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M 100X Explosion Proof Adjustable Flow Switch,Housing Hasteloy 316 SS. Endplug Hasteloy 316 SS,Piston Hasteloy 316 SS,Hasteloy Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel PH 15 7,Retaining ring N A MO AMS 5520 AISI. 632 Passivated, Please consult with the factory for any special requirements. 1 500 psig 3 000 psig,Burst Pressure 3 000 psig 5 000 psig.
Temperature,150 C 302 F,Temperature,Set Point Accuracy 10 maximum. Hysteresis 15,Repeatability 1 maximum,Flow Range Flow Range. Flow Range Port Sizes,Air sccm Water ccm,0 Low 20 10 000 1 200 1 8 FNPT. 1 Standard 50 40 000 3 650 1 8 FNPT,2 High 200 60 000 5 950 1 4 FNPT. malema com,malema com,M 100X Explosion Proof Adjustable Flow Switch.
Reed Switch data,File E47258,40 C to 150 C,Switch voltage 200 Vdc 170 Vdc for SPDT. Breakdown voltage 250 Vdc 200 Vdc for SPDT,10 VA 3 VA for SPDT. Switching current 0 5 A 0 25 A for SPDT,Carrying current 1 2 A 0 5 A for SPDT. No 24 to 18 AWG 18 length Polymeric UL Recognized,Lead Wires. Belden cable or special shielded cable is available. SPST 2 blue wires, Lead Wires Color SPDT Green Common Yellow Normally Closed.
Orange Normally Open,120 Vac 0 1 A general purpose. SPST 24 Vdc,120 Vac 0 1 A general purpose,SPDT 10 Vdc. malema com,malema com,M 100X Explosion Proof Adjustable Flow Switch. Design Considerations Construction, The M 100X Series comprises a body piston and Retaining rings Selecting a flowswitch begins with selecting the body. this series is available in 316 Stainless Steel or Hasteloy The M 100X series contains one moving part i e the piston. and two retaining rings that are in the fluid path Construction of the piston is important from a design perspective We. manufacture three types of pistons it is critical to select the correct piston for your application 316 Stainless Steel PTFE. encapsulated and Special All Metal Piston, 1 The standard piston is a 316 Stainless Steel piston with epoxy to hold the magnet in place This piston is recommended.
for non aggressive fluids and inert gases Stainless Steel retaining rings are typically used with this piston type. 2 The second piston that is available is PTFE Encapsulated This piston is a magnet that has PTFE molded around it and. is then machined to the appropriate configuration These pistons are primarily used in applications when a customer. prefers a piston that does not have epoxy in the fluid path or a piston that is impervious to aggressive fluids and gases. This piston is highly recommended for medical applications Hysteresis on these pistons tends to be slightly higher 10. to 15 than a metal piston due to frictional effects weight and surface adhesion considerations Fluid temperatures. and fluid compatibility with PTFE must be taken into account prior to selecting this piston Certain aggressive chemicals. at specific temperatures cause the PTFE to swell thus causing the piston to change shape resulting in failure of the. product Stainless or PTFE retaining rings can be used with this piston. 3 The third piston that is available is a special all metal piston with no epoxy only available in 316SS This piston is. fabricated in a proprietary process with only one weld seam leak tested which presents an all 316SS surface to the. fluid path This piston is recommended for applications in which the piston can experience a lot of cycling wear This. piston has been tested to 250 000 cycles at 125 psi Stainless Steel retaining rings are recommended for this piston. type for low pressure applications An orifice disc See Universal Mounting Diagram is recommended for high pressure. 125 psi applications,Adjustable Flow Setting Information. This model is an adjustable flow switch The flow set point can be set at the factory upon request When purchas. ing a flow switch use the Flow Switch Application Sheet or provide additional information on the purchase order. to facilitate factory calibration of the set point. Calibration set point,Increasing or decreasing flow. Fluid type i e liquid or gas,Density or specific gravity. System pressure and temperature,Flow direction i e upward or downward. Mounting orientation i e horizontal or vertical,Custom Version Available.
Malema welcomes the opportunity to apply its flow sensor experience to work for its customers Please contact us for. any special requirements including ports extreme temperature capabilities extreme pressure capabilities etc. malema com,malema com,M 100X Explosion Proof Adjustable Flow Switch. Certifications, UL and Canadian UL Recognized for use in Class I Groups A B C and Class II Groups E F G all divi. sions hazardous locations File E153446, Atex Certifications for Encapsulation and Intrinsic Safety Via ISSeP. IECEx Certifications for Encapsulation and Intrinsic Safety Protection Via UL. Intrisic Safety Via ISSeP Electrical Parameters,Gases II 1 G Ex ia IIC T6 T3 Ga. Dusts II 1 D Ex ia IIIC T95 C T175 C Da,Encapsulation Via ISSeP Electrical Parameters.
Um 250 V and Im 1 A,Gases II 2 G Ex mb IIC T6 T3 Gb. Dusts II 2 D Ex mb IIIC T95 C T175 C Db, Ambient temperature range Temperature class for Gas Temperature class for Dust. 40 C to 60 C T6 T95 C,40 C to 75 C T5 T95 C,40 C to 117 C T3 T140 C. 40 C to 149 C T3 T175 C,EX ia EX mb, EN 60079 0 2012 IEC 60079 0 2011 EN 60079 0 2012 IEC 60079 0 2011. EN 60079 11 2012 IEC 60079 11 2011 EN 60079 18 2009 IEC 60079 18 2009. EN 60079 26 2007 IEC 60079 26 2006,CE Mark IECEx,EMC EMC directive 2004 108 EC Intrinsic safety.
EN 61326 1 2006 IECEX cert UL 13 0065X, EN 61000 4 2 1995 A1 1998 A2 2001 Code Ex ia IIC T6 Ex ia IIIC T80 C Da. EN 61000 4 3 2006 Encapsulation safety,EN 61000 4 4 2004 IECEX cert IECEx UL 13 0067X. EN 61000 4 6 2007 Code Ex mb IIC T6 Gb Ex mb IIIC T80 C Db. EN 61000 4 8 1994 A1 2001,Safety Low voltage Directive 2006 95 EC. EN 61010 1 2001, 5 Check http malema com certifications for more information. malema com,malema com,M 100X Explosion Proof Adjustable Flow Switch.
Cut Dimensional Drawings, Illustrated are the M 100X model with 1 8 ports and SPDT switch above and the M 100X model with 1 4 ports and. SPDT switch below For Reference Only,malema com,malema com. M 100X Explosion Proof Adjustable Flow Switch,Ordering Information. Model Ordering Code,H Hasteloy,1 1 8 FNPT,Fluid Connection. 2 1 4 FNPT,1 SPST N O,Switch 2 SPST N C,0 Low needle valve body.
Flow Range 1 Standard,0 Standard Vertical,Mounting Universal Mounting. with disc and spring,0 316SS with epoxy,Piston 1 PTFE encapsulated. 2 All 316SS no epoxy,0 Standard Viton,7 Buna N Nitrile. XXX Unique PN Identifier, 2014 Malema Engineering Corporation All rights reserved. Malema Malema Sensors and Malema Engineering Corporation are service marks of Malema Engineering Corpration All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Malema supplies this publication for informational purposes only While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy this publication is not intended to make performance claims or process recommendations Malema. does not warrant guarantee or assume any legal liability for the accuracy completeness timeliness reliability or usefulness of any information product or process described herein We reserve the right to modify or. improve the designs or specifications of our products at any time without notice For actual product information and recommendations please contact your local Malema representative. Corporate Headquarters West Coast Headquarters Asia Pacific Headquarters. 1060 S Rogers Circle 2329 Zanker Road 29 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 02 06 Northtech Lobby 1. Boca Raton FL 33487 San Jose CA 95131 Singapore 757716. 7 P 561 995 0595 F 561 995 0622 P 408 970 3419 F 408 970 3426 P 65 6482 3533 F 65 6484 4231. M 100X Explosion Proof Adjustable Flow Switch 3 Reed Switch data File E47258 40 C to 150 C Switch voltage 200 Vdc 170 Vdc for SPDT Breakdown voltage 250 Vdc 200 Vdc for SPDT 10 VA 3 VA for SPDT Switching current 0 5 A 0 25 A for SPDT Carrying current 1 2 A 0 5 A for SPDT Lead Wires No 24 to 18 AWG 18 length Polymeric UL Recognized

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