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Introduction 3,Buttons and ports introduced 3,1 Pictorial guide to buttons and ports 3. 2 Buttons and ports explained 4,Main interface and drop down display 5. Setting interface 6,2 Bluetooth 7,Using M11 as a Bluetooth transmitter 7. Using M11 as a Bluetooth receiver 8,Multifunctional Output 9. SPDIF Coaxial output 10,Lowpass filter mode 11,Wireless playback quality 11.
USB mode 12,Channel balance 13,In line remote 13,ALL To DSD 14. Adjustable volume at LO 14,AirPlay 15,4 General 16. Navigation control 17,Gesture operation 17,Power off timers 18. Key lock setting 19,Maximum volume setting 19,Double click to wakeup 20. 5 Display 21,Font size 22,6 Language input 23,7 Backup reset 24.
Firmware update 25,Status bar 27,Technical Support 27. FiiO Music 28,1 Homepage 28,2 Quickly locate all music 29. 3 Functionalities corresponding to All songs interface 30. 4 Now Playing interface 32,Introduction, The M11 is a high fidelity high resolution digital audio player Using Samsung. 14nm Exynos 7872 Dual AK4493EQ DACs 3GB ram 32GB storage and. support dual external TF card storage Theoretically up to 4T extension. equipped with 5 15 inch 18 9 HD display With a deep custom Android7 0 and. professional custom music player FiiO Music the system runs at a fast and. smooth speed with simple operation Support PO LO BAL both 2 5mm and. 4 4mm SPDIF Coaxial Output also support USB DAC USB Audio Bluetooth. receive function Wireless not only supports dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 4 2. protocol also supports high quality Bluetooth protocol such as aptX aptX HD. LDAC HWA You can play music continuously for at least 13 hours or let it in. deep sleep mode for 50 days so that you can enjoy it everytime. Buttons and ports introduced,1 Pictorial guide to buttons and ports. 2 Buttons and ports explained, 1 5 15 inches IPS Hi Res incell screen 1440x720 pixels Displays the user.
interface and other information for operating the unit via screen touches and or. in conjunction with buttons on the unit, 2 Power Lock While M11 is powered off hold for 2s to turn on while. powered on hold to display power off reboot menu press briefly while. powered on to turn screen on off Press and hold for 10 seconds to reset. 3 Play Pause Press while playing to pause music press while paused to. continue playback, 4 Volume knob Scroll up to turn up the volume scroll down to turn down the. 5 Previous track Short press play the previous track Long press the track. quickly retired, 6 Next track Short press play the next track long press the track fast forward. 7 Micro SD card slot supporting dual external micro SD card storage. Theoretically up to 4TB extension, 8 Type C USB data charging port Used for charging transmitting data USB. Audio output The QC2 0 adapter is recommended for charging and can be filled. in 2 hours, 9 4 4mm balanced headphone output Supports 4 4mm TRRS balanced.
headphones, 10 2 5mm balanced headphone output Supports 2 5mm TRRRS balanced. headphones, 11 3 5mm PO LO SPDIF coaxial output Shared Phone line coaxial output. port Switch between the three outputs in M11 Settings Audio Settings. Multifunctional Output, CTIA spec headsets with in line remote control supported with the following. remote control operation single button remotes and main button of multi button. remotes supported, Volume Up Down click to turn up down the volume by one step hold to turn. up down the volume continuously to Max volume Mute. Play Pause press main button once briefly to toggle between play and pause. Next track double click main button quickly,Previous track triple click main button quickly.
Main interface and drop down display,Setting interface. The M11 may connect to the Internet or other network resources to obtain music. resources or perform other Android functions,To connect the M11 to WiFi devices hotspots. 1 Tap the WLAN in setting as shown in the picture below. 2 Slide the WiFi switch to the right ON and the M11 will automatically search for. and display available WiFi connections, 3 Tap the name of the WiFi network you wish to connect to and enter the password if. prompted and the M11 will connect to the network,2 Bluetooth. M11 supports virtually all Bluetooth formats including the high resoulution. ones for your ultimate listening pleasure including 24bit aptX HD also. backwards compatible with aptX LDAC and HWA M11 can also be a Bluetooth. transmitter or a Bluetooth receiver,Using M11 as a Bluetooth transmitter.
To use the M11 with new Bluetooth devices e g Bluetooth earphones speakers. remote controls the M11 must first be paired with the device as follows. 1 Tap the Bluetooth in setting as shown in the picture below. 2 If Bluetooth on the M11 is off turn it on by flicking the switch on the upper right to. the ON position on the right, 3 Tap SEARCH FOR DEVICES at the bottom of the screen to have the M11. search for and display nearby Bluetooth devices, 4 Tap the name of your Bluetooth device to pair with it Successfully paired devices. will appear under the PAIRED DEVICES list,Refresh to search. Before you connecting to Bluetooth you can select the Bluetooth audio code which. you want to use as follows,1 Enter the Settings Audio settings interface. 2 Click on the Wireless Play select the one you want to use then disconnect the. current connection and connect with your Bluetooth device again. 1 If you already connect with one Bluetooth device it is necessary to disconnect the. Bluetooth connection in order to switch the Bluetooth audio code successfully before. reconnecting with the Bluetooth device The switching between the three mode of. LDAC can work in real time, 2 When you turn on the Bluetooth M11 will automatically connect to the latest.
available device,Using M11 as a Bluetooth receiver. When M11 is connected to the new Bluetooth device such as the mobile phone as. a Bluetooth receiver turn on the Bluetooth decoding mode in the Bluetooth settings. interface then the Bluetooth will turned off automatically turn on the Bluetooth again. and you are in Bluetooth receive mode now,Disconnect. Multifunctional Output,Switch the output in PO LO SPDIF Coaxial. SPDIF Coaxial output, You can choose between DOP and D2p modes In D2P mode DSD will Converted to PCM output. In DOP mode it will original output what you input The amplifier should support DSD or there will. be noise when you play DSD in DOP mode, Sets the gain level of the headphone output to be either High high volume or.
Low low volume,Lowpass filter mode, To set the filter modes Sharp Roll Off Filter Slow Roll Off Filter Short delay. Sharp Roll Off Filter Short delay Slow Roll Off Filter Super Slow Roll Off Filter. Wireless playback quality, When the Bluetooth receiver supports multiple Bluetooth audio encode such as. BTR3 you can select which you want to use, Storage and USB DAC are provided If the system of your computer is Windows. please download USB DAC driver on our website and follow relevant instructions to. install and use M11 as an USB DAC MAC computer do not need driver Download. Link https www fiio com Driver Download,Channel balance. Sets the volume balance between the left and right channels From being biased. leftmost L10 through centred 0 to rightmost R10 there are 21 settings available. In line remote, Response to in line remotes on connected headsets may be enabled or disabled by.
your choice,ALL To DSD, In ALL To DSD mode PCM will Converted to DSD64 output. Adjustable volume at LO,Adjustable volume at LO ON OFF. This allows you to set whether the volume through Line Out can be controlled by. adjusting the volume level or not, To make both the M11 and your Apple device connect to the same WiFi firstly. Click Airplay of M11, Click the device airplay button and then choose FiiO Music Player to connect. M11 Complete User Manual Applies to FW1 0 5 and later Foreword Thank you for purchasing FiiO s high resolution lossless music player M11 To let you better utilize the M11 to enjoy high quality music we have prepared this complete user manual We hope this manual will help you get to know the M11 and unleash its full potential

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