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Glucose is also a naturally occurring sugar Fruits and juices with more. glucose and less fructose may be more intestine friendly The tables in. the following section list which fruits juices and other foods may be better. choices if you have FODMAP intolerance,High Fructose Corn Syrup HFCS. HFCS is an ingredient in many processed foods HFCS is made up of almost. half glucose and half fructose similar to regular table sugar i e sucrose. HFCS may not be a problem for people with FODMAP intolerance So foods. and drinks with HFCS such as soft drinks may be ok to include in your diet. as long as they are limited to 12 oz per day and are taken with a meal. But for some people even a small amount of processed fruit juice or HFCS. may cause intestinal discomfort and or malabsorption. Sorbitol or sorbose is a sugar alcohol that is found naturally in fruits and. fruit juices It is used as an artificial sweetener It can also be found in many. diet foods or diabetic foods like diet soft drinks sugarless gum sugar. free jelly jam and other sugar free foods It may also be found in liquid. medications Sorbitol often creates similar symptoms as fructose especially. when fructose and sorbitol are taken together,Medications. Many liquid medications and some personal care items may contain sugar. alcohols sorbitol mannitol xylitol maltitol isomalt Examples include. liquid pain relievers including liquid gel caps cough medicines and cough. drops If possible choose a tablet or caplet form instead of liquid. medication, If you have eliminated FODMAPs from your diet and are still having. symptoms talk to your pharmacist to see if any of your medications contain. lactose or sugar alcohols,Three Steps to a Low FODMAP Diet. The low FODMAP diet is not a traditional diet like ones you may have heard. of or tried Instead it s a learning process that will help you find out which. foods make your symptoms worse without taking away any that don t. Step 1 First look over the list of high FODMAP foods If you eat much of. any of them try cutting them out first, Step 2 If you feel a lot better that may be all you need to do If not try to.
cut out all high FODMAP foods as much as you can for 6 8 weeks. Step 3 After 6 8 weeks of cutting out all high FODMAP foods bring foods. back in one at a time That way if your symptoms get worse you will know. which food caused it, There has not been enough research on the low FODMAP diet to know for. sure what the best way is to bring foods back Here are three ways. Option 1 Bring back lower FODMAP foods first slowly working up to. the highest FODMAP sources,Option 2 Bring back high FODMAP foods first. Option 3 Bring back your favorite FODMAP foods first. Tips for Starting a Low FODMAP Diet, Eliminate products with ingredients that list fructose crystalline fructose not. HFCS honey and sorbitol on the label, Avoid sugar alcohols These include sorbitol isomalt lactitol maltitol. mannitol xylitol erythrytol and lactatol These are often found in diet or. diabetic foods such as diet drinks ice cream candy processed goods etc. Limit drinks with HFCS If you drink them drink less than the recommended. serving size less than 12 oz of soda It may help to drink with a meal. Check your medications for fructose and sorbitol They are not always listed. on the label so check with your pharmacist or the manufacturer. Keep in mind the amount of fructose found in 2 apples or 2 oz of honey is. the same as the amount of fructose in 1 can of soda but apples have other. nutritional benefits, Follow guidelines below to choose fruits vegetables and other foods that are.
friendlier to your intestines,Additional Resources. Visit www GInutrition virginia edu and go to Nutritional Issues in Practical. Gastroenterology Find the December 2012 article A FODMAP Diet Update. Craze or Credible, Visit www ibsgroup org and look under the Diet tab They have a nice. printable FODMAP food list, Books IBS Free at Last by Patsy Catsos MS RDN LD and the new edition. The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook that will be out in 2017. www ibsfree net, Monash University site http www med monash edu cecs gastro fodmap. Originated the low FODMAP diet and continues to do research in the area. Serving Size and,Food Group Low FODMAP Moderate FODMAP High FODMAP.
Suggestions,cup of cut fruit or a Bananas Canned fruit Apples. medium baseball size Blueberries Applesauce,whole fruit Cantaloupe Avocados. Grapefruit Blackberries,Limit to 1 to 2 servings Grapes Dried fruits e g. per day Honeydew raisins dates,Kiwi Fruit juice,Fresh or fresh frozen Lemons Lychees. fruit may be better Limes Pears,tolerated than canned Oranges Persimmons.
fruit Papaya Watermelons,Passion fruit,Tolerance may depend Pineapple Stone fruits. on the amount you eat at Raspberries Apricots,one time Rhubarb Cherries. Strawberries Mangos,Limit concentrated Tangelos Nectarines. sources of fruit such as Peaches,dried fruit and fruit Note Avoid eating Plums. juices large amounts of any Prunes, Vegetables cup for most Bamboo shoots Corn Artichokes.
vegetables or 1 cup of Bok choy Green peas Asparagus. leafy greens Carrots Tomatoes Beets,Celery Broccoli. Limit to 1 to 3 servings Chives Brussels sprouts,per day Cucumber Cabbage. Eggplant Cauliflower,Green beans Fennel,Serving Size and. Food Group Low FODMAP Moderate FODMAP High FODMAP,Suggestions. Kale Garlic,Vegetables Lettuce Green bell peppers,continued Cooked vegetables may Parsnips Leeks.
be tolerated best since Pumpkin Mushrooms,cooking causes a loss of Radish Okra. free sugars Red bell pepper Onions,Spinach Shallots. Keep in mind tolerance Squash Sweet corn,may depend on the Sweet potato Tomato paste. amount you eat at one Turnip,time White potato,Kefir American cheese Milk. Lactose free milk Yogurt,Lactose free cottage Ice cream.
cheese Cottage cheese,Lactose free yogurt Ricotta cheese. Hard or aged cheeses,Cream cheese,Grains Quinoa Oats Wheat. Rice Buckwheat Barley,Millet Sourdough white Rye,Cornmeal bread. Gluten free products,Serving Size and,Food Group Low FODMAP Moderate FODMAP High FODMAP. Suggestions, Firm and medium tofu Canned and drained Soy silken tofu.
Legumes and, Pumpkin seeds chickpeas and lentils textured vegetable. Sesame seeds protein edamame, Sunflower seeds Nuts and nut butters soy nuts soy milk. except pistachios,and cashews Beans,Chickpeas hummus. Flax seeds Lentils,Pistachios,Espresso Soft drinks that. Filtered coffee include high fructose,Green tea corn syrup or.
Peppermint tea crystalline fructose,Black tea Apple juice. Other fruit juices,Apple cider,Instant coffee,Chamomile tea. Fennel tea,Granulated sugar Cocoa High fructose corn. Sweeteners,Evaporated cane juice syrup,Brown sugar Crystalline fructose. Brown rice syrup Honey,Pure maple syrup Agave,Corn syrup Sugar beet molasses.
Sugar cane molasses Sorbitol,Aspartame Xylitol,Saccharin Mannitol. Step 1 First look over the list of high FODMAP foods If you eat much of any of them try cutting them out first Step 2 If you feel a lot better that may be all you need to do If not try to cut out all high FODMAP foods as much as you can for 6 8 weeks

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