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Published in separate English French Russian and Spanisheditions by the International. Civil Aviation Organization All correspondence except orders and subscriptions should. be addressed to the Secretary General, Orders for this publication should be sent to one of the following addresses together with the. appropriate remittance by bank draft or post office money order in U S dollars or the currency. of the country in which the order is placed,Document Sales Unit. International Civil Aviation Organization,1000 Sherbrooke Street West Suite 400. Montreal Quebec,Canada H3A 2R2, Egypt ICAO Representative Middle East Office 9 Shagaret E1 Dorr Street. Zamalek 11211 Cairo, France Reprksentant de I OACI Bureau Europe 3 bis villa Emile Bergerat.
92522 Neuilly sur Seine Cedex, India Oxford Book and Stationery Co Scindia House New Delhi. or 17 Park Street Calcutta, Japan Japan Civil Aviation Promotion Foundation 15 12 1 chome Toranomon. Minato Ku Tokyo, Kenya ICAO Representative Eastern and Southern African Office United Nations. Accommodation P O Box 46294 Nairobi, Mexico Representante de la OACI Oficina NorteamCrica CentroamCrica y Caribe. Apartado Postal 5 377 C P 06500 MCxico D F, Peru Representante de la OACI Oficina SudamCrica Apartado 4127 Lima 100.
Senegal ReprCsentant de I OACI Bureau Afrique occidentale et centrale. Boite postale 2356 Dakar, Spain Pilot s Suministros Aeronkticos S A C Ulises 5 Oficina N6m 2 28043 Madrid. Thailand ICAO Representative Asia and Pacific Office P O Box 11 Samyaek Ladprao. Bangkok 10901, United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Printing and Publications Services. Greville House 37 Gratton Road Cheltenham Glos GL50 2BN. The Catalogue of,ICAO Publications, Issued annually the Catalogue lists all publications. currently available, Monthly supplements announce new publications amendments. supplements reprints etc,Available free from the Document Sales Unit ICAO.
Copyright International Civil Aviation Organization. Provided by IHS under license with ICAO, No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS Not for Resale. All Weather Operations,DOC9365 AN 910,Second Edition 1991. Copyright International Civil Aviation Organization. Provided by IHS under license with ICAO, No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS Not for Resale. ICAO 9365 m 4843436 0028279 T28 W,AMENDMENTS, The issue of amendments is announced regularly in the ICAO Journal and in the. monthly Supplement to the Catalogueof E A 0 Publications which holders of this. publication should consult The space below is provided to keep a record of such. amendments,RECORD OF AMENDMENTS AND CORRIGENDA,AMENDMENTS.
CORRIGENDA, Copyright International Civil Aviation Organization. Provided by IHS under license with ICAO, No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS Not for Resale. ICAO 9365 t t m 4 8 4 3 4 3 6 0028280 7 4 T m, This manual was developed by the Operations Panel of in respect of international commercial airtransport. the Air Navigntion Commission to replace Circular 121 operations. Implementation of All Weather Operations published. in 1974 The first editionof the Manual of All Weather The material in this manualis of a general nature and. Operations was published in 1982 In 1985 the Air has been prepared in a form convenient for use as. Navigation Commission after consultation with guidance material by national civil aviation authorities. Contracting, States and concerned international in the development of their own requirements both in. organizations considered there was a need to revise and their role as State of the Operator and that of State of. updatethemanual Thistask was given to the the Aerodrome. Operations Panel in January 1986,In this manual numerous references have been made.
to Annexes PANS manuals and circulars Since these,In noting that Annex 6 PartI requires the Stateof. ICAO documents are frequently amended it is, the Operator to takeresponsibility for supervising that. recommended that for up to date,information, operator in the establishment of its operating minima. reference be made to the current editions in question. the panel developed material to assist States in fulfilling. Nothing in this manual should be construed as contra. that role The guidancematerialcontainedin this,dicting or conflicting with Standards and Rec. manual is related to taxi take off and landing for all. ommended Practices and Procedures contained in the. weather operations In addition this manual provides. guidance to the State of the Aerodrome concerning its Annexes and PANS. obligations for providing the necessary facilities and. Thismanual includes examples and references to, services required to supporta particular operation The.
detailed requirements prescribed by some States A, achievement of continuous improvementof operational. State may find it advantageous to adopt the detailed. safety and increased efficiency rests upon the, willingnessof States to co operate in the sharing of requirements of anotherState which has already. experience and resolution of differences by negotiation established comprehensive all weather procedures. consistent with the guidance material in this manual. In this context all weather operations are,Comments on this manual particularly with respect. Any taxi take off orlandingoperations in to its application and usefulness would be appreciated. conditionswherevisualreference is limited by from all States international organizations and ICAO. weather conditions Technical Co operation field missions These comments. will be takenintoaccount inthe preparation of, subsequent editions Comments concerning the manual. This Manual of All Weather Operations describes should be addressed to. the technical and operationalfactors associated with. methods of determining and supervising aerodrome The Secretary General. operating minima for take off non precision and International CiviI Aviation Organization. precision approaches including ILS operationsand 1OOO Sherbrooke Street West Suite 400. MLS operations equivalent to ILS Category I and can Montreal Quebec. be applied by the State of the Operator to itsoperators Canada H3A 2R2. Copyright International Civil Aviation Organization. Provided by IHS under license with ICAO, No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS Not for Resale.
I C A O 93b5 m 4 8 4 3 4 3 b0 0 2 8 2 8 36 8 6 m,TABLE OF CONTENTS. Chapter 1 Introduction,1 Chapter 5 Additional Requirements for. 1 1 Purpose scope and use of the manual 1 Categoty I1 and 111 LLS Operations 26. 1 2 Glossary of terms abbreviations and 5 1 General 26. references 3 5 2 Aerodrome facilities 26,5 3 Aerodrome services 29. Chapter 2 General Concepts,8 5 4 Instrument approach procedures 31. 2 1 Aerodrome oeprating minima 8 5 5 The aeroplane and its equipment 32. 2 2 The need for basic legislation 9 5 6 Operating procedures 33. 2 3 Need for specific rules 10 5 7 Flight crew qualification and training 37. 2 4 The need for directive explanatory, advisory and informative material 11 Chapter 6 ApprovalandImplementation of.
Aerodrome Operating Minima 40, Chapter 3 Provision of Facilities and Services 6 1 Methods of approval and compliance 40. at Aerodromes,13 6 2 Commonly acceptable aerodrome. 3 1 Introduction 13 operating minima 42, 3 2 Aerodrome facilities and requirements 13 6 3 Tables of aerodrome operating minima 48. 3 3 Services at aerodromes 18,3 4 Instrument departure arrival and. instrument approach procedures 20 Appendix A Extract from Aeronautical. Statutes 55,Chapter 4 Basic Requirements for the,Aeroplane and Flight Crew.
22 Appendix B Examples of Specific Rules, 4 1 Introduction 22 Pertaining to All weather Operations 57. 4 2 The aeroplane and its equipment 22, 4 3 The flight crew 23 Appendix C Criteria for Establishing a Visual. 4 4 Operating procedures 24 Descent Point, Copyright International Civil Aviation Organization. Provided by IHS under license with ICAO, No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS Not for Resale. ICAO 9365 t t m 484141b 0028282 512 m,INTRODUCTION.
1 1 PURPOSE SCOPE AND USE 1 1 4 Withthe foregoing distinction in mind this. OF THE MANUAL manual provides guidance, 1 1 1 This document provides a total system concept. a to States of the Operator in the supervision of,from text derived from related ICAO Annexes and. their operators in the establishment implemen,guidance material and from States documents and. tation and use of their operating minima leading, practices It is primarily intended that thismaterial. towards standardization of methods used in the, should be useful to a State wishing to progress in the.
establishment of aerodrome operating minima, systematic development of all weather operations both. in regard to its role as Stateof the Operator and thatof. State of the Aerodrome It is also intended to be useful b to Statesand their operators on suitable. to aerodrome and facility planners andothersin requirements for the progression from the Iower. fbstering an understanding of the methodology used by limits of Category I to Categories I1 and 111. operatms in establishiing theiraerodrome aperating. c to States of the Aerodrome to assist in under,standingthe developmentof aerodrome operating. Note A Stae of trte Operator has an ligation,minima and the need for the provision of ground. under A n n a 6 P i t r h respect of modrome facilities and serviceswhen planning to implement. opwating nrinima Sa c m e e b l i g a t S e h e r,5111 weather operations and. b y supenvisiig fie rmmatioa af operafing minima,by operators or by direc determining minimr for.
use Fhe guidelines contained herein describe one d to pilots and other persomel who need to under. option that will enabk either method to satisfy this stand these operations. obligation, 1 1 5 Usually a State will play a dual role i e as. 1 1 2 In the context ofthismanual caU weather State of the Operator responsible for the approva and. OperaLions means any taxi take uff and landing monitoring of operations conducted by operators. operationsinconditions where visual reference i s subjectr to its supervision and as. State of the, limited by weather conditions Aerodrome responsible forthe authorizationand. supervision of theaerodromes inchding associated, 1 1 5 Because of the complex nature of aeropIane facilities and services located in its territory Separate. operations thereis it need to approach thesubject of all departments within the Administration maybe assigned. weatheroperations with theconcept of a total systemin the discharge of these two areas of responsibility To. mind Themajor sub systems arethegroundand facilitate use of this document the provisions relevant. airborne elements Theground elements comprise tu the State o f t h e Aerodrome are contained in Chap. facilities services and obstacks these relate in primiple ter 3 and Chapter 5 5 2 to 5 4 whereas those. to the State of the Aerodrome The airborne elements addressed to the State of the Operator are contained in. comprise the aeroplane and its equipment flight crew Chapter 4 Chapter 5 5 5 to 5 7 andChapter 6. capabilities and flight procedures which fall under the Chapter 2 contains material related tothe general. jurisdiction of the State of the Operator As the inter concepts of legislation application and promulgation. national character of aircraft operation will mean that of information on the subject of all weather operations. these could be different States itis important that there. is a clear differentiation of their respective responsi Figure 1 1 gives a diagrammaticillustration of the. bilities when consulting the varioussections of this general structure and cross references to the relevant. manual chapters, Copyright International Civil Aviation Organization. Provided by IHS under license with ICAO, No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS Not for Resale.
ICAO 9365 t t 484141b 0028283 459 M,Manual af All Weather ODerations. Contracting States,States of Aerodromes States of Operators. Chicago Convention,Enact basic legislation,1 State of the. Operator 1,Aerodrome facilities Flight operations,and services aircraft and crew. Provide specific rules advisory Providespecificrules advisory. and explanatory material and explanatory material,Chapter 2 Chapter 2.
Aerodrome Ground services Aircraft equipment Flight crew. runways and procedures characteristics composition. visual aids ATS GMC airworthiness training, non visual aids AIS maintenance operating procedures. obstacles MET,Chapter 3 Chapter 4,PANS OPS Approval of operator s. Non precision,SIDs STARS methods for establishing,Cat I operations. Instrument approach aerodrome operating minima,1 procedures OCA H Chapter 6. Cat II Cat Ill operations Non precision,Take off Cat II Cat Ill.
Check and approval Chapter 6 Cat I Check and,ground environment Cat II approve aircraft. Chapter 5 Cat Ill and crew,Chapter 6 hapter 5,AIP AIC NOTAM CHARTS. Establish aerodrome,operating minima,Monitorlsupervise Monitor supervise. aerodrome facilities flight operations,aircraft and crew. Figure 1 1 Steps in the development of all weather operations. Copyright International Civil Aviation Organization. Monthly supplements announce new publications amendments supplements reprints etc Operations Panel in January 1986 In noting that Annex 6 Part I requires the State of the Operator to take responsibility for supervising that operator in the establishment of its operating minima the panel developed material to assist States in fulfilling that role The guidance material contained in

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