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RESEARCH PROJECT,Leman Baikal Project, The Leman Baikal project constitutes an international Swiss Russian collaborative. research initiative in the field of physical limnology using ultralight aircraft The primarily. aim of the project is to conduct a comparative study of the functioning of Lakes Leman. Switzerland and Baikal Southern Siberia region of Russian Federation The scientific. objectives of the project include the analysis of hydrological processes such as the. runoff dynamics of both natural and anthropogenic origin lake energy balance and the. study of processes pertaining to the land water and air water interfaces in lakes. Eleven flights over Lake,Leman took place in April. and May 2013 using a ULM,fitted with RGB infrared,and hyperspectral cameras. Simultaneously scientists,collected in situ data from. a boat for ground truthing,Our initial points of interest.
included the mouths of the,Venoge and Rh ne Rivers. which exhibit a particularly,rich range of visually. observable hydrological,The first collected images look. promising They showed a high,similarity between spectra measured. from the air and in situ from the lake,surface These encouraging results will.
soon allow to assess the,heterogeneity of water quality. parameters and to describe local,mixing phenomena at a higher spatial. and temporal resolution than ever,achieved Scientists are currently. View on Lake Leman from the ULM,processing the large amount of. collected data,2 Limnology Center annual report 2013.
RESEARCH PROJECT,Leman Baikal Project,View Selenga Delta from the ULM. In June and July 2013 Swiss and Russian scientists collaborated on the first acquisition. of remote sensing data using five ULMs Multispectral and hyperspectral observations. were collected above Lake Baikal near the Selenga Delta during thirty two flights. Strong gradients were observed where the turbid and warm river water mixed with. Lake Baikal clear and colder water A scientific team on the water surface. simultaneously took water samples and in situ measurements to compare and. calibrate the remote sensing images The success of this campaign was ensured by the. collaboration of the Russian universities implicated in the project. In 2014 four Russian students will come for an internship to EPFL to process these raw. data and learn how to interpret this amazing information The next campaign on Lake. Baikal is planned for August 2014,We would like to warmly. thank our sponsors,and coordination, Mixing of river and lake waters near Selenga Delta. 3 Limnology Center annual report 2013,HUMAN RESOURCES. Deputy Director,Dr Natacha Tofield Pasche started her function on.
1st September 2013 She will coordinate the,activities of the Limnology Center and carry out. research in lakes After studying Environmental, Engineer at EPFL she completed a multi disciplinary. PhD thesis on Nutrient cycling and methane,production in Lake Kivu in 2009 From 2009 to. 2012 she set up a monitoring program to survey the. impacts of methane extraction from Lake Kivu,Teams involved within Leman Baikal Project. TOPO LASIG Dr Yosef Akhtman Dragos Constantin Prof Bertrand Merminod Prof. Fran ois Golay M Parkan Martin Rehak Dr Devis Tuia. ECOL Prof David Andrew Barry Abofazel Irani Rahaghi. APHYS Margaretha Kamprad Chair Dr Damien Bouffard Vincent Maurice Nouchi. and Prof Alfred W est, WIRE Dr Valerio Iungo Giacomo and Prof Fernando Port Agel.
EFLUM CRYOS Princeton Prof Mark Hultmark Dr Hendrik Huwald and Prof Marc. We would like to warmly thank the coordinators Jean Denis Bourquin and Prof. Ulrich Lemmin for their constructive creative and large volume of work. External Advisory Group, The Limnology Center will invite three well recognized scientists every one to two. years for review and recommendations, Prof Eddy Carmack Institute of Ocean Sciences Sidney BC Canada. Prof Warwick F Vincent Universit Laval Qu bec Canada. Prof Roland Psenner Vice Rector University of Innsbruck Innsbruck Austria. 4 Limnology Center annual report 2013,MAJOR ACQUIRED EQUIPMENT. Development of remote,sensing platform with,hyperspectral RGB and. thermal cameras,Ground truthing instruments,to measure radiative spectra.
on and below the water,Accessories to deploy on a,research catamaran. Development of high,precision sensor for the,Atmospheric Boundary. Development of fast,response sub miniature,sensors to measure small. scale turbulence and,humidity in the,atmosphere,5 Limnology Center annual report 2013. SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS, Two MIR submersibles explored Lake Leman in 2011 to investigate deep currents.
geology of the lake bottom micropollutants and their degrading microorganisms For. more info www elemo ch, Special issue in Aquatic Sciences on Elemo project for February 2014. Corella JP Arantegui A Loizeau JL DelSontro T Le Dantec N Stark N Anselmetti FS. Girardclos S 2014 Sediment dynamics in the subaquatic channel of the Rhone Delta. Lake Leman France Switzerland, Gascon Diez E Bravo AG Porta N Masson M Graham ND Stoll S Akhtman Y. Amouroux D Loizeau JL 2014 Mercury content and speciation related to sediment. surface patterns in contaminated Vidy Bay Lake Leman Switzerland. Hoerger CC Akhtman Y Martelletti L Rutler R Bonvin F Grange A Arey JS Kohn T. 2014 Spatial extent and ecotoxicological risk assessment of a micropollutant. contaminated wastewater plume in Lake Leman, Masson M Tercier Waeber ML 2014 Trace metal speciation at the sediment water. interface of the Vidy Bay Influence of contrasting sediment characteristics. Razmi AM Barry DA Lemmin U Bonvin F Kohn T Bakhtyar R 2014 Direct effects of. dominant winds on residence and travel times in a wide and open lacustrine. embayment Vidy Bay Lake Leman Switzerland, Sauvain L Bueche M Junier T Masson M Wunderlin T Kohler Milleret R Gascon Diez. E Loizeau JL Tercier Waeber ML Junier P 2014 Bacterial communities in trace metal. contaminated lake sediments are dominated by endospore forming bacteria. Sollberger S Corella JP Girardclos S Randlett ME Schubert CJ Senn D Wehrli B. DelSontro T 2014 Spatial heterogeneity of benthic methane dynamics in the. subaquatic canyons of the Rhone River Delta Lake Leman. Wunderlin T Corella JP Junier T Bueche M Loizeau JL Girardclos S Junier P 2014. Endospore forming bacteria as new proxies to assess impact of eutrophication in Lake. Leman Switzerland France, W est A Anselmetti FS Arey JS Ibelings BW Loizeau JL Vennemann T Lemmin U.
2014 Into the abyss of Lake Leman Interdisciplinary field investigations using the. MIR submersibles,6 Limnology Center annual report 2013. NEWSPAPER ARTICLES, 2013 02 25 Migros Magazine Etude des lacs l EPFL se jette l eau. 2013 04 24 24 Heures Un ULM vole au dessus du L man. 2013 05 14 SF Tagesschau Schweiz russisches Forschungsprojekt am Lac L man. 2013 05 14 La T l Collaboration entre la Russie et l EPFL. 2013 05 15 La C te Un mois de la Suisse la Russie en ULM. 2013 05 15 Tribune de Gen ve Des ULM de l EPFL vont voler jusqu au lac Ba kal. 2013 05 15 24 Heures Des pilotes d ULM vont voler jusqu au lac Ba kal sous la. banni re de l EPFL, 2013 05 15 Nasha Gazeta Du L man au Ba kal au bord de l ULM. 2013 05 16 Batimag Du L man au Ba kal une aventure entre la Suisse et la Russie. 2013 07 10 Tribune de Gen ve Apr s le L man les ULM quadrillent le lac Ba kal. More than eleven articles were published in Russia in 2013 and can be download from. the website http www elemo ch ulm press,International. 2013 10 28 Forbes Life Soaring Over Siberia With Extreme Billionaire Explorer. Frederik Paulsen,CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS, Yosef Akhtman L man Baikal remote sensing from ultra light planes Meeting of the.
Swiss Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing SSPT Lausanne Switzerland. November 2013, Yosef Akhtman Remote sensing methodology for an ultralight plane Swiss. Geoscience Meeting SGM Lausanne Switzerland November 2013. Yosef Akhtman ULM L man Ba kal Workshop at the Russian Academy of Agriculture. Ulan Ude Russian Federation August 2013, Yosef Akhtman ULM L man Ba kal VII Summer School on Sustainable Development. Istomino Russian Federation June 2013, Yosef Akhtman UAS aided hyperspectral remote sensing State of the art and future. outlook 4th Lithuanian Space Conference SEMWO Vilnius Lethuania November. Damien Bouffard Alfred W est Bas Ibelings and Tuia Devis S3VT ESA workshop. Ground truthing in Alpine lakes Frascati Italy November 2013. Marcus Hultmark Well resolved measurements of the turbulent fluxes in the. atmospheric surface layer European Turbulence Conference ETC14 in Lyon France. Septembre 2013, Marcus Hultmark Well resolved measurements of the turbulent fluxes in the. atmospheric surface layer Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly DACA13. Davos Switzerland July 2013,7 Limnology Center annual report 2013.
In 2014 the Limnology Center would like to promote the following projects. Research Platform on Lake Leman, The aim of this research platform is to acquire continuous records of physical. properties biogeochemical processes as well as phytoplankton and zooplankton on. Lake Leman This platform should also promote international collaboration with other. research groups interested in this facility and will strongly expand the collaboration. between EPFL UNIGE and INRA Thonon les Bains The equipment will be part of a. Requipe proposal to FNS in May 2014 Given the support from Canton Vaud and. Geneva we have started the administrative procedures. Underwater Automatic Vehicles to investigate ecological niches. This interdisciplinary project is a collaboration with Prof Bas Ibelings from UNIGE and. Prof Alcherio Martinoli from DISAL laboratory at EPFL The goal is to use underwater. automatic vehicles to investigate the spatial heterogeneity of physico biological. processes in lakes The proposal will be submitted on 15 January 2014. Mitigate eutrophication in Lake Prespa, Lake Prespa is an ancient lake shared between Macedonia Greece and Albania Its great. biodiversity is endangered by eutrophication The aim of this project is to determine the. sources of phosphate pollutions by a two years monitoring and to test different. scenarios for pollution reduction using a model of the lake and a catchment model A. proposal was sent to UNDP in October 2013 and we are waiting for the final decision. Limnology under ice in Lake Ladoga, The main goal of this research is to study the development of under ice convection in. Lake Ladoga and its implications for algae development under ice First contacts were. taken with the Petrozavodsk University to start the project after a meeting in. Switzerland early 2014 This project is still under development. data and learn how to interpret this amazing information The next campaign on Lake Baikal is planned for August 2014 We would like to warmly thank our sponsors and coordination View Selenga Delta from the ULM Mixing of river and lake waters near Selenga Delta HUMAN RESOURCES 4 Limnology Center annual report 2013 Deputy Director Dr Natacha Tofield Pasche started her function on 1st

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