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Medical Service Plan Usage, Some British Columbians feel that the Medical Services Plan needs to do more to. prevent abuse of the health care system by both health care users and health care. providers Participants are concerned that too many British Columbians feel entitled to. free health care and that this perception of entitlement leads to abuse of the system. Many participants suggest reducing fraudulent access by including an up to date. picture and improving other security features on CareCards Increased auditing of. health professional billing is suggested by some participants as a means of reducing. inappropriate practices and reducing costs Some participants feel that those. immigrating to British Columbia from elsewhere in Canada and from outside of the. country should be made more responsible for what they cost the health care system. through increased premiums or user fees,Medical Service Plan Premiums. Many British Columbians express concerns about Medical Services Plan premiums. Some feel the equality of access to health care is affected as British Columbia is one of. the few provinces to assess premiums for health insurance Some participants suggest. reducing premiums in favour of a payroll deduction or increased taxation to reduce. the administration required to adjust assess and collect premiums Other participants. are concerned that premium rates do not reflect the true cost of health care as the. Medical Services Plan does not consider factors that increase insurance premiums in. the private sector To address this concern they recommend linking premium rates to. lifestyle factors and usage of the health care system. Participants are concerned that the Premium Assistance program is not responsive. enough to sudden changes in income and that there is little consideration of. exceptional circumstances Some request that more effort be made to inform the. public especially young people about the Premium Assistance program to ensure all. British Columbians who are eligible are covered, Can we please put an end to the pointless and costly practise of Medical Services Plan. premiums It is expensive to bill everyone a token amount and then collect on the delinquent. token amounts,Penticton Web Dialogue, Part II Summary of Input on the Conversation on Health Page 2. Conclusion, Many participants want the Medical Services Plan to offer more choice in health care.
services and health care providers They feel the Medical Services Plan should focus. more on maintaining health and preventing illness while still maintaining the. principle of protecting British Columbians from the costs of medically necessary. treatments Participants believe British Columbians should have more input in. coverage decisions and feel that the Medical Services Plan needs to be more. responsive and receptive to advancements in treatment options. I would appreciate the right to apply whatever premium I pay towards what I deem. appropriate to my needs including alternative therapies Should my needs change as I age I. would appreciate having a medical program that was flexible enough to adjust to my needs. As it stands I feel it does not,Nanoose Bay Web submission. Part II Summary of Input on the Conversation on Health Page 3. Medical Services Plan,This chapter includes the following topics. Medical Services Plan Coverage,Medical Services Plan Policies. Medical Services Plan Administration,Related Electronic Written Submissions. Presentation to Conversation on Health, Submitted by the Massage Therapists Association of BC.
Smoke Free BC Healthy People Healthy Place,Submitted by Dr Roland Guasparini. Submission to the Conversation on Health, Submitted by the Society of Specialist Physicians and Surgeons. Submission to the Conversation on Health,Submitted by the BC Cancer Agency. Report to the Conversation on Health, Submitted by the British Columbia Medical Association. Submission to the Conversation on Health, Submitted by the Office of the Representative for Children and Youth.
A Vision for Better Health, Submitted by the British Columbia Dental Association. Related Chapters, Many of the topics discussed by participants in the Conversation on Health overlap. additional feedback related to this theme may be found in other chapters including. Complementary and Alternative Medicines Canada Health Act and its Principles. Health Care Spending and PharmaCare, Part II Summary of Input on the Conversation on Health Page 1. Medical Services Plan Coverage,Covering Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Covering Dental Care,Coverage Decisions, Comments on the coverage of alternate and complementary services under the.
Medical Services Plan, It seems attractive to include alternative medicine but we first need to decide. what that means which areas of alternate or complementary medicine we include. and how will we pay for it Will it be higher premiums and taxes or from our. limited pot do other areas of health coverage have to be cut This could lead to an. even wider gap between the health care of those with and without resources. Medicine is and should be based on clinical evidence from large randomized. clinical trials Any alternative therapy that is to be funded through universal. health care should be held to this same standard If it meets this standard. absolutely it should be funded but it has to be proven to be better than a placebo. before my tax dollars pay for it, There is no such thing as alternative medicine simply good evidence based. medicine and bad unproven medicine Complementary therapies are just that. complementary and should only be funded where evidence exists for their. efficacy Non evidenced based therapies should not be funded from the public. Traditional medicine is evidence based Alternative medicine is not That is why it. is called alternative If my tax dollars are going to pay for someone else s medical. bill I believe that I am entitled to insist that the efficacy of the treatment is. scientifically demonstrated, I strongly support the inclusion of alternative and complementary medicine in. Medicare I have received tremendous benefits from regular visits to my health. care practitioners naturopathic doctor chiropractor and registered massage. therapist I think a set number of appointments per year should be covered in. order to support preventative care, I strongly oppose the Medical Services Plan covering alternative holistic. naturopathic or complementary medicine I would be very concerned that if. funds are allocated to fund these treatments the funding of scientifically proven. and clinically recognized treatments would suffer, Increasing the complementary medicine funding schedule would reduce pressure.
on allopathic system, Part II Summary of Input on the Conversation on Health Page 2. De listing chiropractic podiatry and optometry has proven to save taxpayers. money even if it contravenes the Canada Health Act. We should not include traditional Chinese medicine TCM and herbs in the. Medical Services Plan Covering TCM would only drive up health spending. The current medical system does not support alternative modalities which are the. basis for preventative health, British Columbians should have a choice as to where there medical coverage may. be applied be it acupuncture traditional Chinese medicine homeopathic. chiropractic or naturopathic care as they each have their place. Chiropractic treatments are a lot less expensive than carpel tunnel and other. surgeries but the patient is charged a fee for saving the health care system. money This does not make any sense, I have had chronic back pain since childhood I have found that the only way to. keep the pain under control is to go regularly to the chiropractor massage. therapist and the physiotherapist Since the cuts to these services I am only. allowed ten visits a year for all three treatment types combined This adds up to a. considerable expense for me Over the year I have paid over 1000 to stay pain. free This hardly seems fair to those of us who have a low income yet have to have. these treatments for chronic conditions I would like to see more benefits. available to lower income people, When I go to a medical doctor it is free When I go to the naturopath I pay. Naturopaths are doctors too and I think basic health care should cover a wider. selection of health practitioners I would like to have a choice of who I see and not. be penalized with large fees, Many homeopathic therapies are valueless but they are promoted by the.
powerful herb and vitamin lobby, Doctors treat diseases naturopathic doctors prevent diseases Naturopathic. doctors should be paid the same as regular doctors under the Medical Services. I like to see my naturopath because she takes the time to listen and explain things. to me If naturopaths were to be covered I hope they would still be able to offer. the same level of service If the government paid them I worry that they would. become like Medical Doctors and spend less time with patients. The substantial improvement in my health over the past 18 months can be. attributed to supplements prescribed by a naturopath None of these helpful. Part II Summary of Input on the Conversation on Health Page 3. treatments is covered under our health care plan My naturopath is a medical. doctor so I do not understand why these valuable services would not be covered. We can only bill the Medical Services Plan to counsel patients about topics that. require discussion support and advice such as depression anxiety and drug. addiction for four 20 minute sessions each year This is hardly enough time to see. a patient through a relationship break up or job loss never mind more serious. issues Our medical plan needs to recognize that preventative counseling and. education are invaluable for improving the health of the public. We have to increase the number of tobacco cessation counselors and remunerate. physicians to counsel on this topic Even limited physician counseling has been. shown to reduce smoking prevalence in patient populations by five per cent or. more We should promote this important physician function by introducing a. specific fee code for addiction counseling Dental offices pharmacies and other. public health settings are logical locations where rapid assessments and referrals. could also be done, Nutrition counseling by a registered dietitian should be covered by the Medical. Services Plan, There is no fee schedule in the Medical Services Plan for psychotherapy except for. psychiatrists and most of them do not practice it, For my annual eye checkup I am seeing an optometrist The Medicare supplied. eye doctor runs a completely inferior and dangerously inadequate checkup. compared to that of the optometrist, The cuts to funding for eye exams have put more pressure on other areas of the.
health care system, Funding for lactation support has been cut reducing the availability of this. needed service to two days per week This is entirely inadequate for mothers. needing assistance Even waiting a few hours can be excruciating for mothers and. a wait of days could have dire consequences for newborns. It is a mistake that health promotion is no longer funded. People who post surgery can not afford to go to their physiotherapy. appointments will have wasted the surgery because rehabilitation is crucial to the. success of many procedures, I have recently had breast cancer and I am going to physiotherapy for problems. with my arm resulting from the surgery I have been referred by my doctor so. why is this not covered, Part II Summary of Input on the Conversation on Health Page 4. The lack of full coverage for physiotherapy is a barrier to good health for many. British Columbians, I would like to be able to choose from the full menu of health practices such as. chelation massage chiropractic homeopathy herbal acupuncture reiki. reflexology iridology pranic healing and healing touch cranial sacral therapy. and preventative practices like yoga Tai Chi meditation which all have a role in a. healthy society, The Fraser Institute polled on the use of complementary and alternative medicine.
in Canada and British Columbia and found that many of people who were using. these services did not want them to be covered by the Medical Services Plan. system What they wanted was access to the system so they could do all their. primary care with referrals to diagnostic imaging specialists and pharmaceutical. rights The users of alternate and complementary health care were concerned. that if these services were to come under Medical Services Plan coverage their. availability would be restricted,Comments on dental coverage. Private dental coverage is too expensive for most There can be serious. complications from neglecting dental care that are more costly in the long run. than providing basic coverage for all British Columbians. The system will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair or replace a. smoker s lungs an alcoholic s liver and obesity caused diabetes or related. ailments and will not pay 1 of any dental examinations or dental work. whatsoever until rotting teeth cause disease elsewhere in the body. It does not make sense to cover dental surgery while office appointments that. prevent the need for expensive surgery are not covered. Basic dental services such as teeth cleaning and checkups should be covered. Many recommend including other preventative services such as check ups prostate exams eye exams and counselling for diet addictions and mental health in the Medical Services Plan Many participants suggest that the Medical Services Plan cover some dental care with most focusing on the needs of children low income British Columbians and the elderly Some express concerns that rural

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