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SEMESTER 1 2013,Course Description, The course introduces the principles and practice of marketing Topics include the role of. marketing and its organisational context the marketing environment market segmentation. and target markets marketing information research and analysis industry analysis. marketing planning and competitive strategies buyer behaviour in the consumer and. business markets pricing products and services distribution channels integrated. marketing communications marketing of services e marketing managing and evaluating. the marketing effort,COURSE OVERVIEW,Learning Outcomes. Upon successful completion of the requirements for this course students will be able to. 1 Define explain and illustrate marketing concepts including the marketing mix and. their application to profit oriented and non profit organisations including to scenarios. deriving from students personal work experiences,2 Explain and illustrate. 1 how marketing is integrated with other functional areas of business. 2 the need for a marketing orientation in the competitive global business. environment, 3 the consequences of emerging information technologies for marketing. 3 Successfully design and plan the implementation of marketing plans and strategies. 4 Critically evaluate case studies identifying and analysing problems and then making. recommendations for practical implementation, 5 Apply marketing concepts illustrating the importance of major marketing decisions.
6 Communicate effectively individually and in teams in oral presentation and written. forms using the concepts and terminology of the marketing discipline. Proposed Assessment Summary Assessment for this course will be confirmed after. consultation with students at the first lecture of the semester If there are any changes to. the assessment those changes will be publicised on Wattle and will be included in the final. course outline that will be available on Wattle by the end of week 2. Assessment Task Value Due Date Linked Learning,1 Minor Assignment 20 Week 6 LO1 10. 2 Major Assignment 40 Week 13 LO1 LO10,3 Mid Semester Exam 40 Week 8 LO1 LO10. 2 THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY,Research Led Teaching. This course will use the findings and analysis from recent journal articles case studies and. articles on marketing Where possible students will be asked to critically analyse and. understand the relationship between theory and practice in this area and how this. relationship influences the use and development of theory in practical modern strategic. Students will be asked to read relevant research papers in marketing and apply their. findings to how organisations may use them to create or maintain a strategic competitive. Staff Feedback, Feedback in this course may be in the following forms. Written comments,Verbal comments, Feedback to the whole class both written and verbal.
Feedback to groups,Feedback to individuals,Student Feedback. ANU is committed to the demonstration of educational excellence and regularly seeks. feedback from students One of the key formal ways students have to provide feedback is. through Student Experience of Learning Support SELS surveys The feedback given in. these surveys is anonymous and provides the Colleges University Education Committee. and Academic Board with opportunities to recognise excellent teaching and opportunities. for improvement, For more information on student surveys at ANU and reports on the feedback provided on. ANU courses go to, http unistats anu edu au surveys selt students and. http unistats anu edu au surveys selt results learning. ANU has educational policies procedures and guidelines which are designed to ensure. that staff and students are aware of the University s academic standards and implement. them You can find the University s education policies and an explanatory glossary at. http policies anu edu au,3 THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. Students are expected to have read the Code of Practice for Student Academic Integrity. before the commencement of their course,Other key policies include.
Academic Progress,Assessment of Student Learning,Assessment Review and Appeals. Course Assessment Consultation and Finalisation,Student Feedback on Teaching and Learning. COURSE SCHEDULE, Week Theme Topic Module Activity Required student Deadlines. preparation, 1 Marketing Definition and Process Lecture Chapter 1. 2 Strategic Marketing Lecture Chapter 2,3 Marketing Environment Lecture Chapter 3 4.
4 Consumer and Organisational Behaviour Lecture Chapter 5. 5 Target Marketing Strategies and CRM Lecture Chapter 6. 6 Creating and Managing Products Lecture Chapter 7 8 Minor. tutorial Assignment,7 Pricing the Product Lecture Chapter 9. 8 Place Lecture Chapter 10 Mid Semester,9 IMC Part 1 Chapter 11 Lecture Major Assignment. tutorial Prep 1,10 IMC Part 2 Chapter 12 Lecture Major Assignment. tutorial Prep 2,11 IMC Part 3 Chapter 13 Lecture Major Assignment. tutorial Prep 3, 12 Ethics and Regulation in Marketing Lecture Major Assignment.
Chapter 14 tutorial Prep 4, 13 The Future of Marketing Course Review Lecture Final Q A Marketing Plan. tutorial Session,4 THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. ASSESSMENT REQUIREMENTS, Please read the assessment requirements carefully Yes carefully Assessment has been. designed to meet the course objectives The course objectives have been developed to. ensure that you graduate with the chance of being allowed to do this as a professional one. I take assessment requirements seriously So should you because if you don t you are. getting the penalty or penalties if there are multiple infractions. Please read each item and the formatting requirements thoroughly. Also university policy has changed on assessment This means that electronic submission. will be the only way to submit your work as I need to keep a soft record of all work. submitted If you have any issues with this and you are not able to submit electronically. please contact me directly,If you have any questions please ask. Compulsory guidelines for formatting of written work in MKTG8043. Failure to follow any of these presentation rules will result in penalties being. Online Submission Assignments are submitted using the course Wattle. site Submitted assignments must include the cover sheet provided on Wattle. Please keep a copy of the assignment for your records I am going to miss the. dash for the box to beat the deadline as much as the rest of you Sigh. ALL ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE IN MICROSOFT WORD ALL Penalty for not. following this is 10 of the total marks for that item and no comments on. the document After all it will be a bit hard to electronically mark work that. is not in Word format, Assignments are to be word processed which follows from the above The.
use of strict professional expression is expected This does exclude text. language LOL No seriously, No long paragraphs Paragraphs that are suitable in this unit should measure. between 5 8 sentences in length Anything longer than this is not acceptable as it. looks unprofessional makes your arguments hard to read and is something that. you should have been told not to do long before getting to this unit. Assignments must be 1 5 spaced, Page margins must be 2 5cm left bottom and top and 2 5cm on the right This. is easily set up in Word, All assignments must use 12 size font Penalty for not using 12 size is an. instant 10 of the total marks available as usually it s done to get an unfair. advantage over the pack This is going to be fair for all. All assignments must have a cover sheet with all of the appropriate details. completed including name s student number s and should be dated. Significant Penalties in excess of over 20 of the total marks available for the. assessment will apply if this does not occur Repeat offenders will be penalised at. higher levels each time, The Harvard or Oxford referencing styles can be used for the MAJOR. assignment only,5 THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY.
The minor assignment can only use the Harvard or in text referencing. method This is the preferred referencing method in business you re doing a. business unit hence the requirement, No first person writing other than the mid semester exam None 0. Absolutely nada This is because you need to learn how write in third person as. reports are prepared by an organisation not individuals in it You also will learn in. the working world that you d rather not have put your name to something that. may have contained an error as this can lead to your unemployment or a sudden. career change,Assessment Tasks,Minor Assignment,Due Date 23 55 Sunday of Week 6. Value or 20, Estimated Mid semester break will be posted on Wattle. Return Date, Suggested Required length is 2000 words for topics 1 3 Please note the word count. Length penalties,This assessment is only done individually.
Topic 3 has a compulsory video in addition to the written component For. topic 3 ONLY the marks are divided evenly between the written work and. Your video must be posted on a freely accessible vid sharing site such as. YouTube or Vimeo The time of the video on this site will be the one that is. used for the purpose of deciding any penalty Do not do option 3 if this is. an issue in any way IT IS NOT NEGOITABLE, Instructions Minor assignment topics will be given out in the week 3 seminar and will. be available on Wattle sometime after the time they are handed out in. tutorials The topics will focus on a mixture of practical and theory based. Students who do topic 3 ONLY will also complete a video presentation of. their work This video should be as engaging exciting well no need for. explosions or Bruce Willis and as interesting as possible. And yes you must be in it for at least a minute of the video How is. your decision Video length is min of 4m 00s max of 9m 59s. Penalties for exceeding the time length are as follows. 1sec 1 minute 15 of total marks available for the video. 1 minute 2 minutes 40 of total marks available for the video. 6 THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, 2 minutes 60 of the total marks available for the video. So if you go over the limit by 1 second you are taking a penalty of 1 5 of. your overall course mark It may make a difference, To achieve a pass grade in this item of assessment students must. demonstrate a satisfactory ability to critically analyse not only the question. being asked but of marketing theory and practice in different contexts and. situations, Or in other words answer the question Clearly Concisely Critically. Students will need to make use of highly credible sources of information. other than the required text Academic journals books business and. industry magazines internet resources case studies government reports. and company reports will all be considered to be sources of information for. those students seeking a pass grade or higher, The academic journal articles selected will need to be from appropriate.
and credible sources and are integrated into the analysis to justify. arguments made and use of theory These articles should also be used to. highlight the strengths and weaknesses of academic theory being applied. in practice, Students are encouraged to undertake a library tour as this will help them. become familiar with the many resources that the ANU library can offer. students to help them achieve a satisfactory result for these assignments. The ANU s Academic Skills and Learning Centre ASLC have also. produced a series of very useful documents explaining the principles of. academic honesty and the use of the Harvard referencing system These. can be found at the following URL http academicskills anu edu au. You will need to search browse the ASLC s database of Online Resources. select Undergraduate Student Referencing in the browsing fields to. locate documents entitled Referencing Basics Referencing Harvard. Using Harvard Basic Principles and Writing a References List or. Bibliography, Please note Harvard Referencing or in text referencing is the only. referencing method allowed to be used for the minor assignment. Use of any other method will attract significant penalties. Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to develop your critical analysis skills. Critical analysis skills are essential in developing a deeper understanding. of the subject content and theory in practice, The minor assignment will provide you with the opportunity to develop an. opinion support and justify that opinion through in depth analysis make a. 7 THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, conclusion and finally provide a guide for future direction on the topic. Marking Will be available on Wattle,Submission Wattle submission only.
Presentation,Major Assignment,Assessment Marketing Plan. Due date 23 55 Sunday Week 13, Estimated Week 16 but exact date will be advised on Wattle. Return Date, Maximum 7500 words for the official count that starts at your Introduction and ends. length at your Conclusion page Please note the word count penalties but given. how much you have to work with this should not be an issue for anyone. Anything outside this such as cover pages content pages reference. pages and appendices is not included in the official count. Instructions You will be completing a marketing plan on one of the topics that will be. Marketing Concepts and Practices Semester 2 2013 Mode of Delivery On campus Prerequisites None Incompatible Courses Course Convenor Lecturer Andrew Hughes Phone 6125 4872 Email andrew hughes anu edu au Office hours for student consultation By appointment only Appointment times are found on Wattle Research Interests Strategic Marketing emotions advertising marketing communications

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