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Document specifications, This document was completed for the M2M Router device and contains the detailed description. of the device configuration which is necessary for the proper operation of the device. You can choose CDMA 450 2G 3G 4G LTE 450 and Narrow Band versions of the modem types All of the. listed settings are more or less similar for the modem versions. If you are using the router with RS232 RS485 additional interface pls check the RS232 RS485 chapter at. Serial Proxy part in this document, In case of CDMA450 device the CDMA specific MSIN settings are listed in this document. Document category User Manual,Document subject M2M Router. Author WM Systems LLC,Document version No REV 2 10. Number of pages 66, Hardware Identifier No BE0077D CMDA450 BE0077C CMDA450 BE0077B CMDA450.
OpenWRT build version 2020 03 05,Linux Kernel version 4 4 4. Firmware version 2019 01 18,Document status Final,Last modified 16 November 2019. Approval date 16 November 2019,Table of contents,1 Starting up the Router 5. 1 1 Interfaces 5,1 2 Cable connection 5,1 3 Starting the router 6. 1 4 Web user interface of the router 7,1 5 Accessing the router on ssh connection 8.
1 6 Remote configuration of the router by Remotte Device Manager software 9. 2 Web Administration user interface 10,2 1 Main page Dashboard 10. 2 2 Menu 11,2 3 Status menu 13,2 4 CDMA menu only for CDMA devices 13. 2 5 System menu 13,2 6 Router menu 14,2 8 Services menu 14. 2 8 Network menu 14,3 Network configuration of the router 15. 3 1 Interface settings 15,3 2 Mobile internet settings modem 16.
3 3 Ethernet LAN settings 23,3 4 DHCP settings 25,3 5 DNS settings 27. 3 6 Defining the route rules 28,3 7 Firewall settings 28. 3 8 Port Forward settings 33,3 9 IP routing NAT settings 34. 3 10 Dynamic DNS settings 35,4 Special settings 37. 4 1 Remote Device Manager settings 37,4 2 Monitoring the modem 38.
4 3 Ping an IP address 38,4 4 Network Time Service NTP 39. 4 5 TFTP service settings 40,4 6 Identifiying names connecting machines 41. 4 7 LED configuration 41,4 8 OpenVPN configuration 42. 4 9 Ser2Net RS232 RS485 configuration 44, 4 10 Periodic ping and periodic reboot configuration 45. 5 Software refresh and router maintenance 47,5 1 Firmware refresh 47.
5 2 Installing applications 48,5 3 Restarting the router 49. 5 4 Shutdown halt of the router 50,5 5 Reset the router 50. 5 6 Password change 50,5 7 Backup and restore of settings 50. 5 8 Handling external storage uSD card USB drives 51. 5 9 RS485 MBus meter connection 53,5 10 SSH configuration 56. 6 Troubleshooting 58,7 Support availability 64,7 1 Contact the support line 64.
7 2 Product support 65,8 Legal notice 66,1 Starting up the Router. 1 1 Accessories,Unpack the router and the antennas from. the product paper box,Prepare for the installation and the. configuration follow the next hints,1 2 Cable connection. 1 Mount a 2G 3G or LTE 450 CDMA 450 or Narrow Band SMA type communication antenna. to the Antenna Main titled SMA M interface according to the module router type. In case of 4G version router please use two antennas for the good signal reception. 2 Insert a SIM card APN and data activated to the SIM holder placed the chip side up and. the cutted edge towards to inside and push until it sleeves. 3 Connect UTP cable to the router Ethernet titled port The other side of the cable must. be plugged to the PC s Ethernet port, 4 The DHCP service is turned off for the router Ethernet interface by default.
Therefore you have to configure an IP address for you PC manually. As an example add the 192 168 127 10 IP address to your computer s Ethernet interface. for connecting to the router,1 3 Starting the router. 1 Plug the 12V DC power adapter cable to the POWER interface then plug the adapter to. the 230V electrical network, 2 The router has a pre installed system contains uploaded firmware and system software After. plugging the power adapter the router begins to work whereas its LED signals are showing. the current activity during the operation, When power up the router all the three LEDs will flashes once as in case of restart. If the device was under power supply the LED1 will light continuously which means that the. system booting is in progress, 3 The system is starting which takes about 1 2 minutes During the boot the LED1 will lighting. by green After cca 2 minutes LED1 will flashing once in every 10 seconds which means it is. available on its local interfaces Now you can login to the web user interface. 4 As soon as you can configure the internet settings of the wireless module SIM and. APN for connecting to the NB IoT network in other case the router will be. restarted in every 10 minutes, 5 Then the router tries to connect to the mobile network autenticates and logging to the APN.
zone and will be initiating the network connection if that was configured and the SIM card. network registration has performed then the LED2 will lighting continuously which signs that. the the router has access to the mobile network and can transmit data. 6 Change the web login password as soon as you can. 7 If you need turn on the DHCP service, If you notice any failure or unusual LED flashing then go to the Troubleshooting chapter. 1 4 Web user interface Login, For accessing the the router through the web user interface you have to setup the IP address of. the Ethernet interface on your computer to allow the fixed ipv4 address for the following IP address. 192 168 127 1 Subnet mask 255 255 255 0, For accessing the web user interface we offer the Mozilla Firefox web. Default web user interface LuCi address is https 192 168 127 1 8888. USB web address https 192 168 10 1 8888, At first time you have to allow the security risk in the Mozilla browser by choosing the Advanced. option at the Potential Security Risk, Then choose the Accept the Risk and Continue option here.
Now you can login to the router s local website LuCi interface through the Ethernet. interface accessing the default URL,The login data are the following. Username root,Password wmrpwd,Then push to the Login button to load. the configuration management user,interface of the router. When connecting to the public network it is recommended to change the login password. The ethernet IP address can be modified after login from the OpenWrt. 1 5 Accessing the router on ssh connection, The router can be accessed through an OpenSSH connection when it is available on its IP address. by a terminal utility e g putty at 192 168 10 1 22 Login root Password wmrpwd. When connecting you have to allow the usage and store of the encryption key on your client then. the following login screen appeas in your command line on your computer. 1 6 Remote configuration of the router by Device Manager software. You can use the remote device management application Remote Device Manager for maintaining your. m2m routers The application provides you continuous QoS monitoring of operation remote re configuration. and installation of firmware,There you can manage,hundreds of routers by.
checking their network,availability,You can also storage the. current configuration or,reconfigure mass of the routers. in one step or refresh the,firmware for a group of routers. or singular devices as well, The application is available through license pack constructions please advise our sales about the license pack. You can get further information on the Remote Device Manager website. https www m2mserver com en product m2m device manager. 2 Web Administration user interface,2 1 Dashboard Main page.
After login to the web interface the startup screen appears with the current status of the router. Check that the Build Date OpenWrt is 2019 07 10 or newer version and the STM32 Firmware. ersion which must be at least 2019 01 18 or newer, At the Network part you can identify the Modem Model the modem identifier IMEI the SIM. identifier SIM ID and the Modem RSSI signal strength and Modem SQ signal quality in. CSQ and the mobile network registration login and access information as well CREG. You also can check the IPv4 and IPv6 WAN status and the connection Type to the public. Internet There you can check the DHCP and DNS information as well. By the menu you can access the following features, Status Status data operation logs operation monitoring. System System settings administration software and fw refresh backup restrore of the. configuration settings, Router Device Manager settings Modem and Logging parameters Ping an IP address. Daily restart Factory settings, Services DynDNS dynamical DNS settings OpenVPN settings. Network network interface settings DHCP DNS Route rules diagnostics firewall. 2 3 Status menu, In the Status you can check the current status Overview.
at the Firewall item you can see the firewall events and information. at the Routes item the valid active route settings. check the system messages and event log System Log and Kernel Log. activities of the router Processes, monitoring the realtime operation at the Realtime Graphs. 2 4 CDMA menu only for CDMA devices, In case of CDMA450 version the hostname is already configured for CDMA 450 in the Overview. menu Dashboard, The modem s MSIN identifier can be configured here CDMA menu Set MSIN which is required. to use the router on any CDMA450 network, If you give a new MSIN number then the WAN interface will be automatically configured for the. router This setting can be checked at the Network Interfaces menu. You can store the router settings with the Save button The Save Apply button stores the. settings and reconfigure the router related on these settings When it was succesful the router. will be not restarting automatically futher,2 5 System menu.
You can found several system settings in these menu items. In the System menu Hostname router name Time synchronisation time and NTP. server settings Logging Language of user interface. Administration Password for admin user interface and the SSH Access. Installation of further Software 3rd party tools applications for the Linux distribution. You can define the Startup applicatons resident programs during the operation. You also can define Scheduled Tasks for starting them in the right time and sequence. Setup the NTP server for Time Synchronisation, The Mount Points are showing the available mounted shares and drives. The LED Configuration is also configurable,You also can Backup Flash firmware updates. Even the Rebooting the router, You can store the router settings with the Save button The Save Apply button stores the. settings and reconfigure the router related on these settings. 2 6 Router menu, You can define the remote monitoring software connection settings of the az Remote. Device Manager optional remote management software for firmware refresh and. reconfiguartion check QoS, Then at the Modem parameters define special parameters for the connection.
Define the Logging parameters, At the Periodic Ping you can configure the cyclic heartbeat ping interval settings as a. network checking method feature, The daily router reboot can be allowed at the Periodic Reboot menu item. The backup of the factory settings is possible at the Factory Configuration save to a file. 2 7 Services menu, Here you can setup the DynDNS dynamical DNS service settings. And to define the OpenVPN client connection settings. 2 8 Network menu, Here you can configure the settings of each network Interfaces. You can modify the DHCP and DNS settings, or define the router network device name at the Hostname.
The Static route paths can be also defined, The Firewall rules can be declared here as the following submenu items Port forward IP. router NAT settings, Diagnostics you can test network operation and connection health ping IP address. If you are using the router with RS232 RS485 additional interface pls check the RS232 RS485 chapter at Serial Proxy part in this document In case of CDMA450 device the CDMA specific MSIN settings are listed in this document Document category User Manual Document subject M2M Router Author WM Systems LLC Document version No REV 2 10

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