcherPART II: The Difference Between Mindfulnessand Meditation8. As Emily explains, mindfulness is the ;where as, meditation is .9. In a state of meditation, the body goes into a rest deeper than sleep. This processallows the body to .10. According to Emily, why is stress not conducive to creativity or high performance?11. What are the differences between Monastic and Modern Meditation? How caneither of them benefit you?Monastic MeditationModern Meditation12. As Emily explains, if you look forward to something – if it’s designed for you andyou see the return of investment right away – then meditation no longer becomes abut, becomes something like .Meditation for Super Performance|Emily FletcherPART III: Getting Better At Life13. As Emily explains, there are 3 attributes of higher states of consciousness that canhelp us determine if we are “getting better at life”. These are:A.B.C.14. Emily makes a clear distinction that the “ability to hold many things in OneAwareness” is not . What does it mean instead?15. What is a MIS-TAKE?16. How does meditation help with decrease the likelihood of making a MIS-TAKE?17. Meditation allows you to see patterns more clearly, consequently enabling you toput more and into the creative constructive themesin your life and not deconstructive ones.Meditation for Super Performance|Emily Fletcher18. Use the space below to do the The Dinner Party Guest exercise.19. What does Emily mean when she says meditation helps fill you up from thesource?20. Enjoy Emily’s guided meditation!Meditation for Super Performance|Emily FletcherPART IV: Self ReflectionA Thought to Take AwayWrite down a quote or phrase here that you heard in this Masterclass thatresonates the most with you.Mindvalley Academy is launching The M Word with Emily Fletcher.You can sign up here: Near the end of the Meditation for Super Performance Masterclass,airing July 2nd - 11th, 2017, you can purchase the The M Word at ayou can purchase the The M Word at a special price. This is a ‘Thank You Gift’specialprice.Thisis a ‘Thankattendees.You Gift’ we provide to our Masterclassweprovideto ourMasterclassattendees.Meditation for Super Performance|Emily FletcherAdditional NotesMeditation for Super Performance|Emily FletcherSUCCESS STORIES“She's up there with the A-players.”"Emily's work is good stuff. She's up there with the A-playersin the meditation world."– Dave Asprey, CEO of Bulletproof Coffee and Host ofBulletproof Radio“I rarely have performance anxiety anymore.”"I used to have terrible stage fright. Since learning ZivaMeditation everything has shifted. It has taught me to stay in themoment and handle all that life hands me. I rarely haveperformance anxiety anymore. Even during The Sound of MusicLive, performing live for millions of people, I wasn't nervous."– Laura Bennati, Tony Award winner“She's up there with the A-players.”"I used to think, 'I can’t ever quiet my mind, how can Ilearn to meditate?' After the Ziva course I know that evenif I am having thoughts, it is still working. Now it is a partof my daily ritual and people have noticed a change: theysay, 'you look so radiant!’”– JennaDewan-Tatum, Actress in Supergirl & Witches ofEast EndMeditation for Super Performance|Emily Fletcher. Meditation for Super Performance | Emily Fletcher Mindvalley Academy is launching The M Word with Emily Fletcher. ... Meditation for Super Performance | Emily Fletcher. SUCCESS STORIES "I used to have terrible stage fright. Since learning Ziva Meditation everything has shifted. It has taught me to stay in the moment and handle all that life hands me. I rarely have performance anxiety anymore ...

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