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JoWooD Entertainment AG,Heiligenst dter Stra e 201 203 Top 19. 1190 Vienna Austria,Homepage JoWooD www jowood com. Homepage ArcaniA Gothic 4 www arcania game com, ArcaniA Gothic 4 2010 by JoWooD Entertainment AG Austria BVT Games Fund III Dynamic GmbH Co KG Germany Produced by BVT Games. Fund III Dynamic GmbH Co KG Germany Executive Producer Attaction GmbH Co Production KG Germany Published by JoWooD Entertainment. AG Austria Developed by Spellbound Entertainment AG Germany The JoWooD design and mark are registered trademarks of JoWooD Entertainment AG. All other brands product names and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners Gothic and Piranha Bytes are registered. trademarks of Pluto 13 GmbH, Software graphics music text names and manual are copyrighted This software and manual must not be copied reproduced. or translated and must not be reproduced in whole or in part in any electronic medium or machine readable form without the. prior written consent of JoWooD Entertainment AG Most hardware and software brands in this manual are registered trademarks. and must be treated as such, PhysX Technology provided under license from NVIDIA Corporation Copyright 2002 2010 NVIDIA.
Corporation All rights reserved, Portions of this software utilize SpeedTree RT technology 2010 Interactive Data Visualization Inc SpeedTree is. In Memoriam, a registered trademark of Interactive Data Visualization Inc. Uses Simul Weather SDK Copyright 2007 2010 Simul Software Ltd All rights reserved. Powered by Trinigy Vision Engine Trinigy is a registered trademark 2003 2010 by Trinigy. Epilepsy warning,GmbH and its affiliates All rights reserved. Armin Gessert, Some people may experience loss of consciousness or epileptic seizures when exposed to 13th June 1963 8th November 2009. certain light effects or flashes of light Certain graphics and effects in computer games may. trigger an epileptic seizure or loss of consciousness in these people Previously unknown pre. dispositions for epilepsy may also be stimulated If you or someone in your family has epilepsy. please consult your doctor before playing this game If you experience symptoms such as. dizziness blurred vision eye or muscle spasms unconsciousness disorientation or any sort of. involuntary motions or cramps while playing this game turn the device off IMMEDIATELY and. consult a doctor before playing again,Technical information Hotline.
e mail support quanticlab com, Skype support quantic lab Monday Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Travelling on Argaan 15, Gothic Story Introduction 6 Attributes of the Hero 16. Main Menu 7 Level up 17,Continue Game 7,New Game 7. Fighting 17,Load Game 7 Documents 18,Settings 7 Consumables 18. Marketplace 7,Crafting 19,Extras 7 Dialogue Menu 20.
Dialogue Options 20,Default Game Controls 8 Additional Topics 20. Game Interface 9 Trading 21,Feedback Bar 1 9,Buy Sell 21. Interaction Tooltip 2 9,Health Mana Stamina 3 9,Experience 4 9 Lockpicking 21. Quick Launch Bar 5 9 Options and Settings 22,Quickslotbar 6 10 Video 22. Level up 7 and Crafting Order 8 Reminders 10 Audio 22. Crosshair 9 10 Controls 22,Mini Map 10 10 Gameplay 22.
Game Menu 11 A Story from the Cleaved Maiden 23, Continue Game 11 http www worldofgothic de gothic4 kurzgeschichten htm 25. Save Game 11 Credits 26,Load Game 11,Options 11,END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT EULA 32. Back to Main Menu 11,Questbook 12,Inventory Equipment and Character Stats 13. Skill Menu 14 System Requirements,Skill Points 14,Acquiring Skills 14 Minimum. Skill Descriptions 14 Windows XP Vista 7, Active and Passive Skills 14 Intel Core 2 Duo 2 8 GHz AMD Athlon II x2 2 8 GHz.
Map 15 GeForce 8800 GTX,Moving the Map 15,9 GB HDD Space. Zooming in or out of the Map 15,Toggle between World Map and Underground Map 15. Recommended,Known Goals Places 15,Windows XP Vista 7. Teleportation Stones 15,Intel Core I7 3 GHz AMD Phenom II x4 3 GHz. GeForce GTX 295,9 GB HDD Space,Gothic Story Introduction Main Menu.
Since Rhobar III the king of Myrtana and his men landed on Argaan war has covered Continue Game. the Southern Islands like an oil soaked cloth Even Feshyr a placid island far out in Continues the game from the point where you last saved. the Southern Sea has felt its fiery touch when the hero of our story returned after. adventures in the hinterlands of the island his village was in flames The strangers New Game. who attacked Feshyr under the flag of the Myrtanian king sailed away in plain sight Starts a new game. of his hate filled eyes Load Game, The hero leaves his destroyed homeland with vengeance on his mind but soon realises Loads a savegame of your choice and lets you continue playing from there. there is much more behind the attack on Feshyr than just the whims of a despotic Settings. king An evil power lurks at the threshold to the world a power that not only Opens the Options menu where you can make changes to gameplay graphics audio. threatens the Southern Islands but all mankind and navigation settings For further information see page 22. Marketplace, Opens up the Marketplace where you can buy different ArcaniA Gothic 4 items. Take a closer look at who took part in the development of ArcaniA Gothic 4. Artwork and design sketches for ArcaniA Gothic 4,Default Game Controls. E Interact,F Unequip Weapon,Space Bar Jump,Left Mouse Button Attack. Right Mouse Button Block and Dodge,W A S D Move,1 0 Quick Launch Bar.
Mouse Move Camera,Z Aim with Bow Game Interface,Ctrl Left Sneak Feedback Bar 1. I Inventory On the left you ll get feedback on certain events such as quest updates and level up. announcements,Interaction Tooltip 2, M World Map The interaction tooltip appears at the bottom of the screen whenever you look at an object or. L Questbook,Health Mana Stamina 3,C Crafting, Health Mana and Stamina are shown in the lower centre of the screen Mana blue. F5 Quick Save is use when casting spells and Stamina gold when using skills and these refill over. time Your Health red shows your health,F9 Quick Load. Experience 4, Your experience points appear beneath your Mana Stamina and Health When the.
yellow bar is completely full you ll gain one level The numeric values show how many. points you have and how many you need to level again. Quick Launch Bar 5, The spells and items displayed on the lower edge of the screen are those currently tied. to your quick launch buttons default 1 0,Quickslotbar 6. In the bottom left corner of the screen are the spells and items you can. quickly select with the directional pad Hold the left bumper to select up to four more Continue Game. items Exit the Game Menu and return to the current game. Level up 7 and Crafting Order 8 Reminders Save Game. These appear to remind you if you still have skill points left to assign or if you could Save the current game in a new slot or overwrite an older savegame. still craft more items, Crosshair 9 Loads a savegame of your choice and lets you continue playing from there. When you draw a weapon or prepare to cast a spell a crosshair will appear in the. middle of the screen Some attacks are charged and their progress appears right. Opens the Options menu where you can make changes to gameplay graphics audio. underneath the crosshair, and navigation settings For further information see page 22. Mini Map 10,Back to Main Menu, In the top right corner is an overview of your immediate surroundings and the points.
Ends your current game and takes you back to the main menu. of the compass Important characters and items can also be set to appear here The. arrows at the edge of the mini map show which way your next quest objective is for. you priority quest,Questbook Inventory Equipment and Character Stats. The inventory is on the right side of the screen It is divided into seven different cate. The questbook lists all your current tasks If your list comprises several tasks you can. gories Click on the category names to move between them. prioritise one by selecting it and clicking Prioritise Quest On the map and the mini. map directional markers for this quest will then be highlighted in red with the arrows Move the mouse over an icon to highlight it Right clicking an item will set it as. at the edge of the minimap pointing in the direction of your quest objectives You can your current melee or ranged combat weapon or equipment item Right clicking also. also review successfully completed quests in your questbook under the Completed consumes food or learn a recipe The equipment your character is currently wearing is. Quests tab To view the bestiary click the Creatures tab Whenever you defeat a displayed on the left side of the screen. specimen of a new species an entry about it will be added to the bestiary. Drag items to the quick launch bar to quickly equip them from there at any time Note. that not all items can be placed in the quick launch bar. Your hero s attributes are displayed in the middle of the screen see Attributes of the. Skill Menu Map,Moving the Map,Skill Points, Hold the left mouse button on the map and move the mouse in order to change the. Skill points are awarded with level ups and are used to acquire new skills. map selection,Acquiring Skills,Zooming in or out of the Map. Move your mouse cursor over the skill lines and boxes to look at the different skills in. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out of the map, more detail Click the to invest skill points in a skill line and to remove them. Clicking Save will set your points permanently so spend them carefully Toggle between World Map and Underground Map. With a click on the button Show Underground or Show Surface you can toggle. Skill Descriptions, between the outside world and the underground realms.
Descriptions of each skill appear on the left of the screen. Known Goals Places,Active and Passive Skills, Goals or places you have already visited are marked with clear bright outlines whereas. Active and unique passive skills and spells are marked with a larger shield like icon. unexplored areas are dark and blurry, As the tooltip says spells can be manually cast or assigned to the quick slot bar. by dragging the spell icon see left of the skill line to it Some spells are passive Teleportation Stones. permanently improving the functionality of other existing skills Some skills Teleportation stones are marked on the map with concentric circles. permanently enhance the functionality of other skills Passive skills appear in smaller. fields and improve your basic attributes Investing in passive skills allows you to access. higher active or unique passive skills,Travelling on Argaan. Rich or poor Argaans usually walk But there are a few ancient stone circles on the. island allowing certain chosen people to instantly travel from one circle to the other. Whenever you gain enough experience points your hero will gain one level His basic. attribute values will then automatically rise and you will also receive additional skill. points to further improve your hero see the Skill Menu section for instructions on how. to do so As long as there are skill points left to spend you will see a reminder icon. at the bottom of the screen, To attack an enemy with an active melee combat weapon turn towards the enemy and. press the attack button default left mouse button, You can use single or two handed weapons in the game.
Single handed weapons attack faster two handed weapons are slower but do more. Attributes of the Hero You can also block enemy attacks default right mouse button with either a shield. Your Inventory screen also displays the level fortune Gold Health Mana and your weapon or even your magic Keep in mind though that some attacks will still. Stamina points as well as their regeneration rates fighting power values armour penetrate your blocks. experience and fighting damage of your hero, If you have a ranged weapon active you can fire it with the attack button Remember. Health Mana and Stamina points are shown as Current Maximum values with that bows must first be drawn by holding the attack button down When you let go. regeneration rates as points per 30 seconds the arrow will be released Crossbows fire when you press the attack button and don t. need to be drawn first, The value in brackets next to the armour value shows how much damage from an. equally strong opponent is mitigated by the armour Note that armour does not protect To execute a magic attack you need a magic skill active see Skill Menu Cast active. against magic damage spells with the attack button. As with the xp bar on the main screen your experience points are shown as Current Armour reduces physical damage but not damage caused by magic Check your hero s. To Next Level values see Level up on page 17 attributes to see how damage your armour can mitigate. The first value of fighting damage shows the average damage of your melee or ranged During a battle you can heal your hero with food and healing potions if the situation. attacks the second one shows the damage of a charged attack Fighting damage is about to become critical Outside of battle there are also highly effective bandages. depends on your fighting power as well as your armour and skills Keep in mind at your disposal. though that these damage values can change as they are also subject to factors like. This software and manual must not be copied reproduced or translated and must not be reproduced in whole or in part in any electronic medium or machine readable form without the prior written consent of JoWooD Entertainment AG Most hardware and software brands in this manual are registered trademarks and must be treated as such

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