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Injection Molding,Battenfeld Kunststoffmaschinen Gesellschaft m b H. Wr Neust dter Stra e 81 2542 Kottingbrunn Austria,Tel 43 2252 404 0 Fax 43 2252 404 1062. welcome battenfeld imt com,www battenfeld imt com,DIN EN ISO 9001. Table of Contents,General instructions for this Battenfeld machine. This chapter has to be read and understood by each employee. who has contact with the machine,3 Technical Data, Contains technical data installation plans and platen.
4 Transport Siting, Important details relating to the transport siting and startup. of the Battenfeld machine,5 Structure and Function. Structure and function of each individual build group and user. UNILOG manual for the control,6 Operation, All important details for user operation of the Battenfeld. A PL120100 IN1,B PL120100 IN1,Chapter INH,E 03 93 T Wei. G 06 93 T Wei Page 1,Table of Contents,7 Maintenance.
All details for servicing maintenance and fault finding. 8 Spare parts Drawings, Detailed description and spare parts lists as well as hydraulic. and electrical drawings displaying existing parts,Contact addresses of all service partners. ADieser Text dient,nur als Hinter,grund Das Kapitel. Explanation of the most important machine related terms. Stichwortverzeich,nis und Glossar,zeigt Ihnen die ent. sprechenden Sei,ten im Text auf und,Additional chapter for special modules.
12 Accessories, Technical documentation of details and build groups of. A PL120100 IN1,B PL120100 IN1,Chapter INH,E 03 93 T Wei. G 06 93 T Wei Page 2,Table of Contents,1 1 Introduction. 1 2 Area of application,1 3 Explanation of symbols. 1 4 Copyright,1 5 Statement of delivery,2 1 Safety regulations.
2 2 Alarm signs,2 3 General drawing,2 4 Electrical access protection. 2 5 Hydraulic access protection,2 6 Mechanical access protection. 2 7 Guarding,2 8 Safety device for handling unit,2 9 Safety device supervision. 3 Technical Data,3 1 Dimensions of machine,3 2 Rating. 3 3 Diagram Injection pressure,3 4 Diagram Injection velocity.
3 5 Diagram Injection volume,3 6 Diagram Injection stroke. 3 7 Diagram Screw speed,3 8 Diagram Closing pressure. 3 9 Diagram Closing velocity,3 10 Diagram Closing stroke. 3 11 Fitting dimensions of machine,3 12 Dimensions of mould. 4 Transport Siting,4 1 Spatial requirement plan,4 2 Transport of machine.
4 3 Siting of machine,4 4 Oil filling,4 5 Table of hydraulic oils and lubricants. 4 6 Connection to cooling water distributor,4 7 Oil cooler fitting. 4 8 Connection to power line,4 9 Corrosion protection. 4 10 Storage,A PL120101 IN2,B PL120100 IN2,Chapter INH. E 03 93 T Wei,G 05 94 G Krajnik Page 3,Table of Contents.
5 Structure and Function,5 1 Overview of build groups. 5 2 Closing unit,5 2 1 Technical description,5 2 2 Mould fitting. 5 2 3 Instructions for fitting adjustment of fitting height. 5 3 Injection unit,5 3 1 Technical description,5 3 2 Nozzle change. 5 3 3 Instructions for setting nozzle centre,5 3 4 Change and prestressing of synchronous belt. 5 3 5 Screw change and screw cylinder change,5 4 Hydraulic unit.
5 4 1 Pump element,5 4 2 Oil tank,5 4 3 Oil filter. 5 4 4 Electrical oil filter clogging display optional. 5 4 5 Oil cooler,5 4 6 Supervision and indication device. 5 4 7 Variable capacity pump setting,5 4 8 Relief valve amplifier. 5 4 9 Velocity selection of relief valve amplifier. 5 4 10 Pressure selection of relief valve amplifier. 5 4 11 Setting for maximum pressure protection for. variable capacity pump,5 4 12 Hydraulic oil preheating. 5 4 13 Hydraulic core pull optional,5 4 14 Hydraulic screw off device optional.
5 5 Pneumatic unit,5 5 1 Material feeder device UNIFEED optional. 5 5 2 Pneumatic core pull,5 6 Electric unit,5 6 1 Electric drive. 5 6 2 Control box,5 7 Control,UNILOG 5 7 1 Description of electronic system. 5 7 2 UNILOG user manual,A PL120101 IN2,Chapter INH B PL120100 IN2. E 03 93 T Wei,Page 4 G 05 94 G Krajnik,Table of Contents.
6 Operation,6 1 Startup,6 2 Starting the machine after Emergency Stop. 6 3 Machine shutoff,7 Maintenance,7 1 General,7 2 Maintenance schedule. 7 3 Table of hydraulics and lubricants,8 Spare Parts Drawings. 8 1 Guidelines for ordering spare parts,8 2 Basic machine data. 8 3 Closing component,8 3 020 Accessories for machine frame.
8 3 025 Photoelectric safety device optional,8 3 072 Closing platen support. 8 3 080 Closing cylinder,8 3 140 Mechanical closing protection optional. 8 3 150 Ejector coupling,8 3 170 Hydraulic screw off device optional. 8 3 220 Protecting guard for closing unit,8 4 Injection component. 8 4 294 Unit for nozzle drive and nozzle movement,8 4 330 Complete nozzle unit.
8 4 330 Heater band for screw cylinder,8 4 330 Screw cylinder. 8 4 360 Cylinder cover,8 4 362 Sheathing of injection unit. 8 4 380 Hopper for granulated moulding material,8 5 Hydraulic system. 8 5 1 Drawing of hydraulic system,8 5 2 List of hydraulic components. 8 6 Electrical installation,8 6 1 Drawing of electrical installation.
8 6 2 List of electrical components,A PL120101 IN2. B PL120100 IN2,Chapter INH,E 03 93 T Wei,G 05 94 G Krajnik Page 5. Table of Contents,8 7 Pneumatic system,8 7 380 Material feeder device UNIFEED optional. 8 7 700 Pneumatic core pull,10 1 Description of technical terms. Dieser Text dient nur,als Hintergrund Das,10 2 Index.
Kapitel Stichwortver,zeichnis und Glossar,zeigt Ihnen die ent. sprechenden Seiten,im Text auf und ver,12 Accessories. A PL120101 IN2,Chapter INH B PL120100 IN2,E 03 93 T Wei. Page 6 G 05 94 G Krajnik,Chapter 1 General,1 1 Introduction. This user manual has been written specifically for the. personnel in charge of this Battenfeld product moulding. machine and should be read understood and precisely. followed by them, The complete technical documentation should always be.
kept close by the machine it should be accessible to the. operating and maintenance personnel at all times, It is only through closely following this manual in particular. chapter 2 Safety that hitches in the operation of the. machine can be avoided and smooth functioning will be. guaranteed For this reason it is essential to make this. manual available to the competent personnel This should be. done before the startup of the machine since we accept no. liability for any defect or breakdown of the machine arising. out of the ignorance of this manual on the part of the. corresponding personnel, There exists the possibility to have your personnel trained by. us either at our plant or at yours Please contact our Training. Department for further details, In the case that difficulties should occur in spite of the above. please contact our Service Department or one of our licensed. representatives addresses in chapter 9 Service who will. be glad to be of assistance, This user manual applies only to machines commissioned. according to chapter 3 Technical Data, With respect to the information and data given in this user.
manual we reserve the right to any technical modifications. that may become necessary in order to improve this injection. moulding machine,A PL120100 010,B PL120100 010,E 03 93 T Wei. G 06 93 T Wei Page 1,1 2 Area of application, The injection moulding machines of the PLUS series were. conceived for the processing of thermoplastics thermosets. and elastomers as well as for LIM, Applications going beyond this definition do not conform to. the original intended use of the machine The manufacturer. accepts no liability for defects arising from this type of misuse. the risk is borne solely by the operator,1 3 Explanation of symbols. The safety symbol is featured in all instructions for work. safety contained in the present manual that refer to possible. hazards to human life and health Please observe these. instructions and proceed with the utmost caution, Safety Communicate all instructions for work safety to other users.
as well Apart from the instructions contained in this user. manual it is also necessary to observe the general instructions. for safety and prevention of accidents, ATTENTION This Attention sign appears wherever it is especially. important to comply with guidelines instructions and. indications and to observe the correct operation of routines. and machine cycles as precisely as possible and wherever. it is vital to avoid any damage to or destruction of the. machine and or other elements of the installation, The voltage symbol concerns all passages in the manual. which refer to the staff coming into contact with electrical. installations and equipment Please always observe the. local regulations in force with respect to the safety of electrical. Voltage installations, The symbol for environmental hazards refers inter alia to. the environmental hazards posed by the disposal of various. materials When carrying out repair and maintenance work. please take care that such wastes are properly disposed of. Environmental,A PL120100 010,B PL120100 010,Chapter 1 E 03 93 T Wei. Page 2 G 06 93 T Wei,1 4 Copyright, The copyright for this user manual rests with Battenfeld.
Ges m b H This user manual is destined for the staff in. charge of the fitting operation and supervision of this machine. The technical instructions and drawings contained in it may. not be copied disseminated commercialized for competitive. purposes or communicated to third parties without,authorization by Battenfeld. 1 5 Statement of delivery, The purpose of the statement of delivery enclosed in this. user manual is to document the handing over of the machine. and to ensure the completeness of the user manual After. verification please fill in and sign the statement of delivery. and return it to the Documentation department,A PL120100 010. B PL120100 010,E 03 93 T Wei,G 06 93 T Wei Page 3,Telefaxtransmission 01. To Documentation Department 0 2252 404 402 General. Statement of Delivery, ensuring the delivery of the Technical Documentation.
to the end customer,1 Type of machine Number of machine. 2 Address of customer, 3 The machine specified in item 1 above was acquired by us. Together with the machine number,user manual s was were handed over to us. Signature of customer Date,4 Date of delivery,5 Address of authorized dealer or importer. Company stamp Signature,6 The machine was delivered to the customer.
in accordance with the manufacturer s,specifications. Company stamp Signture if not identical to 5,Signature of customer service specialist Date. A PL120100 010,B PL120100 010,Chapter 1 E 03 93 T Wei. Page 4 G 06 93 T Wei,Chapter 2 Safety,2 1 Safety regulations. Numerous safety devices of the injection moulding machine. and the robot contribute to its operational safety and the. prevention of accidents The operator is responsible for the. smooth functioning of the safety devices, This injection moulding machine has been designed and.
built in keeping with the currently valid regulations for technical. safety according to European Standard EN 201 and is. operationally reliable However hazards may arise if this. machine is either misused by personnel not specifically. trained to handle it or is used for other than its intended. For reasons of safety all unauthorized modifications or. changes of the machineand the robot are prohibited and. require Battenfeld s approval, When processing synthetic materials that cause the emission. of gases dust or steam hazardous to human health the. operator of the machine must ensure that appropriate. ventilation is provided for the protection of the operating. All persons in charge of the siting startup operation. maintenance and repair of the machine or a robot in the. enterprise of the user must first have read and understood the. user manual and in particular the Safety chapter This. manual must at all times be accessible to the abovementioned. personnel The head of the workshop the shift foreman or. any other staff members responsible for the operational. safety of the machine must be immediately notified of all. extraordinary occurrences regarding the machineand the. robot Under certain circumstances it may become necessary. to switch off the machine immediately using the Emergency. Stop switch and the master switch, Any process impairing the operational safety of the machine. is to be avoided,A PL120100 020,B PL120100 020 Chapter 2. The copyright for this user manual rests with Battenfeld Ges m b H This user manual is destined for the staff in charge of the fitting operation and supervision of this machine The technical instructions and drawings contained in it may not be copied disseminated commercialized for competitive purposes or communicated to third parties without

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