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Harvard Business Publishing serves the finest learning institutions worldwide with. a comprehensive catalog of case studies journal articles books and elearning. programs including online courses and simulations In addition to material from. Harvard Business School and Harvard Business Review we also offer course. material from these renowned institutions and publications . ABCC at Nanyang Tech University INSEAD, Babson College Ivey Publishing. Berrett Koehler Publishers Journal of Information Technology. Business Enterprise Trust Kellogg School of Management. Business Expert Press McGraw Hill, Business Horizons MIT Sloan Management Review. California Management Review North American Case Research Association. CLADEA BALAS NACRA , Columbia Business School Perseus Books. Crimson Group USA Princeton University Press, Darden School of Business Program on Negotiation PON . at Harvard Law School, Design Management Institute.
Public Education Leadership Project, European School of Management and. Technology ESMT Rotman Management Magazine, Harvard Kennedy School of Government Social Enterprise Knowledge Network. Harvard Medical School Global Health Stanford Graduate School of Business. Delivery Thunderbird School of Global Management, HEC Montr al Centre for Case Studies Tsinghua University. IESE Business School UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. IMD International Institute for Management University of Hong Kong. Development WDI Publishing at the University of Michigan. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad The Wharton School University of. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Pennsylvania. Indian School of Business, CUSTOMER SERVICE AND, TECHNICAL SUPPORT. 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Customer Service , 1 800 545 7685 1 617 783 7600.
outside the U S and Canada , custserv hbsp harvard edu. Technical Support , 1 800 810 8858 1 617 783 7700. outside the U S and Canada , techhelp hbsp harvard edu. CORE CURRICULUM READINGS IN MARKETING, Core Curriculum Readings in Marketing cover the fundamental concepts theories and. frameworks that business students must learn Authored primarily by faculty at Harvard. Business School each Reading is about 20 30 pages and comes with a Teaching Note. and Exhibit Slides Many also include Interactive Illustrations New student experience. allows for highlighting note taking and seamless mobile access Test Banks are coming. soon The 18 Marketing Readings are , ramework for Marketing.
Strategy Formation,Robert J Dolan,Marketing Intelligence INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATION. Robert J Dolan Leslie John Conjoint Analysis, reating Customer Value. C INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS,Sunil Gupta Economic Value to Customer. 8176 Multiattribute Model for Laptop Preference, P G s Thank You Mom London Olympics Campaign. Customer Centricity VIDEOS, Rohit Deshpand Customer Centricity.
8171 Customers Not Consumers, Customer Management INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS. Sunil Gupta Customer Lifetime Value, 8162 Expected Customer Lifetime Value. Margin Multiple, Consumer Behavior VIDEOS, and the Buying Process Use Social Media to Listen to Customers. John T Gourville Harnessing Creativity, Michael I Norton United Breaks Guitars. Business to Business Marketing INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATION. Frank V Cespedes Benefit and Decision maker Stacks. Das Narayandas,Global Marketing VIDEOS, Rohit Deshpand Balancing Tensions between Local and.
8182 Global Marketing Demands, Creating a Novel Product for a Specific Foreign Market. Continues on next page, TN Teaching Note Available H B S P H A R VA R D E D U 1. Segmentation and Targeting INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS. Sunil Gupta Dog Food Segmentation, 8219 Pregnancy Test Device Market. GE Healthcare Case Parts 1 6,Brand Positioning INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATION. Jill Avery Sunil Gupta Watch Branding Using Perceptual Maps. 8197 to Understand Market Position,Brands and Brand Equity VIDEOS.
Rohit Deshpand A Wedge of Lime,Anat Keinan How Google Markets with Emotion. Competitive Strategies INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS, 8158 Prisoner s Dilemma Theory. The 2 Choices to Make in Strategy, Marketing Myopia. Porter s 6 Forces,Product Policy INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS. Robert J Dolan Altius Golf Ball Positioning, 8208 Product Bundling.
Strategies for Creating New Product Categories, Using Customer Feedback to Manage the Uncertainty. of Product Innovation, Pricing Strategy INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS. Robert J Dolan Break Even Quantity, John T Gourville Pricing Marginal Math. 8203 Value Stack, eveloping and Managing,D INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS. Channels of Distribution Channel Margins Tool,V Kasturi Rangan Channel Profiles.
ales Force Design,S INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATION,and Management Salesforce Compensation. Doug J Chung VIDEOS,Das Narayandas Frontline Employees. 8213 Aligning Strategy and Sales, Invest in Engagement. 2 MARKETING 2017 , Digital Marketing INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATION. Sunil Gupta Joseph Davin Search and Display Advertising ROI . 8224 VIDEOS, AdWords Plan Your Campaign, Ads Manager A Facebook Ads Tutorial.
Coca Cola Hong Kong Multiscreen Ad Campaign, HubSpot CEO Interview on Inbound Marketing. United Breaks Guitars, Advertising Symbiosis The Key to Viral Videos. Marketing Communication INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS. Jill Avery Thales S Teixeria Budgeting for Marketing Communications. 8186 Viral Effect of Marketing, Taco Bell Routine Republic Advertisement. Cracking the Code of Super Bowl Ad Effectiveness, See more Core Curriculum Readings at hbsp harvard edu corecurriculummarketing. Cases slices of business life focus on actual problems and decisions facing a company . Students are challenged to put themselves in the protagonist s place and suggest. business strategies tactics and solutions ,Chilli Beans Peace Love and Sunglasses.
This case illustrates how Chilli Beans became the most popular sunglasses retailer in Brazil. and the issues it faced when expanding into the U S What foreign markets should be. prioritized How should it differentiate its products while maintaining brand consistency . What channels should be employed and what role should e commerce play . Harvard Business School 516020, In 2015 COFCO China s state owned agribusiness giant was working to protect China s. food security by extending its control of the global food system through overseas. acquisitions At the same time COFCO sought to grow its market share in China s. competitive branded foods market This case allows for discussion of the Chinese. marketplace and the evolving approach to business structures taken by the Chinese. government Harvard Business School 516057,Does Mattel s Iconic Barbie Doll Need a Makeover . In 2015 the Barbie doll was one of the world s most iconic toys However both the industry. landscape and consumer preferences were changing and consumers criticized the toy for. providing an unrealistic vision of how women should look and dress and the careers they. should pursue TN Ivey Publishing W16090, TN Teaching Note Available H B S P H A R VA R D E D U 3. Fair Lovely vs Dark Is Beautiful, Women of Worth WOW is an organization that seeks to empower women and has fought. against skin color based discrimination through its Dark is Beautiful campaign Yet many. Indians still aspire have fair skin What should WOW do to bolster its anti discrimination. efforts Harvard Business School 516079,Housing com Marketing a Service Offering.
Housing com was a Mumbai based online real estate listing company that verified the. authenticity of every property listing on its web site The company was adding value for. buyers but constraining the number of listings on the portal How should the company. manage traffic and encourage more visitors TN Ivey Publishing W16234. Case Flash Forward The New York Times Paywall 2013 . Case Flash Forwards provide a brief update of key changes at a particular company in. a related case study This case flash forward provides an update on the New York Times. Paywall case 412077 including significant developments current executives key readings . and basic financials Baker Library Harvard Business School 8620. Case Flash Forward Snapple 2003 , Case Flash Forwards provide a brief update of key changes at a particular company in. a related case study This case flash forward provides an update on the Snapple case. 599126 including significant developments at the Dr Pepper Snapple Group current. executives key readings and basic financials Baker Library Harvard Business School 8596. Sentient Jet The Uber of Private Jets, Sentient Jet had invented the Uber of private jets before Uber even existed With over. 15 years of experience the company was serving more than 5 000 cardholders and. Andrew Collins president of Sentient Jet was considering various strategies to double the. company s size in the next few years Harvard Business School 516066. Starbucks Loyalty Reigns, By 2015 20 of Starbucks payments in the U S came through its mobile app a tool to. drive loyalty and grow the customer base Starbucks partnered with iTunes as early as 2007 . and by 2015 94 of Facebook users were either fans of Starbucks or friends with a fan This. case explores the company s commitment to mobile and social media and considers what it. takes to drive loyalty TN Darden School of Business UV7116. TiVo Segmentation Analytics, ThinkAlike a fictitious marketing consulting firm was asked by TiVo to segment the market. for its new digital video recorder product This case asks students to analyze realistic data. and generate segments that will be useful for TiVo s marketing strategy . TN Kellogg School of Management KEL932,Under Armour s Willful Digital Moves.
In 2013 less than 25 of Under Armour s sales came from its women s apparel and the. company was ready to expand into the female market segment The I Will What I Want . global women s marketing campaign was launched on a multichannel platform with social. media at its core TN Darden School of Business UV7147. With a Little Help from Nuestros Amigos Hispanics and Kidney Transplants. Dr Juan Caicedo was struck by the number of Hispanic patients on the kidney transplant. waiting list during his 3 years at Northwestern Memorial Hospital Did the Hispanic. population encounter unique barriers to transplantation and living donor usage Caicedo. considered creating a program to address these barriers . TN Kellogg School of Management KEL940, 4 MARKETING 2017 Reviews available to Premium Educators. Popular Cases,Aqualisa Quartz Simply a Better Shower. Aqualisa has just launched the most significant shower innovation in recent history the. Quartz shower The shower provides significant improvements in terms of quality cost and. ease of installation in addition the shower has received rave reviews from both consumers. and plumbers However early sales of the Quartz have been disappointing Marketing is now. faced with key decisions about whether to change channel strategy promotional strategy . and the overall positioning of the product in the context of the existing product line . TN Harvard Business School 502030,Black Decker Corp A Power Tools Division. This case presents Black Decker s performance against a Japanese competitor and others. in the power tools market Black Decker is anxious to regain its market share leadership in. specific segments of the market TN Harvard Business School 595057. HubSpot Inbound Marketing and Web 2 0, Winner of the 2014 Case Centre Award in the Category of Marketing. HubSpot an entrepreneurial venture has been facing significant challenges in its quest for. growth This case introduces the concept of inbound marketing pulling customer prospects. toward a business through the use of Web 2 0 tools and applications like blogging search. engine optimization and social media TN Harvard Business School 509049. IKEA Invades America, IKEA is the top furniture retailer in the world with over 154 stores in 22 countries The.
company has 14 stores in the U S and plans to have 50 stores in operation in the U S . by 2013 The strategy centers on creating a distinctive brand for American consumers . TN Harvard Business School 504094, Excellent case Students loved it because they can all relate to IKEA given the brand s. target consumer The case notes are excellent This case is a great example of how. coproduction can help solidify consumer loyalty , Case review from Harvard Business Publishing for Educators web site . MINI USA Finding a New Advertising Agency A , Selling an intangible like advertising services is a difficult task The first step is to understand. what brands are looking for when they buy these services This case puts the students into. the roles of the seller an advertising agency named Butler Shine Stern and Partners and. the buyer MINI USA and asks them to develop a sales strategy for advertising services . Harvard Business School 508041,New York Times Paywall. The newspaper industry was suffering from revenue declines and the transition to digital. media was difficult The New York Times had choices in designing a new paywall including. determining digital content pricing and how to connect with readers of secondary web. TN Harvard Business School 595057 HubSpot Inbound Marketing and Web 2 0 Winner of the 2014 Case Centre Award in the Category of Marketing HubSpot an entrepreneurial venture has been facing significant challenges in its quest for growth This case introduces the concept of inbound marketing pulling customer prospects

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