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RADIO BACK PANEL VIEW,SPEAKER POWER,Jack Cord Jack. ANTENNA SERIAL NUMBER,I MPORT ANT, The above pictorial display shows the location of the various accessory antenna. and power receptacles as well as the SERIAL NUMBER. You are urged to record your model number and your SERIAL NUMBER in the. spaces provided below,SERIAL NUMBER,SPECIFICATIONS. Channels 40 AM 40 LSB 40 USB,Frequency Range 26 965 to 27 405 MHz. Frequency Control Phase Locked Loop PLL synthesized circuitry. Frequency Tolerance to 005,Frequency Stability 0 001.
Operating Temperature Range 10 C to 50 C, Microphone Plug in type dynamic with push to talk switch. and coiled cord, Input Voltage 13 8V DC nominal 15 9V max 11 7V min. positive or negative ground, Current Drain Transmit AM full mod 2 2A SSB Maximum. Receiver AM SSB with maximum audio,output 0 6A,Cabinet Dimensions 7 9 32 W x 9 5 64 0 x 2 9 32 H. Weight 4 5 Lbs,Antenna Connector UHF SO 239, Semiconductors 47 transistors 5 integrated circuits 66 diodes.
and 6 light emitting diodes, Meter Illuminated indicates relative power output and. received signal strength green receive LED, Indicators LED display channel emergency channel TX. RX and mode,TRANSMITTER,Power Output AM SSB Maximum Legal Output Power. Modulation AM high and Iow level Class B, Intermodulation Distortion SSB 3rd and 5th order better than 25 dB. 7th and 9th order better than 35 dB,SSB Carrier Suppression Better than 55 dB.
Unwanted Sideband Better than 50 dB,Frequency Response AM and SSB 350 to 2500 Hz. Output Impedance 52 ohms unbalanced,SSB Filter 10 695 MHz 8 pole monolithic type. 6 dB 4 2 kHz,60 dB 7 0 kHz, Output Indicators Meter shows relative RF output power red. transmit LED,Sensitivity SSB Better than 25 p V for 10 dB. S N N at greater than 1f2watt of audio,AM Better than 5 pV for 10 dB.
S N N at greater than 1f2watt of audio,Selectivity SSB and AM 6 dB 4 2 kHz 60 dB 7 0 kHz. Cross Modulation More than 50 dB,Image Rejection More than 75 dB. t F Frequency AM and SSB 10 695 MHz, AM and SSB RF Gain Control Adjustable for optimum signal reception. Automatic Gain Control AGC Less than 10 dB change in audio output. for inputs from 10 to 500 000 microvolts,Squelch Adjustable threshold less than 5 pV. Noise Blanker RF type effective on AM and SSB,Clarifier Range 1 0kHz.
Audio Output Power 3 watts into 8 ohms,Frequency Response 350 to 2500 Hz. Distortion Less than 10 at 3 watts output,Built in Speaker 16 ohms round. External Speaker Not Supplied 8 ohms disables internal speaker when con. Power Output 3 watts into external speaker,External Speaker for PA 8 ohms not supplied. INTRODUCTION, UNIDEN has combined superb workmanship and modern styling with the very la. test state of art circuitry to bring you the new AX 144 Citizens Band Transceiver. It has been especially designed to give you maximum performance and reliability. YourAX 144 is completely factory aligned and quality assurance tested. To obtain the maximum benefit and pleasure from your AX 144 please read very. carefully the contents of this manual before attempting to install or operate the. transce ver, ALL SOLID STATE IC and Transistorized construction with Iow current drain.
for a long trouble free life, FULL 40 CHANNEL OPERATION PLL frequency synthesizer circuitry allows. transmission and reception on all 40 channels on AM USB and LSBwithout the. purchase of any additional crystals, LARGE LED CHANNEL DISPLAY Channel number is displayed by use of LED. light emitting diode display for ease of channel selection. CLEAN SIGNAL Transmitter audio processing circuitry produces a clean signal. with maximum legalmodulation for best range, QUIET RECEPTION Effective squelch and automatic noise limiter and an RF. noise blanker for superior quieting, EFFECTIVE AGC Receiver amplified automatic gain control AGC reduces the. effect of differences in received signal strengths No distracting blasting and. fading of signals, AN EFFICIENT TRANSMITTER Provides maximum legal output power to the.
PUBLICADDRESSFUNCTION Usefulfor paging and announcements. TRI COLOR LED MODE INDICATOR Green for AM mode Yellow for USB. mode and Red for LSB mode, EMERGENCY CH 9 SWITCH This switch enebles you to select emergency. channel CH 9 regardlessof the channel selector switch setting. CHANNEL INFORMATION, Channel Channel Frequency Channel Channel Frequency. in MHz in MHz,1 26 965 21 27 215,2 26 975 22 27 225. 3 26 985 23 27 255,4 27 005 24 27 235,5 27 015 25 27 245. 6 27 025 26 27 265,7 27 035 27 27 275,8 27 055 28 27 285.
9 27 065 29 27 295,10 27 075 30 27 305,11 27 085 31 27 315. 12 27 105 32 27 325,13 27 115 33 27 335,14 27 125 34 27 345. 15 27 135 35 27 355,16 27 155 36 27 365,17 27 165 37 27 375. 18 27 175 38 27 385,19 27 185 39 27 395,20 27 205 40 27 405. To insure that you obtain the maximum performance from this radio please read. carefully the following descriptions and operating instructions. NOTE This radio has been designed for operation in the 11 meter Citizens Band. Radio Service It uses a frequency synthesizing circuit with Phase Locked. Loop PLL techniques to provide crystal controlled transmit and receive. operation on all 40 channels The PLL circuitry assures ultraprecise. frequency control It is designed to meet the Department of Commu. nication requirements applicable to equipment operating in the Citizens. Band Radio Service and is not to be used for any other purpose MS 312 of. the D O C regulations defines operation in this service and you are required. to read and understand these regulations prior to operating this equipment. INSTAllATION, Plan the location of the transceiver and microphone bracket before starting the.
installation Select a location that is convenient for operation and does not interfere. with the driver or passenger in the vehicle In automobiles the transceiver is usually. mounted to the dash panel with the microphone bracket beside it. Mounting and Connection, This radio is supplied with a universal mounting bracket The transceiver is held in. the bracket by the two thumb screws supplied permftting adjustment to the most. convenient angle The bracket must be mounted with the machine screws supplied. The mounting surface must be mechanically strong Proceed as follows to mount the. transceiver, 1 After you have determined the most convenient location in your vehicle hold the. radio with mounting bracket in the exact location desired If nothing interferes. with mounting it in the desired position remove the mounting bracket bolts. Before drilling the holes make sure nothing will interfere with the installation of. the mounting bolts, 2 Connect the antenna cable plug to the standard receptacle on the rear panel Most. CB antennas are terminated with a type PL 259 plug which mates with the. receptacle on the rear panel, 3 Connect the DC power input wire with the fuse red to 12V DC This wire. extends from a plug which connects to the rear panel In automobile installations. 12V DC is usually obtained from the accessory contact on the ignition switch. This prevents the set being left on accidentally when the driver leaves the car and. also permits operating the radio without the engine running You can locate the. accessory contact on most ignition switches by tracing the power wire from the. AM broadcast receiver in the car, Note See ground connection under GENERAL INFORMATION for more detail.
4 Connect the black wire to ground This is usually the chassis of the car Any con. venient location with good electrical contact may be used remove paint. 5 Mount the microphone hanger on the side of the unit or near the unit using two. screws supplied When mounting in an automobile place the hanger on the dash. so the microphone is easily accessible,GENERAL INFORMATION. GROUND CONNECTION, This radio may be installed and used in any 12V DC negative or positive ground. system vehicle Most new U S and foreign made cars or small trucks use a negative. ground system while some older cars and some newer large trucks may use a positive. ground system, 1 Negative ground system Connect the Red power lead from the radio to the. positive or battery terminal or other convenient point and connect the Black. power lead to the chassis or vehicle frame or battery terminal. 2 Positive ground system In the case of positive ground system connect the Black. power lead from the radio to the negative or battery terminal or other. convenient point and connect the Red power lead to the chassis or vehicle frame. or battery terminal, This radio is designed to operate into a 52 ohm CITIZENS RADIO antenna Best. results will be obtained from your transceiver if you use a good antenna properly. installed Refer to the antenna installation instructions included with your antenna. A vertically polarized quarter wavelength whip antenna provides the most reliable. operation and greater range The shorter loaded type whip antennas are more at. tractive compact and adequate for applications where the maximum possible dis. tance is not required Also the loaded whip antennas do not present the problems of. height imposed by the full quarter wavelength whip. Mobile whip antennas utilize the metal body of the vehicle as a ground plane When. mounted on a corner of the vehicle they are slightly directional in the direction of. the body of the vehicle For all practical purposes however the radiation pattern is. non directional A slight directional characteristic wi 11be observed only at extreme. distances A standard antenna connector Type SO 239 is provided on the. transceiver for easy connection to a standard PL 259 cable termination. When installed in a boat the transceiver will perform most efficiently when. antenna used has been specifically designed for marine applications. Before installing the transceiver in a boat consult your dealer for information. regarding an adequate grounding system and prevention of electrolysis between fitt. ings in the hull and water,BASE STATION OPERATION, To operate the transceiver from your home or office using regular house current as.
the power source you will require a separate power supply capable of supplying 2 5. amps at a 13 8V DC output with a nominal input voltage of 120 volts AC 50 60Hz. Simply connect the red and black leads of the transceiver to the correspond. ing DC terminals of the power supply, NOTE Do not attempt to operate th is transceiver by connectin g directly to 117V. AC When AC power supply is used with the transceiver for base station. operation any Citizens Band beam dipole ground plane or vertical antenna. may be used A ground plane vertical antenna wi II provide the most uniform. horizontal coverage,REMOTE SPEAKER, The external speaker jack EXT SPKR on the rear panel is used for remote receiver. monitoring The external speaker should have 8 ohms impedance When the external. speaker is plugged in the internal speaker is disconnected. PUBLIC ADDRESS, An external 8 ohm 4 watt speaker must be connected to the PA SPKR jack located. on the rear panel when the transceiver is used as a public address system The speaker. should be directed away from the microphone to prevent acoustic feedback Physical. separation or isolation of the microphone and speaker is important when operating. the PA at high output levels,OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. The AX 144 operates on 40 AM channels 40 Upper Side Band channels and 40. Lower Side Band channels, When you receive the SSB signal in the proper mode audio sound may be either.
too high pitched or Iow pitched indicating that your receiver may not be tuned to. the exact same frequency as the transmitter to which it is listening The AX 144 is. equipped with a Clarifier By tuning the Clarifier you can slightly change the. frequency of the receiver so you get a normal tone. Mlr IRF GAIN CONTROL DIGITAL LED CH9 INDICATOR,CHANNEL INDICATOR. RF POWER S METER I I,AM St B TRAI ISCEIVI R PRESIDENT AX 144. VOLUME SQUELCH NB ANL I CHANNE SELECTOR SWITCH,CONTROL I I. CH9 0FF SWITCH,3 MODE INDICATOR I,PA CAPABILITY DIMMER CONTROL. MODE SELECTOR,OPERATING CONTROLS, Your AX 144 designed for ease of operation is provided with the following.
operating controls, 1 OFF ON VOLUME To turn the transceiver on rotate the control clockwise. past click To turn the transceiver off rotate the control counterclockwise past. click Rotate the control clockwise for a comfortable audio volume level. 2 CHANNEL SELECTOR This switch is used to select anyone of the 40. Citizens Band channels Channel 9 has been reserved by the D O C for. emergency communications involving the immediate safety of life of individuals. or immediate protection of property Channel 9 may also be used to render. assistance to a motorist, 3 MODE SELECTOR This switch selects AM USB or LSB mode of operation. This selector changes the mode of operation of both transmitter and receiver. simultaneously, Set the selector to the mode on which you wish to communicate For easier. identification of the mode LED mode indicator is provided in three different. colors green for AM yellow for USB and red for LSB. 4 SQUELCH The squelch control is normally set to a position which just. eliminates undesired background noise with no signal present With the audio. uniden AX 144 CB RADIO OWNERS MANUAL n L RADIO BACK PANEL VIEW EXTERNAL SPEAKER PA Jack SPEAKER Jack POWE R Cord Jack ANT SERIAL NO ANTENNA Connector SERIAL NUMBER IMPORT ANT The above pictorial display shows the location of the various accessory antenna and power receptacles as well as the SERIAL NUMBER You are urged to record your model number and your SERIAL NUMBER

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