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1, Index , Pages,The Ethos of the Department 2 14. Contact numbers 15 17,Congresses Symposiums Courses 18. Academic Program structure 19 22,Mentor Programme 23. PAH X Ray Discussion 24 25,Departmental Academic Program 26 29. Principles of Surgery 30 32,Surgical Anatomy 33,Research Meetings 34.
Mem On Tues Afternoons Subj For Discussion 34 40,Students after hours work 41. Dissertion Protocol Guidelines 2007 42 45,Proposal for Laparoscopic Training 46. Student Injury on Duty Needleprick 47 48,TNM 800 49 56. Logbook 57 79, Vision, To be the Best Academic Department of Surgery in the region . Mission, Practise best clinical surgery whatever the circumstances .
2, Objectives, To create conductive learning environment. To produce safe medical practitioners in the Surgical Emergency. To produce competent doctors in their chosen field. To train critical thinkers and learners with ability to adopt and adapt new knowledge. Values, Respect of human right of all our patients and their families. Uphold the highest professional and ethical standards. Any intervention should only be in the best interest of the patient. A vibrant and pleasurable training environment, Calling. Our calling is to prevent premature death and to relieve suffering. Our calling is not to abolish death but allow our patients to die with dignity. MOTTO, To Till Our Best Is The Best, Surgeons often have a heavy workload stretching over many hours It is absolutely imperative that a. surgeon s decisions and actions are of such a nature that he will be able on all occasions to give an. account of his actions both to himself his colleagues and the patient Be patient Exercise restraint even in. the face of provocation from colleagues management or patients Irascible and erratic behavior may harm. your patient and certainly will harm working relationships with your colleagues To take out your temper on. instruments or theatre personnel blaming everybody else except yourself is a sign of a personality out of. control , A surgeon always acts under control people are placing their lives in one s hands .
A good doctor is always a good doctor regardless of the circumstances or environment . Circumstances should not influence your being a good doctor They can only influence the extent of your. ability a lack of essentials makes one less effective but not a bad doctor Always strive to be a good doctor . It is by training that the athlete becomes fit , This Department strives to work to the best of its ability There should always be an all out effort to render. the best service to our clients the patients , Paper has a better memory than the keenest brain . Scripta menant verba volant , Please have a little pocket note book ready to jot down those precious pearls that come your way so. frequently and to note what needs done Furthermore all encounters with the patient must be accurately if. only briefly recorded These notes might save our collective bacon when medico legal threats arise . You cannot be taught in absentia , Medicine is a practical profession It is learnt by both theoretical tuition and practical demonstrations and. professional task execution One cannot study Medicine by correspondence You must present yourself to. all learning opportunities , It is very easy to pick up during an examination which student has combined textbook with practice and.
those who just studied the textbook , Lead by example . 3, Consultants to interns are in one way or another leaders Please do it with distinction . Good leadership is the highest form of service, The good leader will have a servant s heart and will lead people to self actualization Good leadership is not. for self enrichment He will not use the shoulders of his subordinates so that he can get all the honour and. glory , Punctuality is the courtesy of Kings , Arriving late and leaving early is growing a disease amongst doctors and the cell phone and bleep have. accentuated this bad habit The notion amongst people that whenever a doctor arrives late or leaves early . he she is going to save a life has cultivated this habit We all know that it is not so in many cases Please be. punctual and show respect to your colleagues and on time . When the road changes from tar to dirt to corrugation and potholes that is when rattles are. picked up and the quality of the vehicle is tested . In spite of all the negativity around us there is still enough to be extremely thankful for We are still in a. position to get world class training we can all keep our heads up high wherever we go in the world and. whenever overseas guests visit our Department they are all very impressed with our training and. compliment us on the quality surgeons that we produce We are currently addressing the apparent. weakness in systematic research through reorganization and streamlining the clinic and clinical processes . All members of the Department are urged not to fall into the trap of negative talking because this is a vicious. downward spiral one thing leads to the next and it is very difficult to get back into an upward trajectory . There is an impression that the standard of maintenance is dropping in the hospitals The Department of. Surgery is urged to be part of the solution rather stand aloof and criticize When you see a piece of paper or. other debris lying around pick it up and put it in the bin In the wards the nurses are not there to clear up. after doctors please help by clearing up after you have done a rectal examination put up an IV or while you. have your gloves on just help with the cleaning up of the sigmoidoscopy for example. Your demeanor and deportment must befit the profession at all times . Personal neatness is taken for granted Everybody is part of the professional team . We expect everybody to look like doctors and not like some other occupations where it is cool to look. scruffy , May the coming year be one of many successes and fulfilment as you strive to make the best contribution.
that you can , GENERAL, All members of the Department of Surgery are expected to be representative of the Department at all times . They should buy into the Motto of the Department and will be signatories to the code of conduct . performing their duties as expected of each individual . CODE OF CONDUCT, Our primary concern is the patient s best interest at all times . Show respect for the patient and their expectations through our demeanor attitude and appearance. as outlined in the Dress Code , 4, Being involved in an academic department means that at all times we shall. endeavour to improve our knowledge of the subject of Surgery by self study and attendance of and. contribution to all academic meetings at all times . We should become involved in research regardless how humble . ACADEMIC MEETINGS, All ward rounds regardless of who leads the ward round . Intern and Students, M O Intern and Students, Registrar M O Interns and Students.
Consultant Registrar M O Interns and Students, Post intake report with the H O D . Morbidity and Mortality meetings on Monday afternoons. X Ray discussions on Monday afternoons, Academic afternoons Friday afternoons . Anatomical Pathology on Wednesday 3rd week as scheduled. Principles of Surgery on Wednesday afternoons, Research meetings on Tuesday afternoons. Gastroenterology meetings on alternate Thursday afternoons. Surgical anatomy demonstration on Tuesday afternoons. Paediatric Surgery discussions as per schedule, Vascular Surgery discussions as per schedule. DUTIES OF CONSULTANTS,Consultants should , Be academic leaders within the team ensure that you are well read .
Guide the treatment of patients, Teach under and post graduate students. Clinical signs and symptoms, History taking, Examination of the Surgical patient. Case presentations, Practical operative techniques by. demonstrating and, assisting at operations, do research. supervise and moderate post graduate presentations NB do not wait to be contacted by the. registrars initiate the contact , Set the parameters for the functioning of the firm and communicate these clearly to the team at a formal.
meeting at the commencement of any new time period or when new team joins the firm. Participate in the examination and evaluation of students Try to co ordinate leave with sic block exams . No major operations during sic block exams ,Examination rules Under and post graduate . Under no circumstances during written or practical examinations will any books notes texts or electronic. aids be allowed to be used to augment or aid the students performance . During practical examinations the following is permissible stethoscope ENT set Baumenometer tuning. fork Patella hammer gloves KY jelly cotton wool and pin for neurological examination blank writing pad. and pen , 5, REGISTRARS, Registrars are in the Department to learn the practice of the Discipline of Surgery The most senior registrar. in the firm is the chief co ordinator of the functionality of the firm . Responsibilities may be delegated to junior colleagues but s he remains responsible for the quality. control and completion of tasks, Do clinical work history filing discharge letters investigations examinations discharge . presentations consultations regarding their patients. Link between H O D and juniors, Available for their patients at all times. Get involved with research as early as possible, Finalise a topic.
Liase with the moderator, Do the TNM course soon,1st Year. Primary subjects Anatomy Physiology and Anatomical Pathology must be passed during this year Study. the basics of the Principles of General Surgery Any standard surgical textbook may be used for this. purpose , Principles of Surgery lectures and discussions run over a yearly cycle it is expected of you to start. attending these discussions on a Wednesday afternoon at 16 00 in the Department of Surgery lecture room . so that by the time that you do the Intermediate examination after 2 years you will be thoroughly prepared . 2nd Year, This year will be spent in other Surgical Disciplines the principles as outlined in the brochure need to be. studied You will be examined at the end of the year when successful you will return to the study of General. Surgery within the Departmental rotation If unsuccessful you will be re examined after six 6 months re . examinations may only take place twice i e 2 failures maximum . Rotations , Intensive Care 3 months, Thoracic Surgery 1 2 months. Plastic Surgery 1 2 months, Neurosurgery 1 2 months.
Urology 1 2 months, Orthopaedics 1 2 months,3rd 5th Year. The process of the study of Surgery in this Department should develop and perfect the art and practice of. Surgery for each Registrar At the end of the 5th year it will be expected of you to be proficient in the. management of General Surgery clinical problems and appropriate operation At the end of your 5 yr training. period you will be expected to write Professional Exit Examination by the College of Surgeons SA FCS. SA on behalf of HPCSA You will be expected to present and successfully defend a research Dissertation. for University MMed Chir , Discussion of X Rays, Discussion of Surgical Pathology. Discussion of Surgical Anatomy, Discussion of Surgical Operative Techniques. 6, Discussion of General Surgery, Indications for operations. Types of operations, Treatment options, Controversies.
Current views Historic views your view,Ultrasound basic for neck vascular and abdomen. The final examination can only be repeated once , NB You cannot receive the M Med Surg degree unless you have submitted a thesis of research The. format of the thesis is included in the Departmental programme booklet . From 2015 there will be a single exit final professional exam currently administered by Colleges of Medicine. SA which require a prior research thesis dissertation by training University . Congress attendance, It is expected of you to read papers at congresses. SRS Registrar Symposium, ASSA, VASSA Trauma, SAGES. Logbook, It is expected of you to keep a record of everything you do on a daily basis.
This is recorded in a diary especially for that purpose. All the information is transferred weekly to an Excell file on a computer within the Department or at. home, All logbooks the diary will be inspected by the H O D on a rostered basis published separately. from time to time , The diary will be checked and duly signed by your current Head of Firm before it is brought for. inspection , Included in the Departmental Programme is a list of procedures as well as the level of expertise. expected of you at the end of your training ,Morbidity and Mortality meetings. This is a learning experience Fruitful discussion depends on all the information being presented if a post. mortem was performed on your patient it MUST be attended by a team member to get final feedback . Relevant pathology reports and X rays must also be available and presented on all cases . Final word,When you decide to do an operation on your own.
Know your limitations, Shout for help before it is too late. Consult rather sooner than later, If you cannot get hold of anybody phone Prof Mokoena

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