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Document Validation,U S IOOS Program Office Validation. February 20 2018,Carl C Gouldman U S IOOS Program Director Date. QARTOD Project Manager Validation,February 20 2018. Kathleen Bailey U S IOOS Project Manager Date,QARTOD Board of Advisors Validation. February 20 2018, Julianna O Thomas Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System Date.
Dissolved Nutrients,Table of Contents,Table of Contents iii. List of Figures iv,List of Tables v,Revision History vi. Endorsement Disclaimer vii,Acknowledgements viii,Acronyms and Abbreviations ix. Definitions of Selected Terms x,1 0 Background and Introduction 1. 2 0 Purpose Constraints Applications 3,2 1 Purpose 3.
2 2 Temperature Salinity 5,2 3 Constraints 5,2 3 1 Data Processing Methodology 5. 2 3 2 Traceability to Accepted Standards 6, 2 3 3 The Effect of Dynamic Environments on Sensor Data 7. 2 3 4 Sensor Deployment Considerations and Hardware Limitations 7. 2 4 Applications of Dissolved Nutrients Data 15,3 0 Quality Control 17. 3 1 QC Flags 17,3 2 Test Hierarchy 18,3 3 QC Tests 19. 3 3 1 Applications of QC Tests to Stationary DN Sensors 19. Test 1 Gap Test Required 19,Test 2 Syntax Test Required 20.
Test 3 Location Test Required 20,Test 4 Gross Range Test Required 21. Test 5 Climatology Test Strongly Recommended 21,Test 6 Spike Test Strongly Recommended 22. Test 7 Rate of Change Test Strongly Recommended 23. Test 8 Flat Line Test Strongly Recommended 24,Test 9 Multi Variate Test Suggested 25. Test 10 Attenuated Signal Test Suggested 26,Test 11 Neighbor Test Suggested 27. 3 3 2 Applications of QC Tests to DN Sensor Deployments 27. 4 0 Summary 32,5 0 References 34,Dissolved Nutrients.
Appendix A Quality Assurance A 1,A 1 Sensor Calibration Considerations A 1. A 2 Sensor Comparison A 1, A 3 Bio fouling and Corrosion Prevention Strategies A 3. A 4 Common QA Considerations A 4,A 5 QA Levels for Best Practices A 5. A 6 Additional Sources of QA Information A 6,A 7 Sample Checklists A 6. General QA Checklist A 6,Deployment Checklist A 7,Post deployment Checklist A 7.
Appendix B Dissolved Nutrients Manual Team and Reviewers Error. Bookmark not defined,List of Figures, Figure 2 1 Nitrate spikes observed during the passage of a tropical storm are associated with an increase in. the standard deviation of the measurements perhaps attributable to interference such as an. increase in turbidity Close scrutiny would be possible if the high frequency measurements were. available in real time Graphic courtesy of Jeff Scudder University of South Florida 6. Figure 2 2 L shows a Sea Bird Scientific SUNA V2 Submersible Ultraviolet Nitrate Analyzer mounted on. a fixed structure on the Mississippi River at Baton Rouge where the instrument cage is lowered. and raised R shows a NexSens buoy supporting a Sea Bird Scientific SUNA nitrate sensor and. WET Labs Cycle Phosphate sensor in addition to a YSI EXO multi parameter sonde. measuring algal pigments turbidity and dissolved organic matter Photos courtesy of Brian. Pellerin USGS 8, Figure 2 3 A cage for a boat deployment in the Bay Delta with several instruments fluorometers nitrate. sensors phosphate sensors etc Photo courtesy of Brian Pellerin USGS 9. Figure 2 4 WebbGlider Profiler 3 D L photo courtesy of Dr Grace Saba and Liquid Robotics Wave. Glider Mobile Surface R Photo courtesy of Liquid Robotics 9. Figure 2 5 WET Labs AMP C100 In Situ Profiler Photo courtesy of WET Labs 10. Figure 2 6 Commonly used DN sensors Photos courtesy of Corey Koch WET Labs Pompeo. Moscetta SYSTEA Vince Kelly Green Eyes LLC 12, Figure 2 7 These Sea Bird Scientific Cycle PO4 phosphate sensors have accumulated an external bio fouling. coating during deployment top A Sea Bird Scientific SUNA nitrate sensor uses a rotating. motorized brush to keep the optical lenses free of bio fouling Photos courtesy of Corey. Koch WET Labs 12, Figure 2 8A F Time series of nitrate concentrations at instrument depth determined optically by the ISUS. and standard method chemical assays of total nitrates nitrate plus nitrite Burst optical data. were collected hourly and data was binned to 10 seconds average calls of nitrate concentration. at a sampling rate of 1 Hz Photo courtesy of Dr Eric Milbrandt Sanibel Captiva Conservation. Foundation 14,Dissolved Nutrients,List of Tables, Table 2 1 Types of platforms and areas included and excluded in this manual 4.
Table 2 2 DN variables that are included or excluded from this manual 5. Table 2 3 Commonly used sensors for DN observations 11. Table 3 1 Flags for real time data UNESCO 2013 18,Table 3 2 QC Tests in order of implementation 18. Table 3 3 Application of Required QC Tests for Sensor Deployments Note The s axis means along. Table 3 4 Application of Strongly Recommended QC Tests for Sensor Deployments 29. Table 3 5 Application Suggested QC Tests for Sensor Deployments 31. Dissolved Nutrients,Revision History,Date Revision Description Notes. September 2015 Original Document Published, February 2018 Revise cover to reflect correct version and publication date Version 1 1. Revise names and dates on Document Validation page page ii. Update Table of Contents pages iii iv,Update Revision History page v. Update email address in Request to Manual Users page vi. Update Acknowledgements to include manual update version 1 1. team members page vii,Update Acronyms and Abbreviations pages viii.
Add interoperable sensor variable to Definitions of Selected Terms. Update format of definitions page ix, Update section 1 0 to reflect QARTOD publications completed. since original dissolved nutrients manual added digital. object identifiers for each manual pages 1 2, Update sections 2 1 2 2 and 2 3 to clarify and enhance existing. content Add definition of conservative variable and. reference section 2 3 3 and revise table 2 1 2 3 and. figure 2 6, Update section 3 3 to reflect more recent references and to. make minor editing adjustments to Tests 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. 11 12 and 13, Add examples to section 3 3 2 table 3 4 Test 7 minor revision. to table 3 4 Tests 7 and 8, Update References to include JCGM 2012 added for sensor.
definition, Update QARTOD Board of Advisor and Regional Association. Director listings in appendix B B 1 through B 3, Perform general editing for consistency in style and. terminology update Web links, Update formatting to ensure compliance to Section 508. requirements,Dissolved Nutrients,Endorsement Disclaimer. Mention of a commercial company or product does not constitute an. endorsement by NOAA Use of information from this publication for. publicity or advertising purposes concerning proprietary products or. the tests of such products is not authorized,Request to Manual Users.
To gauge the success of the QARTOD project it helps to be aware. of groups working to utilize these QC tests Please notify us of your. efforts or intentions to implement QARTOD processes by sending a. brief email to qartod board noaa gov or posting a notice at. http www linkedin com groups gid 2521409,Dissolved Nutrients. Acknowledgements, In addition to acknowledging support for the original version of this manual in the paragraphs below we. wish to thank those who assisted in creating this updated version appendix B We appreciate the review and. comments provided by Robert Maxfield Senior Science Advisor for Advanced Monitoring Technology U S. Environmental Protection Agency New England We thank Dr Brian Pellerin U S Geological Survey. once again and Brett Johnston from the USGS Florida Caribbean Water Science Center for their reviews and. comments We are especially thankful for the extensive reviews provided by Dr Matthias Lankhorst at UCSD. Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Vince Kelly at Green Eyes LLC. We are grateful to our entire dissolved nutrients team appendix B especially to those who served on the. dissolved nutrients manual committee and provided content and suggestions for the initial draft as well as all. who reviewed each draft and provided valuable feedback. Much appreciation goes to Dr Emilio Mayorga University of Washington NANOOS and Daniel Schar. Alliance for Coastal Technologies University of Hawaii for their time and enthusiasm while serving as co. The manual was greatly improved thanks to the extensive feedback provided by Corey Koch WET Labs. and Dr Brian Pellerin USGS We also benefited from the wisdom of Dr Carol Janzen formerly at Sea Bird. Scientific and now at AOOS Many thanks for early input and support go to Dr Eric Milbrandt Sanibel. Captiva Conservation Foundation to Eric Breuer and Nathan Holcomb NOS CO OPS and to Dr Brian. Lapointe Florida Atlantic University We also appreciate the suggestions related to low nutrient open ocean. regions provided by Dr Jia Zhong Zhang NOAA AOML, Finally thanks to the QARTOD Board of Advisors listed in appendix B and to Carl Gouldman Derrick. Snowden Kathleen Bailey and Kate Culpepper U S IOOS for their support of the QARTOD project. Dissolved Nutrients,Acronyms and Abbreviations,AOOS Alaska Ocean Observing System. AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle,CDIP Coastal Data Information Program.
CeNCOOS Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System. CO OPS Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services. CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check,DIW De ionized Water,DMAC Data Management and Communications. DN Dissolved Nutrients, GCOOS Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System. GLOS Great Lakes Observing System,GOOS Global Ocean Observing System. IOOS Integrated Ocean Observing System,ISUS In situ Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer. MARACOOS Mid Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System. mg L Milligrams per Liter, M Micromoles also called micromolar 10 6 mol liter.
NANOOS Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems. NERACOOS North Eastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems. NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology. NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. PacIOOS Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System, QARTOD Quality Control Quality Assurance of Real Time Oceanographic Data. QA Quality Assurance,QC Quality Control,RCOOS Regional Coastal Ocean Observing System. SCCOOS Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System. SD Standard Deviation, SECOORA Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association. UNESCO United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. USGS United States Geological Survey,Dissolved Nutrients. Definitions of Selected Terms, This manual contains several terms whose meanings are critical to those using the manual These terms are.
included in the following table to ensure that the meanings are clearly defined. Codable Instructions Codable instructions are specific guidance that can be used by a software. programmer to design construct and implement a test These instructions also. include examples with sample thresholds, Data Record Data record is one or more messages that form a coherent logical and. complete observation, Dissolved Nutrients DN sensor is a generic reference to a sensor used to measure one or more. DN Sensor specific dissolved nutrients such as NO3 NO2 NH4 PO43 SiO43 Ptot. or Ntot No single sensor is capable of measuring all dissolved nutrients for a. number of dissolved nutrients no sensors are available. Interoperable Interoperable means the ability of two or more systems to exchange and. mutually use data metadata information or system parameters using. established protocols or standards, Message Message means a standalone data transmission A data record can be composed. of multiple messages, Operator Operators are individuals or entities responsible for collecting and providing. Quality Assurance QA means processes that are employed with hardware to support the. QA generation of high quality data section 2 0 and appendix A. Quality Control QC means follow on steps that support the delivery of high quality data. QC requiring both automation and human intervention section 3 0. Real Time Real time means that data are delivered without delay for immediate use time. series extends only backwards in time where the next data point is not available. and sample intervals may range from a few seconds to a few hours or even days. depending upon the sensor configuration section 1 0. Sensor A sensor is a device that detects or measures a physical property and provides the. result without delay, A sensor is an element of a measuring system that is directly affected by a.
phenomenon body or substance carrying a quantity to be measured. Thresholds Thresholds are limits that are defined by the operator. Variable A variable is an observation or measurement of biogeochemical properties. within oceanographic and or meteorological environments. Dissolved Nutrients,1 0 Background and Introduction. The U S Integrated Ocean Observing System IOOS has a vested interest in collecting high quality data for. the 26 core variables U S IOOS 2010 measured on a national scale In response to this interest U S IOOS. continues to establish written authoritative procedures for the quality control QC of real time data through. the Quality Assurance Quality Control of Real Time Oceanographic Data QARTOD Project addressing. each variable as funding permits This dissolved nutrients DN data manual is the eighth in a series of. Manual for Real Time Quality Control of Dissolved Nutrients Observations A Guide to Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Dissolved Nutrients Observations in Coastal Oceans Version 1 1 February 2018 ii February 20 2018 February 20 2018 February 20 2018 Document Validation U S IOOS Program Office Validation Carl C Gouldman U S IOOS Program Director Date QARTOD Project Manager

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