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YOUR STUDENTS WILL,SHAPE THE FUTURE OF MANUFACTURING. Education s 1 CAM Dedicated to education,with more installations with 30 years of direct. than any other package service to educators,Teach what gets jobs Technological leader. Mastercam is also 1 in exposing students to what s. industrial CAM installations used in today s best shops. One stop solution With a huge machine tool,offering CAD milling library Mastercam will run. turning wire EDM your machine or 3D printer,Open platform lets you.
Easy to teach design in Mastercam or open,and easy to learn any other CAD format. Mastercam skills are in higher demand than for any other NC software. Endow your students with the cutting edge skills that will give them the. advantage in the job market Your students deserve the best Teach them. industry s software of choice Mastercam skills launch careers. CIMData 2017,EDUCATIONAL SUITE,The Mastercam Educational Suite puts the world s. 1 CAM software at your students fingertips,MILLING ROUTER. Mastercam Mill Mastercam Router, Streamlined milling for Complete 2 to 5 axis router. 2 to 5 axis machining programming with block,powered by our exclusive drilling aggregate head.
Dynamic Motion technology support and more,TURNING INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS. Mastercam Lathe Mastercam for,Fully associative CAD CAM SOLIDWORKS. for turning with solids based Your favorite Mastercam. toolpath verification and Milling Turning and Router. Dynamic Motion strategies strategies directly integrated. in SOLIDWORKS Available,with the Educational Suite. or as a standalone,MULTI TASKING,Mastercam Mill Turn. Combining Mill and Lathe,for efficient multi tasking MODELING.
Mastercam Design,3D solids and surface modeling,CAD software aimed at getting. parts of the machine quicker,Mastercam Wire,2 to 4 axis CAD CAM for. wire EDM programming,from basic to advanced,For more information visit Mastercam com. ADDITIONAL MASTERCAM PRODUCTS, Every classroom and program is different These additional products allow you. to customize your Mastercam experience to your unique needs. QuickPart Standalone ProDrill, A step by step approach that Automatically detect group and apply.
guides students through the drill strategies to large amounts of holes. CAD CAM CNC process Learning and automatically create tool. applicable terminology principles definitions from existing geometry. and processes while using industry,leading software and create and. cut parts from day one Can also be File Translators. used in conjunction with 3D printers Specialty data translators for UG NX Pro E. read only and CATIA ensure you can,read and use the files you need. Port Expert,Creates engine cylinder head, porting toolpaths on surface or Mastercam Productivity TM. solid data while minimizing Brings Renishaw in process probing and. unnecessary motion inspection to your Mastercam programs. Blade Expert Art, Toolpaths for multi bladed parts Quickly bring your 2D sketches clip art. delivering superior blades splitters photos and CAD files to life by crafting. floors and fillets them on screen and cutting them with. easy specialized toolpaths,For more information,visit Mastercam com.
MASTERCAM S LATEST INNOVATIONS,FROM START TO FINISHING. DYNAMIC MOTIONTM TECHNOLOGY, Dynamic Motion toolpaths maximize safe engagement and can reduce cycle. times by 25 to 75 Dynamic Motion uses a proprietary set of rules to analyze. material removal constantly changing the cut motion based on the stock at that. moment The results are radically shorter cycle times as well as longer tool and. machine life benefiting your shop and your students future shops. ACCELERATED FINISHINGTM TECHNOLOGY, Mastercam s Accelerated Finishing technology is the next leap forward in. addressing today s innovative profile tools and processes aimed at greater. efficiency and higher machining productivity,Innovations designed for productivity Savings and. Cutting Tool Performance,Performance Sweet Spot, Mastercam s Dynamic Motion toolpaths cut roughing times by.
up to 75 And now with our exclusive Accelerated Finishing. technology total cycle times are again being dramatically reduced Optimum. Feed Rate Capabilities, Maximum machining effectiveness is achieved at the intersection. of optimal machine capability maximum cutting tool performance. coupled with optimized toolpath strategies Mastercam s Dynamic. Mastercam is designed to help users consistently, Motion and Accelerated Finishing technologies provide the hit the savings sweet spot of faster run times and. toolpath performance needed to reach this goal less wear on machines and tools. HOW MASTERCAM SHAPES THE,Curriculum, One of the benefits of choosing the most widely taught CAD CAM software is the abundance of available. curriculum for nearly every level of instruction With the widely varied curriculum packages produced both. by CNC Software and by outside sources there is sure to be a package that fits the needs of you and your. program There is no need for you to spend precious time creating materials from scratch when you can use. our resources to get your class up and running quickly and effortlessly. UNIVERSITY,Mastercam University,Online video based training that is developed. exclusively by CNC Software Inc Sharpen,your skills on your own schedule use it to.
bolster your resume and get started on the,path to Mastercam Certification with the. same training used by corporate staffers,and Resellers. mastercamu com,Mastercam Certification, Students and teachers looking to set themselves apart as. skilled Mastercam programmers in the increasingly competitive. job market can turn to Mastercam Certification Becoming. Mastercam Certified immediately gives recognition to the skills. you ve acquired and bolsters your resume Our Mastercam. Associate Level Certification is acquired by achieving scores of. 80 or above in select Mastercam U courses and our Mastercam. Professional Level Certification is a proctored test administered. by a Certified Mastercam Instructor Teachers also have the. opportunity to become Certified Mastercam Instructors. FUTURE OF MANUFACTURING,Competitions, At Mastercam we re dedicated to future generations of machinists We are strong supporters of a number. of motivational competitions for students, Our Wildest Parts Competition challenges students to design and.
machine something that is different from anything we have ever. seen before Students can create something new or simply send. in parts they already made for class over the course of the school. year Each entrant receives a Mastercam shirt and has the chance. to win a cash prize of up to 1 000, For more information visit www mastercam com WildestParts. In addition to our Mastercam sponsored competitions we are. deeply involved in numerous local national and worldwide. competitions where many schools compete using Mastercam. Participation in these competitions engage students. competitive spirit and gets them excited about their projects. These competitions ensure your students engagement and. interest in manufacturing, Contact us at TeacherInfo mastercam com to help you find. the best competition for your needs, It s Our Responsibility to Help Shape the Future of Manufacturing. Instructor Training Teachers and students can rely on. Mastercam for the focused support,To ensure instructors are prepared. they need And when students are,with the latest Mastercam offers we.
ready for the job market Mastercam,host Summer Teacher Training all. backs them up with the largest,around North America Find out more. network of industrial CAM support,at www mastercam com STT. organizations in the world,The WORLDWIDE LEADER in Education. As the world s most widely used CAM software Mastercam knowledge is key to. your students success in the job market Choosing Mastercam for your program. will ensure that you have the most competitive students around. Educational installed seats in thousands,100 125 400 seats installed.
HSM Express,TopSolid ArtCAM,0 Family FeatureCAM GibbsCAM. Cam VERICUT,CIMData 2017,Partnerships, The choice to invest in Mastercam is clear for the future of manufacturing But with Mastercam you have a whole. world of collaborative opportunities opened to you through our partnerships Here are a few examples of the top tier. partners you ll have access to by choosing Mastercam. CNC Software Inc,671 Old Post Road,Tolland CT 06084 www mastercam com. Be Dynamic, Mastercam is a registered trademark of CNC Software Inc Copyright 1983 2017 All rights reserved. SOLIDWORKS is a registered trademark of Dassault Syst mes Solidworks Corp All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Mastercam Lathe TURNING 2 to 4 axis CAD CAM for wire EDM programming from basic to advanced Mastercam Wire WIRE EDM MULTI TASKING Combining Mill and Lathe for efficient multi tasking machining Mastercam Mill Turn Mastercam Design 3D solids and surface modeling CAD software aimed at getting parts of the machine quicker MODELING

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