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TAROT SYMBOLISM,DIVINATION,A Traditional Instruction of the R R et A C. Revised Expanded by,PUBLISHED BY,THE COLLEGE OF THELEMA. 222 North Manhattan Place,Los Angeles CA 90004 4018. Copyright 2012 by College of Thelema, All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any. form or by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopy without permis. sion in writing from the author Reviewers may quote brief passages. FIRST EDITION October 1997,SECOND EDITION November 1997.
THIRD REVISED EDITION April 2011,FOURTH REVISED EDITION June 2012. THE COVER ILLUSTRATION, consists of a Crux Ansata or Ankh which is a form of the Rosy Cross One arm is. scarlet with the symbols of and the Wand in emerald green Another is blue. with and Cup in orange A third is yellow with and Dagger in violet The. last is in the four colors of Malkuth with Pentacle and in black. The ring is white having at the top the Name of the Great Angel awh Below. the crossbar are Pentagrams one enclosing Sol and the other enclosing Luna. The whole space in the ring contains the Rose of 22 Petals representing the. 22 Keys In the center is a white circle and a red cross of four equal arms. About the whole symbol are the words L I F E B I O S V I T A. and the letters T A R O Tarot,Published by THE COLLEGE OF THELEMA. A Not for Profit Religious Corporation,Phyllis Seckler 1917 2004 Founder. James A Eshelman Chancellor, Donations legacies and bequests made to the College of Thelema.
are tax deductible in the United States,THE COLLEGE OF THELEMA. Founded 1973 E V,With Appreciation,Imprimatur,Promaqeu 8. M G H Prolocutor General,INTRODUCTION,Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Under the title of Book T The Tarot the progenitor of this present volume appeared in the. mid 1890s in the advanced curriculum of the Second Order of the Order of the Golden Dawn. That Second Order is properly called Ordo Ros Rube et Aure Crucis The Order of the. Ruby Rose and Golden Cross The official instruction in question which comprised manu. scripts N O P Q and R of the R R et A C curriculum for the Grade of Theoricus Adeptus Mi. nor was written primarily or wholly by S L MacGregor Mathers known within the Order as. Greatly Honored Frater Deo Duce Comite Ferro which means God as my guide the sword as. my companion, If titles and pedigree were sufficient to determine the quality of a written work Book T surely. would deserve our attention and praise However the reader may rightly hope for a little sub. stance to go with the pedigree and possibly an original idea or two Fortunately it is in the mat. ter of substance that Book T shines Emerging at the end of the 19th Century among a select. group of occult students it is the earliest document known to give the entire comprehensive. Qabalistic key that is necessary for the full understanding of the Tarot. We shall not discuss the origins of Tarot in this short Introduction Others have documented. its exoteric history relatively well and there is no reason for the typical reader to accept the eso. teric history it being by its very nature incapable of verification Furthermore the history con. tributes little or nothing to our present subject which is the understanding of the meanings of the. 78 cards of Tarot especially as they apply to divination. Therefore regarding origins it should be sufficient to mention that by the time Brother. Mathers wrote his monograph Tarot had been around for most of a thousand years had caught. the fancy of many generations of Europeans and yet remained something of an enigma Western. esoteric schools hold that Tarot was intentionally designed as a book each card representing a. page of the book and furthermore that the 78 pages being taken together provide a perfect pic. torial articulation of all of the chief elements of Qabalah. However the key to the Qabalistic interpretation of Tarot seemed lost It is hard to believe. however that it was ever really lost Once glanced upon by anyone with even the most trivial. bits of Qabalistic knowledge it seems the most obvious thing one could imagine at least in its. broad points This is part of what gives credence to the claim that there really has been an initiat. ed oral tradition dating from Tarot s earliest days. Among the principle elements of the theoretical Qabalah we especially find. 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, 10 sephiroth or categories of manifestation each existing in four Worlds.
The Divine Name spelled Hwhy1 its individual letters are attributed inter alia to ideas. of Father Mother Son Daughter and to the four elements. Against these we may compare the three parts of the deck of Tarot cards. Major Arcana 22 Trumps Atus or Keys2, Minor Arcana 10 numbered cards each existing in four suits. Court Cards 16 consisting of a Knight or King a Queen a Prince or Knight and. a Princess or Page in each of four suits, With such parallels the broad significance of these three parts of Tarot is easy to see In a. Europe where Tarot was as common as a pack of playing cards and where the study of Qabalah. was at least as common as today it is inconceivable that nobody would have seen and been im. pressed by the similarity of these 22 10 4 and 4 4 structures Even in the unlikely scenario. that Tarot somehow was not originally invented with Qabalah in mind the two would have been. inseparably wedded in occultists minds long before the 16th Century ended Yet not a single. mention of this exists in any of the vast esoteric writings surviving from those centuries. The only sensible explanation for this seems to be that the correspondence was taken so seri. ously that it went underground and that a true secret tradition has existed for centuries. In fact this is exactly what the esoteric schools have told us as far back as we can trace. Only with the writings of Eliphas Levi in the mid 19th Century was any popular statement. made correlating the 22 Tarot Trumps to the 22 Hebrew letters Though Levi gave the corre. spondences incorrectly it is commonly speculated that he knew the correct attributions but had. sworn not to disclose them On this the evidence is divided. Nonetheless only a few decades later something very close to the correct attribution list was. in the hands of S L MacGregor Mathers and the Golden Dawn Mathers perfectly understood. the significance of the 40 numbered cards and the 16 Court Cards To their basic Qabalistic cor. respondences is affixed as well a moderately complex set of astrological correspondences that. may have been original to Mathers If so they are a testimony to his genius in his prime He also. knew the accurate correspondence of the 22 Hebrew letters to the 22 Trumps except for two. Trumps for which the significance of the corresponding Hebrew letters corresponding had been. obscured intentionally for over a thousand years,Tzaddi is not the Star. Specifically the attributions of the Hebrew letters Heh h and Tzaddi x and the corre. sponding Tarot Trumps called The Star and The Emperor were erroneously reversed in the. Golden Dawn scheme The correct pattern was not known in Mathers lifetime A full explana. tion of this discovery process is beyond the scope of this present Introduction it was explained in. fair detail by Aleister Crowley in The Book of Thoth 3 with the following brief but significant. Commonly mispronounced Jehovah or Yahweh called the Tetragrammaton or four lettered name. These three terms are interchangeable, The Book of Thoth by The Master Therion Privately published 1944. clarification given in the Foreword to 776 Tables of Correspondence for Practical Ceremoni. Prior to the first decade of the 20th Century it was wrongly thought that the Hebrew letter Heh was attribut. ed to Tarot Trump 4 The Emperor and to the zodiacal sign Aries and that the letter Tzaddi was attributed. to Trump 17 The Star and to the sign Aquarius However in the course of Aleister Crowley s recep. tion of Liber Legis The Book of the Law in April 1904 E V it was revealed that there was an error in the. attribution of the Hebrew letter Tzaddi that it was not the Star When Crowley first compiled 777 in late. 1906 he had not yet resolved this particular puzzle but not many years later he realized that the attribu. tions of Heh and Tzaddi had been previously blinded distorted and should be swapped. Heh the letter primarily associated in Qabalah with the Divine Mother whose numerical value is 5. which most readily brings to mind the image of a pentagram corresponds to Trump 17 called The Star a. beautiful image of the Great Mother and of maternal love and to the constellation Aquarius which the an. cient Egyptians called the Celestial Nile and by which they symbolized the vast body of infinite space. which we call the goddess Nuit, Tzaddi a letter etymologically associated with ideas of paternity corresponds to Trump 4 The Emperor.
prime symbol of paternal will and to the constellation Aries Its numerical value is 90 the number of de. grees in each angle of a square Thus the numbers 4 and 90 are inherently related. Many pages could be expended merely outlining the chief clues that these are now the correct Qabalistic. attributions Furthermore initiates of the Thelemic Qabalistic mysteries learn far more by both experience. and instruction in their course of initiation than could possibly be given here. However before leaving this subject please note that Qabalistic teachings have stated for centuries that. the attributions of Tzaddi have been wrongly understood This idea did not originate in 1904 E V One is. reminded especially of the charming allegory in the Sepher ha Zohar attributed to Rabbi Chananya ex. plaining why Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet yet God that is Elohim commenced crea. tion with the letter Beth the first letter of Berashith the first word of the Hebrew original of The Book of. Genesis This story can be read in many translations and reproductions but its gist is that each of the let. ters beginning with Tav processed by God s throne one by one each asking to be the letter wherewith. Creation was commenced Each argued its case but God had a good reason to skip past each of them until. Beth eventually won the honor by being the initial letter of berakha blessing Since shy little Aleph had. not yet gotten a chance to be heard it was awarded a special place in the scheme of things but that would. digress us further from the main point of the present digression which is this The letter Tzaddi sought to. be that force whereby the world was created because it is the initial of Tzedekim the righteous and be. cause it is written The righteous Lord loveth righteousness In rejecting Tzaddi for this particular honor. Elohim is quoted as saying, Tzaddi Tzaddi thou art truly righteous but thou must keep thyself concealed and thy occult. meaning must not be made known or become revealed and therefore thou must not be used in the. creation of the world, The true occult that is hidden meaning of this letter was not then to be disclosed Even at such an. early date it was thus recorded in the primary foundation literature of the Qabalah that the true significance. of Tzaddi was not what it was suspected to be,Three Adepts the 8 11 Twist. Three leading personages emerging from the Golden Dawn diverged from key elements of. the G D Tarot system and made substantial contributions of their own to the 20th Century study. of Tarot These three were Arthur Edward Waite Paul Foster Case and Aleister Crowley. 776 Tables of Correspondence for Practical Ceremonial by James A Eshelman Los Angeles College of. Thelema 2010, Waite Case and Crowley all noted the same seeming inconsistency in the numeration of two. of the Tarot Trumps Atu 8 Justice is clearly and evidently related to the zodiacal sign Libra. even as Atu 11 Strength is clearly and evidently associated with Leo However to fit the pat. tern that otherwise marked the G D Tarot model it seemed that their numbers would need to be. reversed Waite and Case therefore swapped the numbers and made Justice Atu 11 and. Strength Atu 8 Crowley on the other hand focused on the hitherto unsuspected reversal dis. cussed above in the sequence of the cards attributed to Aries and Aquarius the signs opposite. Libra and Leo Its discovery made it unnecessary to alter the numbering of cards 8 and 11 Ref. erence is made as before to Crowley s The Book of Thoth for a more complete explanation. In addition to addressing this Libra Leo issue each of these three adepts made a distinctive. contribution, Waite G H Frater Sacramentum Regis was the initiated mind and motivator behind.
the most widespread and successful Tarot deck of this century if not of all time designed. by artist Pamela Coleman Smith Soror Quod Tibbi id Aliis. Case G H Frater Perseverantia authored the finest and most comprehensive instruc. tion in Tarot of all time still available through the correspondence courses he wrote for. his organization Builders of the Adytum His system s Tarot deck drawn by Jessie. Burns Parke closely resembles Waite s in many respects but with surgical adjustments It. also follows old Golden Dawn conventions of providing uncolored cards so that the stu. dent can paint his or her own, Crowley G H Frater Ou Mh or S H Frater To Mega Qhrion is responsible for. recognizing the need to swap the Golden Dawn attributions of the letters Heh and Tzaddi. that Tarot somehow was not originally invented with fair detail by Aleister Crowley in The Book of Thoth 3 with the following Tarot Symbolism amp Divination

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