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Explain compare and distinguish details between average rate of change and. instantaneous rate of change, Differentiate and implicitly differentiate single variable functions using the product rule. quotient rule and chain rules as needed, Take log transforms as needed in order to differentiate functions of the form f x g x. Compute the equation of a line tangent to a function at a point for both implicit and. explicit functions, Compute and make use of differentials with respect to approximations of single variable. Compute and make use of Taylor series approximations of single variable functions. Compute second derivatives of single variable functions. Explain and graph increasing and decreasing single variable functions concave up and. concave down single variable functions and local and global extrema. Explain compare and distinguish details between critical points extrema maxima. minima possible points of inflection and points of inflection. Solve simple related rate and optimization problems. Define the indefinite integral in terms of anti differentiation. Compute indefinite integrals of single variable functions. Compute the area under a single variable function and the area bounded between two. single variable functions as a Riemann sums,Recite the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Compute the area under a single variable function and the area bounded between two. single variable functions as definite integrals, Compute the area of a region bounded by more than two single variable functions with an.
ability to reverse the roles of x and y as needed for simplification. Explain compare and distinguish details between computing the value of a definite. integral versus computing the area under a single variable function. About Assigned Lecture Lab Sections, Each student is assigned to exactly one of four lecture sections and one of five lab sections e g 0205. It s important that you attend your assigned lecture and lab sections Seating capacity is an issue. Formal change of lab lecture sections s see Bonnie Lasby blasby uoguelph ca. Available Lecture Sections Available Lab Sections, 01 TTh 13 00 14 20 in ROZH 101 01 F 10 30 11 20 in MACN 105. 02 TTh 8 30 9 50 in THRN 1200 02 F 8 30 9 20 in THRN 1200. 03 TTh 16 00 17 20 in WMEM 03 F 16 30 17 20 in ROZH 104. 04 MW 17 30 18 50 in ROZH 104 04 F 14 30 15 20 in THRN 1200. 05 F 11 30 12 20 in THRN 1200,Instructor Office Meeting Times Email. S Gismondi MACN 510 Lec 01 02 03 gismondi uoguelph ca. R Pereira2 MACN 519 Lec 04 pereirar uoguelph ca, 1 2 Office hours posted online Click on HELP FAQ Office Hours in the navigation bar on CourseLink. S J Gismondi 2018 All rights reserved,Lab Assistants.
For a list of TAs lab instructors contact information extra help etc click on Help FAQ Office. Hours in the navigation bar on CourseLink,About Course Procedures. Always bring your partially completed Course Notes and Laboratory Manual that you purchased to. every lab and lecture session, Lecture material is divided into 15 sections presented over 12 weeks and each section. concludes with an exercise module, o Homework Task I not for marks Each exercise module is to be completed as. independent study not handed in Answers are in our course manual. Lab material is divided into 12 labs presented over 12 weeks except labs 5 9 where we have. term tests instead AND lab 12 is done in class Each lab consists of two sets of word problems. Parts A B except labs 5 and 9 consisting only of Part B Part A is completed together. o Homework Task II not for marks Part B is to be completed as independent study not. handed in Answers for Part B are in our course manual. There are three online assignments worth 5 each based upon the material presented in the. preceding two labs running Monday through Friday of weeks 3 7 and 11 Please refer to our. lecture and lab schedule on the last page of this outline. There are two Work it out FIRST Choose the correct answer guaranteed to be there. Otherwise it s wrong So do it again MULTIPLE CHOICE term tests taken in lab time. worth 20 each based upon lecture module and lab material scheduled in lab in weeks 5. and 9 Recall that there is no Part A for both labs 5 9 Part B is independent study i e we. take term tests instead,Assessment Procedures, 15 Online Assignments 3 5 each As indicated earlier there are three online assignments in. weeks 3 7 and 11 Each assignment normally accounts for 5 of your final grade You are allowed to. use a calculator unlimited attempts and unlimited time When you get a question that you can t. answer please print the question and seek help via Lab TAs the Learning Centre SLGs office hours. etc DON T guess These are assignments You have time to work on these problems AND you can. achieve perfect if you work hard Special accommodation See Accessibility. Online Assignment 1 taken Monday September 24 Friday September 28. Online Assignment 2 taken Monday October 22 Friday October 26. Online Assignment 3 taken Monday November 19 Friday November 23. THERE ARE NO ALTERNATE ONLINE ASSIGNMENT DATES NOR MAKE UP. ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS Missed online assignment marks are automatically transferred to. the final examination These online assignments are gifts that award you marks for studying. material that you are tested assessed on in term tests and the final examination YOU ARE. EXPECTED TO ACHIEVE PERFECT ON EACH ONLINE ASSIGNMENT. S J Gismondi 2018 All rights reserved, 40 Multiple Choice In Lab Term Tests 2 20 each As indicated earlier there are two.
multiple choice term tests 50 minutes each taken in lab in each of weeks 5 9 Each term test. normally accounts for 20 of your final grade Each term test is made up of 20 multiple choice. questions These term tests are intended as evaluation you have exactly one attempt in lab So. please be sure to have reviewed and prepared yourself as best you can i e see the sample term tests. solutions posted online Special accommodation See Accessibility. IF your final examination grade is better than your term test grade s your term test grade s will. automatically be replaced by your final examination grade i e this applies to BOTH term tests. Multiple Choice TAKEN IN LAB Term Test I Week of October 10 12. Multiple Choice TAKEN IN LAB Term Test II Week of November 5 9. CONFLICTS Religious holidays and university sports team members are accommodated. See CouresLink re Request to Reschedule Term test Examination under Help FAQ. THERE ARE NO ALTERNATE TERM TEST DATES NOR MAKE UP TERM. TESTS Missed term test marks are automatically transferred to the final examination. But don t get the idea that this is a gift You ll have to work hard and plan for solid performance. on the final While sometimes you may not be prepared as well as you d like and it s your own. decision to skip a term test and opt for an increased weight automatically placed upon the final. examination it s NOT advised Don t mortgage your future and NEVER miss two term. tests Unlike final examinations 1 term tests provide opportunities for feedback and 2 in the. case of poor performance there s another term test or the final examination an opportunity to. improve Term tests contribute less to your final grade than does the final examination Poor. performance on a term test has less impact upon your final grade than does poor performance. on the final examination especially a more heavily weighted final examination and they. provide final examination like writing conditions a great way to gain examination writing. experience in preparation for the biggy the final examination Term tests encourage you to. prepare and develop skill through out the semester That s WHY we do it Knowledge and. capability in mathematics builds in a pyramidal fashion You need foundation knowledge and. practice to move forward Preparing for the final examination late in the semester is not nearly. as foundation building as is a module like semester long approach Besides if you can t. make small amounts of time available for study during the semester can you be sure that you ll. make large amounts of time available at the end of the semester NOTE After all term tests are. graded we post marks solutions see All Contents ScanTron responses online We ll announce. this in class and also on CourseLink Students should then check online. Practice Graded Term Tests for Study and Feedback in Advance of Term Tests. You ll also find a practice term test that will be graded by TAs in order to provide feedback. about your solution techniques in ADVANCE OF EACH TERM TEST THE GRADE DOES. NOT COUNT TOWARD YOUR COURSE GRADE IT S NOT EVEN RECORDED There s. a practice test for TTI and for TTII posted on CourseLink Print these practice tests and. complete them on your own or together with a friend before Labs 4 TTI and 8 TTII Then. bring them to Lab 4 Lab 8 TAs will collect them grade them and return them to the orange. OUT boxes labelled MATH1080 on the third floor MACN the south end of the hallway. Pick up your graded practice term test the following week and BEFORE the actual term test. AND be sure to check the solution set available online at 17 30 the Friday of week 4 8. Learn where and why you went wrong and most importantly how to correct yourself so that. you don t make these same mistakes again especially on upcoming term tests That means. setting appointments with lab TAs attending office hours asking questions going to the. Mathematics Learning Center and reviewing your work with a TA working and studying with a. friend attending SLGs and perhaps even arranging time with a paid tutor whatever works. best NOTE Be timely Pick up your graded practice tests promptly because all materials. returned to the orange boxes are removed at the end of weeks 5 and 9. S J Gismondi 2018 All rights reserved, WARNING Write each term test in your regularly scheduled lab section at your. regularly scheduled time It s necessary We are maxed out re space That is seats are. assigned to students according to their registered section IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY. THEN YOU RISK A SCORE OF ZERO BEING ASSIGNED TO YOUR TERM TEST. EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT ASKED TO LEAVE EVEN IF IT S DISCOVERED AFTER. YOUR TERM TEST HAS BEEN ASSIGNED A GRADE i e WE WILL RETRACT THE. ASSIGNED GRADE TO BE CLEAR writing in a section where you are not registered is. classified as academic misconduct This information comes directly from our department. chair person who asked me to place this notice on CourseLink and also in the Course Outline. i e You have been warned due process has been implemented FURTHER YOU ARE. EXPECTED TO READ THIS NOTICE UNDERSTAND IT AND COMPLY WITH IT i e. University Policy makes you responsible accountable to all notices placed either in. CourseLink and or the course outline, 45 Final Examination 1 45 There is one two hour final examination composed of 45 Work. it out first multiple choice questions similar to module questions worth 45 of your final grade. Final Examination is Thursday December 6 2018 at 14 30 16 30 See Announcements. on CourseLink for location, THERE IS NO ALTERNATE FINAL EXAMINATION DATE NOR MAKE UP. FINAL EXAMINATION excepting special circumstances THAT IS if you miss the final. examination immediately contact your program counsellor ONLY the program counsellor. not the professor is allowed to make decisions concerning granting of deferred. examinations scheduling of deferred examinations academic consideration etc. Just as TT I and TT II tested four weeks of material worth 20 each the final examination will test. the last four weeks of material with special emphasis Special accommodation See Accessibility. Accessibility, The services of Student Accessibility Services SAS are available to students registered at the. University of Guelph who have a permanent disability This includes full time or part time graduate. and undergraduate students The SAS also has a number of services available to students with. temporary disabilities Students must provide appropriate documentation from a medical or mental. health professional to verify their disability You must identify yourself as early as possible and no. later than the 40th class day in the semester in which you are requesting accommodation and or support. Failure to do so will mean that accommodation cannot be guaranteed for that semester See. https www uoguelph ca csd current students for complete details and procedures. All students registered with SAS 1 are accommodated as per SAS recommendations AND 2. write take their term tests and their final examination via SAS This means contact SAS ASAP. bring this course outline with you when you meet Then you can be accommodated. S J Gismondi 2018 All rights reserved, HELP Free HELP From the Mathematics Statistics Department.
The Mathematics and Statistics Department operates a drop in learning centre This is YOUR. RESOURCE for support with lab and course work related problems The TA s ARE FRIENDLY. They KNOW MATH 1080 material and they are usually AVAILABLE TO HELP YOU 6 hours a. day Our learning centre is located on the third floor of the McLaughlin Library During the 12 week. scheduled class times scheduled open times are,Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday. Times 09 30 15 30 10 00 16 00 09 30 15 30 10 00 16 00 09 30 14 30. MORE HELP Free HELP from Your Own Supported Learning Groups SLG. The SLG Program has provided course specific support for thousands of students since 1998 They are

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