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Cengage Learning All rights reserved No distribution allowed without express authorization. Managerial Economics,Applications Strategy and Tactics. TWELFTH EDITION,JAMES R MCGUIGAN,JRM Investments,R CHARLES MOYER. University of Louisville,FREDERICK H deB HARRIS,Schools of Business. Wake Forest University,Not For Sale, Australia Brazil Japan Korea Mexico Singapore Spain United Kingdom United States. Not For Sale, Managerial Economics Applications 2011 2008 South Western Cengage Learning.
Strategy and Tactics 12th Edition, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No part of this work covered by the copyright. James R McGuigan R Charles Moyer herein may be reproduced transmitted stored or used in any form or. Frederick H deB Harris by any means graphic electronic or mechanical including but not. limited to photocopying recording scanning digitizing taping web. Vice President of Editorial Business Jack, distribution information networks or information storage and retrieval. systems except as permitted under Section 107 or 108 of the 1976. Publisher Joe Sabatino United States Copyright Act without the prior written permission of. Sr Acquisitions Editor Steven Scoble the publisher. Sr Developmental Editor Jennifer Thomas, Cengage Learning All rights reserved No distribution allowed without express authorization. For product information and technology assistance contact us at. Marketing Manager Betty Jung Cengage Learning Customer Sales Support 1 800 354 9706. Assoc Content Project Manager For permission to use material from this text or product submit all. Jana Lewis requests online at www cengage com permissions. Manager of Technology Editorial Further permissions questions can be emailed to. Matthew McKinney permissionrequest cengage com,Media Editor Deepak Kumar. Sr Frontlist Buyer Manufacturing ExamView is a registered trademark of eInstruction Corp Windows is a. registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation used herein under license. Sandra Milewski, Macintosh and Power Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple.
Production Service KnowledgeWorks Computer Inc used herein under license. Global Limited,2008 Cengage Learning All Rights Reserved. Compositor KnowledgeWorks Global, Limited Library of Congress Control Number 2010929867. Sr Art Director Michelle Kunkler Package ISBN 13 978 1 4390 7923 2. Production Technology Analyst Package ISBN 10 1 4390 7923 4. Starratt Scheetz Student Edition ISBN 13 978 1 4390 7939 3. Student Edition ISBN 10 1 4390 7939 0,Internal Designer Juli Cook Plan It. Publishing South Western Cengage Learning Cengage Learning. Cover Designer Rokusek Design 5191 Natorp Boulevard. Cover Image Media Bakery Mason OH 45040,Text Permissions Manager Mardell. Glinski Schultz, Photography Permissions Manager Cengage Learning products are represented in Canada by.
Deanna Ettinger Nelson Education Ltd, Photo Researcher Scott Rosen Bill Smith For your course and learning solutions visit www cengage com. Group Purchase any of our products at your local college store or at our. preferred online store www CengageBrain com,Printed in the United States of America. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 14 13 12 11 10, Cengage Learning All rights reserved No distribution allowed without express authorization. To my family,To Sally Laura and Craig,To my family Roger Sherman and Ken Elzinga. Not For Sale,Not For Sale, Cengage Learning All rights reserved No distribution allowed without express authorization.
TABLE OF CONTENTS, Preface xvii 13 Best Practice Tactics Game Theory 444. About the Authors xxi 13A Entry Deterrence and Accommodation. Cengage Learning All rights reserved No distribution allowed without express authorization. PART I 14 Pricing Techniques and Analysis 499,INTRODUCTION 1. 1 Introduction and Goals of the Firm 2, 2 Fundamental Economic Concepts 26 ORGANIZATIONAL ARCHITECTURE. AND REGULATION 545,PART II 15 Contracting Governance and. Organizational Form 546,DEMAND AND FORECASTING 61,15A Auction Design and Information.
3 Demand Analysis 62,Economics 580,4 Estimating Demand 95. 16 Government Regulation 610,4A Problems in Applying the Linear. 17 Long Term Investment Analysis 644,Regression Model 126. 5 Business and Economic Forecasting 137 APPENDICES. 6 Managing in the Global Economy 175 A The Time Value of Money A 1. 6A Foreign Exchange Risk Management 227,B Tables B 1. PART III C Differential Calculus Techniques in,PRODUCTION AND COST 229 Management C 1.
7 Production Economics 230 D Check Answers to Selected. 7A Maximization of Production Output End of Chapter Exercises D 1. Subject to a Cost Constraint 265 Glossary G 1, 7B Production Economics of Renewable and Index I 1. Exhaustible Natural Resources 267,8 Cost Analysis 275. 8A Long Run Costs with a Cobb Douglas WEB APPENDICES. Production Function 301 A Consumer Choice Using, 9 Applications of Cost Theory 305 Indifference Curve Analysis. PART IV B International Parity Conditions, PRICING AND OUTPUT DECISIONS C Linear Programming Applications. STRATEGY AND TACTICS 333,D Capacity Planning and Pricing Against a.
10 Prices Output and Strategy Pure and Low Cost Competitor A Case Study of. Monopolistic Competition 334 Piedmont Airlines and People Express. 11 Price and Output Determination,Not For Sale,E Pricing of Joint Products and Transfer Pricing. Monopoly and Dominant Firms 382, 12 Price and Output Determination F Decisions Under Risk and Uncertainty. Oligopoly 409,Not For Sale,Preface xvii Case Exercise Designing a Managerial. About the Authors xxi Incentives Contract 21,Case Exercise Shareholder Value of. Cengage Learning All rights reserved No distribution allowed without express authorization. PART I Wind Power at Hydro Co RE C 23,INTRODUCTION 1 2 Fundamental Economic Concepts 26.
Chapter Preview 26, 1 Introduction and Goals of the Firm 2 Managerial Challenge Why Charge. Chapter Preview 2 25 per Bag on Airline Flights 26. Managerial Challenge How to Achieve Demand and Supply A Review 27. Sustainability Southern Company 2 The Diamond Water Paradox and the. Marginal Revolution 30,What is Managerial Economics 4. Marginal Utility and Incremental Cost, The Decision Making Model 5 Simultaneously Determine Equilibrium. The Responsibilities of Management 5,Market Price 30. The Role of Profits 6 Individual and Market Demand Curves 31. Risk Bearing Theory of Profit 7 The Demand Function 32. Temporary Disequilibrium Theory of Profit 7 Import Export Traded Goods 34. Monopoly Theory of Profit 7 Individual and Market Supply Curves 35. Innovation Theory of Profit 7 Equilibrium Market Price of Gasoline 36. Managerial Efficiency Theory of Profit 7,Marginal Analysis 41.
Objective of the Firm 8 Total Marginal and Average Relationships 41. The Shareholder Wealth Maximization,The Net Present Value Concept 45. Model of the Firm 8,Determining the Net Present Value of an. Separation of Ownership and Control The Investment 46. Principal Agent Problem 9 Sources of Positive Net Present Value. Divergent Objectives and Agency Conflict 10 Projects 48. Agency Problems 11 Risk and the NPV Rule 48, What Went Right What Went Wrong Meaning and Measurement of Risk 49. Saturn Corporation 13 Probability Distributions 49. Implications of Shareholder Wealth Expected Values 50. Maximization 13 Standard Deviation An Absolute Measure. of Risk 51, What Went Right What Went Wrong Normal Probability Distribution 51. Eli Lilly Depressed by Loss of Coefficient of Variation A Relative Measure. Prozac Patent 14 of Risk 53,Caveats to Maximizing Shareholder Value 16.
What Went Right What Went Wrong,Residual Claimants 17. Goals in the Public Sector and Not for Profit Long Term Capital Management. Enterprises 18 LTCM 53, Not for Profit Objectives 18 Risk and Required Return 54. The Efficiency Objective in Not for Profit Summary 56. Organizations 19 Exercises 56,Summary 19 Case Exercise Revenue Management at. Exercises 20 American Airlines 58,Contents ix,Consumer Surveys 98. PART II Consumer Focus Groups 98,Market Experiments in Test Stores 99.
DEMAND AND FORECASTING 61,Statistical Estimation of the Demand. Function 99, 3 Demand Analysis 62 Specification of the Model 99. A Simple Linear Regression Model 101,Chapter Preview 62. Assumptions Underlying the Simple Linear, Managerial Challenge Health Care Regression Model 102. Reform and Cigarette Taxes 62 Estimating the Population Regression. Cengage Learning All rights reserved No distribution allowed without express authorization. Demand Relationships 64 Coefficients 103, The Demand Schedule Defined 64 Using the Regression Equation to Make.
Constrained Utility Maximization and,Predictions 106. Consumer Behavior 65,Inferences about the Population Regression. What Went Right What Went Wrong Coefficients 108,Chevy Volt 69 Correlation Coefficient 111. The Price Elasticity of Demand 69 The Analysis of Variance 112. Price Elasticity Defined 70 Multiple Linear Regression Model 114. Arc Price Elasticity 72 Use of Computer Programs 115. Point Price Elasticity 73 Estimating the Population Regression. Interpreting the Price Elasticity Coefficients 115. The Relationship between the Price Using the Regression Model to Make. Elasticity and Revenues 73 Forecasts 115, The Importance of Elasticity Revenue Inferences about the Population Regression. Relationships 78 Coefficients 115, Factors Affecting the Price Elasticity of The Analysis of Variance 118.
Demand 80 Summary 118, International Perspectives Free Trade Exercises 119. and the Price Elasticity of Demand Case Exercise Soft Drink Demand. Nestl Yogurt 82 Estimation 124,The Income Elasticity of Demand 83. Income Elasticity Defined 83 4A Problems in Applying the Linear. Arc Income Elasticity 84 Regression Model 126,Point Income Elasticity 85. Cross Elasticity of Demand 87 Introduction 126, Cross Price Elasticity Defined 87 Nonlinear Regression Models 132. Interpreting the Cross Price Elasticity 87 Summary 135. Antitrust and Cross Price Elasticities 87 Exercises 135. An Empirical Illustration of Price Income, and Cross Elasticities 89 5 Business and Economic Forecasting 137.
The Combined Effect of Demand Chapter Preview 137,Elasticities 89 Managerial Challenge Excess Fiber. Summary 90 Optic Capacity at Global,Exercises 91 Crossing Inc 137. Case Exercise Polo Golf Shirt Pricing 93 The Significance of Forecasting 139. 4 Estimating Demand 95 Selecting a Forecasting Technique 139. Hierarchy of Forecasts 139, Chapter Preview 95 Criteria Used to Select a Forecasting. Managerial Challenge Global Warming Technique 140, and the Demand for Public Evaluating the Accuracy of Forecasting. Not For Sale,Transportation 95 Models 140, Estimating Demand Using Marketing What Went Right What Went Wrong.
Research Techniques 98 Crocs Shoes 140,x Contents,Not For Sale. Alternative Forecasting Techniques 141 Import Export Flows and Transaction. Deterministic Trend Analysis 141 Demand for a Currency 189. Components of a Time Series 141 The Equilibrium Price of the U S Dollar 189. Some Elementary Time Series Models 142 Speculative Demand Government. Secular Trends 143 Transfers and Coordinated Intervention 189. Seasonal Variations 146 Short Term Exchange Rate Fluctuations 190. Smoothing Techniques 147 Determinants of Long Run Trends in. Moving Averages 148 Exchange Rates 191, First Order Exponential Smoothing 151 The Role of Real Growth Rates 191. Barometric Techniques 154 The Role of Real Interest Rates 194. Cengage Learning All rights reserved No distribution allowed without express authorization. Leading Lagging and Coincident Indicators 154 The Role of Expected Inflation 194. Survey and Opinion Polling Techniques 155 Purchasing Power Parity 195. Forecasting Macroeconomic Activity 158 PPP Offers a Better Yardstick of. Sales Forecasting 159 Comparative Growth 196, Econometric Models 159 Relative Purchasing Power Parity 197. Advantages of Econometric Forecasting Qualifications of PPP 198. Techniques 159 What Went Right What Went Wrong, Single Equation Models 160 GM Toyota and the Celica GT S Coupe 199. Multi Equation Models 160 The Appropriate Use of PPP An Overview 200. Consensus Forecasts Blue Chip Forecaster Big Mac Index of Purchasing Power Parity 201. Surveys 162 Trade Weighted Exchange Rate Index 201. Stochastic Time Series Analysis 163 International Trade A Managerial. Forecasting with Input Output Tables 166 Perspective 204. International Perspectives Long Term Shares of World Trade and Regional. Sales Forecasting by General Motors Trading Blocs 204. in Overseas Markets 167 Comparative Advantage and Free Trade 207. Summary 167 Import Controls and Protective Tariffs 209. Exercises 168 The Case for Strategic Trade Policy 211. Case Exercise Cruise Ship Arrivals in Increasing Returns 213. Network Externalities 214,Alaska 172, Case Exercise Lumber Price Forecast 173 Free Trade Areas The European Union.
and NAFTA 214, 6 Managing in the Global Economy 175 Optimal Currency Areas 216. Intraregional Trade 216,Chapter Preview 175 Mobility of Labor 216. Managerial Challenge Financial Correlated Macroeconomic Shocks 217. Crisis Crushes U S Household Largest U S Trading Partners The. Consumption and Business Role of NAFTA 217, Investment Will Exports to A Comparison of the EU and NAFTA 219. Managerial Economics Applications Strategy and Tactics 12th Edition James R McGuigan R Charles Moyer Frederick H deB Harris Vice President of Editorial

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