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Editorial Director Vernon R Anthony Cover Designer Suzanne Behnke. Acquisitions Editor Lindsey Image Permission Coordinator Mike. Prudhomme Gill Lackey, Editorial Assistant Nancy Kesterson Cover Art William Tao Associates Inc. Director of Marketing David Gesell Media Project Manager Karen Bretz. Senior Marketing Coordinator Alicia Full Service Project Management Integra. Wozniak Software Services Ltd, Program Manager Maren L Miller Composition Integra Software. Senior Operations Supervisor Pat Services Ltd,Tonneman Printer Binder Edwards Brothers Malloy. Operations Specialist Deidra Skahill Cover Printer Lehigh Phoenix. Senior Art Director Diane Y Ernsberger Color Hagerstown. Art Director Jayne Conte Text Font 10 12 Times LT Pro Roman. Credits and acknowledgments borrowed from other sources and reproduced with. permission in this textbook appear on the appropriate page within text. Copyright 2019 2017 2015 2012 2009 by Pearson Education Inc All rights. reserved Manufactured in the United States of America This publication is protected by. Copyright and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited. reproduction storage in a retrieval system or transmission in any form or by any means. electronic mechanical photocopying recording or likewise To obtain permission s to use. material from this work please submit a written request to Pearson Education Inc Permis. sions Department One Lake Street Upper Saddle River New Jersey 07458 or you may fax. your request to 201 236 3290, Many of the designations by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are. claimed as trademarks Where those designations appear in this book and the publisher was. aware of a trademark claim the designations have been printed in initial caps or all caps. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Janis Richard R, Mechanical and electrical systems in buildings Richard R Janis M S M Arch P E.
Registered Architect LEED AP Senior Lecturer School of Engineering and School of. Architecture Washington University William K Y Tao M S D Sc P E Affiliate. Professor School of Engineering and School of Architecture Washington. University 6 edition,ISBN 13 978 0 13 470118 9 alk paper. ISBN 10 0 13 470118 6 alk paper, 1 Buildings Mechanical equipment 2 Buildings Electric equipment. I Tao William K Y II Title,TH6010 T36 2014,2013011746. ISBN 10 0 13 470118 6,ISBN 13 978 0 13 470118 9,A01 JANI1189 06 SE FM indd 2 07 12 17 8 28 AM. T his book on mechanical and electrical systems covers. five major disciplines HVAC plumbing and fire pro, tection electrical power and telecommunications illumina.
ORGANIZATION OF SIXTH, tion and noise and vibration control In prior editions Chapters 1 and 2 grew and became unwieldy. Coauthors Richard R Janis and William K Y Tao have with the addition of topics In this sixth edition even more. both taught university courses on mechanical and electrical materials are added to account for advancements in energy. systems for more than 30 years while working as consulting and sustainable design Accordingly we have reorganized and. engineers Their various courses have emphasized the roles expanded these new and existing materials into four chapters. of participants in the building process as well as the theories instead of two The book is now organized as follows. and technologies of system design In 1989 they finished Chapter 1 Introduction to Mechanical and Electri. the first edition of this text in response to the need for a text cal Systems Sustainable Design and Evaluating Options. that was up to date with current practice emphasizing the includes new life cycle cost examples which consider the. Why and the How as energy and well as the What off site cost of pollution and the economic effects of indoor. The topics covered in this book are in a state of con environmental quality. tinuous advancement triggering the need for substantial up Chapter 2 HVAC Fundamentals covers the engineering. dating every few years This sixth edition incorporates new basics required to understand systems. developments in all the major disciplines with updates on Chapter 3 HVAC Load Estimating includes an updated. electrical lighting telecom plumbing and HVAC detailed example of heating and cooling load calculations us. ing a building example consistent with current energy codes. Chapter 4 HVAC Load Management contains the, New items in the sixth edition include analysis of various architectural ventilation lighting and. Life cycle cost analyses including societal cost of pol appliance options on a hypothetical 30 000 ft2 building Anal. lution and economic benefits of indoor environmental ysis includes the effect on load initial building cost energy. quality IEQ cost and life cycle cost for alternative designs involving the. following factors, An entire chapter exploring energy impact and economics. of various generic architectural and systems options Building geometry and form. VRF heat pump and heat recovery operations using three Wall orientation. pipe technology Altering glass orientation, Operation of condensing boilers and furnaces and direct Window to wall area ratio. fired heating,Control solar loads through windows,Energy and comfort advantages of high volume.
Thermal properties of walls and roof,low speed HVLS fans. Infiltration load control potential,EPA WaterSense the latest development in water. conserving fixtures Ventilation criteria and controls. Economics of solar photovoltaic systems Task lighting. The U S building industry is embracing sustainable Daylighting. design principles which were part of the authors practice Appliances load control. and course offerings long before the concept was accepted. Chapters 5 through 9 cover HVAC systems and equip, Sustainable design means that engineers architects owners. ment These chapters are updated to include new technolo. contractors and facility managers must interact in a team. gies to save energy and in some instances reduce the cost of. effort to provide high quality productive environments. systems New enhanced and expanded topics include con. for people while considering the impact of their decisions. densing boilers and furnaces direct fired heating ground. on the environment This book is a text and reference for. source heat pumps VRF heat pumps and heat recovery and. students and professionals interested in an interactive. high volume low speed fans, multidisciplinary approach to the building process. A01 JANI1189 06 SE FM indd 3 07 12 17 8 28 AM,iv PREFACE.
Chapter 10 covers plumbing Updates include condens Chapter 15 Communications Life Safety. ing water heaters instantaneous water heaters and the EPA and Security Systems. WaterSense program Steve Brohammer RCDD and Janis, Chapter 11 covers fire protection with general updates Christopher RCDD. for improved clarity,William Tao Associates Inc, Chapters 12 through 15 cover electrical systems with gen. St Louis MO, eral updates including current economics of solar PV systems. Chapters 16 through 19 cover lighting including gen Chapter 17 Lighting Equipment and Systems. eral updates strategies for high performance and enhanced Davis Krailo LC. coverage of newly dominant LED light sources Technical Manager Engineering. Chapter 20 on noise and vibration takes on a higher lev Sylvania. el of importance as sound is increasingly recognized for its Danvers MA. effect on indoor environmental comfort Steve Andert P E. Chapter 21 on architectural accommodation covers sys William Tao Associates Inc. tem coordination space planning options and has many im St Louis MO. ages to convey the visual impact of design Chapter 20 Noise and Vibrations in Mechanical. and Electrical Systems,DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTOR J T Weissenburger ScD P E. RESOURCES FROM THE President Engineering Dynamics,INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE International.
CENTER St Louis MO, To access supplementary materials online instructors need to. request an instructor access code Go to www pearsonhigh Organizations. ered com irc to register for an instructor access code Within Special thanks go to the following organizations for providing. 48 hours of registering you will receive a confirming e mail valuable design data. including an instructor access code Once you have received. your code locate your text in the online catalog and click on ASHRAE American Society for Heating R efrigeration. the Instructor Resources button on the left side of the cata and Air Conditioning Engineers. log product page Select a supplement and a login page will IESNA Illuminating Engineering Society of. appear Once you have logged in you can access instruc North America. tor material for all Prentice Hall textbooks If you have any ASPE American Society for Plumbing Engineers. difficulties accessing the site or downloading a supplement NCAC National Council of Acoustical. please contact Customer Service at http 247pearsoned Consultants. custhelp com NEC National Electrical Code, The authors are indebted to reviewers students NFPA National Fire Protection Association. co professionals technical associations and leading product TIA EIA Telecommunication Industry Association. manufacturers listed separately illustration credits for their NSPC National Standard Plumbing Code. cooperation in providing data illustrations and insights National Association of Plumbing. Heating Cooling Contractors,Richard R Janis,William Tao Reviewers. We wish to thank the following reviewers for their helpful. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS comments and suggestions, Contributing Authors Irving Nazario North Carolina State University. Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin The University of Southern. We wish to acknowledge several individuals who contrib. Mississippi,uted to specialty chapters,Shariar Makarechi Southern Polytechnic University.
A01 JANI1189 06 SE FM indd 4 07 12 17 8 28 AM, Preface iii 5 4 Commonly Used Systems for Zone Control 79. Acknowledgment iv 5 5 Dedicated Outside Air Systems 102. Questions 103,1 Introduction to Mechanical and, Electrical Systems Sustainable Design 6 Cooling Production Equipment. and Evaluating Options 1 and Systems 104, 1 1 Sustainable Design 1 6 1 Refrigeration Cycles 104. 1 2 Indoor Environmental Quality 5 6 2 Cooling Production Equipment 110. 1 3 Commissioning 9 6 3 Direct Expansion DX Systems 110. 1 4 Evaluating Design Options 11 6 4 Chilled Water Systems 114. Questions 17 6 5 Heat Rejection from Cooling Systems to the. Environment 121, 2 HVAC Fundamentals 19 6 6 Chilled Water Plant Design 123. 2 1 Basics of Energy and Power 19 Questions 135,2 2 Fuels 21.
2 3 Properties of Air Water Mixtures 23 7 Heating Production Equipment. 2 4 Fluid Flow and Pressure in Mechanical and Systems 136. Systems 27,7 1 Types of Heating Systems 136,2 5 Energy Transport in HVAC Systems 27. 7 2 Heating Energy Sources 136,2 6 Environmental Comfort 30. 7 3 Combustion Efficiency 137,Questions 31,7 4 Furnaces and Air Heaters 138. 3 HVAC Load Estimating 33 7 5 Boilers 138,7 6 Selection of Medium and Equipment 141. 3 1 Nature of HVAC Loads 33,7 7 Auxiliary Systems 147.
3 2 Load Criteria 33,7 8 Operating and Safety Controls 153. 3 3 Calculating Heating Loads 34,7 9 Heating Plant Design 154. 3 4 Calculating Cooling Loads 42,7 10 District Heating 154. 3 5 Reference Tables and Figures 46,7 11 Cogeneration 156. Questions 49,7 12 Fuel Cells 157,4 HVAC Load Management 51 7 13 Solar Heating 157.
Questions 159,4 1 Load Management Strategies and Criteria for. Evaluation 51, 4 2 Evaluation of Load Management Strategies 54 8 Air Handling Equipment. 4 3 Summary 71 and Systems 160,Questions 72 8 1 Air Handling Equipment 160. 8 2 Heat Transfer 160,5 HVAC Delivery Systems 74 8 3 Air Cleaning 163. 5 1 Control of Heating and Cooling 74 8 4 Air Mixing 167. 5 2 Zoning 74 8 5 Fans 168, 5 3 Controls and Automation 75 8 6 Duct Systems 175.
A01 JANI1189 06 SE FM indd 5 07 12 17 8 28 AM,vi CONTENTS. 8 7 Air Devices 179 12 6 Power and Power Factor 292. 8 8 General Guidelines for Duct System 12 7 Voltage and Voltage Drop 295. Design 184 12 8 Summary of Properties 295,8 9 Underfloor Air Systems UFAD 184 Questions 296. 8 10 Energy Recovery from Exhaust 189, 8 11 Natural Ventilation 190 13 Power Supply and Distribution 297. Questions 191 13 1 Power Supply Sources 297,13 2 Power Distribution Systems 297. 9 Piping Equipment and Systems 193 13 3 System and Equipment Voltage Ratings 297. 9 1 Piping Systems and Components 193 13 4 Grounding 300. 9 2 Pumps 195 13 5 Short Circuit and Interrupting Capacity 302. 9 3 Heat Exchangers 202 13 6 Emergency Power Systems 303. 9 4 Piping 203 13 7 Solar Photovoltaic Systems 307. Questions 217 13 8 Power Equipment 309,13 9 Conductors 313.
10 Plumbing Equipment and Systems 218,13 10 Wiring Methods 314. 10 1 Water Supply and Treatment 218 13 11 Installation of Wires in Raceways 317. 10 2 Domestic Water Distribution Systems 220 13 12 Wiring Devices 320. 10 3 Plumbing Fixtures and Components 234 13 13 Protective Devices 322. 10 4 Planning Plumbing Facilities 241 Questions 325. 10 5 Sanitary Drainage Systems 244, 10 6 Sewage Treatment and Disposal 251 14 Electrical Design and Wiring 327. 10 7 Storm Drainage System 255 14 1 Electrical Design Procedure 327. 10 8 Plumbing Services for Other Building 14 2 Analysis of Building Needs 327. MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS IN BUILDINGS Sixth Edition Richard R Janis M S M Arch P E Registered Architect LEED AP Senior Lecturer School of Engineering and School of Architecture Washington University William K Y Tao M S D Sc P E Affiliate Professor School of Engineering and School of Architecture Washington University 330 Hudson Street NY NY 10013 A01 JANI1189 06 SE

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