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Technical Manuals Online http www tech man com,Table Of Contents. I DESCRIPTION OF THE MXL MARINE CONTROL PANEL 1,Introduction 1. Equipment Location 2,Software 2,Minimum MXL Control Panel Configuration 2. Components of the Basic System 5,MMB 2 Main Board 5. MPS 6 Power Supply 6,MPS 12 Power Supply 6,MKB 1 Keyboard Annunciator Panel 6.
TSP 40 Logging Printer 7,TSW 2 Tamper Switch 7,BP 61 Batteries 7. BTX Batteries 7,Optional Modules 8,MOM 4 Card Cage 8. MOM 2 Card Cage 8,CSM 4 Signal Module 9,CRM 4 Relay Module 9. CZM 4 Conventional Zone Module 9,ALD 2I Analog Loop Driver 9. PSR 1 Remote Power Supply 10,NET 4 Communication Interface 10.
NET 7 Communication Interface 11,MOI 7 Voice and Annunciator Driver 11. MOD 16 Output Driver 11,MID 16 Input Driver 11,PIM 1 Peripheral Interface Module 12. CZM 1B6 Remote Conventional Zone Module 12,LIM 1 Loop Isolator Module 12. Intelligent Analog Devices 13, FP 11 Intelligent Analog Photoelectric Detector 13. FPT 11 Intelligent Thermal Detector 13, ILP 1 Intelligent Analog Photoelectric Detector 13.
ILPT 1 Intelligent Analog Photoelectric Detector with Heat Sensor 13. ILI 1 Intelligent Analog Ionization Detector 13, ILI 1H Intelligent Analog Ionization High Altitude Detector 13. ILI 1A Intelligent Analog Ionization High Air Velocity Detector 13. ILI 1A Intelligent Analog Ionization High Air Velocity High Velocity Detector 13. ILI 1AH Intelligent Analog Ionization High Air Velocity High Altitude Detector 14. ILI 1B Intelligent Analog Ionization Air Duct Detector 14. ILI 1BH Intelligent Analog Ionization Air Duct High Altitude Detector 14. MSI 10B 20B Intelligent Manual Station 14,MSI B6F Intelligent Manual Station 14. TRI B6M Intelligent Interface Module 14,Technical Manuals Online http www tech man com i. Conventional Devices 14,DI 3 Ionization Detector 14. DI 3H Ionization High Altitude Detector 14,DI A3 Ionization High Air Velocity Detector 14.
DI A3H Ionization High Air Velocity High Altitude Detector 15. DI B3 Ionization Air Duct Detector 15, DI B3H Ionization Air Duct High Altitude Detector 15. DT 11 Thermal Detector 15,DT C Series 15,DT 135 200 WP 15. DT 140 190 EP 15,PE 11 Photoelectric Detector 15,PE 11T Photoelectric Detector with Heat Sensor 15. DB SEAL and DB 11 SEAL 16,II POWER REQUIREMENTS 17. Power Transfer Relay 18,III AUDIBLE ALARMS 19,Alarm Locations and Requirements 19.
IV INITIATING DEVICES MANUAL 20,V REMOTE ANNUNCIATION 20. Remote Annunciators 20,VI DETECTOR APPLICATION AND SPACING 21. 1 Smoke Detectors 21,2 Thermal Detectors 21,3 Planning A Fire Detection System 22. 4 Detector Installation 25,VII ENCLOSURES 26,1 Shock Mounting for Enclosures 26. 2 Installation 26,VIII WIRING SPECIFICATIONS 32,1 ALD Loop Configuration Guide 32.
2 Wiring Specification for MXL 34,US COAST GUARD APPROVED EQUIPMENT LIST 37 44. COAST GUARD TYPICAL MXL CONNECTION DIAGRAM 45 47,ii Manuals Online http www tech man com. I Description of the MXL,Marine Control Panel,INTRODUCTION. This manual contains information regarding The MXL Control Panel is capable of read. MXL equipment and detectors that are US ing and displaying the sensitivity of remote. Coast Guard approved The use of any other intelligent analog ionization and photoelecric. equipment in systems required by US Coast detection devices at the control panel. Guard regulations but not US Coast Guard, approved should only be considered when The system complies with the requirements. absolutely necessary Special US Coast of NFPA 72 and NFPA13 It is Underwriters. Guard one time approval would be required Laboratory 864 and 1076 security listed. NOTE When designing Fire Control The basic MXL Control Panel can monitor. Systems for various types of vessels the up to 2 analog loops each containing up to. designer should be aware of the required 60 intelligent devices Through the addition. vessel type domestic and SOLAS regula of a MOM 4 card cage the System can be. tions applicable for that vessel expanded to as many as 6 analog loops. With the addition of PSR 1 power supplies, The MXL Control Panel from Siemens the System can be expanded to as many as.
Building Technologies Inc is an advanced 34 analog loops. fire protection and alarm control panel that, provides superior fire protection and multi The MXL Control Panel can control a wide. plexed alarm reporting Its use of unique variety of System outputs such as conven. multi processor network design along with tional Form C relay contacts solid state. its ability to utilize both analog and conven outputs supervised outputs to control alarm. tional detection devices make it the out notification appliances municipal tie out. standing control unit in the life safety field puts and leased line outputs. Regardless of the size or complexity of the The MXL Control Panel can process logical. life safety and security system require decisions based on the status of initiating. ments the MXL system can be used for the devices The System can respond with. smallest to the largest applications customer specified sequences of output. circuit operation,The MXL is ideally suited for Marine institu. tional and industrial fire and security appli The System continuously checks all soft. cations ware and hardware for proper operation It,continuously checks all System memory. The MXL Control Panel can process logical components control panel electronic hard. decisions based on the status of initiating ware and the System program A hardwire. devices The system will also respond to watchdog circuit is provided to ensure that. specified sequences of output circuit operation System programs are functioning properly If. Technical Manuals Online http www tech man com 1,Description of the MXL Control Panel. a problem develops with the program or SOFTWARE,processor the watchdog circuit places the.
The MXL software was written in a high,System into a trouble condition and resets it. level language for ease of maintenance, To ensure reliable operation the MXL The software incorporates a multitasking. System is composed of independent mod operating system that allows the micropro. ules each with its own microprocessor If cessor to handle many tasks almost simulta. the main panel s central processing unit neously This enables the MXL System to. stops these modules operating in degrade handle communications to all initiating and. still annunciate any alarm or trouble through output option boards and to the annunciator. common lines called Any Alarm and Any This also enables the MXL System to check. Trouble All of the modules communicate that everything is running. with the MXL Panel through a serial com,When the MXL Control Panel receives. munications system,power the System runs a start up proce. All modules are continuously supervised for dure that sets up all initial conditions The. their presence and for proper operation System then starts the operating system. Problems are shown on the display to aid in and the initialization routines for all of the. servicing and troubleshooting tasks most of which concern handling. System modules When the display task is, The MXL System is designed so that fire finished initializing it displays the default.
alarm operation has first priority over all time and date at powerup Initialization of. other modes of operation If the System other modules may take several seconds. loses battery and commercial power it but this takes place in the background and. automatically goes through an initialization so does not affect System operation. routine when power is returned,The MXL System polls all network addresses. to see that all specified modules are present,EQUIPMENT LOCATION. and that there are no unspecified modules, MXL System equipment shall not be installed Any modules or devices that do not agree with. in locations that require an exceptional the programmed data are reported as. degree of protection such as those that are troubles on the annunciator. exposed to weather seas splashing, pressure directed liquids or similar moisture MINIMUM MXL CONTROL PANEL. conditions These locations include CONFIGURATION TO MEET NFPA 72. UL 1076 AND NFPA 13, 2 A machinery space Table 1 presents the minimum MXL System.
configuration necessary to meet NFPA 72,3 A cargo space. UL 1076 and NFPA 13 requirements,4 A location within a galley or pantry area. laundry or water closet which contains a,shower or bath and. 5 Other spaces with similar environmental,conditions. 2 Manuals Online http www tech man com,Description of the MXL Control Panel.
MINIMUM MXL CONFIGURAT ION T O MEET NFPA 72 UL 1076 AND NFPA 13. NFPA Minimum Quantity,Module Description 72 1076 b 13. MMB 2a MXL Main Unit 1 1 1,MPS 6 Power Supply 1 1 1. MPS 12 Power Supply 1 1 1,MKB 1 Keyboard Annunciator Panel 1 1 1. TSP 40 Logging Printer X 1 X,MOM 4 Optional Module Card Cage X 1c X. CSM 4 Signal Module X 1d,CZM 4 Conventional Zone Module X.
ALD 2I Analog Loop Driver,CZM 1B6 Remote Conventional Zone Module X. Batteriesf 1e 1e 1e,TSW 2 Tamper Switch X 1 X,PSR 1 Remote Power Supply X Xg X. X not required, For NFPA 72 Remote Station applications one CSM 4 circuit must be configured. for alarm transmission In addition depending on the local authority having. jurisdiction additional circuits may be required for Supervisory or Trouble. transmission For NFPA 72 Auxiliary applications one CSM 4 is required For. other NFPA 72 applications the CSM 4 is optional, Any one of these modules is sufficient as an initiating device. Only TRI B6 TRI S TRI B6R TRI R and TRI B6D TRI D can be used as. security initiating devices, NOTES e The batteries available are BP 61 BTX 1 and.
a The MMB 2 must be programmed by the CSG M BTX 2 The BP 61 is a module consisting of two. for all System configurations See CSG M 12V 15 AH batteries The BTX 1 batteries are a. Programming Manual P N 315 090381 pair of 12V 31 AH batteries The BTX 2 are a. b Refer to System wiring Diagram in this manual pair of 12V 55 AH batteries Actual battery size. depends on System Configuration,c UL 1076 requires a Model TSW 2 tamper switch. and a TSP 40 printer f See Appendix C in the MXL Manual P N 315. 092036 for Battery Calculations, d Refer to the CSM 4 installation instructions P N. 315 090854 for programming g The PSR 1 is not listed for security. Technical Manuals Online http www tech man com 3,Description of the MXL Control Panel. Main Board,SIEMENS BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES,ACK ALARM POWER. AUD PARTIAL,SIL SYSTEM,ACK SUPERVISORY,ACK TROUBLE NEXT HOLD.
ACK SECURITY,ALT 1 ALT 2,FUNCTION FUNCTION FUNCTION. 1 2 3 HELP,4 5 6 PRINT,7 8 9 FEED F3,0 ENTER CLEAR. MOM 4 MOM 4 MOM 4,Optional 1 Optional 2 Optional 3. BATTERIES MPS 12,The Basic MXL Control Panel,4 Manuals Online http www tech man com. Description of the MXL Control Panel,COMPONENTS OF THE BASIC.
BATTERY F3,CZM 1 POWER,P3 MOM 4 MPS 6,POWER TO MOM 4 15 AMP 8 AMP. The basic MXL Control Panel consists of the,LOOP 2 MMB 2. following components,MMB 2 Main Board,TO ANN 1 NAC 1. 12A TO MOM 4,DISCONNECT TAMPER,MPS 6 or MPS 12 Power Supply. 3 DO NOT USE 9,2 P16 SPV 8,MXL Rev 9 MXL Rev 8,MKB 1 Keyboard Annunciator.
and higher and lower,I I I I I I TRBL 5,P15 2 C C 2 C. 1 1 1 1 1 1 4,S7 4 1 1 3 1,S4 0 1 2 3 4 5 3,PROGRAMMER OFF ON. P10 1 P4 1 P6,TSP 40 Logging Printer NFPA 72,D2300CP PRINTER P5 MOM 4. Proprietary and UL 1076 configurations,Figure 2 MME 3 CG Enclosure. MMB 2 Main Board TSW 2 Tamper Switch UL 1076 configu. ration only,BP 61 BTX 1 or BTX 2 Batteries,MMB 2 Main Board.
The MMB 2 Main Board contains,16 bit central processing unit CPU. System read only memories EPROMs,System random access memory RAM. FLASH memory for the CSG M,Watchdog circuitry,Network interface circuitry. Battery charger,24V regulator,AC transfer relay,Class A CZM 1 power. 24 VDC unregulated supply,Two analog loops initiating control.
Two notification appliance circuits au,dible visual circuits. Three dry contact relays,Technical Manuals Online http www tech man com 5. Description of the MXL Control Panel,MPS 6 Power Supply. The MPS 6 is a supervised power supply,that converts 120 VAC 60 Hz to unregu. lated 24 VDC at 6A,MPS 12 Power Supply,The MPS 12 is a high current power supply.
that provides the MXL System with primary,24 VDC power It is rated at 12 amps and is. unfiltered and unregulated The MPS 12,supplies the MMB 2 or PSR 1 and its. expansion modules with the power required,for normal operation The module incorpo. rated a 5 amp resettable circuit breaker on,the primary input a 15 amp fuse on the 24V. output and a built in AC line filter for surge,and noise suppression The MPS 12.
Figure 3 mounts in the MXL enclosure backbox,MPS 6 and MPS 12 Power Supply. MKB 1 Keyboard Annunciator Panel,The MKB 1 Keyboard Annunciator Panel is. the annunciator and manual control panel,for the MXL It includes the 2 line 80. character alphanumeric display that annun,TO P8 OF MMB 2. ciates alarms supervisories troubles,security conditions and maintenance.
US Coast Guard Approved Certificate No Cert No 161 002 22 7 Marine Fire Detection System Manual MXL Control Panel Reference ULI File No S522 P N 315 092382 6 Fire Safety

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