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2 March 2017,Senior Forum Thursday March 16,10 11 a m No cost. We Will Not Be Held Hostage by Fear,Resolving Fear through Knowledge and Action. Bruce McBeath and Karl Rydholm, XVW IUHDNLQJ RXW KHOSV QRERG 7KHVH XQFHUWDLQ WLPHV FDQ SXOO XV RII FHQWHU DQG GLVFRQQHFW. XV IURP LPSRUWDQW SHUVRQDO DQG VRFLDO YDOXHV H QHHG ZD V WR DFFHVV WKH ZLVGRP LQ DJ. LQJ WR QDYLJDWH WRGD V ZRUOG DQG LGHQWLI RXU RZQ ULJKW DFWLRQ. 3OHDVH FRPH WR 0DUFK V IRUXP DQG DGG RXU H SHULHQFH DQG SHUVSHFWLYH LQWR RXU UHIOHF. WLRQV OO DUH ZHOFRPH Dr Bruce McBeath is a clinical psychologist and the Rev Karl Rydholm. is a Lutheran clergyman, Look Then Look Again even hardly ever A tiny number. On any given day the news of of real events or thought to be. fers one more reminder to be real can create the conditions. afraid This era of fake news for our ever ready amygdala to. and alternative facts has al fire up preparation for threat. ready had record numbers of now real or imagined Infre. Americans checking out copies quent even rare and particular. of the George Orwell classic ly unpredictable events are best. 1984 to re orient to the dy able to reinforce fear. namics of political spin spon, sored by fear This stuff was a This shows how fear feeds on.
lot more fun to read in college the exaggeration deception. than to live through it today yet and distortion within fake. understanding how fear works is essential for news Our reactions to these. managing it now conditions of alternative reality will activate. our amygdala and fuel more intense experienc, Essential because unchecked fear is a powerful es of fearfulness unless we are very careful to. drug that makes us sick But what helps us separate out what s real from what s not For. maintain a safer relationship with this most this we use another portion of our brain where. primitive of instincts our capacity for reason and cool judgment re. Right off it helps to know a couple of real facts, about how fear operates in the psyche of us hu Thus healthy living requires regular doses of. mans Back in the upper reaches of our brain real reality We require access to the kind of. stem lies the amygdala an organ evolved to in information that helps us determine when to be. crease our survival odds This is the center of concerned or when it s just another false. our fight flight or freeze response arising in alarm Fake facts as George Orwell well. the face of threat This could be immediate or knew are designed to hijack our amygdala. evoked out of personal past thought to be real and shut down the parts of our brain that. which might in some cases turn out to be real help us process information and form solid. Our amygdala sounds the alarm and we be conclusions Alt facts intend to make us. come hyper alert and ready to respond prisoners of our fears Real truth is always our. antidote to fear mongering 2017,That s Fact One Fact Two lies in the power of. intermittent reinforcement Conditions that By Bruce McBeath Ph D. arouse fear needn t be present every time or Licensed Psychologist. 3 Looking for Fun March 2017,Find the Leprechauns Technology Lab. March 1 17 at Pier 55 Mondays 1 2 p m No cost,Tom and Judy Walsh will be in the Cyber.
Leprechauns will be on the loose,Center to help answer your questions about. daily at the Pier 55 March 1 17 computers iPhones iPads and digital cameras If there s. Why St Patrick is having a an application you want to try or are having some. Leprechaun Treasure Hunt Simply find the Leprechaun difficulty with come talk to them. picture upper left located some where throughout the. building NOT inside Pottery Museum or Fiesta Cancun Laptop Checkout. and give it to Program Coordinator Stef Braun for a No cost. prize Leprechauns are tricky so you may Need to use a computer Members can check out lap. have to search a little bit Then on Friday tops to use on site Sign out at the front desk. March 17 someone will find THIS pot of gold,Google Class. Free Movin Pictures March 15 1 p m,Laurel and Hardy Judy and Tom Walsh. Tuesday March 7 2 3 30 p m No cost, Hal Roach s All Talking Comedies are now ready Your New Year s Resolution To learn about Google. Stop in and watch Our Gang Laurel Hardy All Stars Drive Google Sheets Google Calendar Google Docs. Charlie Chase and more Bring your own popcorn and and Google Maps. beverages but you ll have to clean up any spills,Future 3 30 p m on April 4 May 2.
LOCAL BUILDERS AND RE,REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS,SPECIALIZING IN TO. TOWNHOUSE CONSTRUCTOIN,CALL 651 388 4711,910 MAIN STREET SUITE 201. RED WING MINNESOTA 55066,Over 90 Local Companies,Organic Meats Dairy. Bulk Foods,Supplements Open,Health Beauty Mon Sat,318 Bush St Red Wing MN. Rich Merrell to place an ad today www simpleabundanceredwing. www sonushearingprofessionals com rmerrell 4LPi com or 800 950 9952 x5824 651 388 0333. Locally owned since 2000,First Communion Seasonal Gifts.
Devotional Aids Fontanini,Confirmation Collectibles. Wedding Games,Baptism Movies,Books and Gifts,651 437 9169. 114 E Second St Hastings MN 55033,Mahn Family,Funeral and Cremation Services. Traditional Services 651 388 3343,Memorial Services. Pre arrangements Bodelson Mahn Chapel,Cremations 602 Plum St Red Wing MN 55066.
on site crematory,www mahnfamilyfuneralhome com, For ad info call 1 800 950 9952 www 4lpi com Red Wing Area Seniors Inc Red Wing MN A 4C 02 1019. 4 New Lunch Group for Members March 2017,Food With Friends Legacy Giving. Thursday March 23 Roundtable Discussion,Thursday March 23 11 a m Noon. 12 15 1 30 p m,Most people want to leave their mark on the world. Pier 55 Community Room in some way If you are interested in learning more. Cost 7 25 about legacy and other gifts join this roundtable dis. Pre register by March 16 cussion with financial advisor John Lang of. Red Wing Area Seniors is launching a new program a Edward Jones in Lake City and Kim Wojcik Executive. lunch with friends Join us for a MEMBERS ONLY monthly Director of Red Wing Area Seniors. lunch Gather with old friends or make some new ones This hour long discussion can answer tough questions. Are you a new member or have you been a member for What is an annuity Why would I want one and who. ever It doesn t matter Everyone gals and guys is would benefit from it What are different tax rules. welcome everyone who s a member that is and laws for leaving a legacy or annuity What is a. legacy gift, Boxed lunches will be purchased from local restaurants Many people ask At the end of my life where are.
and delivered to Pier 55 for you my assets going Are the decisions I made or will. Our regular lunch date will be the FOURTH Thursday make accomplishing my dreams and goals How can. from12 15 1 30 p m in our Community Room I bequeath monetary gifts in a way that is fiscally. responsible so that all parties involved receive the. most gain with the least tax penalty,5 ENTERTAINMENT AND GAMES March 2017. Book Club for Women Chinese Mahjong Mondays 1 p m, First Friday 10 30 a m American Mahjong Tuesdays 1 p m. Facilitator Jane Whiteside Euchre 1st 3rd Mondays 12 30 p m. March 3 LQWHULQJ by Peter Geye 500 2nd 4th Mondays 12 30 p m. April 7 0LOOHU 9DOOH by Anna Quindlen Scrabble Wednesdays 11a m. May 5 7KH HGQHVGD 6LVWHUV by Meg Waite Clayton Puzzle Club Wednesdays 11 a m. June 2 URRNO Q by Colin Tobin, July 7 0DUMRULH 0RUQLQJVWDU by Herman Wouk Wild Woman Cards. Thursdays March 9 23 9 30 a m, Writers Workshop and First Friday April 1 Noon 2 Cyber Room. 4th Thursday of each month Remember canasta and Hand and Foot Then you can. Mar 23 10 a m All are welcome learn this game Guys are welcome We ve added a third. game day first Friday 12 2 p m for March April and May. in the Cyber Center then for June Dec first Friday at 9 30. Attention Chess Players 11 30 a m in the Community Room. The Chess Club has renewed interest For information contact Clare Cox 651 212 6178. and is looking for a few more players wildsplash charter net. The club meets every Wednesday at,12 30 p m at Caribou Coffee Call Duplicate Bridge.
Program Coordinator Stef Braun at RWAS for more in Thursdays March 2 16 11 15 a m. formation Looking for something fun and challenging for your mind. Bridge is a great game,VOGEL GORMAN PLC,ATTORNEYS AT LAW. CONTINUING A TRADITION SINCE 1935,GEORGE F VOGEL,RICHARD D GORMAN. ADAM J LODERMEIER,MARGARET M NOVACK,MASONIC BUILDING. 454 W FOURTH STREET,RED WING MN 55066,Cooperative Housing for 651 388 2833 651 388 1511. www vogelgormanplc com,Quality Living,Community of Friends.
and Neighbors,Fewer Hassles More Fun,651 388 2029,Paul M Reding AAMS. Steven P Beech AAMS www villagecooperative com,Financial Advisor. Financial Advisor,910 Main Street,525 Bush Street,Red Wing MN 55066. Red Wing MN 55066,651 388 8895,651 388 1762,Mike Dube AAMS Conor J Smyth CFP. Financial Advisor Financial Advisor,139 Tyler Rd South 205 East Avenue.
Red Wing MN 55066 Red Wing MN 55066,651 385 7681 651 388 6286. John L Lang AAMS,Financial Advisor,1215 North 7th Street. Lake City MN 55041,651 345 2525,Call or visit any of our financial advisors. in the Red Wing and Lake City area,www edwardjones com. For ad info call 1 800 950 9952 www 4lpi com Red Wing Area Seniors Inc Red Wing MN B 4C 02 1019. FITNESS AND FUN March 2017,0 12 3 New Zumba, Want to count your steps but don t have a fitbit Our Owner Jennifer Weyer started her group.
very own Doug Blakesley has done the counting for you fitness journey in 2011 when she attended. If you find yourself needing somewhere to walk inside her first Zumba Class and she hasn t stopped. stop at Pier 55 If you walk from end to end of our hall since In the beginning she couldn t believe. way Fiesta Cancun to Pottery Museum going one way it that an intense workout could be so much fun. is 89 steps for men and 101 steps for women Make 8 yet provide great results. 10 trips back and forth and you have approximately a Jennifer s Classes. thousand extra steps in your day Keep moving No sign Pound Fit Mondays 4 30 p m and Thursday 6 p m. up fee or membership required Just your walking shoes POUND provides the perfect atmosphere for letting. loose getting energized toning up and rocking out,Zumba Fitness. Stretching for Range of Motion Mondays 6 p m and Thursdays 4 30 p m. Thursdays 8 30 9 10 a m Zumba Fitness is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fit. Instructor Kim Wojcik ness entertainment and culture into an exhilarating. AOA punch card and Silver Fit can be dance fitness sensation Zumba exercise classes are. used for this class fitness parties that blend upbeat world rhythms with. easy to follow choreography This is a total body, Range of motion determines many of the activities of dai workout that feels like a celebration. ly living we are able to do We begin with walking and. other movements to warm the body then we move into Fees for Jeniffer s Classes. flowing movements and follow with some balance and Pay per class Punch Card. held stretches Feel good all over 10 per any class 4 Classes 35 buy 4. This class is 5 for drop in s or a 10 class punch card is get 1 class FREE. available for 20 7 student and Senior Disc 8 Classes 60 buy 8. get 2 classes FREE,Active Older Adults Fitness 16 classes 100 buy. Mondays Wednesdays Fridays 16 get 4 FREE, 9 a m Cost 25 10 classes For student and senior discount punch cards and info. Instructor Jessie Grider visit http jenniferwellnessstudio com pricing. Enjoy a complete workout with, cardio respiratory strengthening balance and stretching.
components mixed with variety and fun Won t You Join List of. Faithful Cake Bakers,Did you know Red Wing Area Seniors provide. homemade birthday cakes for young men at the Red,Get Fit With Emily and Sarah. Tuesdays 8 30 9 10 a m Wing Minnesota Correctional facility We get a. Cost 25 10 classes monthly list and we call members who bake and de. Instructors Sarah Fox and Emily Hadler liver a cake on the appointed day Your efforts are. appreciated, Join us for this upbeat circuit class Call or stop in for We received a thank you signed by 11 men who. more details AOA punch card and Silver Fit can be wrote Thank you so much for the delicious German. used for this class chocolate cake Me as well as all of my peers en. joyed it very much and are very,Pilates appreciative It was very nice of. Instructor Kim Wojcik you to go out of your way to make. Fridays 11 11 40 a m us a cake from scratch and it was. Cost 4 per class 6 non members very goodl Thank you again. 10 class punch cards are available,7 HEALTH AND WELLNESS March 2017.
Jin Shin Jyutsu JSJ treatments at Pier 55,RPHQ V LWQHVV HQWHU V. KULVWLQD XUDZD RIIHUV LQ 6KLQ XWVX 6 ZKLFK LV,3ODFH IRU RPHQ V HOO EHLQJ. DQ DQFLHQW KHDOLQJ DUH, RWAS women members are invited to try the Women s VLPLODU WR DFXSUHVVXUH W. Fitness Center 2311 Old West Main St behind 4 Sea PD EH KHOSIXO WR SHRSOH. son s Sports It s FREE all week March 13 18 ZKR, Special hours for RWAS members are Monday Friday DUH UHFRYHULQJ IURP. 9 to 5 and Saturday 9 to 1 Show your RWAS member DQ LOOQHVV LQMXU VXU. ship card and for a chance to win a prize on Saturday JHU RU FDQFHU WUHDW. Each day you exercise you can enter your name in the ment. 1 March 2017 March 2017 Red Wing Minnesota Vol 58 No 3 Thursday at the Movies Sully Thursday March 9 12 30 2 30 p m Writers Workshop 4th Thursday of each month Mar 23 10 a m All are welcome Attention Chess Players The Chess Club has renewed interest and is looking for a few more players The club meets every Wednesday at 12 30 p m at Caribou Coffee Call Program

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