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How to access, Select Course Reserves from left menu log on select Main Menu and click on course. number for readings Select assigned reading to read online save or print. If you are off campus you need to log into the UF VPN Client first before accessing the. internet See http www uflib ufl edu login vpn html for information on downloading and. installing the VPN Client If you don t access via the VPN Client course reserves link will try. to charge you money to use each article,Assignments and Grading. 1 Exercises 05 These are five problem sets related to scripts discussed in Rogers Prepare along. with the assigned readings and submit to instructor at the end of class on the date the assignment. appears in the daily schedule, 2 Group Presentations 20 Select one of the following topics based on your L1 L2 expertise or your. interests to present the main points of the assigned reading You should illustrate critique and add. to those points by introducing supplementary materials and information Sign up for your selection. by going to People and then selecting Presentation Groups on Canvas Each group should have 3. 4 members Submit one copy per group of the slides or other visual support to Assignments in. Canvas at least one hour prior to your presentation. i 01 25 16 Monday Cuneiform,ii 01 29 16 Friday Egyptian hieroglyphs. iii 02 03 16 Wednesday Hebrew,iv 02 05 16 Friday Arabic.
v 03 09 16 Wednesday Indian devanagari script Hindi Sanskrit. vi 03 28 16 Monday Case of orthography as social practice your choice. vii 04 04 16 Monday Russian script and orthography Russian writing in immigrant. b Evaluation Your presentation will be evaluated according to these parameters. i Engagement with assigned reading,1 Key concepts are clearly identified. ii Provision of new and supporting material, 1 New data that enhances our understanding of the script and or issues in. iii Exposition and style,1 All members of the group participate. 2 Visual aids are clear interesting and creative,3 Presentation flows well. iv Posing and handing questions, 1 Group members pose questions that stimulate class discussion.
2 Group members respond to questions and moderate effectively. 3 Research paper 25 10 12 pages This paper should address an issue related to script or. orthography and may include data analysis The topic is completely up to you but must be cleared. by the instructor Some past examples have included a script choice for computer mediated. communications CMC in a case where there is no established script or orthography b optimal. fonts for maximum ease of readability c graffiti in bilingual contexts e g Catalan Spanish d. scripts and dyslexia e history of orthography of a given language e g Xhosa f magical. properties of scripts g script reforms e g China g creole scripts and debates e g Haitian. Your paper will be evaluated along the following parameters. a Organization and coherence, i Topic is clearly stated in introductory paragraph Subsequent paragraphs develop. and support arguments that illustrate and explain the topic Concluding paragraph. provides summing up of major findings and a statement of issues that remain for. future research,b Critical thinking, i An interesting question s is posed the answer s to which involves probing and. varied inquiry that relies on scholarly sources as well as your own observations. analysis and conclusions,c Data analysis, i There is identification of relevant data analysis is sound. d Style and mechanics, i Careful attention to word choice sentences display complexity and ease of. readability, ii Paper is free of spelling punctuation and grammatical errors.
iii Paper is double spaced with 11 or 12 point fonts and follows an established style. such as Linguistic Inquiry see Files in Canvas,e Deadlines. i Submit topic to Assignments by Monday February 1 2016 Provide a brief. description of your proposed topic and a brief explanation of why you are. interested in it You are welcome to discuss possible topics with me at any time. 1 This should be one paragraph in length,2 02 of grade. ii Submit First draft to Assignments on or before Monday March 21 2016 This draft. must contain a list of References at least three pages of writing and an outline of. plans for the completion of any unfinished portions. 1 08 of grade, iii Submit Final version to Assignments by Friday April 15 2016. 1 30 of grade, 2 LIN 4784 will take an exam on this date and you need not attend class on. this day Wednesday April 13 will be devoted to review for the exam and. you are not required to attend on this day either, iv Late submissions will be downgraded by 5 percentage points per day.
4 Exams 25 There will be one exam and it will be preceded by a review session that will focus on. key concepts and question types multiple choice true false matching essay data analysis. a Exam 1 02 19 16 Friday, b Make up Exams Prior notification to awehmeye ufl edu or 273 2961 and written. documentation of illness or family emergency is required Consult with instructor to. schedule the make up exam, 5 Attendance and participation 10 Attendance will be recorded at each class meeting and. participation in class discussion is expected, a Read the assigned texts carefully ahead of time and be prepared to discuss them on the. date that they appear in the Daily Schedule,a Exercises 10. b Group presentation 20,c Research paper 40,i Topic 02.
ii Draft 08,iii Final version 30,d Exam 1 20,e Attendance and participation 10. f 93 100 A 90 92 A 87 89 B 83 86 B 80 82 B 77 80 C 73 76 C 70 72 C 67 69 D 63 66. D 60 62 D 59 and below E,Policies and Expectations. a You are expected to abide by the Student Conduct and Honor Code We the members of the. University of Florida community pledge to hold ourselves and our peers to the highest standards of. honesty and integrity On all work submitted for credit by students at the university the following. pledge is either required or implied On my honor I have neither given nor received unauthorized. aid in doing this assignment All sources of information including print digital and verbal must be. acknowledged Verbatim materials must be indicated as such with quotations marks and cited This. includes your own work which should not be duplicated to serve dual purposes See. https www dso ufl edu sccr process student conduct honor code for elaboration of this code. and an explanation of what counts as a violation, b Special Accommodations Please let me know about any concerns regarding submission of. assignments testing or other class requirements You are welcome to visit during office hours catch. me after class phone or email Students requesting classroom accommodation must first register. with the Dean of Students Office The Dean of Students Office will provide documentation to the. student who must then provide this documentation to the Instructor when requesting. accommodation See https www dso ufl edu drc students for an outline of how to start this. Daily Schedule, Date Topic Reading Assignment Exercises Presentations. Week 1 Key terms and Script types,W Introduction Course overview and course.
01 06 16 requirements,F Writing and technical Rogers Chapters 1 and 2. 01 08 16 terms Introduction Theoretical,Preliminaries p 1 19. Week 2 Script types, M Morphographic writing Rogers Chapter 3 Chinese p 20 49 Exercises 1 2 3 p 48 49 in. 01 11 16 Chinese Rogers, W Early script change in Steinke Script Change in Bronze Age. 01 13 16 China China Chapter 6 135 158 in,F Morphographic and Rogers Chapter 4 Japanese p.
01 15 16 phonographic writing 50 68,Japanese Recommended Joyce Terry. 2011 The significance of the,morphographic principle for the. classification of writing systems,Written Language Literacy. 14 1 58 81 CR,Week 3 Script types,M Martin Luther King Day Classes suspended. W Variation in a dual Lurie The Development of Writing in. 01 20 16 system Japanese Japan Chapter 7 159 185 in. F Languages that changed Rogers Chapter 4 Korean and Exercise 4 p 78 in Rogers. 01 22 16 their writing systems Vietnamese p 68 77,Hankul an invented.
alphabet written in,syllable glyphs,Vietnamese adaptation. of Chinese characters,and roman alphabet,Week 4 Script types. M The earliest writing Rogers Chapter 5 Cuneiform p 79 Group Presentation 1. 01 25 16 system 96 Cuneiform,Rogers Exercise 3 p 96 for. in class discussion, W Concepts and tools of Veldhuis Cuneiform Changes and Exercise Cuneiform. 01 27 16 early writing Rosetta Developments Chapter 1 3 23 in Assignment in Canvas. Stone and Houston,decipherment Film Before the Alphabet.
26 min in class, F Hieroglyphs Rogers Chapter 6 Egyptian p 97 Group Presentation 2. 01 29 16 114 Egyptian hieroglyphs,Rogers Exercise 6 12 p 114. for in class discussion,Week 5 Script Types, M Media and text types Baines Scripts High Culture and Research Paper Topic due. 02 01 16 Administration in Middle Kingdom submit to Canvas. Egypt Chapter 2 25 63 in Houston, W Development of abjad Rogers Chapter 7 Semitic p 114 Exercise 1 p 142 143 in. 02 03 16 systems 131 through Hebrew Rogers,Group Presentation 3.
F Arabic abjad variant Rogers Chapter 7 Semitic Arabic Exercise 2 p 143 144 in. 02 05 16 letter forms and others p 132 144 Rogers,Group Presentation 4. Week 6 Script types, M Variations in writing Greundler Stability and Change in. 02 08 16 Arabic Script Chapter 4 93 118 in,W Contemporary Marks Laura U 2011 Calligraphic. 02 10 16 calligraphic art Animation Documenting the. Invisible Animation 6 3 307 323 CR,F Development of Rogers Chapter 8 The Greek. 02 12 16 alphabetic systems Alphabet p 145 169,Linear B script Rogers Exercise 2 p 168 for.
in class discussion,Week 7 Script types,M Orthographic depth Rogers Chapter 9 The. 02 15 16 Roman Alphabet p 170 184,Bodel Paragrams,Punctuation and System in. Ancient Roman Script,Chapter 3 65 92 in Houston, W Exam 1 Review Review of key concepts discussion of. 02 17 16 question types,F Exam 1 Exam 1 in class on all materials. 02 19 16 through 12 15 16,Week 8 Script types, M History of English Rogers Chapter 10 English p 185.
02 22 16 orthography 198,Exercises 2 3 4 p 198 for in class. discussion, 02 24 16 Regularities in English Berg Kristian 2013 Graphemic. orthography Alternations in English as a Reflex of. Morphological Structure Morphology,23 4 387 408, F Creating a script for Essegbey James 2015 Is this We will have a guest. 02 26 16 Nyagbo my language Developing a lecture by Dr Essegbey. History of writing in writing system for an endangered and be joined by his class. Africa language community In on Methods in Language. Language Documentation and Documentation,Endangerment in Africa edited. by James Essegbey Brent,Henderson and Fiona,McLaughlin 153 176.
Amsterdam Philadelphia John,Benjamins CR,Recommended. o Pasch Helma 2008,Competing Scripts The,Introduction of the. Roman Alphabet in,Africa International,Journal of the Sociology. of Language 191 65 109,Week 9 Spring Break February 27 March 6. Week 10 Script types,M Representing tone Roberts David 2011 A Tone.
03 07 16 Orthography Typology Written,Language Literacy 14 1 82 108 CR. W Abugida systems Rogers Chapter 11 The Indian Group presentation 5. 03 09 16 Abugida and Other Asian Devanagari script. Phonographic Writing through Indian Sanskrit Hindi. writing p 199 220,F Derivative abugida Rogers Chapter 11 The Indian. 03 11 16 systems Abugida and Other Asia,Phonographic Writing Southeast. Asian writing p 221 232,Salomon Some Principles and. Patterns of Script Change,Chapter 5 119 133 in Houston.
Week 11 Script types,M Glyphs Rogers Chapter 12 Maya p 233. 03 14 16 246,Exercise 1 p 246 for in class,discussion. W Variation in glyphs Houston Maya Writing Modified. 03 16 16 Transformed Chapter 8 187 208 in, F Invented scripts Rogers Chapter 13 Other Writing. 03 18 16 Systems p 247 268,Exercises 2 3 4 5 for in class. discussion, Week 12 Orthographic variation and identity display.
M Methods of classifying Rogers Chapter 14 Classification First draft of Research. 03 21 16 writing systems of Writing Systems p 269 279 paper due submit to. Changizi Mark A and Shinsuke Canvas,Shimojo 2005 Character. complexity and redundancy in,writing systems over human. history Proc R Soc B 272 267,Sebba Chapter 1 Approaching. Orthography p 10 25, W Deviation for social Sebba Chapter 2 Orthography as. 03 23 16 purposes Social Practice Sections 1 and 2 p. F Deviation in product Wong Andrew W 2013 Brand,03 25 16 naming Names and Unconventional Spelling.
A two pronged analysis of the,orthographic construction of brand. identity Written Language Literacy,16 2 115 145 CR. Week 13 Script and orthography Questions of nationhood and culture. M Identity display Sebba Chapter 2 Orthography as Group Presentation 6. 03 28 16 Social Practice Sections 3 4 and 5 p Case of orthography as. 41 57 social practice, W Language contact and Sebba Chapter 3 Language contact. 03 30 16 creation of linguists and the emergence of. orthographies orthographies p 58 80,F Language preservation Crowley Terry 2007 The. 04 01 16 Consequences of Vernacular Illiteracy,in the Pacific In Language Planning.
cultural and linguistic factors that bear on selection of a script for unwritten languages and the ways in which individuals and communities deviate from standard practices of orthography to achieve social and political goals Required texts 1 Rogers Henry 2005 Writing Systems A Linguistic Approach Oxford Blackwell ISBN 978 0631234647 2

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