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BERCHTOLD,Pioneers in Lighting, In December 1967 Dr Christiaan Barnard personally chose The interaction between technology and the OR team. the CHROMOPHARE lighting system for the very first heart must be reliable smooth and work without any time de . transplant surgery In the years since this remarkable mo lays Therefore BERCHTOLD designed the control of its OR. ment in medical history BERCHTOLD has become expert lights to be as simple as possible and created interfaces. at designing and equipping complex life saving environ for other system connections The F 628 and F 528 models. ments that optimize patient care offer the ideal work environment for surgical teams . BERCHTOLD s latest innovation is the CHROMOPHARE F. Generation which combines the benefits of LED technology. with precisely positioned reflectors to create the optimal. surgical lighting experience The system provides the best. surgical environment for your team and overcomes the two. main shortcomings of array based LED lighting shadow. control and depth of field , CHROMOPHARE F Generation . Light without Compromise,Introducing CHROMOPHARE,F Generation Surgical Lights. Now you can provide the best surgical environment for your. team and patients with innovative technology from BERCHTOLD . Our optics research and development team has overcome the. two main shortcomings of array based LED lighting shadow control. and depth of field ,Superior Technology,The new CHROMOPHARE F Generation patented design. combines the benefits of LED technology with precisely. positioned reflectors to create the optimal surgical lighting. experience , Patented light engine design utilizes 104 LEDs to deliver 650.
overlapping beams of light F628 , Superior shadow control and depth of field. Homogenous and uniform column of light, 160 000 lux F628 . Better tissue discrimination with a CRI of 96, Tight focused spot for deep cavity penetration when needed. Four color temperature settings 3600K 4000K 4500K 5000K to. accommodate surgeon preference , Improved Ease of Use. Our CHROMOPHARE F Generation surgical lights offer. new and improved maneuverability and practicality Easy. to set where you need them and even easier to move out of. the way when you don t , L imitless rotation at light head and spring arm eliminates light.
head lockup, Lightweight design minimizes opportunity for drift. Interactive touch panel allows intuitive control, Durable medical grade safety glass does not discolor over time. Easy to clean ergonomic design, Endolite available in green for endoscopic applications or white. for ambient lighting, Screwless light head for more hygienic environment design. Lifetime Value, The Chromophare F Generation features a scalable and.
customizable solution to meet your specific needs . L ow energy consumption, Up to 40 000 hours of service life. Future proof suspension for easy upgradeability, Maximum configurability. Light and boom combinations available, Camera ready light heads. First class surgical field lighting, Homogenous Column of Light with Reflector Technology. Conventional array based LED lighting, The Chromophare F Generation utilizes reflector technology to create an intense light column with over 650 overlapping light beams .
which provides excellent shadow control and depth of field . Improved ease of use,Four Color Temperature Options. All of us perceive light in slightly different ways Surgeons are no. exception and demand the flexibility of choice Multiple color. temperatures options grant them exactly that Whether a clini . cal procedure calls for a warmer yellowish light or that which. mimics noontime sun the F Generation accommodates The. surgeon chooses the color temperature according to individu . al requirements and preferences while maintaining 160K lux . 3600K, Diminishes reflection and glare from surgical instruments. Emulates historical surgical lighting technology, 4000K 4500K. Neutral setting that easily differentiates the various colors in the. color spectrum, May lead to visibility of perfusion. 5000K, Pairs easily with head lamps, May be effective for deeper lying tissues.
3600K 4000K, 4500K 5000K, Clearly distinguishes tissue structures based on settings of 3 600 5 000K . Multiple Lighting Options,EndoLite for indirect environment lighting. Improves the work conditions for surgeons for, endoscopy procedures in darkened rooms EndoLite is. integrated into the suspension and is purposed for either. green endoscopic applications or white ambient lighting . GuideLiteTM for light dimming,The normal light beam of the OR light can be. dimmed by the push of a button to five or ten percent light. intensity The light pointed down illuminates the OR field or. the instrument table in order to safely manipulate endo . scopy instruments , EndoLite increases the visual comfort for endoscopy.
procedures , Use the GuideLite for secure manipulation of endoscopy instruments . Modern operating concept,Intuitive Sterile and Without Limits. Interactive touch panel for visual Synchronization for higher comfort. operation If several light heads are used then, For an optimum interaction between these can be controlled together. light and operator the touch screen from any light head saving time . displays all functions clearly with, integrated visual feedback Integrated light handle controls with. audible feedback, The interactive touch panel can The F Generation enables easy .
be fastened to the wall and or the sterile positioning of lighting during. light suspension which allows the surgical procedures Surgeons can. following functions to be controlled easily switch between large or small. quickly and intuitively light fields as desired As the surgeon. Switching on and off adjusts the handle audible beeps. Light intensity sound to indicate a tighter or more. Light field size open spot Integrated control from. Color Select the light handle eliminates unne , EndoLite cessary handling by non sterile OR. GuideLiteTM personnel , New spaces to move Superior positioning Optimum environmental conditions. The limitless joint allows unrestricted The surgical team positions the light The F 628 F 528 are manufactured. rotation of the light head around its inside and outside of the sterile surge from robust and resistant materials. own axis and offers greater freedom ry area using a rail that goes around meeting protection type IP 53 The F. of movement in rooms with low cei the light This allows unlimited access Generation is a hygienic option in an. lings The new and improved suspen to the OR lights from different loca environment that demands just that . sion offers unrestricted positioning tions and ensures efficient workflows . The rail is designed for ergonomic, gripping and easy cleaning . Ergonomic and Hygienic Design, The CHROMOPHARE F Generation fulfills the highest demands for design and functionality Closed forms with smooth . seamless surfaces simplify cleaning and maintenance Flow turbulences are specifically reduced according to SWKI. Class 5 and DIN 1946 4 Medical grade safety glass is used as the light emission surface making it easier to clean and less. sensitive to harsh cleaning agents in comparison to plastic Furthermore the glass lens is an anti reflective more durable. alternative to a plastic lens , Choose your own configuration.
CHROMOPHARE F 628,Main light with 160 000 Lux intensity. and 29 53 inch diameter ,Seamless dimming from 10 100 . Provides superior shadow control and depth,of field for today s intense open cases . CHROMOPHARE F 528,Satellite light with 125 000 Lux intensity. and 25 59 inch diameter ,Seamless dimming from 10 100 .
Additional applications include trauma ER cath lab or as. a satellite light positioned either as a second or third light . Mobile surgical lighting, As a pioneer in OR field lighting BERCHTOLD is the first to. offer a mobile surgical light with 160 000 Lux light intensity. and color temperature selection ,Highlights at a glance . High degree of mobility, Large light emission surface by utilizing. the F 628 light head, New ergonomic stand design, Innovative castors with integrated kick pedal. brakes for easy release, Optional battery power supply lasting up to six hours.
Multiple mounting options,The Right System for Every Need. CHROMOPHARE OR lights feature a scalable and The F Generation can be mounted on one of two distinct. customizable solution to meet your specific needs suspensions The ceiling height of a given OR often dicta . tes a classic suspension or a flat suspension Either way . the F Generation introduces new and improved options for. both methods giving hospitals an extremely maneuverab . le light that is there when you need it and easy to get out. of the way when you don t , Classic Suspension Ideal for Standard OR Ceiling Heights. F 528 F 628 Monitor F 528 F 628 with camera, Flat Suspension Ideal for Low Ceiling Heights. Monitor F 528 with camera F 628 Wall light F 528, Technical data. F 628 F 528, Light head diameter 29 53 inches 25 59 inches.
Light intensity 160 000 lx 125 000 lx, Brightness control 10 100 10 100 . Light field diameter 6 3 11 42 inches 7 48 11 81 inches. Depth of Illumination L1 L2 31 49 47 24 inches 35 43 59 05 inches. Color rendering index Ra 96 96, Color temperature Standard 4 500 K 4 500 K. Color temperature options 3 600 5 000 K 3 600 5 000 K. Number of LEDs 104 88, LED service life up to 40 000 h up to 40 000 h. Total radiant power at max light intensity 594 W m 460 W m . Power consumption light head 95 W 24 28 V DC 85 W 24 28 V DC. 100 120 127 V AC 100 120 127 V AC , Electricity, 220 230 240 V AC 220 230 240 V AC . Radiant energy 3 7 mW m2lx 3 7 mW m2lx, Temperature increase at head area 2 C 2 C.
Degree of protection according to DIN 1946 5 5, Mounting options Ceiling Wall Mobil Ceiling Wall Mobil. Certificates CE UL CE UL, Measurements according to EN 60 601 2 41 All light technical data max 10 tolerance. Equipment Ceiling Wall Mobile, Rotation 360 360 360 . Full circumference rail 360 360 360 , Sterilizable handle Standard Standard Standard. Interactive touch panel control Optional Optional Optional. Keypad control at wall Standard Standard n a, Keypad control at light head Optional Optional Standard.
EndoLite , Optional , GuideLite TM, Standard Standard Standard. Classic suspension Optional Optional , Flat suspension Optional Optional Standard. Synchronization Optional , RS232 Optional , Only in combination with the keypad control panel. 4 Light without Compromise Introducing CHROMOPHARE F Generation Surgical Lights Now you can provide the best surgical environment for your team and patients with innovative technology from BERCHTOLD

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