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General English Practice Online,Introducing Macmillan Practice Online. Inspiring learners enhancing teaching, Macmillan Practice Online is a new online practice environment for learners of English as a foreign. language Accessible anywhere with an internet connection supplementary online practice has. never been easier more flexible or more affordable Give your learners the MPO advantage now. and watch them grow in confidence, Learners and teachers can benefit in many different ways. Provides great online learning resources that inspire students and improve results. Black Supports classroom teaching and works alongside your current print resources. Breathing area, Gives students instant marks and allows them to monitor their progress. Minimum size,Breathing area, Frees teachers to spend more time on productive skills in the classroom while students.
5X Minimum size,practise online Breathing area,Minimum size. Lets students access comprehensive grammar support and the online version of the. Breathing area,award winning Macmillan English Dictionary. Minimum size, Is simple to purchase with no need for investment in systems software or staff training. Breathing area,with MPO you just log in and go,Minimum size. Breathing area,Minimum size,Powered by Macmillan English Campus.
MPO will enable you to offer new courses,and services It s easy to get started and. it s great value for money,So why not give your school. the MPO advantage and,choose Macmillan Practice,Online today. mpo mini brochure general Englis2 2 26 03 2009 15 25 31. Look inside Macmillan Practice Online,A courses tab that. takes you directly Instant access to the,Help and support Macmillan English.
to your course Access to,for students Dictionary Online grammar support. A personalized area for,bookmarks word lists,and web links for every. student A personalized study,area for each student. A modern web interface and,flexible image gallery enables. students to customize their,version of Macmillan,Quality assured Students can view Practice Online.
Macmillan content their markbook and Students can change. check progress and edit their profiles,Instant feedback for. All students get instant marks,on completing an exercise. and their scores are stored,in their personal markbook. providing a complete record,of their work,www macmillanpracticeonline com 2. mpo mini brochure general Englis3 3 26 03 2009 15 25 41. General English Practice Online,General English Practice Online CEFR levels A2 C2.
The Common European Framework of Reference,for Languages is increasingly becoming the. backbone of English language teaching courses,The progression of linguistic ability is easily. identifiable in the level bands,A Basic User,A1 Breakthrough. A2 Waystage,B Independent User,B1 Threshold,B2 Vantage. C Proficient User,C1 Effective Operational Proficiency.
C2 Mastery, Each level is defined by a set of Can do statements For example I can develop an argument systematically giving. appropriate emphasis to significant points and presenting relevant supporting detail CEFR C1. Macmillan Practice Online has produced five interactive courses from A2 level to C2 level in both British and American. English that tailor the language input to build up the Can do statements. These can be clearly pinpointed on the main syllabus page and are not only a handy reference tool for the teacher but. also give students an objective a clear goal and ultimately a greater sense of achievement. Topic based input,There are 8 topic based units for. each of the General English,Practice Online CEFR levels that. cover the core vocabulary and,language input for the relevant. CEF level These unit menus,are further broken down into.
resource lists that focus on the,skills vocabulary and language. input that are needed to meet,the Can do statement. mpo mini brochure general Englis4 4 26 03 2009 15 25 42. In depth practice,Each activity has been chosen,to allow students to build up the. language skills vocabulary and,grammar they need to confidently. fulfil the Can do statements,Grammar support, All MPO students have access to a comprehensive database of over 430 grammar reference units each including a.
detailed explanation learning tips and an interactive activity for reinforcement No student need struggle with a. grammar point while they are practising with MPO,Award winning ELT dictionary. All MPO students have instant,access to the Macmillan English. Dictionary Online helping,students extend their vocabulary. improve pronunciation and,become confident independent. learners As well as highlighting,over 7 500 of the most frequently.
used words in English the,dictionary contains pronunciation. guides for all words in British and,American English grammar and. vocabulary reference material,and an interactive atlas This. makes Macmillan English,Dictionary Online an invaluable. learning tool,www macmillanpracticeonline com 44, mpo mini brochure general Englis5 5 26 03 2009 15 25 51.
General English Practice Online Syllabus,Level Unit Topic Areas covered. CEF A2 1 Descriptions Pictures Clothes and Accessories People Buildings and Cities. 2 My World Me Families Daily Life Social Life, 3 Food and Drink Eating and Drinking Eating Habits Eating Out Party Food. 4 Health and Body Parts of Body Keeping Fit Doing Sport Health Problems. 5 Travelling Directions Going Places Other Countries Transport. 6 Natural World Animals Marine Life Geographical Features Weather. 7 People Relationships Schooldays Shopping Having Fun. 8 The Past Yesterday Past Stories Past Events Now and Then. CEF B1 1 People Behaviour and Character Habits and Lifestyle Personality and Emotions Problems and Ambitions. 2 Spare Time Cinema Holidays Sport Music, 3 Shopping Shopping Around Food and Clothes Advertising The Shopping Business. 4 Food and Drink Delicious Food Cooking Eating Out Eating Habits. 5 The Future Plans for The Future What the Future Holds Science or Science Fiction Life in the Future. 6 Health Health Problems Healthy Lives Becoming Older Keeping Fit. 7 Natural World Animal Kingdom Environment Environmental Problems Global Warming and the Forces of Nature. 8 Education School Students teachers and Learning Work and Study. CEF B2 1 People Famous People Social Customs and Traditions Celebrations and Special Occasions Crime and Criminals. 2 Education Computers Higher Education Learning Languages Attending Courses. 3 Entertainment Reading The Arts Museums Cinema and Television. 4 Employment Looking for a Job Getting a Job In the Workplace Staff. 5 Places and Travel Advice Holiday Plans Cities and Countries Business Travel. 6 Communication Sending a Message Media and the News Radio Advertising. 7 Business Meetings Attending Conferences Making Presentations Correspondence. 8 History Ancient Time Architecture Myths Early Inventions. CEF C1 1 People Showbiz Motivation and Decisions Celebrations Feelings and Reactions. 2 Relationships Family Friends and Lovers At Work Socialising. 3 Media Television Newspapers and the News Radio Programmes Communication and Technology. 4 Spare Time Cinema Doing Sport Hobbies Shopping, 5 Culture Literature Music The Arts The World of Culture. 6 Work Attitudes to Work Motivation and Training Human Resources Leaders and Managers. 7 Travel Travelling Around Destinations Holidays and Places. 8 Companies Companies Competition Crisis and Negotiations Advertising. CEF C2 1 Society Ethics and Law Crime Discipline Public Life and Social Contact. 2 Progress Development Technology Computers Communication. 3 People Names and Big Names Civilisation Human Beings Challenge and Conflict. 4 Work People at Work Training Meetings Presentations. 5 Companies Managing Staff Money and Finance Buying and Selling Negotiating. 6 Food Food and Drink Cooking Restaurants Food and Health. 7 Business Jobs Statistics Correspondence Trade, 8 Life Different Lives Sociology The Mind The Natural World.
mpo mini brochure general Englis6 6 26 03 2009 15 25 52. Frequently asked questions,How do I order, MPO is available via our website www macmillanpracticeonline com You can also order via your local Macmillan. representative or through your local book supplier when you order your coursebooks It s as easy as that just quote. the ISBN of the MPO course and tell your supplier how many logins you want to order We will then supply you with. logins to give to your students Your school will receive an invoice in the usual way. How long does the login last, Each login ID will be valid for a year from the date that it is activated. Do I need a coursebook to use MPO courses, You can use MPO as supplementary material to a coursebook either in class or for homework You can also use MPO. on its own to provide the core content of the course How you use it will depend on your teachers preferences and. your learners needs For ideas on how to use MPO in class and for homework visit our teacher support area at. www macmillanpracticeonline com,What equipment do I need. With MPO there is no need for specialist equipment Your students simply need to be able to access the internet. whether on a PC or Mac There are no local hosting or software requirements Students can practise with MPO. anytime and anywhere they have access to the internet There s nothing to download upload or install just log in. Can I see a demonstration, Your local Macmillan representative can arrange a demonstration Alternatively visit our website.
www macmillanpracticeonline com to see some sample exercises and an animated demonstration. Can I sell on logins to my students, Just like other course materials logins can be included in course fees or sold separately With MPO the choice is. How many can I order, There is no upper limit on how many logins can be ordered In order to pay by invoice a minimum of ten logins must. be purchased Credit card payments can be made via www macmillanpracticeonline com and are not subject to. a minimum order requirement,How much does it cost, Each level of General English Practice Online costs 10. excluding 15 VAT for orders in the EU The price, includes one year s access 24 hours a day 7 days a week. to a resource containing up to 250 interactive activities. plus access to the Macmillan English Dictionary Online and. the Grammar Support database of over 430 activities. MPO is incredible value for money,www macmillanpracticeonline com.
mpo mini brochure general Englis7 7 26 03 2009 15 26 02. TITLE ISBN TITLE ISBN,Inside Out Sky High, New Inside Out Beginner 9780230725218 Sky High Book 1 9780230725577. New Inside Out Elementary 9780230725225 Sky High Book 2 9780230750944. New Inside Out Pre intermediate 9780230725591 Sky High Book 3 9780230740716. New Inside Out Intermediate 9780230750852 Sky High Book 4 9780230750951. New Inside Out Upper Intermediate 9780230750869 Sky High Book 5 9780230750968. Inside Out Pre intermediate 9780230725232 Academic English and exam practice. Inside Out Intermediate 9780230725249 Advanced Academic English American 9780230725607. Inside Out Upper Intermediate 9780230725256 Advanced Academic English British 9780230740723. Inside Out Advanced 9780230725263 Upper Intermediate Academic English with TOEFL American 9780230750937. Inspiration Advanced Academic English with TOEFL American 9780230725614. Inspiration Level 1 9780230725317 Upper Intermediate Academic English with IELTS British 9780230750920. Inspiration Level 2 9780230725324 Advanced Academic English with IELTS British 9780230740624. Inspiration Level 3 9780230725331 PET Practice Online 9780230740631. Inspiration Level 4 9780230725348 FCE Practice Online 9780230740648. In Company CAE Practice Online 9780230750913, In Company 2nd Edition Pre intermediate 9780230750838 TOEIC Practice Online 9780230740655. In Company 2nd Edition Intermediate 9780230750845 TOEFL Preparation Online 9780230740730. In Company Elementary 9780230725270 General English. In Company Pre intermediate 9780230725287 CEFR Level A2 Practice Online British English 9780230740662. In Company Intermediate 9780230725294 CEFR Level B1 Practice Online British English 9780230740679. In Company Upper Intermediate 9780230725300 CEFR Level B2 Practice Online British English 9780230740686. Expressions CEFR Level C1 Practice Online British English 9780230740693. Expressions 1 9780230725539 CEFR Level C2 Practice Online British English 9780230740709. Expressions 2 9780230725546 CEFR Level A2 Practice Online American English 9780230740747. Straightforward CEFR Level B1 Practice Online American English 9780230740754. Straightforward Beginner 9780230750876,Straightforward Elementary 9780230750883. Straightforward Pre intermediate 9780230725553,Straightforward Intermediate 9780230725560. Straightforward Upper Intermediate 9780230750890,Straightforward Advanced 9780230750906.
Macmillan English Campus,The Macmillan Building,4 Crinan Street. London N1 9XW,United Kingdom, For a full list of Macmillan offices and distributors please consult. the Macmillan Education International Catalogue or visit. www macmillanenglish com worldwide,www macmillanpracticeonline com. www macmillanenglish com, mpo mini brochure general Englis8 8 26 03 2009 15 26 03. Look inside Macmillan Practice Online Instant feedback for students All students get instant marks on completing an exercise and their scores are stored

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