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Edis BEVAN,Open University U K, Making predictions is an odd game And as we approach the. important but artificial landmark of the year 2000 there will be a lot. of predictions that will be very odd, I am part of the Lithuanian diaspora and don t have an intimate. personal knowledge of Lithuanian conditions It would be. presumptuous to write as if I had special knowledge to pass on. about the country and its people But I have hopes and expectations. drawing on my ragbag of other experiences, In the entrance to Canadian Chancellery in Washing ton is a. sculpture the Spirit of Haida Gwaii This shows the heroes of All in the same boat From Refugees a painting by. Anatanas Rukste 1950 oil 81 x 130 cm Lithuanian Museum. traditional stories of the Haida Nation of British Columbia all Lithuanian House Adelaide. together in a canoe some stiffly uncomfortable in each other s. presence all paddling together into an unknown future That is the. image of the Spirit of the Islands of The People a wide range of experiences around the world and learn from other. peoples mistakes and follow perhaps the very suC essful Japanese. For me Lithuania is certainly in part a place on a map but also an strategy of starting as number two T s means ad ptlng good. adventure by many peoples through the years with a heritage of practices where oth rs have p d the pnce of followmg the first. being different and sometimes preserving more humane values fashions Not followmg gurus blindly. than in many other parts of our troubled planet An adventure by. people of many religions several languages and innumerable belief That s one thing I want to suggest cons ntly but critic ally l o. systems The past from which we can draw inspiration has many outside our experience to bring horn what is valua le to L1t 1uarua s. roots including the remnants of the great Jewish civilisation so conditions We do not have to mvent everythmg agam Can. cruelly destroyed in our lifetime and the ambiguous for Lithu Lithuania for example learn from the history of other small. anians heritage of the Noble Republic countries in uncomfortable closeness to larger and perhaps. sometimes more overbearing powers Of Ireland perhaps Or. What can we say about the adventure into which Lithuania this land maybe Lithuania should learn from Spam and Portugal emer mg. of the most insular friendly and stubborn of peoples is paddling in also from long years of dictatorship and battered by rapidly. the next few years changing economic fortunes, Like all the countries emerging from Sovak 1 Lithuania can look at Maybe the Latin American countries offer sobe ng lesson There. so often small wealthy elites live an international lifestyle while m st. people are poor and ex l ude T h at gr owth of wealthy elite. 1 Tbe standard Russian word for a garbage bin is Sovok On tbe analogy of certainly is a trend very V1S1ble L1 u ma ow ill we suffer the. all those USSR period words like Sovinform a slang term of the USSR was same consequences in terms of mst1tut1onal1sed cnmmal contacts. I economic markets manipulated to benefit the few at the expense of. the many and deeply flawed democratic institutions There are. sobering indications that this model is becoming established by. glory in inequality Let the rich get richer and benefits will flow. faster to everyone that was the trickle down theory It was the. basis of the economic shock treatment of the last few years. The newer studies suggest that the success stories under shock treat. For many people just surviving is a crushing time consuming ment are largely the result of a large historic investment in education. labour How should we act to bring liberation from this burden which have enriched countries such as Estonia But I don t have the. Perbap Lithuania has something to learn from the huge experience feeling that Lithuania is investing in education at a rate that will. Catholic development agencies such as Caritas have oained provide in the future the skilled workforce we inherited from the. worldwide Experience of what actually happens to p oples lives as USSR and which give us today some ability to win markets in the. fashionable economic theories are played out growing information economy And look at the collapse of so. much of the Lithuanian health system I am told of doctors who. All th is means looking beyond the extensive interesting valuable quit practice in despair as they have literally no drugs to work with. expenence of the United States to a whole world of other valuable. e perien in other countries But some say that any deviation by And yet it was Thatcher who said in 1988 We do not have a. ithuarua from the US model is a betrayal of the cause of freehold on the earth only a full repairing lease and warned that. mdependence and the start of a slide back to Soviet days This is through the world s industrial processes we are experimenting with. coupled to an often intense suspicion of any suggestions that we the life support systems of the planet Life support systems need our. economic markets manipulated to benefit the few at the expense of the many and deeply flawed democratic institutions There are sobering indications this model is becoming established by default For many people surviving is a crushing time consuming labour How should we act to bring liberation from this burden

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