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Executive Summary,1 Selecting a successful product. 2 Defining the market, 3 Market analysis leveraging primary and secondary. research to quantify value addition,4 Due diligence market and industry path to mass. production substitutes barriers to entry,Successful Product. PRODUCT MARKET, Proprietary Jack Daniels Size vanilla vs garlic ice.
vs whiskey cream,Substitutes coke vs Growth iTunes vs CDs. sequencers Segment beer vs cognac,IP patent drinkers. Us vs them Tesla vs Ford Competition space stations. Can be re used widely vs mobile phones,wheel Barriers to entry FDA. Improve user experience Industry high tech vs,heated car seats woodwork. Drivers technology vs rare,Successful Product,CUSTOMERS OTHER.
Who researcher Costs to launch R D,clinician regulations infrastructure. Need analytical assay vs marketing,diagnostic tool vs abilities grant vs cost. Want convenience price Profit luxury car vs pen,Now vs future tattoos Infrastructure lab space. Reach them ads shows machinery,conferences papers Management researchers. Keep them customer vs MBAs,service improvements Suppliers uranium vs NaCl.
consumables barriers to Channels CVS vs hospitals,Product SWOT analysis. Device technology piece of software etc E g medical device. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES,Margins Regulatory structure FDA. Access to incubators innovation Costs,Hard to replicate Customer pushback. New best in class Price,OPPORTUNITIES THREATS, Superconsumers information Device tax may be removed. hungry Tough to get funding, Mobile device compatible Healthcare reform puts admins in.
Fads charge costs, Market is a mechanism through which a business delivers value. proposition,BUSINESS CUSTOMER, Market is a mechanism through which a business delivers value. proposition,BUSINESS CUSTOMER, Market is a mechanism through which a business delivers value. proposition,BUSINESS CUSTOMER SEGMENTS,REGULATION,COMPETITION. Estimating Market Size, Quantifies the financial potential of your business.
Helps you refine business model hypotheses,Very small market size may not be worth pursuing. May be difficult to gain traction in a gigantic market. Two measurements,Money usually USD, Consumption e g washloads room nights kilowatt hours etc. Total Addressable Market TAM,Value of all of the buyer seller. TAM relationships participating in the market,SAM Served Addressable Market SAM. The part of the TAM for which your,Target business model s value proposition is.
Market strongest,Target Market,Usually demographic segment of the. SAM with the most direct path to,Target market should be proportionally. larger than cost of development, PRODUCT Oral insulin formulation Total Addressable Market TAM. Value of all of the buyer seller,Diabetes need,relationships participating in the market. Afraid of needles Served Addressable Market SAM,The part of the TAM for which your.
Insurance business model s value proposition is,will cover strongest. Target Market,Usually demographic segment of the,SAM with the most direct path to. Target market should be proportionally,larger than cost of development. Identify Market Niche Market Segmentation, 1 Key to understanding target market size and needs as. well as product fit,2 Help identify point of entry.
Teletubbies Children,Vampire Diaries Teenagers,Sex in the City Housewives. The Big Bang Theory Grad students,Market Valuation. Good overview http www lek com sites default files Volume IV Issue 2 pdf. Number Penetration Volume and,US Bureau of What Final number. Economic Analysis percentage x price,US Census will use your. Hoovers product,Trade Associations,Non Profit Groups.
Market Profitability Porter s Five Forces,Bargaining power. of suppliers,Threat of Competition new,substitutes within a market entrants. http www quickmba com str,ategy porter shtml,Bargaining power http hbr org video 35906152. of customers 26001 the explainer porters,five forces. Market analysis Research Product Market and,Ensure Value Addition.
1 Primary research interviews and surveys expert,opinion KOLs inventors customers. 2 Secondary research internet printed documents,Benchmark against existing products and companies. Look at companies who have recently failed, Sources Frost and Sullivan ISIS data monitor reports. New best in class Regulatory structure FDA Costs Customer pushback Price Superconsumers information hungry Mobile device compatible Fads Device tax may be removed Tough to get funding Healthcare reform puts admins in charge costs Market Market is a mechanism through which a business delivers value proposition BUSINESS CUSTOMER Market Market is a mechanism through which a business

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