Mechanical equipment and operation and maintenance

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Presentation overview,Presentations presenting features of. mechanical equipment used in geothermal,power plants and their operation and. maintenance,Calculated example showing methods used for. basic engineering within mechanical,equipment design in geothermal energy. Photographs of extreme conditions shown and,discussed with solutions.
Mechanical equipment,This session will present mechanical. equipment used in geothermal power plants,Emphasis will be on different design. considerations compared to conventional,steam plants. Binary power plant turbine,dry vapour expansion no erosion of blades. Axial possibly multistage,most common,Radial inflow.
sometimes used,Radial outflow multistage,recently proposed again. Turbine axial single stage,Low rotational,Low peripheral. mechanical stress,No reduction gear,By courtesy,of Turboden. Binary power plant turbine,radial outflow multistage. Advantages,fluid passage area naturally increases,along the expansion process.
high efficiency and flexibility,Main disadvantage,low work extraction per stage. centrifugal force potential acts against,work extraction high number of stages. Binary plant power cycle pump,Centrifugal,multistage pump. Operated at variable,Power Plant Heat Exchangers, shell and tube or plate possibly with phenolic coating. Soultz heat,exchangers,Power Plant Preliminary P ID.
Steam separators Mist separators,Two phase flow Steam Generators. regulation Turbines,Geothermal Geothermal water Condenser. water emergency s,Re injection wells,Power Plant Turbine. Axial flow,Turbo expander,Single and double flow turbines. Double flash,6 3 1 4 bara 0 1 bara,Power Plant Turbine generator.
Size is over 30,Corrosion protection on the last stages. Turbine drain,Double steam inlet Stem free test,Overpressure in generator housing. Power Plant Heat Exchangers,Condensers,Direct contact. Indirect contact,Shell and tube,Special gas cooling section. Power Plant Gas extraction system,Compressors,Vacuum pumps.
Gas content,Condenser pressure,Cost evaluation,Price of electricity steam. Mechanical equipment and operation and maintenance Session VI El n Hallgr msd ttir Paola Bombarda Mannvit Politecnico di Milano Potsdam April 18 th 2013 Presentation overview Presentations presenting features of mechanical equipment used in geothermal power plants and their operation and maintenance Calculated example showing methods used for basic engineering within

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