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All you really need to know for activity,on 10 GHz band. Introduction,10 GHz is one of most atractive amateur microwave. bands with large number of active stations looking. for possibility of DX activity on microvawes from,home or portable QTH. You can reach nice DX contacts QRB over 500 km,during International contests. 1 Subregional Contest March,2 Subregiona Contest Mai.
Microwave Contest June,Alpe Adria UHF MW Contest June. 3 Subregional Contest July,IARU 1st Region MW Contest October. During VHF UHF MW Activity Days,Every 3 rd Sunday in month January to December. Rain scatter season Mai August,Tropospheric ductin season September to December. Propagation modes,Tropospheric ducting frequently possible.
Rain scatter Mai to October,Snow scatter during winter. Aircraft scatter mostly during contests,Tropospheric ducting. Rain Snow scatter types,Side scatter,Back scatter,Rain scatter types. Side scatter,Back scatter,Rain scatter principle,Rain drop shapes. Optimal rain drops size is 0 5 to 3 mm,Aircraft scatter.
Very popular propagation mode during contest on,microwave bands 1 2 to 10 GHz. Using of SDR or panoramatic adapter for week signal. detection is advantadge,Used modes,CW frequently used mode for its good readability. because of large signal distorsion by Rain scatter. SSB good in tropo propagation very bad readable by. FM used instead of SSB in strong RS very good,readability small signal distorsion only. PSK JT4 modulation new issue of WSJT 9 5 have, special mode for 10 GHz tropo Dxing Aircraft scatter. Skeds arranging,Comunication on MW chat ON4KST,By phone or SMS contacts are in RS list.
DX Cluster,Frequency of the test,Time DCF 77,Exact QTF direct or SCP. USEFUL TOOLS,MW Chat ON4KST,DX Cluster OH2AQ MW DX spots. Hepburns Tropo ducts maps,Meteorological radars by PA5DD. During VHF UHF MW Activity Days Every 3 rd Sunday in month January to December 10368 040 OK0EL Benecko JO70SQ 1030 12 el slot WG 90 270 0 5 OK1AIY 10368 064 OK0EA Trutnov JO70UP 1355 slot WG Omni 2 OK1AIY

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