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About this manual Directions and positions of components e g. right left front rear are always relative to the, direction of travel of the vehicle unless other Texts preceded by this symbol contain infor. This manual contains information recommen mation on safety They warn you about possi. dations advice and warnings related to your wise stated. ble dangers of accident or injury, radio system The other publications in the The audiovisual material only is intended to. vehicle documentation contain further infor help users to understand certain car function. mation of which you should be aware for your alities better It does not replace the instruc. own safety and for that of your passengers tion manual Please use the instruction manu Texts with this symbol draw your attention to. al to obtain more comprehensive information potential sources of damage to your vehicle. Ensure that the onboard documentation is, kept in the vehicle at all times This is espe and indications. cially important when lending or selling the The equipment marked with an aster For the sake of the environment. vehicle to another person isk is fitted as standard only in certain Texts preceded by this symbol contain rele. This manual contains a description of the versions and is only supplied as op vant information concerning environmental. tional extras for some versions or are protection,equipment supplied with the vehicle at the. time of press Some of the units described only offered in certain countries. herein will not be available until a later date or All registered marks are indicated with Note. is only available in certain markets Although the copyright symbol does Texts preceded by this symbol contain additio. The illustrations are intended as a general not appear it is a copyrighted mark nal information. guide and may vary from the equipment fitted The section is continued on the follow. in your vehicle in some details ing page, SEAT S A is permanently concerned about continuous development of its types and models For this reason we ask you to under.
The screen colour and the colour of the infor Audiovisual material on a given page stand that at any given time changes regarding shape equipment and technique may take place on the car delivered For this reason. mation displayed on it can vary according to no right at all may derive based on the data drawings and descriptions in this current handbook. vehicle model All texts illustrations and standards in this handbook are based on the status of information at the time of printing Except for error. or omission the information included in the current handbook is valid as of the date of closing print. Re printing copying or translating whether total or partial is not allowed unless SEAT allows it in written form. SEAT reserves all rights in accordance with the Copyright Act. All rights on changes are reserved, This paper has been manufactured using bleached non chlorine cellulose. SEAT S A Reprint 15 04 16,Table of Contents,Table of Contents Setup. Menu and system settings, Audio visual materials 2 Sound and volume settings 87. Related videos 2 Other important information 89,Overview 4 Legal information 89. Abbreviations 89,Overview of the unit valid for IBIZA LEON.
TOLEDO 4 Index 91,Overview of the unit valid for ATECA 5. Main menus 6,Introduction 8,Safety instructions relating to the Infotain. ment system 8,General instructions for use 9,Voice control 14. Audio and Media Mode 18,Radio Mode 18,Media mode 26. Navigation 45,Navigation entry and control 45,Navigation settings 56.
Navigation in Offroad mode 57,CAR menu 60,Introduction to managing the CAR menu 60. Telephone management system,Introduction to the telephone management. Description of the telephone management,Full Link 77. Full Link technology description 77,Audio visual materials. Audio visual materials,Related videos, General instructions and settings page 9 Navigation page 45.
Telephone management system,Radio mode page 18 PHONE. Media mode page 26 Full Link page 77,Overview of the unit valid for IBIZA LEON TOLEDO. Fig 1 Overview of the controls,1 page 18 4 page 26 7 page 53 10 page 10. 2 page 9 5 page 65 8 page 60 11 page 13,3 page 45 6 page 14 9 page 6 12 page 10. Overview of the unit valid for ATECA,Fig 2 Overview of the controls.
1 page 18 4 page 26 7 page 77 10 page 10,2 page 9 5 page 65 8 page 60 11 page 13. 3 page 45 6 page 14 9 page 6 12 page 10,Main menus. Fig 3 Summary of the menus,Radio page 18 Telephone page 65 Traffic page 53. RADIO main menu page 18 Pairing page 67 Traffic news station TP Traffic Program page 23. RDS radio data services page 19 Bluetooth page 66 Traffic reports and dynamic route guidance to the desti. Digital radio mode page 20 Function buttons page 68 nation TRAFFIC page 53. Memory buttons page 21 Entering a number page 70, Storing station logos page 22 Phonebook page 71 Vehicle Booklet Instruction Manual. Select tune and store stations page 22 Short messages SMS page 72. Scan function page 23 Call list page 73 Sport page 60. TP traffic news page 23 Speed dial buttons page 74 Offroad page 61. Settings page 24 Settings page 74 Consumers page 61. Driving data page 61,Ecotrainer page 62,Media page 26 Navigation page 45.
Vehicle status page 63, Data and file storage devices page 26 New destination page 47. Playing order page 29 page 29 Route options page 48 page 49 Full Link page 77. Changing the media source page 31 My destinations page 49. Changing tracks page 32 Points of interest POI page 51 Requirements page 79. Selecting an album by its cover page 33 View page 51 Activation of Full Link page 80. Selecting of a track from a list of tracks page 33 Split screen page 52 Pairing portable devices page 81. Database view page 34 Map display page 53 MirrorLink page 82. Inserting or ejecting a CD page 35 Traffic reports and dynamic route guidance to the desti Apple CarPlay page 83. Memory card page 35 nation TRAFFIC page 53 Android Auto page 83. External data storage device connected to the USB port Predictive navigation page 54 Frequently asked questions page 85. page 36 Importing vCards page 54, External audio source connected to the AUX IN multime Importing Personal POI page 55. dia socket page 37,Images page 43,Navigation with images page 55. External audio source with Bluetooth page 37 Traffic signs page 55. Images page 43 Route guidance in Demo mode page 55 Sound page 87. Settings page 42 page 43 Settings page 56,Offroad mode page 57 Settings page 86. Introduction, Introduction Select volume settings that allow you to WARNING.
easily hear signals from outside the vehicle,Connecting leads for external devices may. at all times e g emergency services sirens,Safety instructions relating to the In and horns. obstruct the driver, fotainment system Hearing may be impaired if using too high a. Arrange the connecting leads so that they,do not obstruct the driver. volume setting even if only for short periods,Travelling on today s roads requires the driv.
er s full attention at all times, Only operate the radio and its various func WARNING External devices that are loose or not proper. tions when the traffic situation really permits ly secured could move around the passenger. this The volume level may suddenly change when,compartment during a sudden driving or. you switch audio source or connect a new au,braking manoeuvre or an accident and cause. WARNING dio source,damage or injury,Lower the base volume before connecting. Before starting the trip you should famili Never place or fit external devices to the. or switching audio sources, arise yourself with the different radio func doors windscreen steering wheel dash pan.
tions el the backs of the seats on top of or near, High audio volume may represent a danger WARNING the area marked AIRBAG or between these. to you and to others areas and the occupants External devices. The driving recommendations and traffic indi,can cause serious injury in an accident espe. Adjust the volume in a way that you can cations shown on the navigation system may. cially when the airbags inflate, distinguish surrounding noise for example differ from the current traffic situation. horns and sirens etc Traffic signs and traffic regulations have. priority over the recommendations and dis WARNING,Changes to the Infotainment system set. tings should be made when the car is stop plays provided by the navigation system The armrest may obstruct the driver s arm. ped or by a passenger Adjust your vehicle speed and driving style movements which could cause an accident. to suit visibility weather road and traffic and severe injuries. WARNING conditions Always keep the armrest closed while the. vehicle is in motion,Distracting the driver in any way can lead to.
an accident and cause injuries Operating the WARNING. Infotainment system can distract your atten Connecting inserting or removing a data me WARNING. tion from the traffic dium while driving can distract your attention Opening a CD or DVD player s housing can. Always drive carefully and responsibly from the traffic and cause an accident lead to injuries from invisible laser radiation. Have CD or DVD players repaired only by a,qualified workshop. Introduction, CAUTION Do not insert 8 cm single CDs or irregu Note. larly shaped CDs or DVDs, The Infotainment system can be damaged by Lightly pressing the buttons or briefly. the incorrect insertion of a data storage de Do not insert DVD Plus discs Dual Discs pressing the touchscreen is sufficient to op. vice or the insertion of an incompatible data or Flip Discs as these are thicker than erate the Infotainment system. storage device normal CDs Not all listed function buttons and func. When inserting a data storage device make tions described may be available due to the. sure it is correctly positioned page 26 CAUTION device software used in your market The. Applying force may irreparably damage the equipment is not faulty if a function button is. The vehicle loudspeakers may be damaged if, memory card slot locking mechanism missing from the screen. the volume is too high or the sound is distor, Only use compatible memory cards ted Due to country specific legislation certain.
functions may not be available on the screen,When inserting and removing CDs and. when the vehicle is travelling above a certain, DVDs always hold them at right angles to the speed. front of the CD DVD drive without tilting so as, not to scratch them General instructions for use Using a mobile telephone in the vehicle. may cause noise from the vehicle loudspeak,If a CD or DVD is inserted while another is. Introduction ers,already in the unit or being ejected the DVD.
Restrictions on the use of devices using,drive may be irreparably damaged Always. Bluetooth technology may apply in some, wait until the data medium is completely table on page 2 countries For further information contact the. If the setup is changed this may change the local authorities. display on the screen and in some cases the On some vehicles with ParkPilot the vol. CAUTION Infotainment system may behave in a manner ume of the audio source is automatically low. Any foreign objects stuck to a data storage different to that described in this manual ered when reverse gear is selected You can. device and non round media may damage the change settings for lowering the volume in. CD or DVD player Note the Sound setup menu page 87. Only clean standard 12 cm CDs or DVDs Depending on the size of the screen some of. should be used the aspects in this manual may vary preset. Do not affix stickers or other items to the list quantities lines on the screen etc but Diagram of the menus. data medium Stickers may peel off and functions will not. damage the drive The Infotainment system touchscreen. Do not use printable data media Printed Fig 12 can be used to select the differ. labels and coverings may peel off and ent main menus. damage the CD DVD drive,Introduction, Press the Infotainment MENU button to open The unit will switch off automatically when case the changes in volume are displayed on. the menu summary page 6 the key is removed from the ignition or when the instrument panel by a volume bar. the on off button is pressed depending on,It is possible to preset certain volume set. the equipment fitted or the vehicle If the In,tings and adjustments page 87 Sound.
Infotainment system rotary knobs and fotainment system is switched on again it. and volume settings, buttons will switch off automatically after approxi. mately 30 minutes switch off delay,Muting the Infotainment system sound. Rotary push knobs,Note Turn the volume control anti clockwise. The left hand rotary knob Fig 1 10 is the until it displays. The Infotainment system is a part of the ve,volume control or the on off button. hicle It cannot be used in any other vehicle Muting the Infotainment system sound stops. The right hand rotary knob Fig 1 12 is the If the battery has been disconnected the the media source that is playing The screen. setup button ignition must be activated before switching displays. on the Infotainment system,Infotainment buttons,The buttons on the unit are shown in this.
If the base volume has been considerably in, manual with the words Infotainment button Change base volume creased to play a certain audio source lower. NAVI SYSTEM NAVI SYSTEM PLUS 575012720DA Owner s manual Ingl s 575012720DA 04 16 SEAT S A is permanently concerned about continuous development of its types and models For this reason we ask you to under stand that at any given time changes regarding shape equipment and technique may take place on the car delivered For this reason no right at all may derive based on the data

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