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Press The Philippine Context 1,Freedom of Expression 1. The of the Law 3,The Philippine Judicial System 4,The Philippine Press 5. A Quick Guide to the Laws on the Philippine Communication Media 7. All Communication Media 8,1 Constitutional Provisions 8. Freedom of Expression 8,The Right to Information 8. The Right to Privacy 9,The Commission on Elections 10.
Policy for Ownership 12,Section Constitution Applied 12. 2 Provisions Relevant to Mass Media in the Revised Penal Code. of the Philippines Act No 3815 as amended 13, a Crimes Against National Security and Public Order 13. b Libel Crime Against Honor 17,c Customs 20,3 Provisions in the New Civil Code. Republic Act No 386 as amended 21,4 Special Laws 23. The Shield Law 23,b Copyright 25,definition purpose 25.
Social Function 26,The Between Copyright and Speech 26. Intellectual Property IP 28,Present Law on Copyright 29. Background 29, The Intellectual Property Code IPC Republic Act N o 8293 30. USTR Priority Watch List 30,The Printing,Law International Treaties on Copyright 34. Basic Information on Copyright 35,How Copyright is Acquired 35.
Works are protected by the sole fact of their creation 36. Registration and Deposit with the Government 37,Offices forInfringement 39. PHILIPPINE MASS MEDIA A N D REGULATIONS,Works Covered Nature of Copyright. and Rights of Copyright Owner 40,Fair Use Decompilation 42. Loss of Copyright 43,of Copyright 43,Enforcement of IP Right 45. c Fair Election Act 48,Background 48,Salient Provisions 50.
The Law in Operation 50, Ban on Publication of Election Surveys Unconstitutional 51. Distinguished from National Press v Comelec,207 SCRA 1 1992 and Garcia v. Comelec 288 SCRA 447 1998 52,B Laws and Codes for the Print Industry 54. Textbook Reprinting Law Repealed 54,Publication of Judicial Notices 55. The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. MTRCB and Publicity Materials 56,The Book Industry Development Act No 8047 57.
Taxation 59,The Campus 1991 Republic No 7079 60,Section 7 Republic Act No 7079 Applied 60. The Philippine Journalist s Code of Ethics 61,C for Industry 63. 1 Laws for Mass Media Practitioners Engaged in Broadcast 63. Prohibition of Live Radio TV Coverage of,Court Proceedings 63. The Rule on the Examination of A Child Witness 64,Exclusion from the courtroom of all. including members of the press 65,television testimony 65.
Videotaped deposition 66,Publication of identity contemptuous 66. 2 Laws and Regulations for Broadcast Companies 66,Franchise and Certificate of Public. Convenience and Necessity 66,Legislative Franchise 68. MTRCB Authority to Review Public Affairs Programs 69. Self regulation by me Undertaking of the Grantee 74. b The Register Laws RTL The,Laws Executive Presidential or Administrative. Issuances Affecting and Their,Rules and Regulations 74.
c Regulation 75,TABLE OF CONTENTS,Government Regulation 75. The Kapisanan ng Brodkaster ng Pilipinas the,Association of Broadcasters of the Philippines 76. A member withdraws 78,The Advertising Board of the Inc ADBOARD 78. Resignation of the KBP from Adboard 79,for for Stations 81. D Laws and Codes for the Film Industry and Media 83. Republic Act 9167 Creating the Film Development,Council of the Philippines 83.
A Long and Arduous Legal Journey 83,Republic 9167 Salient Provisions 85. Decree 1986 The MTRCB 86,The MTRCB and the Presidency 88. 2 Media 89,the Optical Media 2003 89,OMB Rules and Regulations 90. OMB MTRCB 91,E for Advertising Industry 93,Historical Background 93. Constitutional Limitations 94,Consumer Act of the Philippines 95.
The Consumer A a Republic A a No 7394 and E Commerce. Law Republic A a No 8792 96,Tobacco 2003 96,Salient No 9211 97. Implementation 98,ADBOARD of Ethics 99,Billboards 100. Billboards Subject to Police Power 103,Ethics Review 105. E New Media 107,The Internet 107,Cyberspace 107,Laws Applicable to the Internet. The Internet as a Communication Medium 109,The Internet in the Philippines.
Ten Years Internet in the Philippines,Philippine Newspapers Online. 2 New Old Media 114,3 The Philippine Government Offices Media 1 5. Government Web Presence,The Philippine Judiciary and New Media. PHILIPPINE MASS MEDIA A N D REGULATIONS,Salient No 8792 118. Legal Recognition,Electronic Signatures,Penal Provisions.
Cases Under the Law,First Libel Case 120,Update on Lovebug Case 121. First Conviction under the Law 121,Bar Exam Questions Hacked Lawyer Disbarred 123. Law the Consumer 124,5 Cellular Phones Phones Text Messaging 125. Texring and the Presidency 126,Text as Evidence 127. Regulating Text Messaging 128,Communications 129,Internet Pornography 130.
6 Convergence,7 and Information and,Communication Technology ICT 135. Telecommunications 135,Key Players in 137,Government Regulatory Bodies 137. Policy and Regulatory Framework 139,Ownership Communication 140. Ownership of Physical and Section 28 of the,Aa Aa 8792 141. ServicefVAS 141,Summary the Characteristics the Regulations 142.
Information and Communications Technology ICT,Strategy of the Administration 142. III Commentaries on the Mass and Media Laws 146,The Historical Perspective 146. Freedom liberty Law Mass Media and Common Good 147. Freedom of Expression 149,History of Protection Historical Influence 150. Constitutional Guaranty 152,1 The Spanish Era 1521 1898 155. 2 American Rule,3 The Japanese Occupation 1942 1945 161.
4 The Philippine Republic from 1946 after the Commonwealth. Period to 1972 before Martial Law 163,Manuel Roxas 164. b Elpidio Quirino 1948 1953 164,c Ramon Magsaysay 1953 1957 165. d Carlos Garcia 1957 1961 166,OF CONTENTS,Diosdado Macapagal 1961 1965 166. Ferdinand Marcos 167,5 The Martial Law Period 1972 1986 172. Martial Mass Media 172,b The Years of Martial Law 1972 1977 173.
The Emergence of the Alternative Press, More Laws Aimed at Arrest Search and Seizure Order. ASSO Presidential Committment Order PCO,d The Predominance 176. 6 The Restoration of Democracy 178,The Aquino Administration 178. b I legislative Acts Under the Aquino Administration. Affecting Mass Media 179,c Expression the Democracy 181. IV Case Law Jurisprudence 185,A of Expression Press.
1987 Constitution 3 Section 4 186,Expression in Jurisprudence 187. Freedom of Expression Not Absolute 188,1 Due Process 188. 2 Forms of Abridgement of,Prior Restraint and Subsequent Punishment 190. Prior Restraint 190,b Freedom from Subsequent Punishment 193. 1 The Dangerous Tendency Rule 193,2 Test 193,3 The Balancing of Interests Test 195.
B The Right to Information,1987 Constitution Article 3 Section 198. The Constitutional Provision Granting Access to,Information and Related Provisions 198. Other provisions related to therightto information 202. to Self Executing Right 203,b Rationaleforthe Right to Information 203. c May Assert the Right 204,Rights Guaranteed 206,1 ftiblkConcem 206. 2 Access to Official Records 207,Limits of Rights 208.
Recognized Restrictions 208,GMAs 464 Executive Privilege as an exemption. to the power of legislative the general power,Congress information 210. Whether 464 contravenes the power of inquiry,vested in Congress 216. PHILIPPINE MASS MEDIA A N D REGULATIONS,Whether 464 violates the right of the people. to information on marten concern 217,Rights of the Live Coverage of the Trial 218.
Motion for Reconsideration September 13 2001 220,Mandatory Publications of Laws as a Means of. Implementing Right to Information, Publication of statutes that do not directly apply. to people in general 222,g Right to Information in Statutes 223. Right to Information in Practice 224,The Supreme Court and Media 225. C Limits to Freedom of of Expression and of the Press. and the Right to Information 228,1 Right to Privacy 228.
Concept 228,Threats to Privacy 230,b Philippine Laws on Privacy Basis 230. c Natural Laws and Privacy 230,The 1987 Constitution on Privacy 234. i Correspondence 234,The Tapping Law 236,The Bill of Rights and Private Individuals 237. ii Search and Seizure Article III Section 2 237, The Right of Privacy in Private Law and Other Laws 238. ii The Revised Penal Code 241,Rules of Court,Rules of Admissibility 241.
iv Special Laws 242,Youthful Offenders 242,Rape Victims 243. Cases Tried by the Courts 243,Child Abuse 244,Aids Patients 244. v Computers and Privacy 245,First Philippine on Cyberspace 246. First Philippine Jurisprudence on Privacy,and the Computer 247. AO No 308 1996 247,EO 420 2005 252,Privacy and Public Figure 255.
Wider Concept of the Public Figure 257,Four major privacy actions 258. Privacy applied by the KBP 259,2 National Security 261. to Press Freedom 265,TABLE O F CONTENTS, b Cases on National Security and Press Freedom During the. Marcos Period 270,c Cases on National Security after 1986 277. d National Security Issues 277,Sedition 278,Rebellion 279.
The Drug Menace 281,The KBP Response 282,Proclamation No 1017 283. Calibrated Preemptive Response or CPR,The Public Assembly 288. History and Rationale 298,b Libel Law 298,c Laws on Libel Responsible 299. d Laws Applied to Cases 300,1 Article 353 Elements 300. a Libel by means of publication of photograph 303,b Publication means to public 304.
c Identifiablity 304,Malice 305,Actual in Fact in Privileged Communications 305. Actual malice and the 308, No libelous imputation if embraced by guarantees of. free speech and press 309,2 Article 354 Requirement Presumption. Privileged Communication 310,Presumption of Malice 310. b Malice is not pressumed in 310, c Enumeration under Art 354 not an exclusive genesis.
of rule on privileged communications,d for Concept 311. Faa that communication is privileged does not mean it is. Privileged Communication Classes Absolute and,Conditional or Qualified 313. Cases illustrating 354 1 314,i Qualified 314,ii qualified privileged 316. Case illustrating Art 354 2 A newspapers faithful and. accurate summary of what was testified to by a witness in. a pending case is not libelous 319,Doctrines related to Communication 320. comment 320,Neutral reportage 322,3 Libel Means 323.
MASS M E D I A LAWS A N D R E G U L A T I O N S,4 Article 358 Slander Oral Defamation 323. 5 Article 360 Persons Responsible 324,6 Article 326. 7 Sanctions 329,8 Defenses 330,9 SPECIAL CASE The suit of former President. Corazon C Aquino against journalist Luis Beltran 331. 4 Obscenity 334,A Laws and Regulations on Obscenity 334. 1 Revised Penal Code 334,2 Article of the Revised Penal Code and.
Decree No 1986 dated Oaober 5 1985 aeating the Movie and. Television Classification Board MTRCB 335, 3 Implementing Rules and Regulations of No 1986 336. Promulgated by vs the Power,to Review and Censor 338. The MTRCB Exercise Power 340, B Obscenity Legal Definition as seen in Philippine Cases 342. Obscenity Pornography defined effects 351,Role of Government and the Catholic Church 352. Pending Bill in Congress 355,Abolition of the MTRCB 356.
D Business and obscenity 357,Television Advertising 357. Films and SM Policy 358,The Economics of Sexy Films 359. 5 Fair Administration of Justice and Contempt 363, The Law on Contempt and Its Historical Background 363. b What Constitutes for Administration of Justice 364. c Subjudice 365,d Contempt 365,Forum Contempt 368,Indirea Contempt 370. g Acceptable as not to for Contempt 372,Comment and Defamation 372.
h Free Speech and Administration of Justice 373, Comments of a Former Member of the Cabinet Re The Court 374. i Prejudicial Publicity 376,j Important Concept 380. k Contempt Without Relation to a Pending Case 380,1 for Freedom 383. 1 Constitutional Law Norms 383,2 Civil Law Norms 383. 3 Journalist s Ethics 383,4 Right to Private Honor and Reputation 383.
TABLE O F C O N T E N T S, D Issues and Problems In Spirit and the Practice of Philippine Mass. Media Law 386,A History of Conflict 386,Journalists Killed 389. Intentions Versus Reality 392,Cooperative 393,Pressures on the Media 396. Areas of Coverage 399,Crisis of Information 401,Dissident Practitioners 403. Laws Applicable to the Interne t The Internet as a Communication Medium 109 The Internet in the Philippine s Ten Year s Internet in the Philippine s Philippine Newspapers Onlin e 2 New Old Media 114 3 The Philippine Government Office s Media 1 5 Government Web Presenc e The Philippine Judiciary and New Media 4 No 117

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